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Title: Starting to transcribe
Post by: Caro on September 05, 2014, 08:35:27 am
Welcome to Old Weather!

The Old Weather landing page (https://www.oldweather.org)
has buttons for:
Old Weather: Arctic (http://classic.oldweather.org/)
Old Weather: Whaling (https://whaling.oldweather.org/#/)

While a new system of data entry for Old Weather: Arctic is being built, its button on the landing page takes you to the classic Old Weather interface.
You can check here (http://forum.oldweather.org/index.php#c9) for the current status of Old Weather: Arctic.

Clicking DISCUSS on the landing page will bring you to this forum.

Old Weather Talk is at https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/zooniverse/old-weather/talk

To join the project:

If necessary, open a Zooniverse account on the Zooniverse homepage (https://www.zooniverse.org/#/).
Register at the top right corner of the homepage screen.
When you have registered, you can choose Old Weather from the project list (https://www.zooniverse.org/#/projects)
or navigate to http://classic.oldweather.org.

When Old Weather opens, click the GET STARTED button at the top right and log in, if necessary, with your Zooniverse account.


The TUTORIAL button provides basic instructions for transcribing, together with advice on how to get help if you need it.
The DISCUSS button offers a drop-down menu on which you can click Forum or Got a question? to get back here to the forum.

Please note: A separate registration is necessary for this forum (top left of forum pages).

Again, welcome aboard.  :)