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Ice Hunting / Cold War Group: Atka - Where was this ship?
« on: June 17, 2017, 02:33:54 pm »
For this set of records we need very simple information for a first pass.

Tracking Arctic journeys:
We need to know which log books contain journeys to the Arctic, in the Arctic, or from the Arctic, including, unusually, those made during winter months.
Kevin has suggested that we consider anything beyond 55 N as being in the Arctic. However, it appears that 45 N may be a better choice for the Atlantic; please use that for now.

Our long-range goal is to map the edge of the Arctic ice both in the Atlantic and in the Pacific.
Our short-range goal is to locate the useful log books so that we can go back for more details.
Kevin has asked if we can break the work down in this way.

Ship's logs:
Note that in some cases the Deck Log -- Title Page or a similar page will tell you where the ship started and finished.
In this case, it appears unlikely that the ship was in the Arctic, but it may be worth looking at a page in the middle of the log book.

Other sources:
You can also look through these references to see if a list of the journeys has already been transcribed:
Atka (AGB-3) DANFS and Old Weather-NHN from 10/1/1950 to 12/1/1955

Details to report:
1) The year, the months when your ship was on a journey to the Arctic, in the Arctic, or on its way home from the Arctic, and whether it was in the Atlantic or Pacific.
2) If your log has a page specifying the journeys or you found a list elsewhere, please report that finding.
3) There is no need to record the presence or absence of ice.

Below is the list of logs.
Pop a note in this topic to offer to take a set of logs, and then post your results in this topic as well.

It's as simple as that at this stage. Thank you.

Welcome to Bear (1916) and a new phase of Old Weather.

As before, this topic is for asking questions and sharing information.
Now it will also be used to help coordinate transcriptions as we develop the new system.

Link to log books:
Link to first page of log books

You may find some useful background information in Bear -- Reference: Transcription Example and Log Description.
However the transcribing instructions no longer apply.

Helpful sources:

The Bear is on a government reindeer herd inspection run during late July 1914, a serious matter for feeding the Inuit. However the following entry from 28th July 1914

'6.15 Launch left vessel for Reindeer Camp at Immaruck [modern day Imuruk] Basin, so that government herd can be inspected by Mr. Shields, Supt. of Schools'

gave me an amusing idea...

Notes from OW5 / New interface problems - Digressions
« on: November 30, 2015, 09:52:47 pm »
I agree Michael, and to that end I have found the prefect 'icon' to help us know that we are sailing out of the OW5 dock.....

 ;D ;D ;D

Technical Support / Where have the ship maps gone on Classic OW?
« on: October 27, 2015, 08:33:27 pm »
The ship voyage maps have gone :(
Who do I need to contact to get them sorted please?  :)

Hi folks - just got this from imageshack and wanted to alert any users that have a free account with them that, from now on, those free accounts will not be supported for images going into forums!
The Zooniverse has mentioned using which is free and does provide links to use in forums.
If you are an ImageShack user with a free account you may wish to move on to use imgur and replace the image references that you have posted here in OW.
ImageShack Content delivery policy changes

Dear ImageShack users, since 2004 ImageShack?s team has been working
hard to create easiest to use, best performing Image Hosting and
delivery solution for all users. To continue to improve our services
for our premium users, ImageShack will implement policy changes that
are listed in detail below.

Starting November 1st, 2015 ImageShack will be implementing a new
policy that will affect image delivery for some of our users, here are
those changes:

Premium ImageShack accounts will not be affected in any way. You will
continue to be able to use your ImageShack account, and all images
will be served to your pages.

Any free accounts (non-premium) will no longer deliver images to any
sites, blogs or forums. This change will be implemented by November
1st,2015. If you have a free account, have images that are linked to
any sites, blogs or forums and want to continue to have images
delivered to those pages, please convert to premium account
here:, for only $3.99/mo, you will
continue to have unlimited storage and unlimited delivery of your

You can read about those changes in more details here:

ImageShack Team.

Announcing the start of a whole new adventure: OldWeather: Whaling

Please can you help by having a go at OW:W because we need your expertise to start the project off. Not every bit of its forum is yet strung together, but the best way we can do that is with your expert assistance. Be gentle with us because this is a world first experiment! So we are learning as we go, and grateful to be your guinea pigs  :D

Although the option is to 'mark' (i.e. mark up the interesting bits and type what's there) or transcribe (i.e. type out what someone else has marked) because we are right at the start of this project there is not likely to be much in the way of simple transcribing - it'll need to be marking for a start!  :)

When you 'start a discussion' about an item you are transcribing you will be working in a new forum system...see what you think!  :D
Ah! That's not ready yet so: there are no return links from Talk back to the Whaling interface, so avoid opening a Talk discussion and instead come home to the forum on a different browser tab.

So where's the information on this forum to help you? Where can you post ideas, problems/opinions? Here are all the links within this familiar forum
   Old Weather: Whaling   

"Enough!" I hear you cry, "Let me at it NOW!"  Indeed! Here is the very link:

Happy sailings!  :D


This also means that it's hard to send to multiple recipients. Anyone else got the same problem please?  :)


I was just in the middle of splitting out some loooooong geog list pages when things went 'page not available' 'bad gateway' :o
Luckily the geog list survived  ::) 8)


Yes folks - Shipopoly game 2 awaits!
If you'd like to join in the fun and games and sink like I did at the end of the first ever game WIN sign up here:
There's even a prize this time! A wonderful piece of art by our very own Caro!!  :D :D :D


Oh dear - if only they knew then what we know now  :(
'Received Launch boiler casing + asbestos'

Patterson August 1916

Handwriting Help / Manifestly deserting with the crockery
« on: May 15, 2015, 08:18:38 pm »
Sea Wilson & Eastwood this day declared deserters having about 10 days without leave and having left ship with clo~ery & effects manifestly intending to desert.

Please  - can anyone clarify what they were deserting with - it looks a bit like 'crockery and effects'. Hell bent on being an Alaskan Escoffier?

Handwriting Help / Something provided for signals
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:34:13 pm »
Hello All,
Please - could anyone work out what was bought for signals (top of page on the right). It's 3080 ft of something. (Patterson 09/06/15 in Ketchikan)

Thanks! :D

Hi folks!
This just came round the email at work.
You are invited to attend two celebratory lectures to mark
Long-period temperature records in the British Isles
Professor Chris Folland
University of East Anglia, and Met Office Hadley Centre

Long-period precipitation records in the British Isles
Professor Tim Burt
University of Durham

There are limited spaces at the event.   We have reserved 25 spaces for members of SoGE.  Please book your place

Technical Support / Can't access other Zooniverses
« on: May 04, 2015, 08:56:19 am »
Anyone else having trouble signing into other Zooniverse projects today please? Looks like this might affect only those on 'Talk'

Can't get my sign-in to work other than with OW.  Can't get any classification pics other than OW. Can't get into Discuss on Talk projects - obvioulsy  OK on OW..

There's a message here isn't there?  (through all storms, OW sails on....)


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