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If you want to look at similar pages for other ships go to: * * * Index - Use this to find your Ship * * *

Welcome on board the USS Vicksburg

This post covers a log page from 1897.

5 December 1896-28 March 1946
Three wars, diplomatic work, training staff, Coast Guard
50 years of service to her country

(The Vicksburg 1898)

Have a look around the forum, and don't hesitate to pose questions! There are lots of people who would be happy to respond. Each time you join a new ship have a look for one of these pages.

Feel free to add your own questions and comments to:
Vicksburg -- Discussion: Questions and Comments

Comments on the log:
  • This is a fairly standard log format.
  • Beautiful, clear writing style.
  • Note that the date in the log is in US order (month, day, year) and on the Date tab the order is day, month, year following the Royal Navy format.
  • The noon latitude and longitude readings may appear to be decimal. However the 'decimal point' is actually a degree sign. See example under 'Location' in Type What You See - Yes, but ...
  • Note that on the RN ships we encouraged transcribers to record the names of people, places, and ships mentioned in the log. Now that we are in the Arctic, there are some new items that are of interest. The scientists would appreciate your recording sightings of sea ice on the Sea Ice tab and sightings of animals on the Animals tab. The historians would appreciate your recording refueling on the Refueling tab.

Links to helpful transcribing information:

Links to further info about the ship:

A fellow transcriber (wendolk) has created a database to help both transcribers and historians (and contributors are welcome):
Searchable Database

Weather Page:

The written details are transcribed as follows, though the page you are working on will not display a grid in this way. Note that the data in some columns is not transcribed and that some logs do not have all the columns included in the weather entry box, so, before clicking OK, check that your data is in the correct fields. It is more important to be accurate than to be fast. Only transcribe what is written. Ask on the forum for handwriting help if unsure.

Location | Place Name | Name = Moored alongside sea-wall, Navy Yard, Portsmouth. N.H.

Hour |Wind Dir |Force |Bar Height |Ther Attached |Dry |Wet |Water |Weather Code |Cloud code |Clear Sky |
Hour |Wind Dir |Force |Bar Height |Ther Attached |Dry |Wet |Water |Weather Code |Cloud code |Clear Sky |

Notes for transcribers:
  • No entries are given in the log for 'Water'. This is often the case while in port. The number of water temperature measurements varies greatly from ship to ship.
  • Cloud forms are sometimes named in full, for example 'Nimbus' at 6.00am. Nonetheless, you can use Nim from the drop-down menu. If a cloud form is not shown in the drop-down menu, enter what is in the log.
  • When the sky is blue with no clouds the cloud code is noted as 'None'.
  • There is no field on the page specifically for refueling. If the amount of coal received is mentioned, the data should go on the Refueling tab. There may be entries for 'Coal consumed' and 'Coal remaining', but there is no need to enter these numbers unless they interest you (in which case they would go on the Events tab).

Record of the Miscellaneous Events of the Day:

This page has been completely transcribed below to help new transcribers become familiar with both the writing and the language used. Nobody is expected to transcribe all the text! Following it are some comments about transcribing the page.

Commander A.B.H. Lillie,
Sunday November 7'th, 1897

Commences and until 4 A.M.
   Clear and pleasant. Moderate breeze from W.N.W. Ship swinging in different directions
to eddies of the tide.
                           Charles E. Frox.
                           Lieutenant, U.S. Navy.

From 4 to 8 A.M.
   Clear and pleasant. Moderate breeze from W.N.W. Ship swinging to eddies of the tide.
                           Charles E. Frox
                           Lieutenant, U.S. Navy.

From 8 A.M. to Meridian.
   Clear and pleasant, with moderate fresh breeze in squalls from N.W. and W.N.W.  At 9.30
went to quarters for inspection. After which got underway and started hauling in to Navy Yard sea-wall.
In heaving up anchors, hove up two old moorings. At end of watch, cleaning anchors and hauling
in alongside sea-wall.
                           Henry H. Hough.
                           Ensign, U.S. Navy.

From Meridian to 4 P.M.
   Clear and pleasant with moderate to fresh breeze in squalls from N.W. Breasted ship
in alongside sea-wall and secured with bow and stern chains, and bow and quarter
breasts and springs.
                           Henry H. Hough.
                           Ensign, U.S. Navy.

From 4 to 8 P.M.
   Clear and pleasant, with moderate to stiff breeze from N.W. blowing in squalls.
                           Henry H. Hough.
                           Ensign, U.S. Navy.

From 8 P.M. to Midnight
   Clear and pleasant. Bright starlight. Moderate to fresh breeze from N.W. in squalls.
                           Henry H. Hough.
                           Ensign, U.S. Navy.

Henry H. Hough
   Ensign, U.S.Navy.

Notes for transcribers:
  • The date should be transcribed. Date = 07/11/1897.
  • With the exception of the date, entering any or all of the information on this page is optional. Note: When transcribing descriptions or context, please do not edit what is written in the log. It is OK to transcribe only a small segment of the text if the log entry is long
  • Watch out for capital 'U's which sometimes look like 'Al' due to the leading loop.

Log keeper's quirks:
  • None noted from a single page example of a log book.

Other information and comments:
  • Other names for this ship:
    • Gunboat No.11
    • USCGC Alexander Hamilton (WIX 272)
    • USCGC Beta (WIX 272)
  • Commanding Officers:
    • CDR A. B. H. Lillie; Command from 23 October 1897; USN; Retired as Rear Admiral
    • CDR Edward Buttevant Barry; Command from 15 May 1900; USN - USNA Class of 1869; Retired as Rear Admiral
    • CDR Alexander Seaman Halstead; Command from 17 May 1909; USN; Retired as Rear Admiral
    • BMC Frederick R. Hazard; Command from 1915; USN
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