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Help / Re: Ask Questions Here
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:50:50 pm »
A lot of the typewritten weather records clearly ignore the decimal point in pressure - "3000" instead of "30.00". TWYS or add the decimal?

The Dockyard / Re: Albatross (1900) -- Discussion: Questions and Comments
« on: December 11, 2017, 10:03:12 am »
Finally, the interminable dredging and fish inspecting life of the Albatross has been completed!

Northland / Re: Greenland Patrol: Northland - Where was this ship?
« on: October 12, 2017, 07:23:42 pm »
And the last lot...

"In vicinity of Narsarssuak" includes Gronne Dal, Ivigtut, Tunugdliarfik, etc.

Jun 1945: Arctic (A). In vicinity of Narsarssuak 1st-27th. 49 21 N 51 23 W end of month.
Jul 1945: Arctic (A). Argentia Nfld 2nd-17th. Reykjavik 25th-28th. 59 29 N 41 23 W end of month.

Aug 1945: Arctic (A). In vicinity of Narsarssuak 3rd-12th, 27th-31st.
Sep 1945: From Arctic (A). Placentia Nfld 5th-7th. Boston 11th-end of month.
Oct 1945: Non-Arctic. Boston.
Nov 1945: Non-Arctic. Boston.
Dec 1945: To Arctic (A). Boston 1st-10th. Argentia Nfld 16th-22nd. Narsarssuak 30th-31st.

Jan 1946: Arctic (A). In vicinity of Narsarssuak 1st-29th. 52 49 N 49 55 W end of month.
Feb 1946: From Arctic (A). Argentia Nfld 4th-5th. Boston and Curtis Bay from 9th.
Mar 1946: Non-Arctic. Curtis Bay MD 1st-27th. Vessel decommissioned 27th.

All added to list. Thanks Danny!

Dockside Cafe / Re: Chat - 2017
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:48:15 am »
I attended a talk by Dr. Jon Robson of Reading University last night, discussing whether the Gulf Stream is likely to shut off. Happily, he concluded that the Gulf Stream is very stable - however, the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), which is what brings warm water to Europe and is what many of us think of as the Gulf Stream, is a bit more precarious!

As the circulation relies on cold, salty water sinking, it is thought to be very sensitive to dilution of the North Atlantic by freshwater - such as the water introduced by, say, lots of melted ice! A historical weakening/turn off of the AMOC is correlated with a major cooling of the climate about 8000 years ago; although which way the correlation goes is unclear (the weather cooled because the AMOC turned off or vice versa), there is evidence suggesting that the release of fresh water from Glacial Lake Agassiz may have diluted the Atlantic sufficiently to turn off the AMOC, stopping the transfer of heat to the northern hemisphere.

Dr. Robson discussed what climate models suggest, and many show that whilst a weakening of the AMOC due to climate change is likely, it's unlikely it will turn off. However, there are suggestions that climate models currently predict an AMOC that is too stable, and by tweaking the models to match observations, many do start to predict a major change! Western Europe's climate would be significantly changed, and he suggested that sea ice would regularly reach Scotland, with much of the UK seeing permanent snow for months of the year along with a decrease in precipitation, as well as a 30cm rise in sea level (I asked him about this; the cause is a little complex, involving the interaction between large currents and the Earth's rotation, and I can't say I fully understand it!).

He mentioned that one of the major difficulties in modelling the AMOC is the lack of historical (or even modern) data of ocean temperatures at depth; perhaps OW needs to find some ships doing measurements at sea, like I know the Albatross has! However, he did show data based on historical surface temperature records, showing the difference in temperature since 1901; whilst almost all areas of the globe showed heating, due to global warming, the North Atlantic shows a slight cooling, perhaps indicative of less heat being transferred northwards...

The Dockyard / Re: Albatross (1900) -- Discussion: Questions and Comments
« on: October 05, 2017, 09:50:42 am »
2 " Doscriptive Speller, aiton
Was that for the crew or the logkeeper?  ::)

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:45:01 am »

Point Censor: This is an odd one, as the logs report the ship is 30 miles East of the Point Censor, whilst lying west of the coast of Greenland. If the log in fact meant 30 miles West, I would suspect this is either Kap Cranstown ( or Svartenhuk Point (, but the positions are closer to ~10 miles from the coast than 30. Maybe Point Censor really is in the middle of Baffin Bay?

Point Capsule: The previous log page states the ship is lying to at 74 02 N 58 19 W as of 1751. However, 85 miles at bearing 83 is approximately 40 miles inland, and 85 miles at bearing 263 is in the middle of Baffin Bay...


Going by the log recordings, they sailed approximately 25 NM on course 33 from the above position to Kraulshavn, which is in rough agreement with the lat/lon given the previous day - certainly not 85 miles offshore.

Point Cottage: Referenced as being specified by WESTWIND message 280830Z. 0-4 on next log page states they are at 75 47 N 67 27 W in accordance with this message, which is 20 miles SW of Cape York, and 10 miles East of - you guessed it - another empty bit of Baffin Bay.

Northland / Re: Greenland Patrol: Northland - Where was this ship?
« on: September 21, 2017, 01:33:34 am »
Jan 1944: Non-Arctic. Boston and Portland.
Feb 1944: To Arctic (A). Portland ME 10th. Reykjavik 24th-28th.
Mar 1944: Arctic (A). Jan Mayen 5th. Reykjavik 13th. Sailing in Denmark Straits end of month.

Apr 1944: Arctic (A). Grone Dal 8th-10th. Narsarssuak 12th-16th. Bredefjord 17th-24th. Grone Dal 25th-30th.
May 1944: From Arctic (A). Grone Dal 1st. Argentia Nfld 7th. Boston 11th. Portland ME end of month.
Jun 1944: To Arctic (A). Portland 1st-6th. Narsarssuak 21st-22nd. Narsarssuak 28th-30th.
Jul 1944: Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 1st-10th. Reykjavik 15th-19th. Freeden Bay 25th-29th. Hochstetter Bay 30th-31st.
Aug 1944: Arctic (A). Shannon Island 1st-19th. Danmark Harbour 22nd. 76 35 N, 14 45 W end of month.

Sep 1944: Arctic (A). On patrol in vicinity of Dove Bay, Danmark Harbour, etc. 74 28 N, 17 55 W end of month.
Oct 1944: Arctic (A). Reykjavik 5th-20th. Tunugdliarfik Fjord 31st.
Nov 1944: From Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 1st-6th. Portsmouth NH 16th-30th.
Dec 1944: Non-Arctic. Portsmouth NH and Portland ME.

Jan 1945: To Arctic (A). Portland ME 1st-10th. Tunugdliarfik Fjord 19th-22nd. Narsarssuak 27th-30th.
Feb 1945: Arctic (A). Narsarssuak and Gronne Dal 1st-28th.
Mar 1945: Arctic (A). Narsarssuak and Gronne Dal 1st-3rd, 12th-18th, 26th-31st.
Apr 1945: From Arctic (A). Narsarssuak and Gronne Dal 1st. Portsmouth NH 13th-30th.
May 1945: To Arctic (A). Portsmouth NH, Portland ME, Boston MA 1st-15th. Narsarssuak 28th-31st.

Added to list. Thanks Danny!

Northland / Re: Greenland Patrol: Northland - Where was this ship?
« on: September 07, 2017, 11:21:55 am »
Aug 1943: Arctic (A). Eskimonaes 1st-3rd. Freeden Bay 11th-13th. Shannon Island 20th-22nd. Drifting in Gael Haemkes Bay end of month.
Sep 1943: Arctic (A). Drifting in Gael Haemkes Bay 1st-3rd. Reykjavik 11th-30th.
Oct 1943: Arctic (A). Reykjavik 1st-8th. Angmagssalik 11th. Tunugdliarvik Fjord 26th. Reykjavik end of month.
Nov 1943: Arctic (A). Reykjavik 1st-5th. Jan Mayen 8th-28th. Off Iceland end of month.
Dec 1943: From Arctic (A). Reykjavik 1st-3rd. St Johns Nfld 12th-15th. Boston 22nd to end of month.

Added to list. Thanks Danny!

Northland / Re: Greenland Patrol: Northland - Where was this ship?
« on: August 19, 2017, 01:21:18 pm »
Jan 1943: Non-Arctic. Placentia, Nfld 1st. Boston 12th.
Feb 1943: Non-Arctic. Boston and Casco Bay, ME.
Mar 1943: To Arctic (A). Casco Bay, ME 1st-5th. Newfoundland 10th-22nd. Base Onoto = Narsarssuak 30th.
Apr 1943: Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 1st. Ivigtut and Narsarssuak 15th-24th. 58-42N, 44-00W end of month.
May 1943: From Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 2nd-8th. Ivigtut 20th. Argentia Nfld 26th-28th. 42-40N 69-55Wend of month (just off Boston).
June 1943: To Arctic (A). Boston 1st-14th. Argentia Nfld 17th-25th. Narsarssuak 28th-31st.
July 1943: Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 1st. Reykjavik 13th. Vicinity of Eskimonaes 21st-31st.

Added to list, sorry it took me so long. Thanks Danny!

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:55:32 pm »
Even more code names have appeared in the logs - Northland is now docked at the mysterious "Base Onoto", with all location references in the log having been censored!

It turns out this is a code name for a location which already had a code name! Onoto = Bluie West One = Narsarssuak. The only source I can find for this is a fairly blank web page, but it does contain a list of about 20:

RANCID Greenland.

BEADLE Thule, Greenland.
BIPED Ivigtut, Greenland.
BODKIN Sondrestromfjord, Greenland.
BUMBOAT Kajartalik, Greenland.
CANINE Torgilsbu, Greenland.
COCKER Eskimonaes, Greenland.
CURIO Angmagssalik, Greenland.
DISDAIN Scoresbysund, Greenland.
INSOLENCE Frederikshaab, Greenland.
MALACCA Godthaab, Greenland.
ONOTO Nararssuak, Greenland.
SANCHO Simiutak, Greenland.
SHEKEL Faeringerhavnen, Greenland.
SPIRITED Ivigtut, Greenland.
STERNUM Godhavn, Greenland.
STERNWALK MacKenzie Bay, Greenland.
VINEGAR Simiutakstromfjord, Greenland.

Most of the names are familiar as major towns or other "Bluie" locations, but there's a few that aren't.

All aliases added to map, ref & csv... i've guessed some of them as i had no other references other than the names. (Will eventually correct them as soon as our ships pass nearby and we have a few more references). Thanks Danny!

Dockside Cafe / Re: Riveting Log Entries
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:35:28 pm »
A rather harshly worded set of coast guard logkeeping instructions includes:

"Item 6: [...] A misspelled word signifies illiteracy"

...only then for "separate" to be misspelled in Item 11...  ::)

Northland / Re: Greenland Patrol: Northland - Where was this ship?
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:40:39 pm »
Jan 1942 - Non-Arctic. Boston, MA
Feb 1942 - Non-Arctic. Boston, MA
Mar 1942 - Non-Arctic. Boston 11th, then Maine and non-Arctic Atlantic.
Apr 1942 - To Arctic (A). Narsarssuak 3rd-9th. Ivigtut 10th-13th. Duties in Sondre Stromfjord 16th-30th.
May 1942 - Arctic (A). Duties in Sondre Stromfjord 1st-31st.
Jun 1942 - Arctic (A). Duties in Sondre Stromfjord 1st-5th. Ivigtut 8th. Hvalfjord, Iceland 21st-27th. Reykjavik 28th. In Denmark Strait end of month.

20th June has a set of typed copies (loose) of log pages for the 7th-13th, not sure why both typed and hand-written were included.

July 1942 - No scans.
August 1942 - Arctic (A). Denmark Strait and Greenland Sea. Eskimonaes 24th-31st.
September 1942 - Arctic (A). Eskimonaes 1st. Scoresbysund 8th-12th. Angmagssalik 15th-18th. Scoresbysund 25th. Reykjavik 28th-30th.
October 1942 - Arctic (A). Reykjavik 1st-6th. Angmagssalik/Ikateq 8th-22nd. Narsarssuak 24th-30th. Ivigtut 31st.
November 1942 - Arctic (A). Ivigtut/Kungnait Bay 1st-4th. Narsarssuak 5th-7th. Angmagssalik/Ikateq 12th-15th. Comanche Bay 28th-30th.
December 1942 - From Arctic (A). Comanche Bay 1st-8th. Narsarssuak 14th-21st. Argentia, Nfld end of month.

Added to list, sorry it took me so long. Thanks Danny!

Dockside Cafe / Re: Riveting Log Entries
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:43:16 pm »
Perhaps not so riveting for the crew, but to the natives of one of the coldest, most remote towns in the world in 1941, this was probably the most amazing thing:

1515 - Commanding Officer aboard, also Scoresbysund natives to see movies.
1740 - Eskimoes and Danes departed having attended one movie.

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 03, 2017, 06:47:09 pm »
- The various Bluies - I've added them all except Bluie West Two (and your last post gave me a new hint i'll look into - i knew only it was in Coppermine Bay/Kobbermine Bugt, but Kipisaki was pretty puzzling me as i had found only a fjord of that name on the east coast). PS: Don't trust Wiki when it comes to geographic positions.. none of the Bluie was correctly placed, and i've directly experienced in the past their gps positions are often quite poor.

Yeah, I've also since come to the conclusion that some of those Bluies have bad locations on Wikipedia.

Regarding Bluie West Two, the Northland actually conducted a survey in Kipisako Bay of a "proposed air site". Quoting the log from 30 April 1941 and subsequent dates (link):

30 April
1337 Anchored in Kipisako Bay [...].
1432 Plane V171, Lieut. F.G. Westbrook, pilot, and Asst. ~ V.W. Foster, observer, took off on fight in vicinity of Akia I.
1440 Survey expedition away by boat for reconnaisance work at air site.

1 May
0810 Survey party away.
0910 V171 took off on survey flight.

2 May
0820 Survey party departed for proposed air site.

3 May
0810 Survey party departed for air-site

Kap Rink/Hochstetter Hunting Station: I've dug around a bit and yes, both of these names refer to the Nanok hunting station, with the Geonames marker being accurate.

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 02, 2017, 11:26:41 pm »
Firstly, some very useful books/links:

A Danish book, dated 1895, which appears to be the equivalent of the "... Pilot" guides. Most of the place names match those used in the logs, rather than modern names, and useful features include many small maps, and an index of place names near the end of the book (p. 169):

A modern set of sailing directions, also useful in pulling out the locations of small islands:

Narsak = Narsaq:

Kagsiarsuk = Qassiarsuk:

Tunugdliarfik Fjord = Tunulliarfik Fjord:

Ikerasarsuk: The narrow sound between the islands of Hollander Island and Kingittoq,  60.709335? -46.406152?

Ikerasaitsiak = Nordlysets Lob: The narrow sound between the islands of Avatarmiut (to the SW) and Kerrortuskok (NE),  60.718624? -46.697239?

Inugsuatsiak: I believe it is the island at these coordinates; if not, it's one of the neighbouring ones: 60.743692? -46.842614?

Kakaligatsiak Fjord = Qaqaligatsiaq Fjord: Next fjord north of Bredefjord, 60.858370? -47.300266?

Ikerasassuaq (channel between island and mainland):

Torsukattak: Note this is different from Torsukattak Fjord about 20 miles North!

Indre Kitsigsut Islands = Indre Kitsissut:

Simpson Passage: The channel between Tallorutit and the islets to the west,

Kobbermine Bugt:

Arsanguit Island = Assannguit:

Kipisako Bay = Qipisaqqu:

Sanerut = Sannerut:

Tavdlorutit = Tallorutit:


Kugssuk Fjord = Qussuk:

Kapisilik = Kapisillit:

Kornok Passage = Qoornup Sullua:

...and now for some exciting sailing way up in NE Greenland!

Gael Hamkes Bugt:

Clavering Island:

Eskimonaes (Settlement/Radio Station = Bluie East Five:

Cape Mary:

St. Finschoya Island = (a badly written) Store Finsch:

Cape Warren = Cape Borlase Warren:

Hochstetter Forland:

Cape Rink = Kap Rink: location of a hunting station,

Hochstetter Forland Hunting Station: I suspect this is the same as the Kap Rink hunting station, but unsure.

Peter Bugt:

N.W. Coal Point, Coal Point, Muskox Point: All are referenced as bearings when anchored in Peter Bugt. An N.W. Coal Point (Kul Pynt) exists in Geonames (link), but I have my doubts about whether that is NW Coal Point, or just Coal Point. Bearings listed 0000-0400 on this log page.

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