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Geographical Help / Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion
« on: Today at 12:48:18 pm »
Whaler log:

Icy Reef 0 m
T BAR bar
United States US ? Alaska AK ? North Slope Borough 185
69.7725, -141.64722

Geographical Help / Re: Canadian Place Names -- Discussion
« on: Today at 12:43:09 pm »
Aide memoire - Joan look up Kings and Kays points near Herschel Island (Canada Yukon) (?Beluga 1900B)

Kay Point
T PT point
Canada CA ? Yukon 12
69.29527, -138.38791

King Point
T PT point
Canada CA ? Yukon 12
69.10141, -137.97318

Dockside Cafe / Re: Chat
« on: Today at 12:36:02 pm »
Couldn't work out how to post the image for my final score, so you'll have to take my word for it - 12 out of 15, making me a Chief Officer.  I would like to say that this reflects my extensive knowledge on the subject, but I think I just made some lucky guesses!

Almost caught you with my 11. (Still a Chief Officer.)
The picks of ports lost me points.  ???
11! Wow! Ah - got lucky on those ports - but had to look very hard for any weeny little clues in the pictures  ;)

Dockside Cafe / Re: Chat
« on: June 25, 2017, 09:57:39 pm »
Well done you!!  ;D ;D ;D  (I used a screen snip to capture my less worthy results  ;) )

Dockside Cafe / Re: Chat
« on: June 25, 2017, 08:24:53 pm »
Their theme this year is "Seafarers Matter"  and they have an interactive quiz (can't imagine why I thought to share the quiz image ;) )

I didn't do too badly though it wasn't far off being landed as a landlubber:

 :D :D :D

I sent it a bit earlier - it's over to you for when you can get to it Michael - looks to me like you've got a lot on your hands just now  :D

Okey dokey Michael :) - will send tomorrow though if that's OK  :)

Dockside Cafe / Re: Oldweather mondegreens
« on: June 24, 2017, 08:06:32 pm »
Interesting - "Teller" is German for "plate"!  ;D
:D That's a fun co-incidence! And you hammer plate. So Hammarstrom fits in very well too. What fun  :D

Dockside Cafe / Re: Dockside Gallery
« on: June 24, 2017, 07:46:15 pm »
And we are all grateful to those loyal transcribers!

Indeed we are!!!!

Here Here!!!  :D :D :D

Northland 34  From 8th July her log notes, on most days, that the log was under-reading by 5 percent. In addition there are notes on many days that the Gyro was a differing number of degrees out from August.
The excel spreadsheet is available if that would help.

   Noon Position      8am Position      8pm Position      Ice report Mid to 8 AM      Ice report 8 AM to Merid      Ice report Merid to 4 PM      Ice report 4 PM to 8 PM      Ice report 8 PM to Mid   
   06-04-34                  63 05 N 166 30 W                              9:10 Sighted ice on both bows in Lat 63 degrees 15 minutes north 11:09 Steering various courses in north easterly direction at standard speed on both engines working through ice and open water.   
   06-05-34      Nome Alaska      Not given      Not given      1.35 AM Changed course to 8degrees pgc 9degrees true increaased speed to full, in open lead. 1.52 Decreased speed to standard working through scattered ice. 2.56 Increased speed to full 3.30 Clear of ice.                           
   06-08-34      64 12 N 162 02 W      64 00 N 162 11 W      Golofnin Bay Alaska      7:30AM entered field of ice            2.10 PM [...] steered various course through ice. 3.21 On course 350degrees pgc standing into Golofnin Bay                
   06-11-34      St Michael, Alaska      St Michael, Alaska      St Michael, Alaska      7.00 AM veered to 45 fathoms of port chain because of scattered  ice settling down from northward                           
   06-12-34      63 37 N 161 50 W      St Michael, Alaska      64 18 N 163 28 W            10.20 Heavy ice moving down on ship from northward                     
   08-10-34      67 53 N 165 45 W      Kivalina, Alaska.      Pt. Hope,  Alaska      3:15AM sighted scattered ice and slowed various speeds                  6PM to 8PM passing thru thinly scattered ice.         

That's some siesta!  :o

Ah! Hello Hokko then   :D

Ice Hunting / Re: Phase One - Arctic Frontier
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:51:12 pm »
I wonder if this is of any use?
It's the:
Map Shewing Prinicpal Naval Actions and Casualties. Murman Coast 1916-1917 from the book 'Under the Black Ensign' by Captain R.S. Gwatkin-Williams C.M.G. Royal Navy

(Captain of the Intrepid amongst other names)

This image is available at 3 times the's almost A3 in the book (large format:

That's so neat!  :D :D :D
And our poet mentions the Edisto, one of our Cold War ships  :D

Ice Hunting / Re: Phase One - Arctic Frontier
« on: June 22, 2017, 08:46:01 pm »
I just pulled 'Under the Black Ensign' off the shelf by Capt. RS Gwatkin-Williams only to (re)discover a map showing the line of the edge of the midsummer ice from 1917 north of the Murman Coast. I'll scan it tomorrow and post it here for interest. There's also the odd picture in there too including one of the Iphegenia.

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