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Making your first post
« on: November 11, 2010, 02:57:54 pm »
Welcome to Old Weather. :D Here are a few tips on getting started.
Click the topic name to read any of the topics posted on the boards
that you think might be connected to your question or comment.
If you find one that is relevant, click the REPLY button at the top right or bottom of the topic.
(You can also click Quick Reply in the blue band at the bottom of a post.)
Type your question or comment in the box,
click the Preview button below the box if you want to check your post and that any links
you have inserted are working properly, then click Post.
If you think you need to ask a new question or want to make a comment on something not already mentioned,
click NEW TOPIC at the top or bottom right of the boards where the topics are listed.
Type your question or comment as before, Preview it if necessary and click Post.
You can use the use the Quote button to quote a post (yours or anyone else's),
Modify to modify a post that you have already made or Remove to remove it.

There is more detailed information on posting available in Posting links and pictures.
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