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Official Forum Rules
« on: October 11, 2010, 08:57:01 am »
Welcome to the Old Weather Forum. :) We hope you'll enjoy it here and are glad you've found the site. 

The forum is the place to chat about the Old Weather project so feel free to ask about the things you have found and discuss them or report any problems you're having with the site. We also hope you'll drop into the Dockside Cafe where you can chat about anything, make friends, have a laugh and swap interests too. We hope you find this place friendly and welcoming. We also don't want to have too many rules, so here's a short list of the things we do have to be very strict about. Please read them and then you can move on to do more interesting things!

The following will be deleted, whether it's posted or in your profile:
- swearing;
- references to sex or drugs;
- any violent or generally unsuitable pictures or posts;
- pictures, words or links to adult content;
- generally anything which might lead to us being filtered out by Internet software;
- advertising products or web sites.
Anyone who persists in abusing the forum in this way will be banned.

We will always be very vigilant to keep this site squeaky clean. Families, schools and children use this site, as well as people all over the world with different standards, cultures and beliefs; so please be respectful and do not post anything that could offend the religious or political convictions of other forum users.

We all know how easy it is to misinterpret some posts because there are no visual clues. If you're not happy with comments made in a post just take a minute or two out and read it again before replying and please be polite. Please use smilies if you think your post may be interpreted as contentious; this really does work!

If you see an inappropriate post, please click "Report to Moderator" (at the bottom right of each post), or send a message to one of the moderators or the Old Weather team. You may also find that a thread has been locked due to an argument, or a post has been removed. This also applies if you create two topics for the same subject. In other instances, we may merge threads that are very similar.

If you find that a post you have written has been moved or deleted, we will always try to contact you to tell you why. Please ask if you don't hear from us. If you are unhappy with a decision like this, again please drop one of us a line, but please don't question the decision in public.

Please read the post below to find out how to link to YouTube safely.

Thank you, enjoy the forum and happy Old Weather watching!

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A word about YouTube
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2016, 09:43:37 am »
YouTube contains some great videos but can cause problems for us.
If you want to link to a YouTube video please link to the full-screen version, because some comments and adverts visible on smaller versions are inappropriate for this forum.

Right click (or equivalent for your device) the video image on your screen.
Choose Copy Video URL from the menu.

For example:

After you have pasted the URL here on the forum, change it to:

[ie: Replace with]