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Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 13, 2013, 07:55:09 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Canadian place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Canada and an Alphabetical list of Canadian place names found in the logbooks.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Canadian Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Canadian Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Canadian Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Alaskan Place Names -- ReferenceUS (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference and Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference

Canada Province and Territories abbreviations:
CodeProvince           CodeProvince
BCBritish ColumbiaONOntario
MBManitobaPEPrince Edward Island
NBNew BrunswickQCQuebec
NLNewfoundland and LabradorSKSaskatchewan
NSNova ScotiaYTYukon
NTNorthwest Territories

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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2013, 07:55:54 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

Canadian Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2013, 07:56:32 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Canadian place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 Jan 2017

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Aaltanhash Inlet53.13-128.52British Columbia
Active Pass48.87-123.31British Columbia
Active Pass LightBritish ColumbiaSee Georgina Point
Adam River50.47-126.28British Columbia
Adam River Cove50.47-126.28British Columbia

Adam's RiverBritish ColumbiaSee Adam River
Adams River CoveBritish ColumbiaSee Adam River Cove
Addenbroke Island51.61-127.85British ColumbiaAddenbroke Island Lighthouse
Addenbrook IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Addenbroke Island
Addenbrooke IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Addenbroke Island

Alert Bay50.59-126.94British Columbia
Alert Bay (town)50.58-126.93British ColumbiaTown on Cormorant Island
Amour PointNewfoundland and LabradorSee Pointe Amour
Amphitrite LightBritish ColumbiaSee Amphitrite Point
Amphitrite Point48.92-125.54British ColumbiaAmphitrite Point Lighthouse

Anse aux Morts51.47-56.88Newfoundland and Labrador
Arthur Passage54.04-130.24British Columbia
Arthur StraitBritish ColumbiaSee Arthur Passage
AwaqNorthwest TerritoriesSee Cape Bathurst
Baillie Islands70.58-128.17Northwest Territories

Baker Inlet53.82-129.90British Columbia
Ballanes IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Ballenas Islands
Ballenas Channel49.33-124.17British Columbia
Ballenas Islands49.34-124.15British ColumbiaBallenas Islands Lighthouse
Ballinac ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Ballenas Channel

Ballinac IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Ballenas Islands
Banks Island72.75-121.51Northwest Territories
Banks LandNorthwest TerritoriesSee Banks Island
Baring LandNorthwest TerritoriesSee Banks Island
Barrow Strait74.40-94.17Nunavut

Bauza Cove50.54-126.82British Columbia
Bay IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Bay Islet
Bay Islet55.61-130.11British Columbia
Baynes Sound49.48-124.77British Columbia
Bear Point50.37-125.67British Columbia

Beaver BayBritish ColumbiaSee Beaver Harbour
Beaver Cove50.54-126.86British Columbia
Beaver HarborBritish ColumbiaSee Beaver Harbour
Beaver Harbour50.70-127.41British Columbia
Beaver Rock50.33-125.44British Columbia

Bedford Island53.95-130.15British Columbia
Bedwell Harbour48.75-123.25British Columbia
Bella Bella52.16-128.14British Columbia
Bella Coola52.37-126.75British Columbia
Belle Isle51.94-55.36Newfoundland and Labrador

Birnie Island54.60-130.46British ColumbiaBirnie Island Light
Blenkinsop Bay50.48-126.00British Columbia
Blinkhorn IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Blinkhorn Peninsula
Blinkhorn Peninsula50.54-126.78British Columbia
Blinkinsop BayBritish ColumbiaSee Blenkinsop Bay

Bloxam Passage54.02-130.26British Columbia
Boat Bay50.52-126.57British Columbia
Boat Bluff52.66-128.53British ColumbiaBoat Bluff Lighthouse
Boat HarborBritish ColumbiaSee Boat Bay
Boat Harbor LightBritish ColumbiaSee Swaine Point

Bonilla Island53.49-130.61British ColumbiaBonilla Island Lighthouse
Bonilla Point48.59-124.72British Columbia
Bonne Bay49.55-57.93Newfoundland and Labrador
Bonne Bay (town)49.50-57.92Newfoundland and Labrador
Bonwick Point53.86-130.07British Columbia

Boundary Bay49.03-122.94British Columbia
Boundary Pass48.75-123.12British Columbia
Boxer Point50.83-127.65British Columbia
Broken Islands50.51-126.29British Columbia
Brotchie Ledge48.40-123.39British Columbia

Brotchy LedgeBritish ColumbiaSee Brotchie Ledge
Broughton SoundBritish ColumbiaSee Broughton Strait
Broughton Strait50.62-127.07British Columbia
Brown Passage54.33-130.89British Columbia
Brown PointNorthwest TerritoriesSee Nuvorak Point

Bush IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Bush Islets
Bush Islets50.52-126.41British Columbia
Butterworth Rocks54.23-130.99British ColumbiaButterworth Rocks Light
Calvert Island51.57-128.02British Columbia
Calvert Point53.89-130.13British Columbia

Camp IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Walker Island
Camp Point (1)50.38-125.82British Columbia
Camp Point (2)British ColumbiaSee Rogers Point
Camp Point (3)British ColumbiaSee Waterman Point
Campbell River50.05-125.26British Columbia

Campbell River (town)50.02-125.24British Columbia
Canoe Rock48.73-123.34British Columbia
Cape Bathurst70.58-128.07Northwest Territories
Cape Bauld51.64-55.43Newfoundland and LabradorCape Bauld Lighthouse
Cape Beale48.79-125.22British ColumbiaCape Beale Lighthouse

Cape BrownNorthwest TerritoriesSee Nuvorak Point
Cape Bullen74.50-84.90Nunavut
Cape Calvert51.42-127.91British Columbia
Cape Caution51.16-127.79British Columbia
Cape Clarence73.90-90.17Nunavut

Cape Cook50.13-127.92British Columbia
Cape Dalhousie70.25-129.67Northwest Territories
Cape Farewell53.36-129.23British Columbia
Cape Home74.55-83.60Nunavut
Cape Knox54.18-133.09British Columbia

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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2013, 11:44:30 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Cape Lazo49.70-124.86British Columbia
Cape Mudge50.00-125.19British ColumbiaCape Mudge Lighthouse
Cape Osborn (1)75.42-92.44Nunavut
Cape Osborn (2)NunavutSee Cape Sherard
Cape Parry70.20-124.53Northwest Territories

Cape PearyNorthwest TerritoriesSee Cape Parry
Cape PerryNorthwest TerritoriesSee Cape Parry
Cape Roger Curtis49.34-123.43British Columbia
Cape Sabine78.72-74.11Nunavut
Cape Saint JamesBritish ColumbiaSee Cape St. James

Cape Scott50.79-128.43British ColumbiaCape Scott Lighthouse
Cape Sherard74.60-80.22Nunavut
Cape St. James51.94-131.02British ColumbiaCape St. James Lighthouse
Cape Warrender74.47-81.76Nunavut
Cape York73.80-87.00Nunavut

Cardena Bay53.99-130.17British Columbia
Carmanah Point48.61-124.75British ColumbiaCarmanah Point Lighthouse
Carter Bay52.82-128.40British Columbia
Cecil Patch54.06-130.28British ColumbiaCecil Patch Light
Chain IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Chained Islands

Chained Islands50.25-125.35British Columbia
Chalmers Anchorage54.05-130.28British Columbia
Chalmers BayBritish ColumbiaSee Chalmers Anchorage
Charles Island49.63-124.06British Columbia
Charlottetown46.24-63.13Prince Edward Island

Chatham Point50.33-125.44British ColumbiaChatham Point Lighthouse
Chatham Sound54.37-130.59British Columbia
ChimoQuebecSee Kuujjuaq
Christe PassageBritish ColumbiaSee Christie Passage
Christie Passage50.84-127.60British Columbia

Christy PassBritish ColumbiaSee Christie Passage
Chrome Island49.47-124.68British ColumbiaChrome Island Lighthouse
Clarence Island50.45-125.99British Columbia
Clark Point51.43-127.89British Columbia
Clew Nugget IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Harriot Island

Cliff Bluff52.08-128.04British Columbia
Cliff PointBritish ColumbiaSee Cliff Bluff
Coghlan Anchorage53.39-129.28British Columbia
Cogmollet BayNorthwest TerritoriesSee Kugmallit Bay
Comox49.68-124.94British Columbia

Comox Harbour49.66-124.94British Columbia
Cone Island52.58-128.50British Columbia
Connis Rocks54.58-130.63British Columbia
Cormorant Island50.58-126.92British Columbia
Cracroft IslandBritish ColumbiaSee West Cracroft Island

Cracroft Island LightBritish ColumbiaSee Swaine Point
Cracroft Islands50.55-126.34British Columbia
Cramanah PointBritish ColumbiaSee Carmanah Point
Crystal OneQuebecSee Kuujjuaq
Crystal ThreeNunavutSee Padloping Island

Crystal TwoNunavutSee Iqaluit
Cuming Inlet74.58-85.02Nunavut
Dalhousie48.06-66.38New Brunswick
Dall PatchBritish ColumbiaSee Dall Rocks
Dall Rocks52.22-128.14British Columbia

Daring Point53.99-130.15British Columbia
Davis Strait65.00-58.00NunavutBetween Greenland and Canada
Deer Island50.71-127.38British Columbia
Denham Point52.95-132.36British Columbia
Denman Point49.56-124.85British Columbia

Departure Bay49.20-123.96British Columbia
Devon Island75.25-88.00Nunavut
Discovery Island48.43-123.24British ColumbiaDiscovery Island Lighthouse
Discovery Passage50.17-125.36British Columbia
Discovery StraitBritish ColumbiaSee Discovery Passage

Dixon Entrance54.42-132.00British Columbia
Dixon's EntranceBritish ColumbiaSee Dixon Entrance
Dolphin and Union Strait69.09-116.05Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Dolphin StraitNorthwest Territories/NunavutSee Dolphin and Union Strait
Doyle Island50.81-127.47British Columbia

Dryad Point52.19-128.11British ColumbiaDryad Point Lighthouse
Duncan Bay50.08-125.30British Columbia
Dundas Harbour74.55-82.44Nunavut
East Inlet (1)British ColumbiaSee Kxngeal Inlet
East Inlet (2)53.69-129.71British Columbia

East Point48.78-123.05British ColumbiaEast Point Lighthouse
Egg Island51.25-127.83British ColumbiaEgg Island Lighthouse
Elephant HeadBritish ColumbiaSee Elephant Head Point
Elephant Head Point53.25-128.85British Columbia
Elk Bay50.28-125.43British Columbia

Ella Point50.55-126.83British Columbia
Ellice Island69.12-135.81Northwest Territories
Ellis IslandNorthwest TerritoriesSee Ellice Island
English Bay49.28-123.17British Columbia
Entrance Island49.21-123.81British ColumbiaEntrance Island Lighthouse

Esquimalt48.44-123.41British Columbia
Esteban PointBritish ColumbiaSee Estevan Point
Estevan Point49.38-126.54British ColumbiaEstevan Point Lighthouse
Fairway Channel49.22-123.87British Columbia
False Head50.66-127.28British Columbia

False Stuart AnchorageBritish ColumbiaSee Stuart Bight
Ferrie Island52.24-128.23British Columbia
Finlayson Channel52.64-128.48British Columbia
Finlayson Island54.54-130.47British Columbia
Fisgard Island48.43-123.45British ColumbiaFisgard Lighthouse

Fisher Channel52.13-127.88British Columbia
Fisher SoundBritish ColumbiaSee Fisher Channel
Fitz Hugh Sound51.65-127.90British Columbia
Fitzhugh ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Fitz Hugh Sound
Fitzhugh SoundBritish ColumbiaSee Fitz Hugh Sound

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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2014, 06:56:05 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Five Finger Island49.23-123.92British Columbia
Flora Islet49.52-124.58British Columbia
Fog IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Fog Rocks
Fog Rocks51.97-127.92British Columbia
Fort ChimoQuebecSee Kuujjuaq

Forteau Bay51.47-56.93Newfoundland and Labrador
Forward Bay50.52-126.39British Columbia
Forward CoveBritish ColumbiaSee Forward Bay
Franklin BayNunavutSee Lady Franklin Bay
Fraser Island50.85-127.66British Columbia

Fraser Reach53.23-128.79British Columbia
Fraser River49.12-123.19British Columbia
Fraser River LightBritish ColumbiaSee Sand Heads
Frazer IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Fraser Island
Frederick Island53.93-133.18British Columbia

Frobisher Bay62.83-66.58Nunavut
Frobisher Bay (town)NunavutSee Iqaluit
Gabriola Island49.17-123.80British Columbia
Gabriola Reefs49.14-123.65British Columbia
Galetos ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Goletas Channel

Garnet Point49.94-124.78British Columbia
Garry Island69.49-135.72Northwest Territories
Geary IslandNorthwest TerritoriesSee Garry Island
Georgia Rock54.22-130.36British ColumbiaGeorgia Rock Light
Georgia StraitBritish ColumbiaSee Strait of Georgia

Georgina Point48.87-123.29British ColumbiaGeorgina Point Lighthouse
Gibson Group53.94-130.16British Columbia
Gibson Island53.93-130.16British Columbia
Gibson IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Gibson Group
Goletas Channel50.84-127.73British Columbia

Gordon Bluff50.58-126.91British Columbia
Gordon Channel50.87-127.58British Columbia
Gordon Point (1)British ColumbiaSee Gordon Bluff
Gordon Point (2)50.77-126.74British Columbia
Gowlland Rocks49.07-125.86British Columbia

Graeme Point50.64-127.16British ColumbiaGraeme Point Light
Graham Island53.50-132.31British Columbia
Graham Reach53.06-128.55British Columbia
Granite Point50.28-125.38British Columbia
Grave PointBritish ColumbiaSee Story Point

Green Inlet52.93-128.44British Columbia
Green Island54.57-130.71British ColumbiaGreen Island Lighthouse
Green Top IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Greentop Islet
Green Top IsletBritish ColumbiaSee Greentop Islet
Greentop Islet54.18-130.41British ColumbiaGreentop Islet Light

Greenville ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Grenville Channel
Grenville Channel53.62-129.71British Columbia
Grenville PassageBritish ColumbiaSee Grenville Channel
Grey IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Grey Islet
Grey Islet54.58-130.70British Columbia

Grind Stone Point Light54.31-130.39British Columbia
Grindstone LightBritish ColumbiaSee Grind Stone Point Light
Gulf of GeorgiaBritish ColumbiaSee Strait of Georgia
Haddington Island50.60-127.02British Columbia
Haddington Reefs50.61-127.01British Columbia

Halifax44.65-63.57Nova Scotia
Hammond Bay49.23-123.96British Columbia
Hanmer Island54.06-130.25British ColumbiaHanmer Island Light
Hanson Island50.57-126.74British Columbia
Harbor RockBritish ColumbiaSee Harbour Rock

Harbour Rock53.38-129.28British Columbia
Hardwicke Island50.43-125.85British Columbia
Hardy Bay50.74-127.47British Columbia
Haro Strait48.58-123.32British Columbia
Harold Point51.44-127.88British Columbia

Harriot Island53.69-129.74British Columbia
Heard Island50.83-127.51British Columbia
Hecate Strait53.50-131.17British Columbia
Helmchen IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Helmcken Island
Helmcken Island50.40-125.88British Columbia

Hepburn Point53.54-129.60British Columbia
Herbert ReefBritish ColumbiaSee Herbert Reefs
Herbert Reefs54.02-130.24British ColumbiaHerbert Reefs Light
Herschel Island69.58-139.09Yukon
Hiekish Narrows52.85-128.47British Columbia

Holiday IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Holliday Island
Holland IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Holland Rock
Holland Rock54.17-130.35British ColumbiaHolland Rock Lighthouse
Holliday Island54.62-130.76British ColumbiaHolliday Island Light
Holliday Passage54.55-130.73British Columbia

Holmes BayBritish ColumbiaSee Home Bay
Home Bay53.27-129.08British Columbia
Hornby Island49.52-124.67British Columbia
Hussar Point50.84-127.65British Columbia
Ice HouseNorthwest TerritoriesSee Baillie Islands

Idle PointBritish ColumbiaSee Idol Point
Idol Point52.24-128.28British Columbia
Ivory Island52.27-128.40British ColumbiaIvory Island Lighthouse
Ivory LightBritish ColumbiaSee Ivory Island

Ivory Point LighthouseBritish ColumbiaSee Ivory Island
Jane Island52.63-128.52British Columbia
Jesse Island50.47-126.03British Columbia
Johnston StraitBritish ColumbiaSee Johnstone Strait
Johnstone PassageBritish ColumbiaSee Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait50.44-126.02British Columbia
Jordan River48.42-124.04British Columbia
Jordon PointBritish ColumbiaSee Jorkins Point
Jorken PointBritish ColumbiaSee Jorkins Point
Jorkins Point52.43-128.50British ColumbiaJorkins Point Light

Juan De Fuca Strait48.33-124.00British Columbia
Kaien Island54.29-130.30British Columbia
Kaiete Point52.06-127.95British Columbia
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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Kelp Head51.35-127.79British Columbia
Kelp PointBritish ColumbiaSee Kelp Head
Kelp Reefs48.55-123.24British Columbia
Kelpie Point51.73-128.00British Columbia
Kennedy Island54.03-130.18British Columbia

Khutxe InletBritish ColumbiaSee Khutze Inlet
Khutze AnchorageBritish ColumbiaSee Khutze Inlet
Khutze Inlet53.10-128.48British Columbia
Kinahan IslandBritish ColumbiaSee West Kinahan Island
Kinahan Islands54.21-130.40British Columbia

Kinahan Passage54.22-130.39British Columbia
Kingcombe PointBritish ColumbiaSee Kingcome Point
Kingcome Point53.30-128.91British Columbia
Kingcorne PointBritish ColumbiaSee Kingcome Point
KlemtooBritish ColumbiaSee Klemtu

Klemtoo PassageBritish ColumbiaSee Klemtu Passage
Klemtu52.59-128.52British Columbia
Klemtu Passage52.58-128.51British Columbia
Klew Nuggitt InletBritish ColumbiaSee Klewnuggit Inlet
Klewnugget LightBritish ColumbiaSee Klewnuggit Inlet

Klewnuggit Inlet53.68-129.73British Columbia
Klewnuggit IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Harriot Island
Klewnuggit LightBritish ColumbiaSee Klewnuggit Inlet
Knight Island54.32-130.48British Columbia
Knox Bay50.39-125.61British Columbia

Knox Point54.59-130.46British Columbia
Kogmullit BayNorthwest TerritoriesSee Kugmallit Bay
Koksoak River58.53-68.17Quebec
Kugmallit Bay69.56-133.50Northwest Territories
Kumealon Inlet53.86-129.99British Columbia

Kxngeal Inlet53.75-129.83British Columbia
Lady Franklin Bay81.59-64.49Nunavut
Ladysmith48.99-123.82British Columbia
Lama Passage52.09-128.12British Columbia

Lambert Channel49.50-124.70British Columbia
Lancaster Sound74.22-84.00Nunavut
Langara Island54.23-133.02British Columbia
Langara Island LightBritish ColumbiaSee Langara Point
Langara Point54.26-133.06British ColumbiaLangara Point Lighthouse

Langdon BayNorthwest TerritoriesSee Langton Bay
Langton Bay69.40-125.51Northwest Territories
Large InletBritish ColumbiaSee Baker Inlet
Lasqueti Island49.49-124.29British Columbia
Lawyer IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Lawyer Islands

Lawyer Islands54.11-130.34British ColumbiaLawyer Islands North Light
Lawyer Islands South Light
Ledge Point50.60-127.08British Columbia
Legace Point52.46-128.42British Columbia
Lennard Island49.11-125.92British ColumbiaLennard Island Lighthouse
Lowe Inlet53.55-129.59British Columbia

Lowe's InletBritish ColumbiaSee Lowe Inlet
Lucy IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Lucy Islands
Lucy Islands54.30-130.62British ColumbiaLucy Islands Lighthouse
MacLoughlin BayBritish ColumbiaSee McLoughlin Bay
Main ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Main Passage (1)

Main Passage (1)54.60-130.59British Columbia
Main Passage (2)52.17-128.13British Columbia
Malacca Passage54.10-130.36British Columbia
Malcolm Island50.65-126.99British Columbia
Malcolm Island LightBritish ColumbiaSee Pulteney Point

Maple PointBritish ColumbiaSee Mapleguard Point
Mapleguard Point49.47-124.74British Columbia
Marble Island53.20-132.66British Columbia
Marrack Island53.96-130.15British Columbia
Masterman IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Masterman Islands

Masterman Islands50.76-127.43British Columbia
Matthew Island52.11-127.86British Columbia
Maud Island50.13-125.34British Columbia
Maude IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Maud Island
McKay Island62.97-65.99Nunavut

McKay Reach53.31-129.00British Columbia
McLoughlin Bay52.14-128.14British ColumbiaBritish Columbia Pilot
McLoughlin Bay CreekBritish ColumbiaSee McLoughlin Creek
McLoughlin Creek52.14-128.15British Columbia
Metlakatla Bay54.32-130.48British Columbia

Mexicana Point50.91-128.00British Columbia
Middle Point50.09-125.31British Columbia
Milbank SoundBritish ColumbiaSee Milbanke Sound
Milbanke Sound52.32-128.55British Columbia
Miles Cone50.81-127.48British Columbia

Millbank SoundBritish ColumbiaSee Milbanke Sound
Milly Island50.48-126.10British Columbia
Mitlenatch Island49.95-125.00British Columbia
Mittlenatch IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Mitlenatch Island

Moresby Island52.40-131.47British Columbia
Morning Point53.68-129.76British Columbia
Mouat Point48.78-123.32British Columbia
Mount OmegaBritish ColumbiaSee Omega Mountain
Mount Vansittart50.39-125.74British Columbia

Nabannah Bay53.67-129.76British Columbia
Nalau Island51.77-128.03British Columbia
Namu Harbour51.86-127.88British Columbia
Nanaimo49.17-123.94British Columbia
Nanaimo Harbour49.17-123.90British Columbia

Napier Point52.13-128.14British Columbia
Narrows Island52.16-128.12British Columbia
Neck Point49.24-123.96British Columbia
New ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Gordon Channel
Noble IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Noble Islets

Noble IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Noble Islets
Noble Islets50.82-127.59British Columbia
Nobles IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Noble Islets
North Rachael Island54.22-130.55British Columbia
North Sand Head49.12-123.27British Columbia

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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #6 on: November 09, 2014, 10:32:34 am »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Nuvorak Point70.15-130.39Northwest Territories
Observation Point53.38-129.28British Columbia
Omega Mountain53.91-133.13British Columbia
Orange Point50.07-125.27British Columbia
Oriflamme Passage54.58-130.66British Columbia

Oyster Bay49.92-125.17British Columbia
Pachena Point48.72-125.10British ColumbiaPachena Point Lighthouse
Paddle Rock51.37-127.81British Columbia
Padloping Island67.10-62.63Nunavut
Parker PointBritish ColumbiaSee Legace Point

Pauline Cove69.57-138.92Yukon
Pearse Canal54.90-130.38British Columbia
Peel Island50.73-127.40British Columbia
Pender Island48.78-123.29British Columbia
Petrel Rock54.23-130.42British ColumbiaPetrel Rock Light

Petrel RocksBritish ColumbiaSee Petrel Rock
Philpots Island74.92-79.89Nunavut
Pictou45.68-62.71Nova Scotia
Pine Island50.98-127.73British ColumbiaPine Island Lighthouse
Plumper Bay50.16-125.34British Columbia

Plumper Point50.16-125.35British Columbia
Point Atkinson49.33-123.27British ColumbiaPoint Atkinson Lighthouse
Point Cumming53.31-129.12British Columbia
Point Grey49.26-123.27British Columbia
Point Sand HeadBritish ColumbiaSee Sand Heads

Point SheringhamBritish ColumbiaSee Sheringham Point
Pointe Amour51.46-56.86Newfoundland and LabradorPoint Amour Lighthouse
Pointer Island52.06-127.95British ColumbiaPointer Island Lighthouse
Pointer Rocks54.60-130.54British ColumbiaPointer Rocks Light
Pointer's RockBritish ColumbiaSee Pointer Island

Pointers RockBritish ColumbiaSee Pointer Rocks
Port Alexander50.85-127.66British Columbia
Port au Port48.56-58.71Newfoundland and Labrador
Port Renfrew48.55-124.42British Columbia
Port San Juan48.55-124.45British Columbia

Port Simpson54.57-130.42British Columbia
Portland Canal55.24-130.03British Columbia
Portland Inlet54.73-130.41British Columbia
Portlock Point48.83-123.35British ColumbiaPortlock Point Lighthouse
Powell Inlet74.58-85.47Nunavut

Prince Albert LandNorthwest TerritoriesSee Prince Albert Peninsula
Prince Albert Peninsula72.50-117.00Northwest Territories
Prince Leboo Island54.46-130.99British Columbia
Prince Leopold Island74.03-90.08Nunavut
Prince Rupert54.32-130.32British Columbia

Prince Rupert HarborBritish ColumbiaSee Prince Rupert Harbour
Prince Rupert Harbour54.32-130.34British Columbia
Pulteney Point50.63-127.16British ColumbiaPulteney Point Lighthouse
Qualicum River49.40-124.61British Columbia

Queen Charlotte Sound51.50-128.50British Columbia
Queen Charlotte Strait50.75-127.25British Columbia
Race Passage50.39-125.87British Columbia
Race Point50.11-125.33British Columbia
Race RockBritish ColumbiaSee Race Rocks

Race Rocks48.30-123.53British ColumbiaRace Rocks Lighthouse
Red CliffBritish ColumbiaSee Redcliff Point
Red Cliff PointBritish ColumbiaSee Redcliff Point
Redcliff Point53.16-128.64British Columbia
Redfern Island50.90-127.59British Columbia

Regatta Rocks52.22-128.14British Columbia
Ripple Point50.37-125.58British Columbia
Ripple Rock50.13-125.35British ColumbiaRemoval of Ripple Rock in 1958
Former location of Ripple Rock
Robb Point52.27-128.41British Columbia
Robson Bight50.49-126.59British Columbia

Rock Point50.34-125.50British Columbia
Rogers Point53.68-129.76British Columbia
Round Island50.72-127.37British Columbia
Royal BayBritish ColumbiaSee Royal Roads
Royal Roads48.42-123.45British Columbia

Safety Cove51.53-127.93British ColumbiaCalvert Island
Safety Point51.53-127.91British Columbia
Saint George'sNewfoundland and LabradorSee St. George's
Saint John45.27-66.07New Brunswick
Sand Heads49.11-123.28British ColumbiaSand Heads Lighthouse

Sarah Island52.77-128.51British Columbia
Sarah Island LightBritish ColumbiaSee Boat Bluff
Saturna Island48.78-123.15British Columbia
Scarlett Point50.86-127.61British ColumbiaScarlett Point Lighthouse
Sea Bird Point48.42-123.23British Columbia

Sea Egg Rocks49.45-124.31British Columbia
Sea Eggs RocksBritish ColumbiaSee Sea Egg Rocks
Sea Otter Rock49.20-126.13British Columbia
Seaforth Channel52.25-128.30British Columbia
Seaforth PassageBritish ColumbiaSee Seaforth Channel

Seal Rocks54.00-130.79British Columbia
Semiahmoo Bay49.00-122.82British Columbia
Semiamoo BayBritish ColumbiaSee Semiahmoo Bay
Separation Head50.18-125.35British Columbia
Separation Point (1)British ColumbiaSee Separation Head

Separation Point (2)British ColumbiaSee Split Head
Serpent Point52.08-127.99British Columbia
Seymour Narrows50.15-125.36British Columbia
Sheringham Point48.38-123.92British ColumbiaSheringham Point Lighthouse
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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Sherringham PointBritish ColumbiaSee Sheringham Point
Shingle PointBritish ColumbiaSee Shingle Spit
Shingle Spit49.51-124.71British Columbia
Ship Point49.51-124.81British Columbia
Sister IslandsBritish ColumbiaSee Sisters Islets

Sisters IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Sisters Islets
Sisters Islets49.49-124.44British ColumbiaSisters Islets Lighthouse
Smith Sound51.30-127.69British Columbia
Solander Island50.11-127.94British Columbia
Sombrio Point48.49-124.29British Columbia

Sooke Inlet48.35-123.72British Columbia
Sophia IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Sophia Islands
Sophia Islands50.53-126.63British Columbia
Sorrow IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Sorrow Islands
Sorrow Islands51.41-127.92British Columbia

South Point (1)British ColumbiaSee Plumper Point
South Point (2)51.52-127.91British Columbia
South Rachael Island54.20-130.56British Columbia
South West PointBritish ColumbiaSee Hussar Point
Spit Point55.08-130.17British Columbia

Split Head52.68-128.55British Columbia
St George'sNewfoundland and LabradorSee St. George's
St John'sNew BrunswickSee Saint John
St. George's48.43-58.48Newfoundland and Labrador
St. James Island51.94-131.02British Columbia

Steep Island50.08-125.25British Columbia
Stockade IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Stockade Islets
Stockade Islets52.57-128.51British Columbia
Storm Islands51.02-127.72British Columbia
Story Point52.15-128.14British Columbia

Strait of Belle Isle51.50-56.50Newfoundland and Labrador
Strait of Georgia49.48-124.07British Columbia
Stuart Bight53.83-130.02British Columbia
Surf Point51.47-127.76British Columbia
Swaine Point50.52-126.58British ColumbiaSwaine Point Light

Swainson BayBritish ColumbiaSee Swanson Bay
Swanson Bay53.01-128.51British Columbia
Swanson Channel48.77-123.34British Columbia
Swanson Point53.01-128.52British Columbia
Swindle Island52.53-128.59British Columbia

Sydney46.14-60.18Nova Scotia
Sydney Harbour46.21-60.24Nova Scotia
Table Island51.26-127.81British Columbia
Tasoo HarborBritish ColumbiaSee Tasu Sound
Tasu Sound52.78-132.06British Columbia

The SistersBritish ColumbiaSee Sisters Islets
Thetis Island49.00-123.68British Columbia
Thomas Point50.70-127.39British Columbia
Thrasher Rock49.15-123.65British Columbia
Thrasher's IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Thrasher Rock

Thurlow IslandBritish ColumbiaSee West Thurlow Island
Tolmie Channel52.80-128.54British Columbia
Tom Point48.67-123.27British Columbia
Tomlie ChannelBritish ColumbiaSee Tolmie Channel
Tongass Passage54.75-130.64British Columbia

Trial Islands48.40-123.31British ColumbiaTrial Islands Lighthouse
Triangle Island50.86-129.08British ColumbiaTriangle Island Lighthouse (dismantled in 1919)
Triple IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Triple Islands
Triple Islands54.29-130.88British ColumbiaTriple Islands Lighthouse
Trivet PointBritish ColumbiaSee Trivett Point

Trivett Point53.31-129.04British Columbia
Truman Point51.56-127.90British Columbia
Tuck Inlet54.27-130.36British Columbia
Tugwell Island54.33-130.51British Columbia
Tuna Point50.48-126.00British Columbia

Turn Island50.35-125.47British Columbia
Turn Point LightBritish ColumbiaSee Pointer Island
Turtle Point53.33-129.28British Columbia
Tyee Point50.39-125.78British Columbia
Tyhee PointBritish ColumbiaSee Tyee Point

Ucluelet48.94-125.55British Columbia
Ungava Bay59.50-67.49Quebec/Nunavut
UnionBritish ColumbiaSee Union Bay (town)
Union Bay49.58-124.88British Columbia
Union Bay (town)49.58-124.89British Columbia

Union Passage53.37-129.46British Columbia
Union Point49.59-124.88British Columbia
Valdes Island49.08-123.65British Columbia
Vancouver49.25-123.12British Columbia
Vancouver Island49.65-125.45British Columbia

Vancouver Rock52.35-128.50British Columbia
Vansittart Point50.38-125.74British Columbia
Victoria48.43-123.37British Columbia
Victoria Island70.42-107.75Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Village PointBritish ColumbiaSee Denman Point

Walbran Rock52.05-127.94British Columbia
Wales Passage54.80-130.46British Columbia
Walker Island52.10-128.12British Columbia
Walker Point51.92-127.90British Columbia
Wark IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Work Island

Warke IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Work Island
Waterman Point53.37-129.27British Columbia
Watson Rock53.92-130.18British Columbia
Wedge Point52.61-128.52British Columbia
West Cracroft Island50.55-126.39British Columbia

West InletBritish ColumbiaSee Kumealon Inlet
West Kinahan Island54.21-130.41British Columbia
West PointBritish ColumbiaSee Swanson Point
West Thurlow Island50.41-125.61British Columbia
Whale Bluffs70.38-127.49Northwest Territories

Whale CliffNorthwest TerritoriesSee Whale Bluffs
White Cliff IslandBritish ColumbiaSee Hanmer Island
White RockBritish ColumbiaSee White Rocks
White Rocks52.29-128.50British Columbia
Winchelsea Islands49.29-124.08British Columbia

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Re: Canadian Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Wollaston LandNorthwest Territories/NunavutSee Wollaston Peninsula
Wollaston Peninsula69.69-115.18Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Work Island53.17-128.67British Columbia
Wright Sound53.33-129.21British Columbia
Yellow Bluff50.59-126.95British Columbia

Yellow Island (1)50.13-125.33British Columbia
Yellow Island (2)British ColumbiaSee Chrome Island
Yellow RockBritish ColumbiaSee Chrome Island
Yolk Point53.36-129.34British Columbia
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