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Pioneer -- Reference: Transcription Example and Log Description
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:35:08 pm »
If you want to look at similar pages for other ships go to: * * * Index - Use this to find your Ship * * *

Welcome on board the USC&GSS Pioneer

This post covers a log page from 1925.

Have a look around the forum, and don't hesitate to pose questions! There are lots of people who would be happy to respond. Each time you join a new ship have a look for one of these pages.

Feel free to add your own questions and comments to:
Pioneer -- Discussion: Questions and Comments

Comments on the log:
  • It is strongly recommended that only experienced transcribers attempt this log.
  • This is not a standard log format.
    • The order of the columns in the log does not match the order of the columns on the Weather Observation tab.
    • The date should be entered where it appears on the first page (the weather page). For this reason, the 'Progress Bar', just above the image of the log page, will be out of sequence and should be ignored. Note also that the date in the log is in US order (month, day, year) and on the Date tab the order is day, month, year following the Royal Navy format.
  • There are multiple log keepers per page.
  • Note that on the RN ships we encouraged transcribers to record the names of people, places, and ships mentioned in the log. Now that we are in the Arctic, there are some new items that are of interest. The scientists would appreciate your recording sightings of sea ice on the Sea Ice tab and sightings of animals on the Animals tab. The historians would appreciate your recording refueling on the Refueling tab.

Links to helpful transcribing information:

Links to further info about the ship:

A fellow transcriber (wendolk) has created a database to help both transcribers and historians (and contributors are welcome):
Searchable Database

Weather Page:

The written details are transcribed as follows, though the page you are working on will not display a grid in this way. Note that the order of the columns in the log does not match the order of the columns on the Weather Observation tab. Note also that the data in some columns is not transcribed and that some logs do not have all the columns included on the Weather Observation tab, so, before clicking OK, check that your data is in the correct fields. It is more important to be accurate than to be fast. Only transcribe what is written. Ask on the forum for handwriting help if unsure.

Location | Port Name | Name = Uyak Bay, Kodiak Id.
Date = 28/04/1925

Hour |Wind Dir |Force |Bar Height |Ther Attached |Dry  |Wet  |Water |Weather Code |Cloud Code |Clear Sky |

Notes for transcribers:
  • The log keeper sometimes omits the integer portion (e.g., 29.44, .45, .44) from the barometric pressure reading (Height). As shown above, you should not add the 29 when you transcribe the data.
  • The log keeper enters 'snow' as the weather code at 10, 11, and 12 PM. That is the entry you should transcribe; do not change it to 's'.
  • There is no field on the page specifically for refueling. If the amount of coal received is mentioned, the data should go on the Refueling tab. There may be entries for 'Fuel expended during preceding' and 'Fuel remaining on board', but there is no need to enter these numbers unless they interest you (in which case they would go on the Events tab).


This page has been completely transcribed below to help new transcribers become familiar with both the writing and the language used. Nobody is expected to transcribe all the text! Following it are some comments about transcribing the page.

Mid to 8 a.m. - 5:47 Commenced to heave up anchor. 555 anchor aweigh  5:57 anchor up. 1/3 ahead.
                5:58 2/3 ahead. 6:09 Standard ahead. 6:20 Put on Course 302 p.s.c.
                6:28 cc 250 p.s.c. 7:10 cc 226 p.s.c. 7:20 cc 233 w.h.c. 7:34 Cape Uyak abeam - cc 217 p.s.c. Started sonic sdg.
                Weather: clear + cloudy. Lt airs.                  Charles Shaw, H. + G.Engr., C. + G. Survey

8.00 am - Noon  On course 217 220o stg. 810 am. Cape Karluk Abm. c/c 205 stg 205 psc. Log. 15.5
                9.00 am. c/c 203 stg. 204 Log 25.2. Ships positions by bearings and sextant angles.
                1051 Cape Una abm. bears 294o Cape Una to Cape Igvak 23o 56' - appr Dist 19.0 miles
                1155 am. Cape Una 25o 14' Cape Igvak 47o 12' ~ Agripina Bay.
                sounded every 20 minutes with sonic depth finder.               W. Weidlich, Mate

Noon - 4:00 p.m.
                12:00 on course 204 p.s.c. continued on same throughout the watch
                taking soundings every 20' with the sonic.
                Weather b.c. Light S.W'ly airs
                                                                     Albert J Hoskinson

400 - 800       400 On course 204 p.s.c. = 203 whc. log 10.3.
                500 On course 204 psc = 205 whc.
                538 C.C. log 15.4   212 psc. = 215 whc.
                600 On course          "         "
                700 On course          "         "
                     Weather threatening. Snow in offing.
                736 C.C. 258 whc. log 36.2.  8:00 On course 258 whc.
                               Medium swells, light north westerly breeze.
                Sonic soundings taken every twenty minutes throughout watch.
                                                                    Charles Shaw, H. + G.Engr., C. + G. Survey

800 p, - Mid    Weather threatening, with light snow moderate NW'ly winds
                On course 258o psc. 907 Kak Island Abm  Log. 51.3. Dist 1.7 miles c/c 270o stg. 265 psc
                958 Castle Cape Abm. Dist 8.2 miles Log. 59.9. 1045 pm Cape C~k Abm. c/c. 223 stg. 222 psc
                1052 c/c. 210 stg. 1100 1/3 speed course 190o psc. heading for Columbia River Cannery
                1110 Anchored in 19 fms 75 fm of chain. soft bottom. Thick snow falling, Calm
                           Spotlight bears 60o true. Cannery Light 202 true
                                                                                      W. Weidlich, Mate

                                                    Charles Shaw

Notes for transcribers:
  • Entering any or all of the information on this page is optional, although including the places mentioned below is encouraged.
    • Cape Uyak can be entered on the Location tab:
      Location | Place Name | Name = Cape Uyak.
    • Cape Karluk, Agripina Bay, Kak Island, and Columbia River Cannery can be entered in the same way.
    • Cape Una can be entered on the Location tab:
      Location | Place Name | Name = Cape Una abm. bears 294o Unless you want to, there is no need to record the second mention of Cape Una (Cape Una 25o 14'). Or, you could record only the second mention (particularly in cases where the second is clearer).
    • Cape Igvak can be entered on the Location tab:
      Location | Place Name | Name = Cape Igvak 23o 56' - appr Dist 19.0 miles. Once again, whether you note the first mention, the second mention, or both is your choice.
    • Castle Cape can be entered on the Location tab:
      Location | Place Name | Name = Castle Cape Abm. Dist 8.2 miles.
  • As was done above, if you cannot read a letter, a number, or a whole word, please enter a tilde (~) or tildes to indicate this.
  • In general, the symbols for degrees, minutes, and seconds can be omitted. Because the entry boxes will not accept a degree symbol, we have developed the convention of using a lower-case 'o' to represent degrees. In this case, adding the symbols for degrees and minutes seemed to make the meaning clearer. However, this is up to the transcriber to decide.
  • All the full stops (periods) used in the log entries have been transcribed, but full stops in common abbreviations may be omitted.
  • For more information on the last three points, see Type What You See - Yes, but ...

Log keeper's quirks:

Other information and comments:
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