Author Topic: Ships to north Russia losses  (Read 2954 times)


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Ships to north Russia losses
« on: April 30, 2012, 10:16:38 pm »
The list of British ships lost going to and from North Russia is incomplete here are some others:
HMS ammunition ship Combe Oct 15 lost cause unknown
Tug Blackcock wreck 18 Jan 18
Merchant ships:
Arndale 15 jun 15 mine German raider Meteor
African Mondros 6 Jul 15  "
Jarona 12 Aug 15             "
Cape Antilies 21 Oct 15   "
Nicolei (Russian) 13 jun 15  "
Lysander (Danish 6 Jul 15  "
Ukrania (Russian) 14 Jul 15 "
Jason (Danish) 8 Aug 15 "
Helga (Norweign) 31 Aug 15 "
Other British ships sunk by U-boats either coming or going to North Russia (Iam not sure about all of them)
Ribera 10 jun 17 U61
Etton 20 Sep 16 Mine U75
J.Y. Short 3 Oct 16 U43
Strainhwairn 15 jun 15 U22
Whitecourt 28 aug 17 U28
Grangewood 24 jun 16 U41
King Idwal 22 nov 17 mine U75
Iolo 10 Oct 16 U46
Glenby 17 aug 15 U33
Rollesby 15 sep 17
Gardspee 10 Oct 16 U43
Lotusmere 2 oct 16 U43


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Re: Ships to north Russia losses
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2012, 02:21:40 am »
Many more non British ships were lost going to and from North Russia during WW I. i think the total may be higher than the 104 lost in WW II. Also the port of Archangle was built for the export of timber hence all the ships leaving there sunk with cargos of wood. the ships sunk carrying wheat from Russia were mostlikely because the Russian still had a surplus of it and to help pay for war supplies. the Russians did not get leand lease like the USSR did during WW II. In 1916 is when there started to be food shortages in Russia. The rations of the army were cut. Lend Lease provided the USSR with massive amounts of food. Coal was sent to Russia for use by HM Ships in North Russia,the Russian artic flotilla, and for use by the russian baltic fleet. Cardiff coal burned better than Russian coal. Pre-war most of the coal used in St petersburg came from England. When WW I began the Russians had to mine and transport it by rail from distant mines in Russia. When the overworked and mismanaged Russian rail system broke down during the unususally cold winter of 1916/17. it caused the rioting that started the Febuarary/march revolution of 1917. archangle was at the start of WW I conected by a single narrow guage rail line and the river Dvina with the rest of Russia. The rail line was improved but moving supplies from the port to the rest of the country could be a problem.  The Russians built a railroad to Murmansk in the 1915-16 period  using 70,000 Central powers POWs of which 25,000 of them died building it. when built it was soon found out that the ships could unload supplies a whole lot faster than the Russians could transport them away by rail.


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Re: Ships to north Russia losses
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2012, 07:35:34 pm »

That is so interesting. Researching Russian convoys, I was so surprised to learn that more British merchant ships on the Russian run were lost in WW1 compared with WW2 -

Thank you.