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* * * Index - Use this to find your Ship * * *
« on: September 26, 2012, 08:55:24 pm »

USS Perry
by Caro

Welcome to the Old Weather Ship Index Page

This is a general reference topic for all the current Old Weather ships.
You can use it to investigate a ship before you begin transcribing, to learn how to transcribe a page correctly, or to find information about the ship you are currently working on.
You can also find out where to discuss and/or read about the ships, their voyages and crews.

While experienced transcribers may want to skip this and go directly to the second post (with the list of ships), newbies are encouraged to look at this post, in order to learn how to make the best use of the available resources.

Following this introduction you will find a list of all the ships currently available to transcribers, along with some which will be available soon.
For each ship, we provide several useful links, which could help you to find the one you would like to work on, as well examples of log pages, general transcribing hints and historical information together with some unexpected and interesting facts.

To the right of the ship's name you will find these links:

  • Reference: The ship's reference page is probably the best place to take a first glance at the ship you're planning to transcribe. Even when you have become an experienced transcriber, we recommend that you have a look at it from time to time.
    On the reference page you will find a general description of the ship, information about its log format and transcription peculiarities, links to historical and geographical data, and a set of transcribed example log pages with notes about the transcription process.

  • Discussion: The discussion topic is the place to ask all kinds of questions about the ship. There are many people on the forum who will be happy to help you out.
    This is also the best place to post historical events or other interesting information that you find during your transcription. Historians will be interested to see any relevant data you can find.

  • Crew Lists: This is the place to report names of crew members and officers joining or leaving your ship. This could be also the right place to look if you're trying to decipher a person's name that is not clear from the handwriting.

  • Sneak Preview: Here you may have a quick peek at some example images from the ship's log.

  • Surprise!: Tidbits of background information


We are doing our best to display an entry for every ship. More will be created as ships are added. If your ship is not here yet, be sure to check back later.

Since some logs cover periods of 20 years or more and log formats tend to change over time, we are also trying to include an example of each format in the Reference topic. If you cannot find an example of the format you are searching for, please post a note in the corresponding Discussion topic.


At 8 dressed ship mastheads with Italian and Spanish flags at the main.
At noon fired a salute of 21 guns in honor of 400th Anniversary of Discovery of America.

Oh how I love this place and all of you
Without this place what would I do?
Evict the dust from my once-polished wood?
Convert from stir-fry to slow-cook food?
This is the place where I come to have fun.
Forget the rain outside - in here there's always sun.
 :-* :-* :-*

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Re: * * * Index - Use this to find your Ship * * *
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Ship Name               Reference        Discussion        Crew Lists        Sneak Preview             Surprise !
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