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Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:11:32 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Tatsip Ata BayQeqqataSee Tatsip Ataa
Tatsip Ata InletQeqqataSee Tatsip Ataa
Tatsip Ataa66.84610-51.12505Qeqqata

TavdlorutitSermersooqSee Tallorutit
Taylors Havn61.16129-48.18578Sermersooq
Teague Airfield63.43194-51.15234Sermersooq
The Deadhs FjordQaasuitsupSee De Dodes Fjord
The VaigatQaasuitsupSee Vaigat

ThuleQaasuitsupSee Dundas
Thule Air Base76.53111-68.70167Qaasuitsup
Thule Air Force BaseQaasuitsupSee Thule Air Base
TorssukatakSermersooqSee Torsukattak (1)

Torssukatak Narrows61.17292-48.27689Sermersooq
Torssukatak SnaeveringSermersooqSee Torssukatak Narrows
Torsukatak FjordSermersooqSee Torsukattak (1)
Torsukattak (1)61.17193-48.37280Sermersooq
Torsukattak (2)60.80340-48.14037Kujalleq

Torve IslandQaasuitsupSee Avalleq
Tunugdliarfik FjordKujalleqSee Tunulliarfik
Tunulliarfik FjordKujalleqSee Tunulliarfik
UmanakQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq (town)

Umanak FjordQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq Fjord
Umanak IslandSermersooqSee Arsuup Uummannaa
Uminak FjordQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq Fjord
Upernavik (town)72.78720-56.14436Qaasuitsup

UpernivikQaasuitsupSee Upernavik (town)
Upernivik IslandQaasuitsupSee Upernavik
UummannaqQaasuitsupSee Dundas
Uummannaq (town)70.67442-52.12545Qaasuitsup

Uummannaq Fjord70.92472-52.96783Qaasuitsup
Vaigat ChannelQaasuitsupSee Vaigat
Vaigat StraitQaasuitsupSee Vaigat
Vester Ejland68.62456-53.53406Qaasuitsup

Webers Havn61.17594-48.20792Sermersooq
Wolstenholme Island76.43267-70.03235Qaasuitsup
Wolstenholme OQaasuitsupSee Wolstenholme Island

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:11:12 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Narsaq (town) (3)60.91298-46.05055Kujalleq
Narsaq Sund60.91667-46.11667Kujalleq
NarsarssuakKujalleqSee Narsarsuaq (town)
Narsarsuaq (town)61.15667-45.42536Kujalleq
Natsek CoveKujalleqSee Naajat Kangerluat

Nordlysets LobKujalleqSee Ikerasaitsiak
North Star Bay76.53826-69.28391Qaasuitsup
NugatsiakQaasuitsupSee Nuugaatsiaq (town)
Nugsuak HalvoQaasuitsupSee Nuussuaq

NunasarnukKujalleqSee Nunasarnaq
Nuugaatsiaq (town)71.53563-53.21240Qaasuitsup
Nuuk (town)64.18347-51.72157Sermersooq
Nuup Kangerlua64.50000-51.38333Sermersooq

OrsuluviakSermersooqSee Qasigissat
Paarliit IslandKujalleqSee Paarliit
Pandora ReefQeqqataSee Qilangat
Pardtlet IslandKujalleqSee Paarliit

Peter BayNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Peter Bugt
Peter Bugt75.31411-20.21347Northeast Greenland National Park

Prince Christian SoundKujalleqSee Prins Christian Sund
Prins Christian Sund60.11667-43.63333Kujalleq
Prins Christians Sund (town)60.05587-43.15923Kujalleq
Proven IslandQaasuitsupSee Kangerssuatsiaq
Qaarsorsuak IslandQaasuitsupSee Qaarsorsuaq

Qaersok CapeQaasuitsupSee Qaersoq
Qaqaligatsiaq FjordKujalleqSee Kakaligatsiak Fjord
Qaqortoq (town)60.71839-46.03561Kujalleq

Qaqortup FjordKujalleqSee Qaqortup Imaa
Qaqortup Imaa60.77911-45.97984Kujalleq
Qarajaq GlacierQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Qarajaq Isfjord70.42001-51.14513Qaasuitsup

Qassiarsuk (town)61.14958-45.51452Kujalleq
Qeqertarsuaq (1)69.75000-53.50000Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuaq (2)61.06543-48.55820Sermersooq

Qeqertarsuaq (3)71.61846-53.21915Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuaq (town)69.24721-53.53682Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuatsiaat (town)63.08815-50.67767Sermersooq
Qeqertarsuup Tunua69.00000-52.00000Qaasuitsup

Qernertuarssup Qula66.46539-52.01769Qeqqata
Qoornup Sullua64.39516-51.21380Sermersooq

Ravens StoroSermersooqSee Ravn Storo
Ravn Storo62.71667-50.36667Sermersooq
Rens IslandSermersooqSee Renso

Saint Finschoya IslandNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Store Finsch
SanerutSermersooqSee Sannerut
SemersutSermersooqSee Sermersuut

Semersut PointSermersooqSee Sermersuut Point
Sermersut UmanarssukSermersooqSee Uummannaarsuk
Sermersuut Point61.24303-48.95113Sermersooq
SimituatSermersooqSee Simiuttat

Simiutak (1)KujalleqSee Simiutaq (1)
Simiutak (2)QeqqataSee Simiutaq (2)
Simiutak StationKujalleqSee Simiutaq Station
Simiutaq (1)60.69033-46.58152Kujalleq
Simiutaq (2)66.06208-53.57071Qeqqata

Simiutaq Station60.68337-46.59675Kujalleq
Simpson Passage61.05579-48.43151Sermersooq
Singarnak IslandQaasuitsupSee Singarnaq

Sisimiut (town)66.93946-53.67350Qeqqata
SkovfjordKujalleqSee Skovfjorden
Sondre StromfjordQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq

Sondre Stromfjord (town)QeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq (town)
Sondrestrom Air BaseQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq Airport
Stephensen's HavnKujalleqSee Stephensens Havn
Stephensens Havn60.92030-46.19880Kujalleq
Store Finsch74.04467-20.89050Northeast Greenland National Park

Store Finschoya IslandNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Store Finsch
StoroSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
Storo IslandSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
SugartoppenQeqqataSee Maniitsoq
SukkertoppenQeqqataSee Maniitsoq

Susanne IslandsQaasuitsupSee Susanneoer
Svartenhuks HalvoQaasuitsupSee Svartenhuk

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:10:49 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Hochstetterbugten74.99925-19.48700Northeast Greenland National Park
Hollander IslandKujalleqSee Hollaendero
HolsteinborgQeqqataSee Sisimiut (town)
Igaliko FjordKujalleqSee Igaliku Fjord

Igaliku Fjord60.80089-45.59910Kujalleq
Igtip Kangertiva65.06667-40.30000Sermersooq
IkardlugssuakQeqqataSee Ikarlussuak
IkardlugsuakQeqqataSee Ikarlussuak

Ikateq (town)65.94651-36.66756Sermersooq
Ikateq FjordSermersooqSee Ikateq (town)

Ilulissat (town)69.21981-51.09861Qaasuitsup
Indre Kitsigsut IslandsKujalleqSee Indre Kitsissut
Indre Kitsissut60.86667-48.36667Kujalleq

Ininguit BaySermersooqSee Ininguit
InnaanganeqQaasuitsupSee Kap York
Inner ChannelSermersooqSee Qarusulik
Inside PassageSermersooqSee Qarusulik

IterdlakSermersooqSee Iterlak
IvanganekQaasuitsupSee Perlernerit

IvigtutSermersooqSee Ivittuut
Ivigtut Cryolite MineSermersooqSee Ivittuut Mine
Ivittuut Mine61.20575-48.16710Sermersooq
JacobshavnQaasuitsupSee Ilulissat (town)

JakobshavnQaasuitsupSee Ilulissat (town)
JulianehaabKujalleqSee Qaqortoq (town)
Julianehaab FjordKujalleqSee Julianehabsfjord
Kaersorsuak CapeQaasuitsupSee Qaersoq

KagsiarsukKujalleqSee Qassiarsuk (town)
Kakaligatsiak Fjord60.83186-47.36069Kujalleq
KakatsiaqQeqqataSee Qaqqatsiaq
Kakortok FjordKujalleqSee Qaqortup Imaa
Kangaamiut (town)65.82503-53.34279Qeqqata

Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat65.98140-53.04397Qeqqata
KangaarsukQaasuitsupSee Kap Atholl
KangamiutQeqqataSee Kangaamiut (town)
Kangamiut FjordQeqqataSee Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat
Kangek IslandQaasuitsupSee Kangeq

KangerdlukKujalleqSee Kangerluk
Kangerluarsoruseq (town)63.69776-51.54446Sermersooq

Kangerlussuaq (town)67.00876-50.68937Qeqqata
Kangerlussuaq Airport67.01185-50.71366Qeqqata
Kangilinnguit (town)61.23238-48.09600Sermersooq

Kap Atholl76.38278-69.63028Qaasuitsup
Kap Borlase Warren74.26584-19.37233Northeast Greenland National Park
Kap Mary74.16173-20.19686Northeast Greenland National Park
Kap Rink75.13003-19.60854Northeast Greenland National Park
Kap York75.90972-66.45139Qaasuitsup

KapisilikSermersooqSee Kapisillit (town)
Kapisillit (town)64.43518-50.27130Sermersooq
Karajak FjordQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Karajak GlacierQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Karrat Fjord71.38333-53.66667Qaasuitsup

Karrats FjordQaasuitsupSee Karrat Fjord
Kekertarssuak (1)SermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
Kekertarssuak (2)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Kekertarsuak (1)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (town)
Kekertarsuak (2)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (3)

Kekertarsuak IslandQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (3)
Kekertat IslandKujalleqSee Kekertat Oerne
Kekertat Oerne60.58333-47.56667Kujalleq
KikertarsuakQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Kingigtanguak IslandQaasuitsupSee Kanginguaq

Kioke (1)65.99872-53.53183Qeqqata
Kioke (2)KujalleqSee Qiioqe
Kipisako BaySermersooqSee Qipisaqqu

Kobbermine BugtSermersooqSee Alanngorsuaq Fjord
Kong Oscar Havn65.61329-37.62769Sermersooq
Kong Oscars HavnSermersooqSee Kong Oscar Havn
Kornok PassageSermersooqSee Qoornup Sullua
KugssuakQeqqataSee Qernertuarssup Qula

Kugssuak BayQeqqataSee Sarfartooq
Kugssuk FjordSermersooqSee Qussuk
Kungnait BaySermersooqSee Eqaluit
Marrak Point AirfieldSermersooqSee Teague Airfield

Mathaeus Havn60.80054-46.31514Kujalleq
Melville Monument75.76667-59.41667Qaasuitsup
Myggbukta Station73.49083-21.55194Northeast Greenland National Park
Naajat Kangerluat60.03673-43.14434Kujalleq
Nanok Station75.14571-19.76440Northeast Greenland National Park

NarrsakSermersooqSee Narsaq (town) (2)
NarsakKujalleqSee Narsaq (town) (3)
Narsak PassageKujalleqSee Narsaq Sund
Narsaq (town) (1)60.00488-44.66531Kujalleq
Narsaq (town) (2)64.00167-51.63378Sermersooq

Geographical Help / Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:18:38 pm »
Wow! Thank you so much Danny!!!
Quite a huge list of places... counting aliases i think we've more than doubled the actual reference ;)

I've already added all the placenames to the db and will soon extract infos to generate google maps, reference thread and csv.

I've also added a few more resources and your Danish book to the reference thread.

For the uncertain ones:
- Torgilsbu/Bluie East One... i think Torgilsbu location is the one you've pointed out. The Bluie East One at Prince Christian Sound is totally elsewhere, maybe, like the Bluie East Five it was relocated at a certain time (found no mentions of this though).
- The various Bluies - I've added them all except Bluie West Two (and your last post gave me a new hint i'll look into - i knew only it was in Coppermine Bay/Kobbermine Bugt, but Kipisaki was pretty puzzling me as i had found only a fjord of that name on the east coast). PS: Don't trust Wiki when it comes to geographic positions.. none of the Bluie was correctly placed, and i've directly experienced in the past their gps positions are often quite poor.
- Nugsuak Halvo: I've used Nuussuaq, i think the sound of the two names is similar enough.
- Kangek Island: There's a Kangeq island shortly southwest of Singarnak... i've used that one.
- Kingigtanguak Island: Very puzzling... i've used Kanginguaq for the more similar ending, but could really be either one.
- The Deadhs? Fjord = De Dodes Fjord, i've used The Deadhs Fjord as an alias. Even if it makes little sense, it's the only thing i can read as well in that logpage. It seems the result of someone asking "what's the name?" and another one reading aloud "[Th/D]e D[o-e]d's Fjord!" (the o in Dodes is the danish barred one - cant place it here on the forum).
- Eikerasak Settlement: Found nothing as well :(
- Skardlugsuak: As Randi said  ;D
- Narrsak Village: A place named Narsaq is on the peninsula north of the passage. I've used that one
- Hochstetter Forland Hunting Station: The Nanok Hunting Station was (is?) located between Kap Rink and Nils Hansen Naes. I think it's that one (all the other hunting places around were just huts and not a "station").
- Coal Point, Coal Point, Muskox Point: These are just driving me mad ;D Found none of them so far... i think the geonames NW Kal Pynt is most probably bad placed. There was a coal mine shortly south of Kulhus scientific station, so at least one of the coal points could be pretty near there... given the bearings, though, i think as well the one south of the mine should be the "main" Coal Point... will deepen searches.

Geographical Help / Re: Other Place Names -- Discussion
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:02:06 am »
Hi Joan, i'd be glad to add the alias, but i've found nothing about Herschel Island  ;D

I've found two distinct Herschel Islands in Canada (Yukon and Ontario), an Isla Herschel in Chile and the island of Oenaro-do in South Korea, which also was called Herschel Island in the past.
Being your post in the Other thread makes me suspect there's one more (british isles maybe?)

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
USHawaiian Islands21.11525-157.47803Hawaii
USIsland of Hawai'i19.54944-155.56229Hawaii
USIsland of HawaiiHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i

USKa'ena Point21.57439-158.27993HawaiiKa'ena Point Light
USKaena PointHawaiiSee Ka'ena Point

USKahoolaweHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe
USKalaeloa21.29626-158.10623HawaiiBarbers Point Light
USKauaiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
USKaula RockHawaiiSee Ka'ula

USKoko Head21.26194-157.70286Hawaii
USLanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i
USLaysan Island25.77083-171.73750Hawaii

USLisianski Island26.06403-173.96559Hawaii
USLisiansky IslandHawaiiSee Lisianski Island
USMakapu'u Point21.31080-157.64918HawaiiMakapu'u Point Lighthouse
USMakapuu PointHawaiiSee Makapu'u Point
USMaro Reef25.41667-170.58333Hawaii

USMolokaiHawaiiSee Moloka'i
USMorokinneHawaiiSee Molokini

USMorotoiHawaiiSee Moloka'i
USMoweeHawaiiSee Maui
USNiihauHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USNiihau IslandHawaiiSee Ni'ihau

USOahuHawaiiSee O'ahu
USOneeheowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USOneehowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
USOrechouaHawaiiSee Lehua

USOwhyheeHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
USRaita Bank25.61667-169.45000Hawaii
USRanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i
USSandwich IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands
USTahooraHawaiiSee Ka'ula

USTahoorowaHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe
USWoahooHawaiiSee O'ahu
VietnamBaie de Tourane16.13109108.17705Da Nang
VietnamCap PadaranNinh ThuanSee Mui Dinh
VietnamCap Saint Jacques (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau

VietnamCap Saint-JacquesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Mui Nghinh Phong
VietnamCape Saint JamesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Mui Nghinh Phong
VietnamCape Saint James (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamCon Son8.71667106.60000Ba Ria-Vung Tau
VietnamCon Son (town)8.68641106.60824Ba Ria-Vung Tau

VietnamCu Lao ThuBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamCulao ThuBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamDa Nang16.06778108.22083Da Nang
VietnamDa Nang BayDa NangSee Baie de Tourane
VietnamHo Chi Minh City10.82302106.62965Ho Chi Minh City

VietnamHon Phu Quy10.53086108.94276Binh Thuan
VietnamIles de Poulo CondoreBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamKamrahn BayKhanh HoaSee Vinh Cam Ranh
VietnamMui Dinh11.36308109.01330Ninh Thuan
VietnamMui Nghinh Phong10.32063107.08356Ba Ria-Vung Tau

VietnamPluto IslandBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamPoulo Cecil de MerBinh ThuanSee Hon Phu Quy
VietnamPoulo Condore (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son (town)
VietnamPulau Kondor IslandsBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamPulo Condore (town)Ba Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son (town)

VietnamPulo Condore GroupBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamPulo Condore IslandsBa Ria-Vung TauSee Con Son
VietnamSaigonHo Chi Minh CitySee Ho Chi Minh City
VietnamSaint JamesBa Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamTourane BayDa NangSee Baie de Tourane

VietnamVille du CapBa Ria-Vung TauSee Vung Tau
VietnamVinh Cam Ranh11.89591109.17149Khanh Hoa
VietnamVinh Da NangDa NangSee Baie de Tourane
VietnamVung Tau10.34599107.08426Ba Ria-Vung Tau

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
South KoreaMarado33.11769126.26775Jeju-doMarado Light
South KoreaMaury IslandJeollanam-doSee Manjae-do
South KoreaModeste IslandJeollanam-doSee Hong-do (1)
South KoreaPort HamiltonJeollanam-doSee Tonae-hae
South KoreaQuelpart IslandJeju-doSee Cheju-do

South KoreaReille Rock34.31278125.24528Jeollanam-do
South KoreaRoss IslandJeollanam-doSee Soheugsan Island
South KoreaSentinel IslandGyeongsangnam-doSee Hong-do (2)
South KoreaSoheugsan Island34.06667125.11667Jeollanam-do
South KoreaTonae-hae34.03639127.30972Jeollanam-do

South KoreaU-do33.50500126.95472Jeju-do
South KoreaYellow Sea36.00000124.00000
Sri LankaBack Bay8.5827681.23703Eastern Province
Sri LankaBarberyn Island6.4632479.96902Southern
Sri LankaBarberyn Lighthouse6.4633479.96831Western

Sri LankaBatticaloa Lighthouse7.7548581.68543Eastern Province
Sri LankaBay of Bengal13.5392087.67090
Sri LankaColombo6.9319479.84778Western
Sri LankaColombo Harbour6.9509479.84932Western
Sri LankaColombo Lighthouse6.9347279.84287Western

Sri LankaDondra Head5.9217580.59434Southern
Sri LankaDondra Head Lighthouse5.9212280.59406Southern
Sri LankaFoul Point Lighthouse8.5253281.31866Eastern Province
Sri LankaGalle Lighthouse6.0245580.21940Southern
Sri LankaGreat Basses Lighthouse6.1820281.48135Southern

Sri LankaGreat Basses Reef6.1814181.48008Southern
Sri LankaGunners Quoin7.8600781.14463North Central
Sri LankaHambambotaSouthernSee Hambantota
Sri LankaHambanbotaSouthernSee Hambantota
Sri LankaHambantota6.1241081.11850SouthernHambantota Lighthouse

Sri LankaHambantota Lighthouse6.1220781.12695Southern
Sri LankaLittle Basses Lighthouse6.4072381.73025Southern
Sri LankaOstenberg PointEastern ProvinceSee Ostenburg Point
Sri LankaOstenburg Point8.5427781.22159Eastern Province
Sri LankaPigeon IslandEastern ProvinceSee Pura Malai

Sri LankaPoint de Galle6.0243880.21843Southern
Sri LankaPura Malai8.7219381.20439Eastern Province
Sri LankaTangalla6.0233880.79738Southern
Sri LankaTangalleSouthernSee Tangalla
Sri LankaThenaddy Bay7.9941381.53154Eastern Province

Sri LankaThennadi BayEastern ProvinceSee Thenaddy Bay
Sri LankaTissa DagobaSouthernSee Tissamaharama
Sri LankaTissamaharama6.2797581.29149Southern
Sri LankaTrincomalee8.5711081.23350Eastern Province
Sri LankaTrincomaliEastern ProvinceSee Trincomalee

TaiwanAgincourt IslandTaipeiSee Pengjia Yu
TaiwanAlligator IslandFukienSee Dongsha Dao
TaiwanBeiding Dao24.42748118.50495FukienBeiding Dao Lighthouse
TaiwanBonfire IslandTaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanCape GaranbiTaiwanSee Oluan Bi

TaiwanChin-men Wan24.40389118.42500Fukien
TaiwanChinmenFukienSee Quemoy
TaiwanChizi Wei23.56157119.46821TaiwanYu-weng Tao Lighthouse
TaiwanCraig IslandTaipeiSee Mianhua Yu
TaiwanDadan Dao24.38823118.16392Fukien

TaiwanDanshui He25.17252121.42072Taipei
TaiwanDodd IslandFukienSee Beiding Dao
TaiwanDodd's IslandFukienSee Beiding Dao
TaiwanDongsha Dao26.15675120.40374Fukien
TaiwanEluanbi Dengta21.90223120.85263Taiwan

TaiwanGreen Island (1)TaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanKinmenFukienSee Quemoy
TaiwanLitsitah PointTaiwanSee Chizi Wei
TaiwanLyudao Island22.66208121.49041Taiwan
TaiwanMianhua Yu25.48500122.10556Taipei

TaiwanNan Sha LightTaiwanSee Eluanbi Dengta
TaiwanOckesuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanOckseu LightFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanOluan Bi21.90074120.86587Taiwan
TaiwanPengjia Yu25.62833122.07944Taipei

TaiwanQixing Yan21.75694120.82583Taiwan
TaiwanSamasana IslandTaiwanSee Lyudao Island
TaiwanSouth CapeTaiwanSee Oluan Bi
TaiwanTa-tanFukienSee Dadan Dao

TaiwanTa-tan TaoFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTaing IslandFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTaitan IslandFukienSee Dadan Dao
TaiwanTamsui RiverTaipeiSee Danshui He
TaiwanTan HsuFukienSee Dadan Dao

TaiwanVele Rete ReefTaiwanSee Qixing Yan
TaiwanVele Rete RocksTaiwanSee Qixing Yan
TaiwanWuchin HsuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuchio YuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuchiuFukienSee Wuqiu Yu

TaiwanWuciouFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
TaiwanWuqiu Yu24.99139119.45333FukienWuqiu Yu Lighthouse
TaiwanWuquiFukienSee Wuqiu Yu
ThailandStrait of Malacca2.50000101.33333

USAtooiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
USAuau Channel20.81972-156.68194Hawaii
USBarber's PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
USBarber's Point LightHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
USBarbers PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa

USBig IslandHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
USDiamond Head21.26154-157.80588Hawaii
USDiamond Head Lighthouse21.25566-157.80956Hawaii
USDowsett Reef25.23973-170.45975Hawaii
USHawaii IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
UruguayMaldanado BayMaldonadoSee Bahia de Maldonado
UruguayMaldonado BayMaldonadoSee Bahia de Maldonado
UruguayMartin Chico-34.16121-58.20711Colonia
UruguayMonte VideoMontevideoSee Montevideo

UruguayPoloniaRochaSee Cabo Polonio
UruguayPolonioRochaSee Cabo Polonio
UruguayPunta Brava-34.93409-56.16014Montevideo

UruguayPunta CarretasMontevideoSee Punta Brava
UruguayPunta ColoradoMaldonadoSee Punta Negra
UruguayPunta de la Barra-34.91981-54.86686Maldonado
UruguayPunta de Lobos-34.90529-56.25901Montevideo
UruguayPunta del Este-34.97329-54.95190Maldonado

UruguayPunta del Este (town)-34.96667-54.95000Maldonado
UruguayPunta del NegraMaldonadoSee Punta Negra
UruguayPunta FriaMaldonadoSee Punta Negra
UruguayPunta Jose Ignacio-34.84580-54.62994Maldonado
UruguayPunta Negra-34.90438-55.26093Maldonado

UruguayRat IslandMontevideoSee Isla de la Libertad
UruguaySan Jose IgnacioMaldonadoSee Punta Jose Ignacio
USNavassa Island18.40300-75.01300Navassa Island Light
US Virgin IslandsAnegada Passage18.50000-63.66667
US Virgin IslandsBuck Island (1)17.78692-64.61931Buck Island Light

US Virgin IslandsBuck Island (2)18.27745-64.89375Saint Thomas Island
US Virgin IslandsCharlotte AmaliaSee Charlotte Amalie
US Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalie18.34190-64.93070
US Virgin IslandsFort Christian18.34054-64.92972Saint Thomas Island
US Virgin IslandsFrederik Tower18.34019-64.92402Saint Thomas Island

US Virgin IslandsFredrick TowerSaint Thomas IslandSee Frederik Tower
US Virgin IslandsHams Bluff17.77081-64.87265
US Virgin IslandsHavensightSaint Thomas IslandSee Havensight Point
US Virgin IslandsHavensight Point18.33121-64.92463Saint Thomas Island
US Virgin IslandsHoms BluffSee Hams Bluff

US Virgin IslandsSail Rock18.28301-65.10077
US Virgin IslandsSaint Croix17.72751-64.74698
US Virgin IslandsSaint John18.34002-64.74569Saint John Island
US Virgin IslandsSaint Thomas18.35329-64.93653Saint Thomas Island
US Virgin IslandsSaint Thomas Harbor18.32996-64.92876Saint Thomas Island

US Virgin IslandsSanta CruzSee Saint Croix
US Virgin IslandsUS Virgin IslandsSee Virgin Islands of the United States
US Virgin IslandsVirgin IslandsSee Virgin Islands of the United States
US Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands of the United States18.34829-64.98348
VenezuelaIslas Los Monjes12.41667-70.91667

VenezuelaIslas Los Roques11.83333-66.75000Islas Los Roques Light
VenezuelaMonks IslandsSee Islas Los Monjes
VenezuelaPuerto Cabello10.47306-68.01250

Geographical Help / Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:15:56 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Watson Rock53.92186-130.18209British Columbia
Wedge Island Light45.00768-61.87367Nova Scotia
Wedge Point52.60985-128.51923British Columbia
West Cracroft Island50.54962-126.38633British Columbia
West InletBritish ColumbiaSee Kumealon Inlet

West Kinahan Island54.20794-130.41450British Columbia
West PointBritish ColumbiaSee Swanson Point
West RocksBritish ColumbiaSee Hudson Rocks
West Rocks Lighthouse49.22374-123.92797British Columbia
West Thurlow Island50.40830-125.60635British Columbia

Whale Bluffs70.38339-127.48535Northwest Territories
Whale CliffNorthwest TerritoriesSee Whale Bluffs
White Cliff IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Hanmer Island
White Head Island45.19962-61.13550Nova Scotia
White RockBritish ColumbiaSee White Rocks

White Rocks52.28987-128.50219British Columbia
Whitehead IslandNova ScotiaSee White Head Island
Winchelsea Islands49.29194-124.08251British Columbia
Winging Island47.61335-58.62991Newfoundland and Labrador
Wollaston LandNorthwest Territories/NunavutSee Wollaston Peninsula

Wollaston Peninsula69.68559-115.17879Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Work Island53.17423-128.66617British Columbia
Wright Sound53.32985-129.20780British Columbia
Yellow Bluff50.58840-126.95189British Columbia
Yellow Island (1)50.13024-125.32821British Columbia

Yellow Island (2)British ColumbiaSee Chrome Island
Yellow RockBritish ColumbiaSee Chrome Island
Yolk Point53.36351-129.33663British Columbia
York IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Yorke Island
Yorke Island50.44597-125.97705British Columbia

Geographical Help / Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« on: June 28, 2017, 01:31:50 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Wooded Island57.95904-152.49332
Wooden Island56.16078-134.66037
Woody InletSee Tachinisok Inlet
Woody Island57.77855-152.33711
Woody Island Light57.79633-152.33795

Woronkofski Island56.39889-132.49443
WrangelSee Wrangell
Wrangell Harbor56.46790-132.38534
Wrangell Island56.29750-132.17500

Wrangell Narrows56.63472-132.94111
Wrangell StraitSee Wrangell Narrows
Yakutat Bay (1)59.73167-139.83861
Yakutat Bay (2)See Monti Bay

Yakutat Glacier59.52639-138.80917
Yakutat PointSee Mission Point
Yakutat Roads59.57028-139.75278
Yasha Island56.96547-134.56141
Yellow IslandSee Spruce Island

Yellowy IslandSee Spruce Island
Yelowy IslandSee Spruce Island
Yes Bay55.91333-131.79361
Ykutat BaySee Yakutat Bay (1)

Younaska IslandSee Yunaska Island
Yunaska Island52.63139-170.69694
Zachary Bay55.35389-160.62667
Zaikof Bay60.30722-147.00917
Zaikoff BaySee Zaikof Bay

Zapadni Bay56.56667-169.68333
Zapadni Point57.14416-170.35031
Zeto Point51.90853-176.55338
Zimovia Strait56.21750-132.32833

Geographical Help / Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:38:31 am »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Zaliv Kiguan64.26667-172.93333Chukotka
Zaliv Koporskiy59.8381728.85827Leningrad
Zaliv Kresta65.91048-179.21301Chukotka
Zaliv Lavrentiya65.66422-171.09695Chukotka
Zaliv Nakhodka42.77373132.96410Primorskiy

Zaliv TkachenChukotkaSee Bukhta Tkachen
Zhiravoi PointKamtsjatkaSee Mys Zhirovoy

Geographical Help / Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« on: May 09, 2017, 03:38:53 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Twin RiverWashingtonSee East Twin River
Twin RiverWashingtonSee West Twin River
Tybee Island Lighthouse32.02223-80.84564GeorgiaTybee Island Lighthouse
Tyler Bight34.03083-120.41265CaliforniaSan Miguel Island

Umatilla Reef48.18451-124.78441WashingtonUmatilla Reef Lightship
Umpqua River43.66928-124.20512Oregon
Umpqua River Lighthouse43.66228-124.19849OregonUmpqua River Lighthouse
Union Pacific Dock47.60482-122.34046Washington
Upper New York Bay40.66677-74.04959New YorkNew York Bay and Harbor 1900

US Coast Guard Base 2127.76242-82.63004Florida
US Naval Station Key West24.55573-81.80617Florida
Vashon Island47.42899-122.47818Washington
Vineyard Sound41.44178-70.77447MassachusettsVineyard Sound Lightship

Virginia Beach36.85293-75.97798Virginia
Waada IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island
Waada PointWashingtonSee Waadah Point
Waadah Island48.38201-124.59746Washington
Waadah Point48.38535-124.60107Washington

Waddah IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island
Walan Point48.07204-122.74795Washington
Wallabout Bay40.70871-73.97792New York
Walnut Point39.20733-76.57746Maryland
Wasadedah IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island

Washington Sound48.52206-122.98645WashingtonNOAA Map of Washington Sound
Washum IslandWashingtonSee Vashon Island
Watch Hill Reef41.29465-71.86431Rhode Island
Weldt Rock33.71770-118.25709CaliforniaRemoved in 1947
West Cove33.01364-118.59841California

West Jetty LightLouisianaSee Head of Passes West Jetty Lighthouse
West Palm Beach Aero Beacon26.68943-80.09625Florida
West Point47.66198-122.43593WashingtonWest Point Lighthouse
West Triangle24.50865-81.80516Florida
West Twin River48.16564-123.95270Washington

Westport Reach46.14823-123.37593Oregon/Washington
Whidbey Island48.29260-122.67628Washington
White's Landing36.89656-121.83877California
Whiting Rock37.95909-122.43747California
Willapa Bay Lighthouse46.72954-124.09073WashingtonWillapa Bay Lighthouse

Wilson PointWashingtonSee Point Wilson
Wimble Shoals35.56533-75.42921North Carolina
Windmill Point Light37.59680-76.23590Virginia
WinslowWashingtonSee Bainbridge Island (town)
Winter Quarter Shoal37.95651-75.10796VirginiaWinter Quarter Shoal Lightship

WoahooHawaiiSee O'ahu
Wolf Trap Light37.39041-76.18938VirginiaWolf Trap Light
Yaquina Head44.67512-124.07651Oregon
Ybor Channel27.94726-82.44273Florida
Yellow Bluff37.83632-122.47247California

Yerba Buena Island37.80993-122.36608CaliforniaYerba Buena Island Lighthouse
York River LightVirginiaSee York Spit Light
York Spit Light37.20986-76.25383VirginiaYork Spit Light

The Dockyard / Re: Unalga I -- Discussion: Questions and Comments
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:54:20 pm »
Thank you everybody!!! :D

Now how will you spend your time?  ;)
How about helping to beta test Bob's new OW? ;D
I'd be delighted... it is something i've been very curious about, but i've had to save all the scarce spare time (the kid is growing up fast and, unlike me and my wife, has a lot of energies) for finishing up Unalga and maintain the Geog Help Board and our OWTools (which, of course, i'll continue to do).

Other less funny tasks for the future could be:
- Reformatting Unalga crew list thread (i've adopted a precise "method" only after a certain point. First posts were, and still are, pretty caothical). In a few words: quite a boring task.... forum bbcode should be taken in small doses ::)
- Catching up placenames from the most RN edited logs i can (every time i see a new ship being published on naval-history i think to how many obscure places i could find there). I've done it a couple times and it was pretty funny at times, but a slow task and quite difficult in some areas (i still have nightmares about finding Yangtze river places, until a set of priceless maps popped out from the internet and sorted a few important things out).

Dockside Cafe / Re: Dockside Gallery
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:56:53 pm »
 ;D ;D ;D
Had not realized it took that much.. until i checked my first post on the discussion thread!

Yup, i was quite younger, with one less kid and one more dad (may he rest in peace - he did love history and he was just fascinated when i showed him OW) when i started this awesome voyage in her logbooks.

I'd be dead curious to see her transcripts, i wasn't used at all in transcriber's science (does a thing like that exist at all?), therefore i'd probably be a little ashamed in reading back my very first goofy attempts (i expect many typing and/or reading errors in more or less 20 years worth of logs). Also future editors will have an hard time reformatting events (since i had no way to add carriage returns in transcribing watches :o ).

Thank you Hanibal, the picture is very well placed, as pretty more every other you posted here ;D  ;D

The Dockyard / Re: Unalga I -- Discussion: Questions and Comments
« on: April 27, 2017, 04:40:47 pm »
 ;D :D Unalga(I) is officially completed! :D ;D

So long Mighty U... i'll miss your logpages quite a lot :'( ::)

Have really 5 years passed since i started transcribing her? My very first post in this thread dates back to 25 October 2012 :o

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