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Using the Search function
« on: November 08, 2011, 04:54:27 pm »
To see whether something has been mentioned previously on the forum, use the Search box at the top right of forum pages.
It can be used for simple enquiries, such as the name of a ship, person or place.

To search the whole forum, start your search from the forum home page.
This shows only the most recent occurrence in each Topic of your search term.

To search within a particular board, Geographical Help for example, open the Geographical Help board and then start your search.
It will be confined to all the Topics within that section.
This shows only the most recent occurrence in each Topic of your search term.

To search an individual Topic, open the Topic and then start your search.
This shows all occurrences of your search term within that Topic.

For more complex searches follow heffkit's advice below:

A more focused search can be undertaken by using the Search option which is third from the left in the menu options below your avatar and immediately above the white rectangle.
It's between Help and Profile [see screenshot below].  When you click on it, you are shown the search options:

  • Search for:
    - enter all the words you want to look for (e.g. lost overboard will search for all posts containing either "lost", or "overboard", or both)
    - to search for a phrase, put it in double quotes (e.g. "lost overboard" searches all posts with that exact phrase in)
    - to omit all posts with a particular word in, put a minus before the word (e.g. lost -overboard will search for all posts with "lost" in, but without "overboard" in)

  • By user:
    - the default '*' means all members' posts will be searched
    - you can specify one member's name, to confine the search to that member's posts
    - you can't specify more than one member's posts (unless all)

  • Search order:
    choose from the drop down menu which of these orders you want the results displayed in

  • Options:
    - self explanatory (I hope!)

  • Message age:
    - confine your search to messages posted within a particular time window.
    Specify the number of days, e.g. between 168 and 252 days would limit the search to between 6 and 9 months ago.

  • Choose a board to search in...
    - click on the cross, and you can then choose which of the boards within which you want to search, OR
    - leave the 'Check all' option ticked if you want to search the whole forum

  • To carry out the search, either click on the Search button at the bottom right, or just press the Enter key on your computer.
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