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Geographical Help / Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« on: October 18, 2017, 02:24:10 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Vicknefski RockSee Vichnefski Rock
Village Cove (1)57.12881-170.28401
Village Cove (2)52.19706-174.19415
Village Point (1)52.19916-174.19427
Village Point (2)See Mission Point

Viskari RocksSee Vitskari Rocks
Vitskari Island57.00056-135.54278
Vitskari Rocks57.00694-135.54917
Vixen Bay55.05472-130.79333
Vngyat Point63.53811-171.83827

Volcano Bay (1)53.81444-167.11944
Volcano Bay (2)55.21250-161.96833
Wainwright Inlet70.60500-159.98972
Walakpa Bay71.13611-157.04250

Walker Cove55.72583-130.81833
Walrus Island57.18148-169.93824
Warburton Island55.13249-131.63437Warburton Island Light
Ward Cove55.40139-131.72889

Warehouse Creek59.93500-162.09722
Warren Channel55.93083-133.83250
Washington Bay56.72111-134.36583
Wedge Point53.44901-167.39628
West Amatuli Island58.93424-152.04795

West Anchor Cove54.68111-163.16667
West Anchorage57.12189-170.29821
West Brother Island57.29472-133.85500
West Cape (1)54.92806-162.43444
West Cape (2)56.04021-156.74984Chowiet Island

West Cape (3)54.04130-165.57023Rootok Island
West Cape (4)See Vngyat Point
West Entrance Point58.31679-136.87403Dixon Harbor
West Foreland60.76306-151.78750
West Francis Rock57.40528-135.63750Named after Pilot E. H. Francis of Patterson

West Hill63.59061-162.60911
West Island54.83896-132.94521Port Bazan
West MountainSee West Hill
West Nagai Strait55.26750-159.99556
West Point (1)See Morgan Point

West Point (2)See Vngyat Point
Westdahl Rock54.62056-162.84250
Western Channel57.04972-135.39722Sitka Harbor
Whale Island (1)63.49195-162.00800Whale Island Light

Whale Island (2)57.95250-152.79194
Whale Passage57.92778-152.82750
Whale PointSee Kitovi Point
Whaling Station54.12550-165.81150Akutan Whaling Station
Whirl Point54.82452-163.37666

White Rock57.54532-134.85055
Whitestone Narrows57.24871-135.56773
Whitestone Point57.24524-135.56133
Whitestone Rock57.24314-135.56442
Whitney Island57.23083-133.52472

Wide Bay (1)53.94944-166.61583
Wide Bay (2)57.36611-156.35556
William Henry Bay58.71516-135.23904
Willoughby Cove58.27111-136.05361
Wilson Cove57.15944-134.62722

Wilson IslandSee Wilson Islands
Wilson Islands56.55109-132.60459
Wingham Island60.02108-144.37923
Wislow Island54.00666-166.71822
Woewodski Island56.55611-133.00611

Wolf Rock55.02083-133.48750
Wolk Harbor54.68528-132.76444
Womens Bay57.71472-152.52333
Wood River59.05750-158.41028
Wooded Island59.87222-147.39639

Wooded Island57.95904-152.49332
Wooden Island56.16078-134.66037
Woody InletSee Tachinisok Inlet
Woody Island57.77855-152.33711
Woody Island Light57.79633-152.33795

Woronkofski Island56.39889-132.49443
WrangelSee Wrangell
Wrangell Harbor56.46790-132.38534
Wrangell Island56.29750-132.17500

Wrangell Narrows56.63472-132.94111
Wrangell StraitSee Wrangell Narrows
Yakutat Bay (1)59.73167-139.83861
Yakutat Bay (2)See Monti Bay

Yakutat Glacier59.52639-138.80917
Yakutat PointSee Mission Point
Yakutat Roads59.57028-139.75278
Yasha Island56.96547-134.56141
Yellow IslandSee Spruce Island

Yellowy IslandSee Spruce Island
Yelowy IslandSee Spruce Island
Yes Bay55.91333-131.79361
Ykutat BaySee Yakutat Bay (1)

Younaska IslandSee Yunaska Island
Yunaska Island52.63139-170.69694
Zachary Bay55.35389-160.62667
Zaikof Bay60.30722-147.00917
Zaikoff BaySee Zaikof Bay

Zapadni Bay56.56667-169.68333
Zapadni Point57.14416-170.35031
Zeto Point51.90853-176.55338
Zimovia Strait56.21750-132.32833

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: October 16, 2017, 09:23:18 pm »
Hi there!

I'm proceeding slowly with these difficult places... will update here as soon as i add them to the db and will update references once i've got them all (or most of them).

Saunders Island (also Appat) - added
Mount Dundas (also Dundas Fjeld) - added
Wolstenholme Fiord (Wolstenholme Fjord) - added
Cape Dudley Digges (Kap Dudley Digges) - added

Admiral Peary Monument - not easy to spot but it can be faintly seen in position 75.92018, -66.52524 (the square structure nearby is more visible and matches with pictures available on the net)

Point Censor - very weird and, as Danny pointed out, it seems to be in the sea unless a logkeeper mismatch... assuming it's a mismatch, the exact location from anchorage coordinates seems to point a little east of Kap Cranstown (if we assume direction true east), or a little northeast of Svartenhuk Point (if we assume magnetic east). Have yet to figure it out clearly... maybe a code name for waypoint? (A calculated position in the middle of Baffin Bay from ship position at 8pm of the previous day would be 71.36667, -57.94720)

Edderfugle Oer Islands - added

Siorak - found Sioraq on this little map, after searching a lot (and almost giving up for today): (a better map shows the point from which Delong Pier project in the sea:
Position 76.54161, -68.84325

Nasarssuk - There is a place called Nasarssuak on Saunders Island, position 76.56157, -69.47754. It's shown on this 1941 map (from a 1923 survey), along with Siorak:
Place is also shown in and
The abandoned (due to 1968 plane accident) town of Narsaarsuk is quite similar in name, but is on the mainland, in front of Saunders Island.

Point Able and Point Baker - Being those (just by chance?) two codes of the phonetic alphabet (Able for 'A' and Baker for 'B') i strongly suspect we won't find them easily. If logkeeper is referring to actual points of land, those in range are actually unnamed landmarks comprised in the bay between Mt. Dundas and the southern stream (Sjorqap Kua) which flows south of the Southern Mountain.

Point Capsule - Exactly like Point Censor. The 22 July logpage say the ship is headed for the rendezvous point, east of Point Capsule... therefore it seems it's in the middle of Baffin Bay as well, as Danny pointed out. (Calculated position from ship's location, would be 73.86068,-63.42498).

Point Cottage - Again, as Danny said, another place in the middle of Baffin Bay. (Calculated position from ship's location would be 75.78333, -68.12820 from first report of 10 miles east and top logpage position; 75.75000,-68.17664 from first report of 10 miles east and 8am center logpage position, 75.51667; -67.55028 from the second report of 4 miles west - quite a variable place, or, to say better, quite an approximated position, always in the sea however).

W Day Beacon and White House - The house should be in Dundas village, hard to say where and if it's still standing. The only beacons i've found are the North and South ones in this 1875 map (small inset in the map):
No mention of a W Day Beacon (I've seen "W" Day beacon and "R" Day beacon at Thule on another Northland page you've posted in the Canadian Reference Thread) on the internet. Bearing should point more or less towards Delong pier or its end.

Crimson Cliffs - added
Arferfik - added
Carey Islands (Carey Oer) - added
Cape Parry (Kap Parry) - added

NorthCumberland Island - agree it's Kiatak (Northumberland Island). Added.

All found places added to map, ref & csv. Thank you so much Joke Slayer!!

Geographical Help / Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:43:59 am »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Vulkan Il'inskiy51.49660157.20389Kamtsjatka
Vulkan Klyuchevskaya Sopka56.05604160.64409Kamtsjatka
Vulkan Kosheleva51.35393156.75032Kamtsjatka
Vulkan Kronotskaya Sopka54.75262160.53201Kamtsjatka
Vulkan Mutnovskaya Sopka52.44928158.19523Kamtsjatka

Vulkan Sarycheva48.09103153.19873Sakhalin
Vulkan Severgina49.11836154.51887Sakhalin
Vulkan Tyatya44.35408146.25099Sakhalin
Vulkan Vilyuchinskaya Sopka52.70508158.28141Kamtsjatka

Waring PointChukotkaSee Mys Uering
WellenChukotkaSee Uelen
Whale IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Erdmana
WhalenChukotkaSee Uelen
Whalers BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Kitolovnaya

Whalers HarborChukotkaSee Bukhta Kitolovnaya
WhalingChukotkaSee Uelen
Wiluchinski MountainKamtsjatkaSee Vulkan Vilyuchinskaya Sopka
Wrangel Island71.24436-179.38477Chukotka
Wrangell IslandChukotkaSee Wrangel Island

YanyakinonChukotkaSee Yanrakynnot
Yarnishnaya PointMurmanskSee Mys Yarnyshnyy
Yeterup IslandSakhalinSee Iturup Island
YukanskMurmanskSee Ostrovnoy

YukanskiMurmanskSee Ostrovnoy
YukanskieMurmanskSee Ostrovnoy
Yukanskie AnchorageMurmanskSee Iokan'gskiy Reyd
Zaliv KiguanChukotkaSee Zaliv Kikuan
Zaliv Kikuan64.26760-172.92927Chukotka

Zaliv Koporskiy59.8381728.85827Leningrad
Zaliv Kresta65.91048-179.21301Chukotka
Zaliv Lavrentiya65.66422-171.09695Chukotka
Zaliv Nakhodka42.77373132.96410Primorskiy
Zaliv TkachenChukotkaSee Bukhta Tkachen

Zapadni PointMurmanskSee Mys Zapadnyy
Zhiravoi PointKamtsjatkaSee Mys Zhirovoy
Zimnegorski LightArkhangelskayaSee Mayak Zimnegorskiy
Zimnegorski LighthouseArkhangelskayaSee Mayak Zimnegorskiy

Geographical Help / Re: Chat
« on: September 11, 2017, 08:27:41 am »
With the irreplaceable help of Michael's daily pms we're actually at 14,146 placenames & aliases.
I'm getting so used to his pms i got a little worried, on Sept 7, when i found none was sent ::)

New ones are getting more and more rare, as we've been recording every single piece of rock on some routes ;D

Lately I've been retracking a few RN ships from naval-history, in order to get some more places from the "uncharted" areas of the Geog Help Board (New Zealand, Persian Gulf, East and West Africa, India, Kola Peninsula, Iceland). I think we could be near the 15,000 mark next November...

What Does THAT Mean? / Re: The 'run'
« on: September 06, 2017, 07:45:02 am »
From :

75. nautical
a. the tack of a sailing vessel in which the wind comes from astern
b. part of the hull of a vessel near the stern where it curves upwards and inwards

Could it make sense?

Geographical Help / Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:31:50 am »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
YemenJazirat Mushajirah13.7831142.83629Al Hudaydah
YemenJazirat Tawq16.3294442.68465Hajjah
YemenJebel at TairAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel DubaabTa'izzSee Jabal Dhubab
YemenJebel ManhaliTa'izzSee Jabal al Manhali

YemenJebel TeirAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel TierAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel Tier IslandAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel Tier LighthouseAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr Lighthouse
YemenJebel Zukur IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat Jabal Zuqar

YemenKa'al Fir'awn12.4389252.13579Soqatra
YemenKadaman15.5677342.54790Al Hudaydah
YemenKadaman Kebir IslandAl HudaydahSee Kadaman
YemenKal Farun IslandSoqatraSee Ka'al Fir'awn
YemenKamaran15.3350642.60992Al Hudaydah

YemenKamaran Bay15.4109142.70240Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran Bridge15.3376942.61018Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran HarbourAl HudaydahSee Mina Kamaran
YemenKamaran Mosque15.3342942.61192Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran Pier15.3343542.61297Al Hudaydah

YemenKhadahTa'izzSee Al Kadhah
YemenLloyd's Signal Station12.6503443.39867Aden
YemenLLoyds FlagstaffAdenSee Lloyd's Signal Station
YemenLoheiyaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah
YemenLoheiya Hill Fort15.7012342.69413Al Hudaydah

YemenLohisaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah
YemenLuhaiyaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah
YemenMayunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenMayyun12.6545043.42334AdenCan also refer to Perim Island

YemenMediHajjahSee Maidi
YemenMeyunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenMilton Point15.3334942.61776Al Hudaydah
YemenMina Kamaran15.3362442.61533Al Hudaydah

YemenMocha Lighthouse13.3029043.23226Ta'izz
YemenMokhaTa'izzSee Mocha
YemenMokha LighthouseTa'izzSee Mocha Lighthouse
YemenMurray Point12.6501243.41255Aden
YemenMushejera RockAl HudaydahSee Jazirat Mushajirah

YemenNevis Point12.6517843.40675Aden
YemenNeyunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenNorth Point15.3386942.62052Al Hudaydah
YemenNorth Point Chimney15.3396542.61517Al Hudaydah
YemenObstruction Point12.6594843.43858AdenObstruction Point Lighthouse

YemenPalinurus Shoal14.9125050.67167Muhafazat Hadramawt
YemenPerimAdenSee Perim Island
YemenPerim Coal Pier12.6439843.40894Aden
YemenPerim Harbour12.6464543.41453Aden
YemenPerim High Lighthouse12.6548343.43133Aden

YemenPerim Island12.6609943.41856AdenObstruction Point Lighthouse
Perim Island High/Mayyun Island Lighthouse
YemenPerim Island High LighthouseAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenPerim Island LightAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenQamaranAl HudaydahSee Kamaran
YemenQuoin Island (1)14.0777442.81552Al HudaydahAbu Ail/Quoin Island Lighthouse

YemenQuoin Island (2)13.7129642.80801Al Hudaydah
YemenQuoin Island LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenRa's Bab al Mandab12.6770343.46203Ta'izz
YemenRa's MarshagAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenRa's Marshaq12.7611945.05433Aden

YemenRa's Marshaq Lighthouse12.7615545.05399Aden
YemenRa's Shu'ab12.5359653.30652Soqatra
YemenRas Babel MandebTa'izzSee Ra's Bab al Mandab
YemenRas Katanahan HeadSoqatraSee Rhiy di-Qatanhin
YemenRas MarshagAdenSee Ra's Marshaq

YemenRas Marshaq LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse
YemenRas MashadAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenRas ShaabSoqatraSee Ra's Shu'ab
YemenRashshah15.1755842.57023Al Hudaydah
YemenRhiy di-Qatanhin12.3416853.54376Soqatra

YemenRisha IslandAl HudaydahSee Rashshah
YemenRocky Point12.9438143.40602Ta'izz
YemenRound Minaret14.7930942.94389Al Hudaydah
YemenSignal Station12.7857044.97693Aden

YemenSokotraSoqatraSee Socotra
YemenTall ChimneyAl HudaydahSee North Point Chimney
YemenTowak IslandHajjahSee Jazirat Tawq
YemenUrmek IslandAl HudaydahSee Al Murk
YemenZebayir IslandsAl HudaydahSee Jaza'ir az Zubayr

YemenZebayir LightAl HudaydahSee Zubair Islands Lighthouse
YemenZiTa'izzSee Dhubab
YemenZi Hill12.9597043.41249Ta'izz
YemenZubair IslandAl HudaydahSee Jabal Zubayr
YemenZubair IslandsAl HudaydahSee Jaza'ir az Zubayr

YemenZubair Islands Lighthouse15.0151342.16430Al Hudaydah

Geographical Help / Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:31:32 am »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
TanzaniaShangani Shoal-10.2207540.19245Mtwara
TanzaniaShuka PointLindiSee Ras Shuka
TanzaniaShungu Mbili IslandPwaniSee Shungumbili Island
TanzaniaShungumbili Island-7.7035139.68167Pwani
TanzaniaSimaya Island-8.3038639.43397Pwani

TanzaniaSimba Uranga (town)-7.7669539.35281Pwani
TanzaniaSimba-UrangaPwaniSee Simba Uranga (town)
TanzaniaSinda-6.8201939.39779Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaSinda IslandDar es SalaamSee Sinda
TanzaniaSindi IslandDar es SalaamSee Sinda

TanzaniaSonga SongaLindiSee Songo Songo Island
TanzaniaSonga Songa IslandLindiSee Songo Songo Island
TanzaniaSongo Songo Channel-8.4243239.42341Lindi
TanzaniaSongo Songo Island-8.5251739.50357Lindi
TanzaniaSouth Kibondo ReefPwaniSee Jibondo Reef

TanzaniaSouth Mafia Channel-8.2142139.55387Pwani
TanzaniaSudi Bay-10.1101639.98543Lindi
TanzaniaTambare-6.2833339.06667Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaTanga Bay-5.0434139.11442Tanga

TanzaniaTanga Bay LighthouseTangaSee Ulenge Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaTangata ReefTangaSee Mtangata Reef
TanzaniaTirene AnchoragePwaniSee Tirene Bay
TanzaniaTirene Bay-7.8769039.66554Pwani

TanzaniaTirene Reef-7.8701039.65253Pwani
TanzaniaTree Island-7.9540539.52731Pwani
TanzaniaTumbatu Island-5.8162639.22111Zanzibar North
TanzaniaTumbatu Lighthouse-5.7559539.22029Zanzibar North

TanzaniaTutia ReefPwaniSee Tutia
TanzaniaTwenty Feet Rock-8.0766339.70219Pwani
TanzaniaUlenge Island-5.0076739.16162Tanga
TanzaniaUlenge Island Lighthouse-5.0047639.16602Tanga
TanzaniaUlenge LighthouseTangaSee Ulenge Island Lighthouse

TanzaniaUngujaZanzibar Urban/WestSee Zanzibar
TanzaniaYambe Island-5.1119739.15888Tanga
TanzaniaZadaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)
TanzaniaZanzibar-6.1639439.19793Zanzibar Urban/West
YemenAbu 'Ali Islands14.0791442.81904Al Hudaydah

YemenAbu 'Ali Light14.0783042.81497Al Hudaydah
YemenAbu Ail IslandsAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Islands
YemenAbu Ail LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenAbu Ali LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenAd Daha'ir15.8808542.67596Al Hudaydah

YemenAden HarbourAdenSee Bandar at Tawahi
YemenAden Peninsula12.7765645.01382Aden
YemenAl Hudaydah14.7978142.95452Al Hudaydah
YemenAl Jami' al Kabir14.7932242.94367Al Hudaydah

YemenAl Kadhah13.1990843.27494Ta'izz
YemenAl Luhayyah15.7030942.69093Al Hudaydah
YemenAl Murk15.6338642.60661Al Hudaydah
YemenBaas IslandHajjahSee Buhays
YemenBalfe LightAdenSee Balfe Point Lighthouse

YemenBalfe Point12.6562043.38738Aden
YemenBalfe Point Lighthouse12.6561343.38751Aden
YemenBandar at Tawahi12.8025044.94056Aden
YemenBawarid15.7069942.55451Al Hudaydah
YemenBawarid IslandAl HudaydahSee Bawarid

YemenBirim IslandAdenSee Perim Island
YemenCape Marshag LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse
YemenCape MarshaqAdenSee Ra's Marshaq

YemenCape Marshaq LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse
YemenCentre Peak Island15.0230542.16021Al Hudaydah
YemenCentre Peak Island LighthouseAl HudaydahSee Zubair Islands Lighthouse
YemenClock Tower12.7893244.98166Aden
YemenDahayir IslandsAl HudaydahSee Ad Daha'ir

YemenDubaabTa'izzSee Dhubab
YemenElephants Back12.7635844.98667Aden
YemenElephants Back LighthouseAdenSee Gold Mohur Lighthouse

YemenFlint Island12.7939944.98611Aden
YemenGold Mohur Lighthouse12.7644844.98806Aden
YemenGreat Hanish IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat al Hanish al Kabir
YemenHamar15.7540142.61425Al Hudaydah

YemenHamar IslandAl HudaydahSee Hamar
YemenHaycock Island13.7833342.78333Al Hudaydah
YemenHigh Island14.0851142.75967Al Hudaydah
YemenHigh Light Perim IslandAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenHodaidahAl HudaydahSee Al Hudaydah

YemenHodeidaAl HudaydahSee Al Hudaydah
YemenHodeidah MosqueAl HudaydahSee Al Jami' al Kabir
YemenIsola Gebel TierAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJabal al Manhali12.6846543.48700Ta'izz
YemenJabal at Tayr15.5433441.83388Al Hudaydah

YemenJabal at Tayr Lighthouse15.5384341.82503Al Hudaydah
YemenJabal Dhubab12.9436643.40815Ta'izz
YemenJabal Zubayr15.0548842.17823Al Hudaydah
YemenJaza'ir az Zubayr15.0833342.13333Al HudaydahA group of volcanic islands in the Red Sea
YemenJazirat al Hanish al Kabir13.7122442.72557Al Hudaydah

YemenJazirat D'AiserSoqatraSee Darsah
YemenJazirat DarsahSoqatraSee Darsah
YemenJazirat Jabal Zuqar14.0085342.74506Al Hudaydah
YemenJazirat MayyunAdenSee Perim Island

Geographical Help / Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:31:15 am »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
TanzaniaPangavini Island-6.6746939.23898Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaPemba Island-5.1666739.80000Pemba
TanzaniaPemba Ju Ju IslandPwaniSee Pemba Juu Island
TanzaniaPemba Juu Island-7.5150139.40871Pwani

TanzaniaPoint Moresby LighthousePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi Lighthouse
TanzaniaPopo Island-10.0478039.68622Lindi
TanzaniaPumbava IslandLindiSee Pumbavu Island
TanzaniaPumbavu Island-8.5091139.47940Lindi
TanzaniaPungui IslandDar es SalaamSee Bongoyo Island

TanzaniaPunguma IslandZanzibar Central/SouthSee Pungume Island
TanzaniaPungume Island-6.4256839.33723Zanzibar Central/SouthPungume Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas BanuraLindiSee Ras Mbanura
TanzaniaRas BerikiteLindiSee Ras Berikiti
TanzaniaRas Berikiti-9.4101939.60483Lindi

TanzaniaRas Buyu-6.2518739.21538Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaRas BwamkuroLindiSee Ras Mbemkuru
TanzaniaRas Dege-6.8662739.47491Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Dima-7.9845239.44341Pwani
TanzaniaRas Ekapapa-9.9288539.78106Lindi

TanzaniaRas FunguLindiSee Ras Samanga Fungu
TanzaniaRas Kankadya-6.7342539.27801Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas KanzePwaniSee Ras Kanzi
TanzaniaRas Kanzi-7.0187539.55123PwaniRas Kanzi Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas Kazim KaziZanzibar Central/SouthSee Ras Kizimkazi

TanzaniaRas KegomachaPemba NorthSee Ras Kigomasha
TanzaniaRas Kibungwe-9.8708639.80282Lindi
TanzaniaRas Kigomasha-4.8688839.68245Pemba NorthRas Kigomasha Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas KikikweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe
TanzaniaRas Kikogwe-5.4480638.99906Tanga

TanzaniaRas KikokweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe
TanzaniaRas KikongweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe
TanzaniaRas Kimbiji-6.9881139.54529Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Kipakoni-8.9574239.53498Lindi
TanzaniaRas Kipondo-9.3008639.64657Lindi

TanzaniaRas Kisimani-7.9425739.58958Pwani
TanzaniaRas KisimkaziZanzibar Central/SouthSee Ras Kizimkazi
TanzaniaRas Kizimkazi-6.4778339.50742Zanzibar Central/South
TanzaniaRas MaiveliLindiSee Ras Mawedi
TanzaniaRas MakumbePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi

TanzaniaRas Matunda-10.3516140.44554Mtwara
TanzaniaRas MatuoLindiSee Ras Matuso
TanzaniaRas Matuso-8.9255239.55609Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mawedi-9.4910539.67815Lindi
TanzaniaRas MaweliLindiSee Ras Mawedi

TanzaniaRas Mbanura-9.9150039.78647Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mbemkuru-9.4575139.65517Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mbisi-7.8219539.70559Pwani
TanzaniaRas Miramba-8.7466139.43246Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mkiya-10.1287139.98972Mtwara

TanzaniaRas Mkumbi-7.6386139.90577Pwani
TanzaniaRas Mkumbi Lighthouse-7.6401539.90532Pwani
TanzaniaRas Msangamkuu-10.2083340.23528MtwaraRas Msangamkuu Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas Msimbati-10.3255840.38209Mtwara
TanzaniaRas Mwanzi LighthouseZanzibar NorthSee Ras Nungwi Lighthouse

TanzaniaRas NbisiPwaniSee Ras Mbisi
TanzaniaRas NdegeDar es SalaamSee Ras Dege
TanzaniaRas Nunge-6.4085838.89688Pwani
TanzaniaRas NungweZanzibar NorthSee Ras Nungwi
TanzaniaRas Nungwi-5.7219239.30279Zanzibar North

TanzaniaRas Nungwi Lighthouse-5.7223039.30332Zanzibar North
TanzaniaRas OswawembeZanzibar NorthSee Ras Uso wa Membe
TanzaniaRas Pembamnasi-7.1836339.50173Pwani
TanzaniaRas PembannasiPwaniSee Ras Pembamnasi
TanzaniaRas Rocumbi-9.7046639.74888Lindi

TanzaniaRas RokumbiLindiSee Ras Rocumbi
TanzaniaRas Rongozi-8.9474739.51270Lindi
TanzaniaRas Samanga Fungu-8.4232239.30874Lindi
TanzaniaRas SangamkuMtwaraSee Ras Msangamkuu
TanzaniaRas Shangani-6.1630939.18555Zanzibar Urban/West

TanzaniaRas Shuka-9.9832239.81845LindiRas Shuka Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas Simanga FunguLindiSee Ras Samanga Fungu
TanzaniaRas Simba Uranga-7.7291439.32627Pwani
TanzaniaRas Tikwiri-8.8204539.49152Lindi
TanzaniaRas Twana-7.8150939.44504Pwani

TanzaniaRas Upanga-6.7969639.28605Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Uso wa Membe-5.8968639.19450Zanzibar North
TanzaniaRas Winde-6.2224738.86362Pwani
TanzaniaRas WindiPwaniSee Ras Winde
TanzaniaRoanga BayLindiSee Roango Bay

TanzaniaRoango Bay-9.2547839.64176Lindi
TanzaniaRudyira BayLindiSee Rukyira Bay
TanzaniaRudyira ReefLindiSee Rukyira Spit
TanzaniaRufigi RiverPwaniSee Rufiji River
TanzaniaRufigi River DeltaPwaniSee Rufiji River Delta

TanzaniaRufiji DeltaPwaniSee Rufiji River Delta
TanzaniaRufiji River-7.9171139.26720Pwani
TanzaniaRufiji River Delta-7.7759739.35268Pwani
TanzaniaRukyira Bay-8.8706639.55447Lindi
TanzaniaRukyira Spit-8.8740739.59422Lindi

TanzaniaSaadaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)
TanzaniaSaasaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)
TanzaniaSadani (1)-5.2000039.06667Tanga
TanzaniaSadani (2)-6.0439038.77567PwaniSaadani National Park

TanzaniaSalim Bank-7.8666739.60000Pwani
TanzaniaSangamkuuMtwaraSee Msangamkuu
TanzaniaSange IslandTangaSee Sangi Island
TanzaniaSangi Island-5.7196138.90053Tanga
TanzaniaSeagull RockZanzibar Urban/WestSee Seagull Shoal

TanzaniaSeagull Shoal-6.0850339.18872Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaSefo ReefPwaniSee Sefo
TanzaniaSephoPwaniSee Sefo

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
VietnamCape Saint James (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamCon Son8.71667106.60000Ba Ria-Vung Tau
VietnamCon Son (town)8.68641106.60824Ba Ria-Vung Tau
VietnamCu Lao ThuBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamCulao ThuBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy

VietnamDa Nang16.06778108.22083Da Nang
VietnamDa Nang BayDa NangSee Baie de Tourane
VietnamHo Chi Minh City10.82302106.62965Ho Chi Minh City
VietnamHon Phu Quy10.53086108.94276Binh Thuan
VietnamIles de Poulo CondoreBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son

VietnamKamrahn BayKhanh HoaSee Vinh Cam Ranh
VietnamMui Dinh11.36308109.01330Ninh Thuan
VietnamMui Nghinh Phong10.32063107.08356Ba Ria-Vung Tau
VietnamPluto IslandBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamPoulo Cecil de MerBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy

VietnamPoulo Condore (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son (town)
VietnamPulau Kondor IslandsBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamPulo Condore (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son (town)
VietnamPulo Condore GroupBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamPulo Condore IslandsBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son

VietnamSaigonHo Chi Minh CitySee Ho Chi Minh City
VietnamSaint JamesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamTourane BayDa NangSee Baie de Tourane
VietnamVille du CapBa Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamVinh Cam Ranh11.89591109.17149Khanh Hoa

VietnamVinh Da NangDa NangSee Baie de Tourane
VietnamVung Tau10.34599107.08426Ba Ria-Vung Tau

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
Sri LankaThennadi BayEastern ProvinceSee Thenaddy Bay
Sri LankaTissa DagobaSouthernSee Tissamaharama
Sri LankaTissamaharama6.2797581.29149Southern
Sri LankaTrincomalee8.5711081.23350Eastern Province
Sri LankaTrincomaliEastern ProvinceSee Trincomalee

TaiwanAgincourt IslandTaipeiSee Pengjia Yu
TaiwanAlligator IslandFukienSee Dongsha Dao
TaiwanBeiding Dao24.42748118.50495FukienBeiding Dao Lighthouse
TaiwanBonfire IslandTaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanCape GaranbiTaiwanSee Oluan Bi

TaiwanChin-men Wan24.40389118.42500Fukien
TaiwanChinmenFukienSee Quemoy
TaiwanChizi Wei23.56157119.46821TaiwanYu-weng Tao Lighthouse
TaiwanCraig IslandTaipeiSee Mianhua Yu
TaiwanDadan Dao24.38823118.16392Fukien

TaiwanDanshui He25.17252121.42072Taipei
TaiwanDodd IslandFukienSee Beiding Dao
TaiwanDodd's IslandFukienSee Beiding Dao
TaiwanDongsha Dao26.15675120.40374Fukien
TaiwanEluanbi Dengta21.90223120.85263Taiwan

TaiwanGreen Island (1)TaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanKinmenFukienSee Quemoy
TaiwanLitsitah PointTaiwanSee Chizi Wei
TaiwanLyudao Island22.66208121.49041Taiwan
TaiwanMianhua Yu25.48500122.10556Taipei

TaiwanNan Sha LightTaiwanSee Eluanbi Dengta
TaiwanOckesuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanOckseu LightFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanOluan Bi21.90074120.86587Taiwan
TaiwanPengjia Yu25.62833122.07944Taipei

TaiwanQixing Yan21.75694120.82583Taiwan
TaiwanSamasana IslandTaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanSouth CapeTaiwanSee Oluan Bi
TaiwanTa-tanFukienSee Dadan Dao

TaiwanTa-tan TaoFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTaing IslandFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTaitan IslandFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTamsui RiverTaipeiSee Danshui He
TaiwanTan HsuFukienSee Dadan Dao

TaiwanVele Rete ReefTaiwanSee Qixing Yan
TaiwanVele Rete RocksTaiwanSee Qixing Yan
TaiwanWuchin HsuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuchio YuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuchiuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu

TaiwanWuciouFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuqiu Yu24.99139119.45333FukienWuqiu Yu Lighthouse
TaiwanWuquiFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
ThailandStrait of Malacca2.50000101.33333

TongaNiuafau IslandVava'uSee Niuafo'ou
TongaNiuafou IslandVava'uSee Niuafo'ou
USAtooiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
USAuau Channel20.81972-156.68194Hawaii

USBarber's PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
USBarber's Point LightHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
USBarbers PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
USBig IslandHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
USBird IslandHawaiiSee Nihoa

USDiamond Head21.26154-157.80588Hawaii
USDiamond Head Lighthouse21.25566-157.80956Hawaii
USDowsett Reef25.23973-170.45975Hawaii
USHawaii IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands
USHawaiian Islands21.11525-157.47803Hawaii

USIsland of Hawai'i19.54944-155.56229Hawaii
USIsland of HawaiiHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
USKa'ena Point21.57439-158.27993HawaiiKa'ena Point Light

USKaena PointHawaiiSee Ka'ena Point
USKahoolaweHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe

USKalaeloa21.29626-158.10623HawaiiBarbers Point Light
USKauaiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
USKaula RockHawaiiSee Ka'ula
USKoko Head21.26194-157.70286Hawaii

USKoruaiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
USLanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i
USLaysan Island25.77083-171.73750Hawaii

USLisianski Island26.06403-173.96559Hawaii
USLisiansky IslandHawaiiSee Lisianski Island
USMakapu'u Point21.31080-157.64918HawaiiMakapu'u Point Lighthouse
USMakapuu PointHawaiiSee Makapu'u Point
USMaro Reef25.41667-170.58333Hawaii

USMolokaiHawaiiSee Moloka'i
USMolokiiHawaiiSee Moloka'i

USMorokinneHawaiiSee Molokini
USMorotoiHawaiiSee Moloka'i
USMoweeHawaiiSee Maui

USNiihauHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USNiihau IslandHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USOahuHawaiiSee O'ahu
USOneeheowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau

USOneehowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USOrechouaHawaiiSee Lehua
USOwhyheeHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
USRaita Bank25.61667-169.45000Hawaii
USRanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i

USSandwich IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands
USTahooraHawaiiSee Ka'ula
USTahoorowaHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe
USWaehooHawaiiSee O'ahu
USWoahooHawaiiSee O'ahu

VietnamBaie de Tourane16.13109108.17705Da Nang
VietnamCap PadaranNinh ThuanSee Mui Dinh
VietnamCap Saint Jacques (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamCap Saint-JacquesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Mui Nghinh Phong
VietnamCape Saint JamesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Mui Nghinh Phong

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
RussiaSkaly Chernyye47.59582152.88909Sakhalin
RussiaSkaly Lovushki48.54434153.85185Sakhalin
RussiaSorychef MountainSakhalinSee Vulkan Sarycheva
RussiaSoya KaikyoSakhalinSee La Perouse Strait
RussiaSrednoi IslandsSakhalinSee Ostrova Srednego

RussiaSrednoi RockSakhalinSee Skala Srednego
RussiaSrednoi RocksSakhalinSee Ostrova Srednego
RussiaUshishir IslandSakhalinSee Ostrova Ushishir
RussiaUshishiru ToSakhalinSee Ostrova Ushishir

RussiaVulkan Il'inskiy51.49660157.20389Kamtsjatka
RussiaVulkan Kosheleva51.35393156.75032Kamtsjatka
RussiaVulkan Mutnovskaya Sopka52.44928158.19523Kamtsjatka
RussiaVulkan Sarycheva48.09103153.19873Sakhalin
RussiaVulkan Severgina49.11836154.51887Sakhalin

RussiaVulkan Tyatya44.35408146.25099Sakhalin
RussiaVulkan Vilyuchinskaya Sopka52.70508158.28141Kamtsjatka
RussiaYeterup IslandSakhalinSee Iturup Island
RussiaZaliv Nakhodka42.77373132.96410Primorskiy

SamoaApia Front LighthouseTuamasagaSee Apia Range Front Lighthouse
SamoaApia Harbour Beacon-13.82609-171.76182Tuamasaga
SamoaApia Range Front Lighthouse-13.82948-171.76593Tuamasaga
SamoaApolima Island-13.82377-172.15118Aiga-i-le-Tai
SamoaMatautu PointTuamasagaSee Pilot Point

SamoaMatuatu PointTuamasagaSee Pilot Point
SamoaMulinu'u Point-13.81458-171.78090Tuamasaga
SamoaMulinuu PointTuamasagaSee Mulinu'u Point
SamoaNu'ulua Island-14.07286-171.41050Atua
SamoaNuulua IslandAtuaSee Nu'ulua Island

SamoaPilot Point-13.82448-171.75881Tuamasaga
SingaporeAlbert Dock1.26500103.84278
SingaporeEast Wharf1.26333103.84417
SingaporeFort Canning Light1.29210103.84777
SingaporeHorsboro LightSee Horsburgh Lighthouse

SingaporeHorsburgh Lighthouse1.33024104.40565
SingaporeKeppelSee Keppel Harbour
SingaporeKeppel Harbour1.26477103.83021
SingaporeMain Strait1.14164103.75093
SingaporeRaffles Lighthouse1.16007103.74086

SingaporeSingapore LighthouseSee Fort Canning Light
SingaporeSingapore Naval Base1.46699103.83063
SingaporeSingapore Roads1.27628103.89547
SingaporeSouth Channel1.26350103.83830

SingaporeWest Wharf1.26527103.82806
South KoreaBeaufort IslandJeju-doSee U-do
South KoreaCheju-do33.40167126.54611Jeju-do
South KoreaChemulpoIncheonSee Chemulpo Anchorage
South KoreaChemulpo Anchorage37.45889126.58250Incheon

South KoreaChemulpo BayIncheonSee Chemulpo Anchorage
South KoreaGiffard IslandJeju-doSee Marado
South KoreaHempun To34.14611125.94222Jeollanam-do
South KoreaHong-do (1)34.69194125.20111Jeollanam-do
South KoreaHong-do (2)34.53711128.73316Gyeongsangnam-do

South KoreaIncheon37.45646126.70515Incheon
South KoreaLyra IslandJeollanam-doSee Hempun To
South KoreaManjae-do34.20708125.47314Jeollanam-do
South KoreaMarado33.11769126.26775Jeju-doMarado Light
South KoreaMaury IslandJeollanam-doSee Manjae-do

South KoreaModeste IslandJeollanam-doSee Hong-do (1)
South KoreaPort HamiltonJeollanam-doSee Tonae-hae
South KoreaQuelpart IslandJeju-doSee Cheju-do
South KoreaReille Rock34.31278125.24528Jeollanam-do
South KoreaRoss IslandJeollanam-doSee Soheugsan Island

South KoreaSentinel IslandGyeongsangnam-doSee Hong-do (2)
South KoreaSoheugsan Island34.06667125.11667Jeollanam-do
South KoreaTonae-hae34.03639127.30972Jeollanam-do
South KoreaU-do33.50500126.95472Jeju-do
South KoreaYellow Sea36.00000124.00000

Sri LankaBack Bay8.5827681.23703Eastern Province
Sri LankaBarberyn Island6.4632479.96902Southern
Sri LankaBarberyn Lighthouse6.4633479.96831Western
Sri LankaBatticaloa Lighthouse7.7548581.68543Eastern Province
Sri LankaBay of Bengal13.5392087.67090

Sri LankaClock Tower LighthouseWesternSee Colombo Lighthouse
Sri LankaColombo6.9319479.84778Western
Sri LankaColombo Harbour6.9509479.84932Western
Sri LankaColombo Lighthouse6.9347279.84287Western
Sri LankaDondra Head5.9217580.59434Southern

Sri LankaDondra Head Lighthouse5.9212280.59406Southern
Sri LankaFoul Point Lighthouse8.5253281.31866Eastern Province
Sri LankaGalle Lighthouse6.0245580.21940Southern
Sri LankaGreat Basses Lighthouse6.1820281.48135Southern
Sri LankaGreat Basses Reef6.1814181.48008Southern

Sri LankaGunners Quoin7.8600781.14463North Central
Sri LankaHambambotaSouthernSee Hambantota
Sri LankaHambanbotaSouthernSee Hambantota
Sri LankaHambantota6.1241081.11850SouthernHambantota Lighthouse
Sri LankaHambantota Lighthouse6.1220781.12695Southern

Sri LankaLittle Basses Lighthouse6.4072381.73025Southern
Sri LankaOstenberg PointEastern ProvinceSee Ostenburg Point
Sri LankaOstenburg Point8.5427781.22159Eastern Province
Sri LankaPigeon IslandEastern ProvinceSee Pura Malai
Sri LankaPoint de Galle6.0243880.21843Southern

Sri LankaPoint de Galle LighthouseSouthernSee Galle Lighthouse
Sri LankaPura Malai8.7219381.20439Eastern Province
Sri LankaTangalla6.0233880.79738Southern
Sri LankaTangalleSouthernSee Tangalla
Sri LankaThenaddy Bay7.9941381.53154Eastern Province

Geographical Help / Re: Russian Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:47:40 am »
Agree with Michael... Onida makes sense for the Gulf of Anadyr.

For Cape Akein i thing is another mispelling of My Achchen (which is a literal transposition of Мыс Аччен... which, in turn, i suspect is a wrong transliteration that entered modern maps, the correct one being Mys Aggen or Мыс Агген)... i've seen logkeepers mispelling the same landmark twice, with different names, in the same logpage.

My impression, in this case, is that logkeeper is asking someone for the placename, and is writing down what he think he has heard... The Gulf of Anadir and Cape Aggen can be seen, named as such, in 1850 maps! Onida, Eagin and Akein could be attempts to write down the sound instead of transcribing it from a map... which complicates thing for us 125 years later ::)

A flat earth would have made life easier.
;D ;D Agree! Also some printed lines and labels (strictly in English) on its surface would have prevented logkeepers from making a lot of mistakes.  ;D ;D

Hi Joan!

Cocos Point could be the first one (for which we already have an entry - we're just missing the "Cocos Point" alias) as is the only one inside Panama Bay (the other two being on the Atlantic).

For Shiru, it could be the actual Isla Farallon del Chiru, no hints yet on the other alias... i'm reading "Seiners Rock" though...

Geographical Help / Re: Russian Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 22, 2017, 04:00:41 pm »
Thanks Michael!! Yup... a little too short but very enjoyable and, most important of all, quite fresh (now max temps at home are again around a more humanly sustainable 30-33C).

Nonetheless i still feel a certain homesickness for the Svalbards. This is quite odd, since it's a place i've never visited ;D ;D

Geographical Help / Re: Russian Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 22, 2017, 11:45:50 am »
Thank you everybody! A very nice piece of detective work from all of you!! ;D

Just added Mys Beringa/Cape Bering/Cape Behring and the more elusive Blubber Bay alias (both to Reyd Plover/Plover Bay/Port Providence and Bukhta Providenya/Providence Bay as the two places were apparently pretty interchangeable - Reyd Plover being just the best sheltered anchorage inside the big Providence Bay) to map, ref and csv.

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