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Reference Books and Articles found online
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This is where we'll archive past articles from this section of the forum.  It will be locked (comments: off) so the articles remain easy to find and read.  There will be posts below for conversation about them.

Background to Life in the Royal Navy of the Time

The King's regulations and Admiralty Instructions for the Government of His Majesty's Naval Service 1913

The Naval Discipline Act, 1866
  • This is the document read to the sailors every month.

Fifty Years in the Royal Navy by Admiral Sir Percy Scott, Bt.
  • From a cadet in1866 to Admiral (Retired) in 1918

NAVAL LIFE and CUSTOMS, by Lieutenant Commander John Irving, Royal Navy
  • From WW2, but the only one with detailed accounts of life below decks.

HARRY RUSSELL, later OBE, Executive Chef of the Cunard Line and his service on HMS Caronia, 1914-16
  • A very interesting photo album of life on a merchant cruiser.

Background to the Campaigns, Ships and Crews of the Time

The Navy in Mesopotamia by Conrad Gato
  • I love contemporary accounts of the time. For anyone who has puzzled over those ships that took part in the Mesopotamian Campaign (what I call the first Gulf War!!) you might like to have a look at "The Navy in Mesopotamia" by Conrad Gato - fact and fiction, amusing but not PC. It was afterall written nearly 100 years ago - a different country to ours. I hope to find a similar book with maps of the Yangste River patrols.
    -- Gordon --

ROAD TO WAR, Franco-Prussian War to Sarajevo, 1871-1914 by Gordon Smith

EXPANSION and ORGANISATION of the IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVY 1897-1918 a Note by Gordon Smith

RISE OF THE DREADNOUGHT BATTLESHIP, 1906 to 1914 by Gordon Smith


by Gordon Smith

   - Royal Navy Operations in Outline
by Gordon Smith

Pilot Books, with excellent place-names and shore navigation landmarks

Pacific Ocean:
     Asiatic Pilot Volume I East Coast of Siberia, Sakhalin Island and Korea
     Asiatic Pilot Volume II The Japanese Islands
     Asiatic Pilot Volume III Coast of China, Yalu River to Hongkong with Formosa
     Addenda to Asiatic Pilot Volume III of 1909
     Asiatic Pilot Volume V Sunda Straights and the Southern Approaches
     Asiatic Pilot Volume VI: The coasts of Sumatra and the adjacent straits and islands
     The Australia directory Volume I  RN: South and east coasts from Cape Leeuwin to Port Jackson, including Bass Straight and Tasmania
     Australia Pilot Volume II USN: South and east coasts of Australia from Cape Northumberland to Port Jackson, including Bass Strait and Tasmania
     Australia Pilot Volume III: East coast of Australia from Port Jackson to Sandy Cape, the seaward edge of the Great Barrier Reef, islands and dangers in the Coral Sea and Torres Strait with directions for the outer route
     Australia Pilot Volume IV: North, northwest and west coasts between the western approach to Torres Strait and Cape Leeuwin
     Pacific islands Pilot Volume I (The Western Group)
     Pacific islands Pilot Volume II (The Eastern Group)

Atlantic Ocean:
     East Atlantic pilot The Coast of Spain and Portugal, the Madeira Group, Azores or Western Islands, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, and West Coast of Africa from Cape Spartel to Cape Palmas
     British Islands Pilot Volume I: The south coast of England from the Scilly Isles to the Thames
     British Islands Pilot Volume III: The Coasts of Ireland
     Sailing directions for the English Channel, Volume 1

African Coasts:
     Africa Pilot Volume I: comprises the sailing directions of the southwest coast of Africa from Cape Palmas to the Cape of Good Hope, including the islands of St. Helen, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha, and neighboring islands
     Africa Pilot Volume II: South and east coasts of Africa from Cape of Good Hope to Ras Hafun

     Mediterranean Pilot Volume I: Strait of Gibraltar, south and southeast coast of Spain, African coast from Cape Spartel to Gulf of Gabes-including the Balearic Islands
     The Mediterranean Pilot Volume II: The coast of France and Italy from Cape Cab?re to Cape Spartivento, together with the Tuscan archipelago, Islands of Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and the Maltese Islands
     Mediterranean Pilot Volume III: The southeast of Italy, the shores of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas to Cape Matapan
     Mediterranean Pilot Volume IV: From Cape Matapan (Greece) eastward, the Mediterranean archepelago, and the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, eastward to Ras Asjdir(Libia)
     The Black Sea pilot: the Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara, Bosporus, and Sea of Azov

The Baltic Sea:
The Baltic Pilot Part 1
The Baltic Pilot Part 2
  • not available in ebook form
The Baltic Pilot Part 3
  • not available in ebook form

     The Gulf and River St. Lawrence
     The navigation of the Caribbean sea and gulf of Mexico: Supplement to Vol. II, 5th ed, Volume 2
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