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During the periods the US ships were in commision the US was involved in a number of wars ect here are some books on them:
Spainish American war:
Empire by Default Ivan Muscant
The Spainish War G.J.A. O'toole
Manila and Santiago Jim Leeke
The Splendid Little war Frank Freidal
The Spainish American War and the Phillipine Insurection Alejivarg Guesada
The Devil's Causeway Mathen Wastams

The Boxer rebelion:
Peking 1900: The Boxer Rebelion Peter Harrington
The Boxer Rebelion The great game in China David J Sibley
The Boxer Rebleion Lynn Bodin
The Siege at peking peter Fleming

Phillipine Insurection:
Schoolbooks and Krags John M. Gates
The Philipine Insurection against the US (5 volumes) John R.M. Taylor
Benevolent Assimilation Stuart  C. Miller
Little Brown Brother Leon Wolff
The Moro War James R Arnold
Moroland Robert a Fulton
The Devil's Causeway mathen watams

I realize that there are many people who have not heard of Philippine Insurrection, even some Americans. It was an insurgency fought by the US  from 1899 to 1913 which the US won. Note, some aspects of this war will be upsetting to some people.
end of part one

Today 4 August is the 222nd birthday of the USCG also 98 years ago today the British Empire ect declared war on Germany. With centennial of WW I here are some other dates in WW I that will be commemerated:
25 April 1915 ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand army corps) Australian and New Zealand holiday commemerates the Galipolli landings
1 July 1916 first day of the Battle of the Somme, bloodist day in British military history 60,000 casualties. On 1 July 2006 I believe the BBC began their morning news broadcast with the blowing of an officers wistle of the period. That was the signal to 'over the top'.
6 April 1917 the US declares war on Germany. I hope someone at least gives it a brief mention somewhere in the news.
11 November 1918 WW I ends Armistice/Vetrens/ Rememberence day no doubt this event will be commemerated big time.

This is to do with Captain Michael A. "Hellroaring mike" Healy a man who was an Alaska legend in his own time. At one time or another he commanded the Corwin ,Bear and Thetis which we are doing the logs of. Please note: his wiki bio leaves out certain parts of his USCG career that can be found if you search Michael Healy USCG wiki fails to mention he was courtmarialed in 1896 and convicted of 7 charges:
Conduct to the Prejudice of good order and disipline
Conduct unbecoming an officer
Tyranous and Abusive conduct to others
Conduct detrimental to disipline
Placing a vessel ina peroulas position while in a intoxicated condition thereby endangering the lives and property under his command
Insuling and abusive treatment of officers
Drunkness to the scandle of the service
For which he was droped to the bottom of the captains and dismissed from the service for 4 years without pay
He made 4 attempts to commit suicide after this and when his 4 years were up he was back at sea !?
In 1999 the Coast Guard commisioned an icebreaker named after him!? In part it is said because his mother was an african american. This makes him the first african american to have a coast guard cutter named after him.
I am not making this up.

Dockside Cafe / Films about the WW I period
« on: June 23, 2012, 03:25:04 am »
I have a list of films that deal with the WW I period. Not everyone will like them all they range from Silent to modern, from good to awful. Here is the list:
From the Great War Forum: Great war naval films posting:
Brown of the Resolution/ Born for Glory (US) 1935 remade Singlehanded/Sailor of the king (US) from a C.S. Forester novel
The Seas benneath
Spy in Black
The African Queen
Shout at the Devil
Submarine patrol
Silent 1915-28 some docudramas
How Lt Rose spiked the enemy's guns
Britain's Naval Secret
the hero of Submarine D-2
The log of U35
The Battle of jutland
Mare Nostrum
Battle of Coronel & the falklands
The Emden

The Voyages, The Work, The People: Everyday Life at Sea / HMS Drake
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:12:05 am »
I am now doing the log of the armored cruiser HMS Drake. The handwriting is giving me problems. In October 1914 the Drake and  HMS Mantis arrived at the port of Archangel and picked up 900 cases of gold bullion. This was from the Czarist Russian gold reserves. it was collateral for credits to buy war supplies. Note unlike WW II where the USSR got billions in lend lease aid Czarist Russia had to pay for all its war supplies. Just thought you would like to know.

Old Weather Magazine / Ships to north Russia losses
« on: April 30, 2012, 10:16:38 pm »
The list of British ships lost going to and from North Russia is incomplete here are some others:
HMS ammunition ship Combe Oct 15 lost cause unknown
Tug Blackcock wreck 18 Jan 18
Merchant ships:
Arndale 15 jun 15 mine German raider Meteor
African Mondros 6 Jul 15  "
Jarona 12 Aug 15             "
Cape Antilies 21 Oct 15   "
Nicolei (Russian) 13 jun 15  "
Lysander (Danish 6 Jul 15  "
Ukrania (Russian) 14 Jul 15 "
Jason (Danish) 8 Aug 15 "
Helga (Norweign) 31 Aug 15 "
Other British ships sunk by U-boats either coming or going to North Russia (Iam not sure about all of them)
Ribera 10 jun 17 U61
Etton 20 Sep 16 Mine U75
J.Y. Short 3 Oct 16 U43
Strainhwairn 15 jun 15 U22
Whitecourt 28 aug 17 U28
Grangewood 24 jun 16 U41
King Idwal 22 nov 17 mine U75
Iolo 10 Oct 16 U46
Glenby 17 aug 15 U33
Rollesby 15 sep 17
Gardspee 10 Oct 16 U43
Lotusmere 2 oct 16 U43

The Voyages, The Work, The People: Everyday Life at Sea / HMT Lord Minto
« on: December 09, 2011, 06:51:21 pm »
as the Captain of HMT Lord Minto. It seems the trawler men of the crew aren't filling out the deck logs to RN standards. This is sort of to be expected in reading Chatterton's "Seas of Adventure" and other books they had their own ways of doing things and it sometimes made some RN types tear their hair out in frustration! After some months of patroling on 28 feb 1916 the ship exploded a mine most likely from the UC6 Sadly shortly afterwards the HMT Angelous hit one and sank but the lord Minto save 6 of the crew 2 died. The ship was launched on 1.3.14, 5.15 called up as a minesweeper 1-12pdr, 1919 back to civilian use and on 18 september 1939 she was sunk by gunfire from the U35 all hands saved.

Dockside Cafe / web sites we should remember
« on: October 05, 2011, 11:16:44 pm »
Since we are finishing up on old weather I have a list of internet site dealing with the WW I period that we should remember:
Great War forum
Axis history forum WW I section WW I section
hyperscale. modeling site aircraft, ships, vehicals figures ect.
model warships a top ship modeling site if you want to find a model of a WW I era ship this is the place to ask questions
plastic soldier review if you want to get some WW I or other period little soldier for your young or not so young nimrod this is the place to read reviews of them
missing lynx a military vehical site has a WW I vehical section and one on figures .
Aerodrome a WW I aviation site
12 O'clock a post WW I aviation site

Dockside Cafe / Weather on the Western Front
« on: June 05, 2011, 12:37:56 am »
On the Gret War Forum in the section marked "Other" there is a posting "WEather on the Western Front" that may be of some use or interest to some of people on this site. It does have a little weather data from this period.

Looking on the site and reading the logs and looking at the maps of where the ships are is interesting. However, I can't seem to log on to another ships log. Is there something wrong with this site?

On the 18 March 1915 log page of HMS Vengence there is little information the great Allied naval attack on the straits of the Dardanelles where the Battleships Irresistable, Ocean and French Bouvet were sunk and the Battlecruiser Inflexible was damaged by mines and the French Battleships Gaulois and Suffern were badly damaged by shore batteries. However before the page of 17 Mar 1915 I ran into a few pages of what looks like an after action report of this day. The bad news is the pages were split down the middle on this site and were rather hard to read.

Dockside Cafe / Naval OR
« on: March 26, 2011, 10:27:16 pm »
As they would write back then:
Sir: I am wrting to inform you that all the volumes of the"Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion" are on line.  They do contain some weather information from the period usually how the wind is blowing. i do not know if this will be of any real assistance to the ladies and gentalmen of  but i decided to let you know anyway.  it is know as the Naval OR or OR for short.
I am very respectively your obiedent servant
J Pratt

The RN magazine Naval Review has it older issues on line. There are some articals dealing with some of the ships on OldWeather and their actions:
1915 Falklands , HMS Cumberland Arabia, Konigsberg Perisn Gulf, Mespot
1916 HMS Amethyst, Konigsberg and after, Mespot
1918 HMS Canopus
1919 East Africa
1920 East Africa
1921 North Russia and the Black Sea ops
1923 HMS Canopus
1924 HMS Canopus
I have not read many of them but I think some of the members here may find some of the information usefull

The Voyages, The Work, The People: Everyday Life at Sea / Bagamoyo 1916
« on: February 27, 2011, 06:20:37 pm »
A number of ships oldweather is doing the logs of were involved were involved in the capture of the port of Bagamoyo in GEA in August 1916. They include the HMS Vengence, Severn, Mersey, and Manica. I made posting on the Axis history Forums German Colonies and Overseas expeditions section and the Great War Forums Ships and Navies sections and got quite a bit of information on this and other actions that members of oldweather my find usefull. As of right now I haven't had time to read it all. Some points of intrest:
At Bayagomo the RN was opposed by a 4.1 inch gun off the Konigsberg that was captured by a landing party and is now on display in Mombasa Kenya. Also there was a "Pompom" which looking like a 37mm revolerkanon (a large caliber gatling gun) possibly off the scuttled German survey ship Mowe.
The force went on to capture Dar Es Salaam and it was judged to be a Naval capture so 100,000 pounds in prize money was awarded to the RN!
There is a photo of the Manica as it appeared during the East African operations there is a canvas hanger on the ships stern to protect the aircraft it operated.
I hope this is of some use.

Below are some books on the Russian civil war many of the ships of Old weather were involved in the Allied intervention in. I think i red where a party of sailors and marines from HMS Kent manned an armored train in Siberia and at one point were about 3000 or 4000 miles from their ship! i believe the Admirality took notice of this!
General sources: "The Day They Almost bombed Moscow", "The White Generals"
South Russia: "Civil War in South Russia" "White vs Red"
RN in the Baltic: "Cowan's War" "Baltic Episode"
Osprey has a number of books dealing with the armies, armored units, and a short history
There are many books on this subject I can't think of anymore right now.

While the RN handed over the "Fly" class gunboats to the  army in "Mespot" in 1917. the war there didn't end in 1918. There was still plenty of trouble in the Middle East. See "A Peade to End All  Peace" and "Churchill's folly". This included a major revolt in "Mespot"/Iraq in 1920. This required the largest between the wars operation of the british Army to put down>

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