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Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 15, 2013, 09:30:35 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Alaskan place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Alaska and an Alphabetical list of Alaskan place names found in the logbooks and Transcriber created maps.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Alaskan Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
Triangulation Points:

For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Russian Place Names -- Reference and Canadian Place Names -- Reference

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 09:33:43 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

Alaskan Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2013, 09:35:13 pm »
Transcriber created maps

A Google Map covering a specific ship or area is a good example of a much appreciated contribution. We will collect them here.

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2013, 10:05:11 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Alaskan place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 May 2017

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Aaron Island58.44-134.82
Abraham Islet56.05-132.68
Acheredin Bay55.18-160.73
Acheredin Point55.12-160.82
Acherk HarborSee Sanak Harbor (1)

Adak Island51.78-176.64Adak Island Map
Adak Loran Station
Adak Strait51.77-177.03
Adams Anchorage58.37-134.82
Adams Channel57.45-135.54
Adams Point55.11-132.00

Admiralty Cove58.19-134.58
Admiralty Island57.67-134.33
Adugak Island52.91-169.16
Adugak RockSee Adugak Island
Affleck Canal56.18-134.07

Afognak (town)58.01-152.78
Afognak Bay58.05-152.75
Afognak Island58.26-152.59
Afognak Strait57.98-152.81
Afognak VillageSee Afognak (town)

Aghiyuk Island56.18-156.79
Aiktak Island54.19-164.83
Akun Bay54.24-165.48
Akun CoveSee Akun Bay
Akun Head54.30-165.63

Akun Island54.19-165.53
Akun Strait54.13-165.64
Akusha Island57.30-133.65
Akutan Bay54.19-165.72

Akutan CoveSee Akutan Harbor
Akutan Harbor54.13-165.74
Akutan Harbor Entrance LightSee Akutan Point
Akutan Island54.13-165.92
Akutan LightSee Akutan Point

Akutan Pass54.03-166.08
Akutan Point54.15-165.73Akutan Light
Akutan StraitSee Akun Strait
Alaid Island52.76173.90
Alaska State Capitol58.30-134.41

Albatross Bank56.50-152.50
Aleutski Island57.05-135.34
Alimuda Bay53.44-167.35
Alitak Bay56.91-154.18
Amagat Island54.90-162.89

Amak Island55.42-163.14
Amaknak Island53.91-166.53
Amchitka Island51.54178.98Amchitka Loran Station
Amelius Island56.18-133.88
Amlia Island52.08-173.53

Amnak IslandSee Umnak Island
Amoughta IslandSee Amukta Island
Amoukhta IslandSee Amukta Island
Amukta Island52.49-171.26
Amukta Pass52.42-171.87

AnaiuliakSee Anangula Island
AnangouliakSee Anangula Island
Anangula Island53.00-168.91
Ananiuliak IslandSee Anangula Island
AnayulyakSee Anangula Island

Anchor Pass55.98-131.40
Anchor Point (1)59.77-151.87Anchor Point Light
Anchor Point (2)56.64-132.93
Anchorage Bay56.31-158.39

Anchorage PointSee Anchor Point (1)
Andrionica IslandSee Andronica Island
Andronica Island55.32-160.07
Angle Point55.24-131.42

Aniuliak IslandSee Anangula Island
Anmer PointSee Point Anmer
Annette Island55.13-131.45
Apavawook Cape63.14-168.87

Arch Point (1)55.21-161.90
Arch Point (2)54.41-164.56
Arch Rock53.88-166.57
Arden Point58.16-134.18Arden Point Light
Ariaga PassageSee Arriaga Passage

Armstrong HarborSee Port Armstrong
Arriaga Passage55.57-133.67
Aspid Bay53.43-167.41
Aspid Cape53.45-167.47

Atka HarborSee Nazan Bay
Atka Island52.14-174.45
Atkha IslandSee Atka Island
Atkulik Island56.28-157.73
Attu Island52.90172.91

Augustine Volcano59.36-153.43
Auk BaySee Auke Bay
Auke Bay58.37-134.67
Avatanak Island54.07-165.30
Avatanak Strait54.12-165.44

Baby Islands53.99-166.06
Baht Harbor56.44-132.82
Baird Bank57.02-160.32
Balboa Bay55.51-160.60
Bank IslandSee Vank Island

Bar Point55.35-131.67
Baralof Bay55.24-160.55
Baranof Island56.95-134.95
Bare Island57.95-153.08
Barlow Cove58.36-134.89

Barlow Island58.40-134.91Barlow Island Light
Barnes Point51.82-177.65
Barolof BaySee Baralof Bay
Barolof HarborSee Baralof Bay
Barren Island54.74-131.36

Barren Islands58.93-152.18
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2013, 07:33:44 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Barter Island70.12-143.67
Bartlett BaySee Bartlett Cove
Bartlett Cove58.46-135.90
Barwell Island59.86-149.28
Basalt Rock54.11-165.37

Basket Bay57.66-134.92
Battery Island57.06-135.38
Battery Point (1)54.04-165.90
Battery Point (2)59.21-135.36
Bay of Good HopeSee Goodhope Bay

Bay of Pillars56.60-134.26
Bay of Waterfalls51.66-176.85
Bay Point57.11-133.32
Bazan BaySee Port Bazan
Beacon Point56.94-133.00

Bear Bay (1)55.17-162.00
Bear Bay (2)57.42-135.58
Bear Cape60.34-146.72
Bear IslandSee Hall Island
Beardslee Islands58.51-135.95

Beauclerc Island56.26-133.85
Beaver Bay55.50-160.89
Beehive Island57.18-135.44
Behm Canal55.94-131.19
Behm Narrows55.92-131.50

Belkofski Bay55.08-162.14
Belkofski Point55.07-162.05
Belkofsky BaySee Belkofski Bay
Bell Island55.96-131.49

Bering Sea59.14-163.66
Berners Bay58.75-134.98
Besboro Island64.13-161.31
Beulah Island63.50-162.01

Big Koniuji Island55.14-159.55
Bill Point57.25-133.54
Biorka Island (1)56.85-135.53
Biorka Island (2)See Sedanka Island

Bird Cape51.66178.65Amchitka Island
Bird Island (1)54.67-163.29
Bird Island (2)58.49-134.85
Bishop Point58.20-134.15
Black Point (1)56.99-153.31

Black Point (2)57.91-152.49
Black Rock55.02-131.06
Blanche Rock56.09-132.09
Blank Islands55.27-131.64
Bligh Island60.84-146.77

Bligh Island LightSee Bligh Reef
Bligh Island ReefSee Bligh Reef
Bligh Reef60.84-146.88Bligh Reef Light
Blight IslandSee Bligh Island
Blossom Shoals70.37-161.94

Bluff Island56.17-132.89
Bluff Point (1)55.57-159.73
Bluff Point (2)55.16-161.90
Blunt Point56.78-132.97
Blying Sound59.83-149.25

Boat Harbor54.79-130.91
Boat Rock54.78-130.80
Bobrof Island51.91-177.45
Boca De Quadra55.13-130.71
Bocas De Finas55.70-133.58

Bocas de Finas PassSee Bocas De Finas
Bogoslof Island53.94-168.04
Bogosloff IslandSee Bogoslof Island
Boiler Point55.01-163.15
Bold Cape55.02-162.26

Bomb Point60.61-145.90
Bradford Point59.00-158.53
Breaker Point56.61-169.54
Brevig Mission65.33-166.49
Bristol Bay57.33-159.81

Broad Island57.59-135.39
Broken Point57.88-153.62
Brower's StationSee Barrow
Brown Cove56.89-132.81
Brundage Head53.93-166.21

Bucareli Bay55.37-133.40
Bucarelli BaySee Bucareli Bay
Buldir Island52.36175.92
Burnt Island56.61-132.98
Busby Island60.90-146.79Busby Island Light

Bush IslandSee Bush Islets
Bush Islets56.14-134.10
Bushy Island56.26-132.98
Bushy Island Light56.28-132.96
Bushy Point55.73-131.73

Caamano Point55.50-131.97
Cable Bay51.78-178.02
Cache Island55.59-131.68
Caines Head59.98-149.39
California Rock55.32-131.60

Camaano PointSee Caamano Point
Camden Bay70.22-144.76
Cannery Bay53.70-166.79
Cannery Point (1)58.13-135.46
Cannery Point (2)53.72-166.79

Cape Adagdak52.00-176.58
Cape Addington55.44-133.82
Cape Agamsik51.78-178.04
Cape Aksit54.66-163.42
Cape Algonquin60.22-166.95

Cape Aliaksin55.48-160.74
Cape Alitak56.85-154.30
Cape AndersonSee Apavawook Cape
Cape BarrieSee Point Barrie
Cape BartolmeSee Cape Bartolome

Cape Bartolome55.24-133.61
Cape Bingham58.10-136.53
Cape BiorkaSee Cape Sedanka
Cape Blossom66.73-162.49
Cape BoldSee Bold Cape

Cape Chacon54.69-132.01Cape Chacon Light
Cape Chagak53.53-168.23
Cape Cheerful54.02-166.67
Cape ChibukakSee Chibukak Point
Cape Chichagof58.33-157.51

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2013, 02:07:22 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Cape Chiniak57.62-152.16
Cape Cleare59.77-147.91
Cape CollieSee Point Collie
Cape Cross57.92-136.56
Cape Darby64.33-162.79

Cape Decision56.01-134.13Cape Decision Lighthouse
Cape Denbigh64.38-161.53
Cape Devine55.38-160.15
Cape Douglas58.85-153.28
Cape DouglassSee Cape Douglas

Cape Dyer68.65-166.23
Cape EdgecombSee Cape Edgecumbe
Cape Edgecumbe57.00-135.85Cape Edgecumbe Lighthouse
Cape Edwards Cannery57.59-135.93Ford Arm
Cape Elizabeth (1)59.16-151.88

Cape Elizabeth (2)See Cape Lisburne
Cape Espenberg66.56-163.61
Cape Etolin60.43-166.16
Cape Fairfield59.93-148.87
Cape Fairweather58.81-137.94

Cape Fanshaw57.19-133.57Cape Fanshaw Light
Cape FieldSee Umnak Airport
Cape Field at Fort GlennSee Umnak Airport
Cape Georgiana57.33-135.86
Cape GolovninSee Point Hope

Cape Greig57.73-157.70
Cape Halkett70.80-152.19
Cape Hallet   See Cape Halkett
Cape Hinchinbrook60.23-146.64Cape Hinchinbrook Lighthouse
Cape Igvak57.44-156.03

Cape Ikolik57.29-154.78
Cape Ikti55.98-158.50
Cape Ilmalianuk53.27-168.61
Cape JachachSee Cape Yakak
Cape JackachSee Cape Yakak

Cape Junken59.92-148.63
Cape KalekhtaSee Cape Kalekta
Cape Kalekta54.01-166.37
Cape KanSee Cape Kanatak
Cape Kanatak57.54-155.91

Cape Karluk57.58-154.51
Cape Kasilof60.37-151.37
Cape KhlebnikofSee Khlebnikof Point
Cape Kigun52.02-175.35
Cape KiguneSee Cape Kigun

Cape Kigushimkada53.12-168.81
Cape KovritzkaSee Cape Kovrizhka
Cape Kovrizhka53.85-167.15
Cape Krusenstern67.13-163.75
Cape KruzensternSee Cape Krusenstern

Cape KudugakSee Cape Kudugnak
Cape Kudugnak52.23-174.06
Cape KukuliakSee Kookoolik Cape
Cape Kuliuk57.80-153.93
Cape KuprekoffSee Kupreanof Point

Cape KuzensternSee Cape Krusenstern
Cape Lapin54.97-164.13
Cape Lazaref54.61-163.59
Cape Lieskof55.79-162.05
Cape LisbonSee Cape Lisburne

Cape Lisburne68.88-166.21
Cape LizbondSee Cape Lisburne
Cape Lutke54.48-164.34
Cape Mansfield59.95-149.02
Cape Mohican60.21-167.44

Cape Mordvinof54.93-164.43
Cape Morgan54.04-166.05
Cape Muzon54.67-132.69
Cape Newenham58.65-162.17
Cape Nome64.44-165.01

Cape of StraitSee Cape Strait
Cape Ommaney56.17-134.67
Cape Pankof54.66-163.06
Cape PankoffSee Cape Pankof
Cape Paramanof58.30-153.04

Cape PittSee Pitt Point
Cape Prince of Wales65.60-168.09
Cape Resurrection59.87-149.28
Cape Riley65.22-166.48
Cape Rodney64.65-166.40

Cape Rukavitsie54.63-164.03
Cape Sabine68.92-164.61
Cape Saint Elias59.81-144.59Cape Saint Elias Lighthouse
Cape Sajaka51.87-178.23
Cape Sarichef54.60-164.93Cape Sarichef Loran Station
Cape Sarichef Light

Cape Sasmik51.60-177.91
Cape Sedanka53.84-166.09
Cape Seppings67.95-165.14
Cape SeppinsSee Cape Seppings
Cape Shaw52.30-173.99

Cape Sitkinak56.56-153.88
Cape SmithSee Cape Smyth
Cape Smyth71.29-156.79
Cape SmytheSee Cape Smyth
Cape Spencer58.21-136.65Cape Spencer Lighthouse

Cape Starichkof53.70-167.05
Cape StarichofSee Cape Starichkof
Cape Starr52.92-168.96Umnak Loran Station
Cape SteepSee Steep Cape
Cape Strait57.00-133.09Cape Strait Light

Cape Sudak51.85-177.63
Cape Suwarof58.73-157.05
Cape SuworofSee Cape Suwarof
Cape Tanak53.55-167.96
Cape TangentSee Tangent Point

Cape Thompson68.14-165.98
Cape Tolstoi55.36-161.50
Cape UgakSee Cape Ugat
Cape Uganik57.97-153.51
Cape Ugat57.87-153.85

Cape Ulitka55.56-133.73
Cape UliukSee Cape Kuliuk
Cape UnaSee Cape Unalishagvak
Cape Unalishagvak57.55-155.73
Cape UngaSee Unga Cape

Cape Upright60.31-172.23
Cape UtilikSee Cape Ulitka
Cape Uyak57.64-154.34
Cape Vancouver60.55-165.42
Cape Wedge55.29-159.88

Cape Wislow54.01-166.75
Cape Yakak51.59-176.94
Cape Yakataga60.06-142.43
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2014, 09:39:35 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Cape York65.42-167.46
Capitol DomeSee Alaska State Capitol
Captains Bay53.86-166.57
Captains HarborSee Captains Bay
Carlisle Island52.89-170.06

Caroline IslandSee Carolyn Island
Carolyn Island64.45-162.88
Carp Island55.30-130.89
Carroll Inlet55.47-131.31
Casaan BaySee Kasaan Bay

Cascade Bay57.03-134.75
Cascade Point56.54-169.57
Castle Cape56.24-158.12
Castle Rock55.28-159.50
CastlebarSee Grass Island Bar

Cataract Bight51.69-176.83
Cathedral Rocks53.74-166.89
Caton Island54.40-162.43
Cavana PointSee Gravina Point
Cayne RockSee Cyane Rock

Chagulak Island52.57-171.14
Chaik Bay57.32-134.56
Chamisso Island66.22-161.83
Chankliut Island56.14-158.12
Channel Entrance LightSee Elrington Passage Light

Channel Island55.39-131.76
Channel Islands60.62-145.79
Chapel BaySee Chapel Roads
Chapel Roads51.65-176.82
Chasina Point55.28-132.03

Chatam StraitSee Chatham Strait
Chatham Strait56.97-134.63
Checats Cove55.49-130.88
CheenikSee Golovin
Chegoula IslandSee Chagulak Island

Chernof Point57.95-152.94
Chernofski (town)53.40-167.52
Chernofski BaySee Chernofski Harbor
Chernofski Harbor53.41-167.55
Chernofski Point53.41-167.55

Chibukak Point63.79-171.67
Chichagof Harbor52.93173.24
Chichagof Pass56.36-132.47
Chichagoff BaySee Chichagof Harbor
Chichagoff HarborSee Chichagof Harbor

Chickamin River55.82-130.93
ChignickSee Chignik
Chignick BaySee Chignik Bay
Chignik Bay56.39-158.23

Chilkat Inlet59.15-135.43
Chilkoot BarracksSee Fort William H. Seward
Chilkoot Inlet59.23-135.36
Chiniak Bay57.71-152.36
Chiniak Island57.63-152.15

ChinikSee Golovin
Chirikof Island55.83-155.62
Chirikof Point52.84173.42
Chiswell Island59.60-149.56
Chiswell RockSee Chiswell Island

Chowiet Bay56.05-156.73
Chowiet Island56.03-156.70
Christian Sound55.95-134.37
Christian's SoundSee Christian Sound

Christmas Island56.86-134.37
Chugach Bay59.19-151.58
Chugach IslandSee East Chugach Island
Chuginadak Island52.84-169.82
Chugul Island (1)See Chagulak Island

Chugul Island (2)See Segula Island
Chugula Island (1)See Chagulak Island
Chugula Island (2)See Segula Island
Chukinuksak PointSee Chuniksak Point
Chuniksak Point52.79172.74

Chunisak PointSee Chuniksak Point
Claim Point59.20-151.82
Clarence Strait55.99-132.62
Clark's IslandSee Saint Lawrence Island
Clarks Point (town)58.84-158.55

Clear Point58.24-134.92Clear Point Light
Clerke's IslandSee Saint Lawrence Island
Cleveland Passage57.24-133.51
Cleveland Peninsula55.74-132.01
Clover Passage55.51-131.75

Coal Bay (1)59.64-151.45
Coal Bay (2)55.37-161.36
Coal Cape55.89-159.01
Coal Harbor55.34-160.60
Coal MineSee Corwin Bluff

Coal VeinSee Corwin Bluff
Coffe PointSee Coffee Point
Coffee Point58.91-158.62
Cold Bay (1)55.19-162.57
Cold Bay (2)See Puale Bay

Colt Island58.27-134.73
Column Point58.12-136.45
Conclusion HarborSee Seclusion Harbor
Conclusion Island56.48-133.80
Cone Hill57.17-170.36

Cone Island52.21-174.19
Constantine Bay53.95-166.42
Constantine Harbor51.40179.30
Controller Bay60.08-144.24
Convenient Cove55.87-131.68

Cook Inlet59.20-152.89
Coon Island55.46-131.50
Cooper Island71.24-155.68
Cooper Islands52.95173.25
Cooper's StationSee Point Hope (town)

Cora Point55.91-134.12
Cordova Bay (1)54.85-132.57
Cordova Bay (2)See Orca Bay
Cornwallis Point56.93-134.27

Coronation Island55.88-134.25
Corwin Bluff68.88-165.05
Corwin Coal MineSee Corwin Bluff
Couverden Rock58.22-135.03

Craig Point56.46-132.73
Crater Mountain63.39-162.06
Creek Point55.05-131.51
Cross Island (1)70.49-147.95
Cross Island (2)55.18-160.49

Cross Sound58.18-136.51
Custom House CoveSee Customhouse Cove
Customhouse Cove55.09-131.23
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Cutter Point53.39-167.51
Cutter Rocks55.29-131.52
Cyane Rock57.79-152.39
Dad Rock58.23-136.34
Dall Island54.96-133.06

Dalnoi Point56.61-169.78
Danger Island59.93-148.08
Dangerous Cape59.40-151.90
Davidson Bank54.00-163.75
Dead Tree Point55.75-133.66

Deadman Reach57.54-135.49
Dean's InletSee Dease Inlet
Dease Inlet71.03-155.43
Deer Island54.92-162.32
Deer Island PassageSee Deer Passage

Deer Passage55.00-162.29
Deering (town)66.07-162.71
Deichman Rock56.06-132.82
Delarof BaySee Delarof Harbor
Delarof Harbor55.18-160.52

Demarcation Point69.69-141.30
Deralof BaySee Delarof Harbor
Deralof HarborSee Delarof Harbor
Derbin PassSee Derbin Strait
Derbin Strait54.08-165.23

Derby Point53.16-168.79
Dewey Anchorage55.93-132.39Named after Ensign Theodore Dewey of the Patterson
Dillingham (town)59.04-158.46
Diomede Islands65.77-168.99
Discovery Point60.25-147.70

Disenchantment Bay59.96-139.57
Dixon Entrance54.72-131.52
Dixon Harbor58.35-136.86
Dixon's EntranceSee Dixon Entrance
Dixon's HarborSee Dixon Harbor

Dog Cove57.17-135.42
Dog Point57.17-135.42
Dolgoi BaySee Dolgoi Harbor
Dolgoi Harbor55.13-161.78
Dolgoi Island (1)55.12-161.74

Dolgoi Island (2)54.82-132.97
Dolnoi PointSee Dalnoi Point
Dora Harbor54.70-163.27
Douglas Island58.27-134.51

Drew Point70.88-153.94
Dry Bay59.15-138.56
Dry Cove Mountain56.98-133.34
Dry IslandSee Dry Spruce Island
Dry Spruce Bay57.94-153.04

Dry Spruce Island57.96-153.04
Du PontSee Dupont
Dublin Bay54.70-164.75
Duck Point57.21-133.52Duck Point Light
Duke Island54.93-131.35

Duncan Canal56.64-133.11
Dundas Bay58.35-136.34
Dundas PointSee Point Dundas
Dupont Creek58.23-134.26

Dutch Harbor53.90-166.52Dutch Harbor Map
Dutch Harbor (town)53.89-166.54
Dutch Harbor SpitSee Spithead
East Amatuli Island58.92-151.99
East Anchor Cove54.69-163.08

East Anchorage57.12-170.26
East Brother Island57.30-133.82
East Cape (1)51.37179.47Amchitka Island
East Cape (2)See Apavawook Cape
East Cape (3)See Cape Sitkinak

East Cape (4)See Chirikof Point
East Channel52.80173.28Massacre Bay
East Channel IslandSee East Channel Islands
East Channel Islands57.41-156.19
East Channel Massacre BaySee East Channel

East Chugach Island59.13-151.47East Chugach Light
East Chugak IslandSee East Chugach Island
East Foreland60.72-151.41
East Francis Rock57.40-135.64Named after Pilot E. H. Francis of Patterson
East Head55.36-160.49Popof Island

East Head, Harrison's BaySee Oliktok Point
East Head, Smith's BaySee Drew Point
East Landing57.12-170.27
East Point (1)55.04-162.30
East Point (2)57.14-133.17Farragut Bay

East Point (3)See Chernofski Point
Eastern Channel57.02-135.32
Eastern Point57.18-135.45
Eckholms IslandSee The Eckholms
Eddystone RockSee New Eddystone Rock

Edgecumbe PointSee Cape Edgecumbe
Eek Island60.15-162.32
Egegik (town)58.22-157.38
Egegik Bay58.19-157.46

Egegik Bay Entrance LightSee Red Bluff Light
Egegik River58.20-157.41
Egg Harbor55.92-134.32
Egg Island (1)55.23-161.35
Egg Island (2)53.86-166.05

Egg Island (3)63.61-161.74Egg Island Light
Egg Island (4)55.83-159.36
Egg Island PassageSee Sedanka Pass
Eider Point53.96-166.59
Ekuk (town)58.80-158.55

Ekuk Spit58.82-158.56
Eldred Rock58.97-135.22
Elephant Rock55.17-160.50
Elizabeth Island59.16-151.83

Elred RockSee Eldred Rock
Elrington Island59.96-148.12
Elrington LightSee Point Elrington
Elrington Passage59.99-148.10
Elrington Passage Light60.05-148.01

Endicott Arm57.63-133.26
Endicott River58.78-135.24
English Bay (1)57.14-170.32
English Bay (2)60.29-146.67
English Bay (3)53.93-166.24

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Entrance Island (1)56.00-132.46
Entrance Island (2)55.09-161.82
Entrance Island (3)58.20-135.10
Entrance LightSee North Point (2)
Entrance Point55.98-160.58

Ernest Sound55.99-132.08
Erskine Dock57.78-152.42
Erskine Point53.98-166.28
Etolin Island56.10-132.36
Etolin Point58.67-158.33

Eye OpenerSee The Eye Opener
Face Island54.49-162.83
Fairway Rock65.62-168.74
False Bay57.96-134.92
False Cape70.90-158.74

False Pass54.85-163.41
False Point Pybus57.37-133.87
False Point Retreat58.37-134.97
False RetreatSee False Point Retreat
Fanshaw Bay57.21-133.54

Faraway RockSee Fairway Rock
Farragut Bay57.12-133.23
Farway RockSee Fairway Rock
Farwell IslandSee Barwell Island
Faust Rock58.42-134.93

Favorite Channel58.49-134.88
Favorite LightSee Favorite Reef
Favorite Reef58.38-134.86Favorite Reef Light
Fawn Island54.83-162.35
Femmer's Dock58.30-134.41

Fidalgo ArmSee Port Fidalgo
Finger Shoal51.86-176.57
Fire Island (1)53.94-168.05
Fire Island (2)61.16-150.20
First Bluff56.60-169.63Saint George Island

Fish Bay57.37-135.56
Fishermans Point53.94-166.23
Five Fingers IslandSee The Five Fingers
Fivemile Island56.47-132.51
Flat Island56.83-153.74

Flat Islands59.33-151.99Flat Islands Light
Flat Point53.70-166.77
Flock Rock57.13-133.21
Flyaway RockSee Fairway Rock
Foggy Bay54.97-130.98

Foggy Cape56.54-156.97
Foggy Point54.92-130.98
Fontaine Island56.15-133.47
Ford Arm57.57-135.96
Forester IslandSee Forrester Island

Forrester Island54.80-133.53
Fort Davis64.48-165.30
Fort GlennSee Umnak Airport
Fort Liscum61.08-146.36No more existing
Fort Tongass54.77-130.73

Fort William H. Seward59.23-135.44
Fort WrangelSee Wrangell
Fort WrangellSee Wrangell
Foster GlacierSee Taku Glacier
Fox Cape55.67-159.54

Fox Island (1)54.95-162.42
Fox Island (2)59.93-149.33
Fox Island (3)60.17-144.60Fox Island Light
Francis Anchorage57.15-133.18
Frederick Sound57.18-133.91

Freshwater Bay57.90-135.08
Fritz Cove58.33-134.64
Funter Bay58.25-134.90
Funter Bay LightSee Clear Point
Gambell63.78-171.74Saint Lawrence Island

Gambier Bay57.47-134.00
Gambier Island57.44-133.85
Gannet Rocks51.87-176.61
Garden Cove (1)60.34-146.53
Garden Cove (2)56.56-169.53

Gareloi Island51.79-178.81
Garnet Point54.72-130.69
Gastineau Channel58.28-134.37
Gauge Island58.25-134.89
Geese IslandSee Goose Island (1)

Geese Islands56.73-153.89
George ArmSee George Inlet
George Inlet55.42-131.48
George IslandSee Gauge Island
George Islands58.20-136.39

George's InletSee George Inlet
Gilmer Bay57.23-135.82
Glacier Bay58.71-136.17
Glacier Point55.82-130.12
Glory of Russia BaySee Tanaga Bay

Glory of Russia Cape60.60-172.93
Gnat Cove55.38-131.33
Gnat HarborSee Gnat Cove
Goar's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Goer's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island

Golofnin BaySee Golovnin Bay
Goloi Island (1)57.01-135.68
Goloi Island (2)55.10-161.89
Goloi Islands57.36-135.74

Golovin BaySee Golovnin Bay
Golovnin Bay64.42-162.96
Goltsov Point52.96173.17
Goodhope Bay66.12-163.69
Goodnews Bay59.08-161.71

Goose Cove57.51-135.54
Goose Island (1)54.68-162.22
Goose Island (2)60.72-146.73
Gore Point59.20-150.96
Gore's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island

Gori Point57.99-153.06
Gorman Strait55.36-160.13
Gower's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Grand Island58.10-134.13
Grand Plateau Glacier59.02-138.15

Grand Point57.09-133.19
Granite Cove58.20-136.39
Grantley Harbor65.27-166.22
Grass Island Bar60.27-145.38
Grave Island Light57.77-135.20

Grave Point58.06-134.05
Gravina Island55.30-131.79
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Gravina Point60.62-146.25
Great Sitkin Island52.06-176.12
Green Island60.26-147.41
Green Point56.70-132.96
Grief Island56.62-133.07

Grouse IslandSee Grouse Rock
Grouse Rock55.08-130.73
Guage IslandSee Gauge Island
Guard Islands55.45-131.88Guard Island Lighthouse
Gulf of Alaska59.00-145.00

Gulf of Esquibel55.61-133.51
Gull Island (1)55.41-160.64
Gull Island (2)55.49-161.63
Gull Rock60.20-172.79
Gull RocksSee Gull Rock

Gut Bay56.72-134.70
Gvozdev IslandsSee Diomede Islands
Haines HarborSee Portage Cove (1)

Haley Anchorage57.37-135.62
Halfway PointSee Polovina Point
Halibut Bay55.23-130.10
Halibut Point57.10-135.40
Hall Island60.66-173.10

Halleck Harbor56.92-134.22
Halleck Point57.23-135.51
Hallecks CoveSee Halleck Harbor
Hamilton Bay56.89-133.84
Hanin ReefSee Hanin Rocks

Hanin Rocks57.83-152.31Hanin Rocks Light
Hanks Island60.61-145.98
Hanks Island Rock60.61-145.99
Hanning Bay59.97-147.69
Harbor Island57.76-133.63

Harbor Point58.61-137.66Harbor Point Light
Harbor Rock57.05-135.35
Harbour Point54.83-132.93
Harding Gateway59.81-149.45
Harrison Bay70.66-152.11

Harvester Island57.65-153.99
Hassler Island55.88-131.63
Hawadax Island51.80178.31
Hawk Inlet58.13-134.76
Haycock Rock52.08177.68

Hazy Islands55.88-134.59
Head Rock51.93-176.53
Heceta Island55.76-133.53
Helm Point55.83-134.27
Helm Rock56.37-133.64

Herendeen Bay55.84-160.85
Hicks Point56.58-132.97
Hid Reef55.06-131.66
Hidden Inlet54.98-130.35
High Hill52.97-168.86

High Island55.36-160.32
Highland PointSee Point Highland
Hinchinbrook Entrance60.27-146.80
Hinchinbrook Island60.38-146.46
Hinchinbrook LightSee Cape Hinchinbrook

Hive Island59.88-149.37
Hog Island (1)See Hog Rocks
Hog Island (2)58.00-152.69
Hog Rocks55.18-131.30
Hoggatt Bay56.78-134.70

Holcomb BaySee Holkham Bay
Holkham Bay57.75-133.63
Holliday Passage54.55-130.73
Holtz Bay52.95173.19
Homer Spit59.62-151.45

Hook Bay (1)56.50-158.11
Hook Bay (2)55.07-163.38
Hook Point60.34-146.26
Hoonah BaySee Hoonah Harbor

Hoonah Harbor58.11-135.45
Hoonah Island58.19-135.49
Hoonah Point58.12-135.46
Hoonah Sound57.64-135.54
HooniahSee Hoonah

Hooniah BaySee Hoonah Harbor
Hooniah IslandSee Hoonah Island
Hooniah PointSee Hoonah Point
Hooniah SoundSee Hoonah Sound
Horse Shoal58.25-134.70

Hot Springs Bay51.79-177.79
Hotham Inlet66.82-161.97
Humboldt Harbor55.33-160.51
Humpback Rock57.71-152.25
Hunter Bay54.87-132.33

Hunter's BaySee Hunter Bay
Hutchinson Hill57.25-170.11
Hutchinson Reef57.83-152.30
Icehouse Point57.78-152.36

Icy Bay59.95-141.52
Icy Cape70.33-161.87
Icy Point58.39-137.09
Icy Strait58.28-135.65
Idaho Inlet58.16-136.20

Idaho Rock55.32-131.60
Igitikin IslandSee Igitkin Island
Igitkin Island51.98-175.90
IguikSee Egavik
Igushik River58.69-158.82

Ikatan Bay54.78-163.29
Ikatan Peninsula54.72-163.19
Ikatan Point54.78-163.19
Ikiginak Island51.98-175.49

Ikignak IslandSee Ikiginak Island
Ikti CapeSee Cape Ikti
Ilak Island51.48-178.29
Iliasik ChannelSee Iliasik Passage

Iliasik IslandsSee Inner Iliasik Island
Iliasik IslandsSee Outer Iliasik Island
Iliasik PassSee Iliasik Passage
Iliasik Passage55.03-161.93
Iliaski IslandSee Inner Iliasik Island

Iliuliuk Bay53.89-166.51
Illiuliuk HarborSee Iliuliuk Bay
Inanudak Bay53.29-168.45
Ingenstream RocksSee Ingenstrem Rocks
Ingenstrem Rocks52.64174.52

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Inian Cove58.26-136.34
Inian Island58.25-136.32
Inian Island Light58.27-136.40
Inian Islands58.25-136.33
Inner Chiniak BaySee Inner Kodiak Harbor

Inner Humpback Rock57.75-152.35
Inner Iliasik Island55.05-161.94Inner Iliasik Island Light
Inner Iliaska IslandSee Inner Iliasik Island
Inner Island60.47-146.47
Inner Kodiak Harbor57.78-152.42

Inner Point58.23-134.59
Inner Point SophiaSee Cannery Point (1)
Inside Passage57.21-133.80Long inner waterway from Ketchikan to Hoonah and Elfin Cove
Iphigenia Bay55.78-133.89
Irishman's HatSee Irishmans Hat

Irishmans Hat53.99-166.82
Isanotski Strait54.83-163.38
Island LightSee Grave Island Light
JabbertownSee Point Hope (town)
Jack Bay61.04-146.66

Jacob Island55.76-159.36
Japonski Island57.05-135.36
Jaw Point58.28-134.08
Johnson Hill58.59-157.23
Johnston HillSee Johnson Hill

Johnston PointSee Johnstone Point
Johnstone Bay60.49-146.47
Johnstone Point60.48-146.61Johnstone Point Light
Johnstons HillSee Johnson Hill
Jounaska IslandSee Yunaska Island

Jude Island55.26-161.10
Juneau Island58.28-134.39
Juneau IsleSee Juneau Island
Jute Bay57.54-155.85

Kabuch Point54.82-163.36
Kachemak Bay59.61-151.35
Kadiak IslandSee Kodiak Island
Kagalaska Island51.80-176.36
Kah Shake CoveSee Kah Shakes Cove

Kah Shakes Cove55.04-130.98
Kaiuchali Island56.83-135.57
Kak Island56.29-157.83
Kake Harbor56.97-133.95

Kakul Narrows57.38-135.67
Kalekta HeadSee Cape Kalekta
Kalgin Island60.46-151.93
Kaligagan Island54.14-164.91
Kalinin Bay57.33-135.78

Kanaga Island51.75-177.33
Kanaga Volcano51.92-177.16
Kane Islands57.32-135.66
Karluk (town)57.57-154.46
Karluk Anchorage57.58-154.47

Karluk BaySee Karluk Anchorage
Karluk StraitSee Kupreanof Strait
Karpa Island55.51-160.05
Karta Bay55.57-132.54

Kasaan Bay55.50-132.32
Kasatochi Island52.17-175.51
Kashega (town)53.47-167.16
Kashega Bay53.48-167.17
Kashega HarborSee Kashega Bay

Kashega Point53.53-167.19
Kataguni Island59.02-135.25
Katalla Bay60.18-144.54
Katlian Bay57.17-135.34

Katliana BaySee Katlian Bay
Kattala BaySee Katalla Bay
Kayak Entrance59.99-144.36
Kayak Head59.99-144.37
Kayak Island59.93-144.37

Keku Strait56.89-133.93
Kell Bay56.16-134.14
Kelley's StationSee Barrow
Kelly Rock55.19-160.46
Kelly's HouseSee Barrow

Kelly's Landing55.19-160.48Unga Island
Kelly's RockSee Kelly Rock
Kelly's StationSee Barrow
Kelp Bay57.30-134.87
Kelp Point52.96-168.87

Kelp Rocks55.15-131.64
Kempff Bay56.93-154.22
Kenai Peninsula60.17-150.25
Kenasnow IslandSee Killisnoo Island

Kenmore Head54.95-163.03
Ketavie PointSee Kitovi Point
Key Reef56.16-132.83
Khaz Bay57.57-136.10

Khlebnikof Point52.92173.30
Kiktak IslandSee Fox Island (3)
Kilisnoo HarborSee Killisnoo Harbor
Killisnoo Harbor57.46-134.56
Killisnoo Island57.47-134.59

King Cove55.04-162.32
King Island64.98-168.06
King's CoveSee King Cove
King's IslandSee King Island
Kings CoveSee King Cove

Kingsmill Point56.83-134.42Kingsmill Point Light
Kirilof Bay51.42179.26Amchitka Island
Kiska Harbor51.97177.56
Kiska Island51.96177.46
Kitchen Anchorage55.13-162.12

Kitovi Point57.12-170.26
KivalenaSee Kivalina
Kizhuyak Bay57.93-152.67

Kizhuyak Point57.92-152.63
Kizyuyak PointSee Kizhuyak Point
Klokachef Island57.41-135.89
Knight Island60.37-147.74
Knik Anchorage61.22-149.92

Knik HarborSee Knik Anchorage
Kodiak BaySee Chiniak Bay
Kodiak Harbor57.79-152.40
Kodiak Island57.40-153.48

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Konig's StationSee Point Hope (town)
Koniuji Island52.22-175.13
Kook BaySee Basket Bay
Kookoolik Cape63.69-170.35

Kootznahoo Inlet57.53-134.51
Koriga Point53.96-167.01
Korovin Island55.43-160.25
Korovin Strait55.38-160.33
Kotzebue Sound66.55-162.75

Krasni Point52.78173.12
Krugloi Point57.18-135.44
Krusenstern IslandSee Little Diomede Island
Kuiu Island56.54-134.05
Kuiukta Bay56.10-158.62

Kulak Point51.71-178.11
Kulichkof Rock56.99-135.44
Kuliuk PointSee Cape Kuliuk
Kuluk Bay51.88-176.56
Kuluk Shoal51.91-176.53

Kunk Creek56.28-132.39
Kupreanof Harbor55.79-159.34
Kupreanof Point55.57-159.60
Kupreanof Strait58.00-153.17
Kurityien Anaiuliak IslandSee Anangula Island

Kvichak Bay58.60-157.47
Kvichak River58.88-157.04
Kyska HarborSee Kiska Harbor
La ToucheSee Latouche
La Touche PassageSee Latouche Passage

Lagoon Point56.01-161.12
Lake Bay56.04-132.90
Large IslandSee Slaughter Island
Latouche Passage60.02-147.98

Lava HeadSee Lava Point
Lava Point54.17-166.08
Lazy Bay56.89-154.25
Leader Island55.72-159.46
Lemesurier Island58.28-136.08

Lemesurier Island LightSee Lemesurier Point
Lemesurier LightSee Lemesurier Point
Lemesurier Point58.32-136.04
Lemesurier Light
Lenard Harbor55.12-162.43
Leo Anchorage57.42-135.86

Liar Rocks57.01-135.36
Liebes Cove63.44-161.98
Lighthouse Rocks55.78-157.43
Limestone Inlet58.03-133.98

Lincoln Rock56.06-132.70Lincoln Rock Light
Lindenberg Harbor57.46-135.03
Lindenberg Head57.46-135.02
Liscome Bay54.70-132.81
Lisianski Strait57.92-136.38

Litnik Bay58.07-152.79
Little Diomede Island65.75-168.92
Little Island (1)58.54-135.05
Little Island (2)58.20-136.02
Little Kiska Island51.95177.66

Little Koniuji Island55.00-159.38
Little Simeonof IslandSee Little Koniuji Island
Little Sitkin Island51.95178.52
Lituya Bay58.64-137.57
Lone Tree PointSee Lonetree Point

Lonetree Point59.98-148.20
Long Island (1)57.77-152.28
Long Island (2)58.10-135.47
Lookout Point54.39-162.36
Lord Rock54.73-130.82Lord Rock Light

Lord RocksSee Lord Rock
Lost Harbor54.23-165.61
Low Cape56.99-154.52
Low Island57.01-135.61

Low Point59.26-135.37Low Point Light
Lowe PointSee Low Point
Lukanin Point57.13-170.26Saint Paul Island
Lung Island56.51-133.07
Lyn ChannelSee Lynn Canal

Lynn Canal58.69-135.11
Macnamara Point56.33-133.06
Magnet Rock59.31-152.00
Main ChannelSee Main Passage
Main Passage54.61-130.59

Makhnati Rock57.04-135.40
Makushin (town)53.77-166.99
Makushin Bay53.74-166.96
Makushin Bay Cannery53.70-166.75
Makushin CapeSee Makushin Point

Makushin Harbor53.77-166.97
Makushin Point53.76-167.03
Malga Bay53.99-166.18
Manning Point (1)53.46-167.34
Manning Point (2)70.12-143.51

Mansfield Peninsula58.25-134.82
Marble Bluffs57.74-134.73
Marble Islands58.66-136.06
Marmion Island58.20-134.26Marmion Island Light
Marmot Bay58.04-152.35

Marmot Cape58.17-151.87
Marmot Island58.22-151.84
Marsh Island56.12-132.72
Mary Island (1)57.71-152.54
Mary Island (2)55.08-131.21Mary Island Lighthouse

Massacre Bay52.82173.23Geographic Dictionary of Alaska
Matwi IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
McAdoo BaySee Inanudak Bay
McArthur Reef56.40-133.18
McClellan Rock57.45-135.03McClellan Rock Light

McDonald BaySee Yes Bay
McDonald Rock57.42-133.63
McDonough Peak58.22-134.36
McHenry Inlet56.02-132.39
McHenry Ledge55.78-132.30

McLean Arm54.80-132.01
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
McLean Point54.79-131.96McLean Point Light
McNamara PointSee Macnamara Point
Menefee Inlet56.11-132.23
Mexico Point54.76-132.37

Middle BaySee Alimuda Bay
Middle Ground Shoal60.53-146.34
Middle Island54.83-132.94Port Bazan
Middle Point (1)58.25-134.63Middle Point Light
Middle Point (2)57.44-135.57

Middle Point (3)See Sennett Point
Middle Point (4)60.34-147.00
Middle Punuk Island63.08-168.82
Middle Rock (1)61.08-146.65Middle Rock Light
Middle Rock (2)51.67-176.86

Middleton Island59.44-146.33
Midun Island54.84-162.17
Midway Island (1)See Midway Islands
Midway Island (2)See Midway Islands
Midway Islands57.84-133.81Midway Islands Light

Midway LightSee Midway Islands
Midway Point (1)See Middle Point (1)
Midway Point (2)57.73-133.88
Midway Rock56.53-132.97Midway Rock Light
Miller Point57.84-152.35

Miner Island58.01-136.34
Miner's IslandSee Miner Island
Miners Point57.90-153.73
Mink Bay55.06-130.71
Mission Point59.56-139.75

Mist Harbor55.12-159.85
Mitchell Rock57.04-135.34
Mite Cove58.07-136.44
Mite HarborSee Mite Cove
Mitrofania Island55.88-158.82

Mitrofania Passage55.78-159.13
Moffet Point55.45-162.59
Moira Sound55.04-132.07
Mole Harbor57.67-134.06
Montague Island60.11-147.34

Montague Strait60.02-147.77
Monti Bay59.55-139.79
Morgan Point55.04-162.34
Morne Island57.04-135.32
Morris Reef57.47-134.83

Morzhovoi Bay55.03-163.06
Moss Cape55.12-161.94
Mount AugustineSee Augustine Volcano
Mount Calder56.23-133.59
Mount Douglas58.86-153.53

Mount Fairweather58.91-137.53
Mount Shannon57.42-156.40
Mountain CapeSee Mountain Point (2)
Mountain Point (1)55.29-131.54
Mountain Point (2)54.87-160.22

Mountain Point (3)56.74-132.96Mountain Point Beacon
Mud Bay58.20-136.00
Muir Inlet58.91-136.09
Murder Cove57.03-134.56
Murder Point52.79173.18

Mys SievernoiSee North Cape (1)
Nagahut Rocks59.10-151.77
Nagai Island55.09-160.02
Nagai Rocks55.83-155.78
Naha Bay55.60-131.66

Naked Island58.26-134.95Naked Island Light
Naknek (town)58.73-157.01
Naknek River58.72-157.07
Nakwasina Passage57.25-135.45
Narrow Point55.79-132.48Narrow Point Light

Narrow Strait57.90-152.46
Nash Harbor60.22-166.92
Nash Harbor (town)60.20-166.94
Nation Point55.93-134.34
Nazan Bay52.20-174.10

Nazan VillageSee Atka
Neal Point56.45-132.60Neal Point Light
Neets Bay55.78-131.60
Nellie Juan BaySee Aspid Bay
Nellie Juan CapeSee Aspid Cape

Nelson Lagoon55.99-161.09
Neva Point57.24-135.55
Neva Strait57.30-135.61
Nevidiskof BaySee Nevidiskov Bay
Nevidiskov Bay52.78172.84

New Eddystone Rock55.50-130.94
New MetlakatlaSee Metlakatla
Niblack Anchorage55.06-132.12
Niblack Point55.55-132.12
Nichols Passage55.18-131.65

Nichols Point54.86-163.39
Nigger HeadSee High Hill
Nikolski Bay52.96-168.90
Nikolski HarborSee Nikolski Bay

NikolskySee Nikolski
Nikolsky HarborSee Nikolski Bay
Noatak River66.98-162.51
Nob Hill58.23-135.90
Noisy IslandSee Noisy Islands

Noisy Islands57.93-153.56
Nome River64.48-165.31
Nome River Army PostSee Fort Davis
Noo-wookSee Nuwuk

Noon Point (1)55.71-159.40
Noon Point (2)58.34-135.54
Nord Island58.97-152.15
Norris Glacier58.44-134.18
North Anchorage56.61-169.55Saint George Island

North Cape (1)52.42-174.15Atka Island
North Cape (2)55.91-155.59Chirikof Island
North Cape (3)51.94-177.16Kanaga Island
North Cape (4)See Savoonga Point
North Entrance PointSee Kulak Point

North Head (1)54.22-165.94Akutan Island
North Head (2)55.35-160.62Unga Island
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
North Inian Island58.27-136.39
North Inian Island LightSee Inian Island Light
North Inian Pass58.29-136.36
North Island60.62-145.73
North Passage58.32-136.13

North Passage Point57.85-134.94
North Point (1)57.22-170.30
North Point (2)56.30-134.64Port Armstrong Light
North Point (3)53.76-166.92
North Point (4)63.63-162.44

North Punuk Island63.08-168.81
North StraitSee Kupreanof Strait
Northeast Cape63.30-168.69
Northeast Harbor54.44-162.58
Northeast Point (1)57.25-170.10

Northeast Point (2)55.22-160.49Unga Island
Northern Arm Bay of PillarsSee Rowan Bay
Northern Entrance56.83-132.94
Norton Sound63.85-164.27

Nuka Bay59.42-150.54
Nuka Island59.36-150.67
Nunamiut Spit57.11-153.50
Nunez Rocks54.66-132.09
Nunivak Island60.08-166.42

Nushagak (town)58.95-158.49
Nushagak Bay58.62-158.59
Nushagak River58.80-158.63
Nyman Spit57.72-152.52

Observation Island60.60-145.74
Observation Point (1)See Observatory Point
Observation Point (2)63.62-162.37
Observatory Point53.40-167.52
Ocean Cape59.54-139.86Ocean Cape Light

Ogliuga Island51.60-178.65
Ogliugal IslandSee Ogliuga Island
Oglodak Island51.98-175.45
Okee Point53.02-168.86
Old Man RockSee Old Man Rocks

Old Man Rocks53.87-166.08
Old Sitka Rocks57.11-135.40
Olga Bay57.12-154.33
Olga Bay Cannery57.16-154.23
Olga Point57.23-135.54

Olga Strait57.20-135.48
Oliktok Point70.51-149.86
Onslow Island55.88-132.36
OoglamieSee Barrow
Oonemak IslandSee Unimak Island

Orca Bay60.58-146.21
Orca Cannery60.58-145.72
Orca Channel60.61-145.73
Orca Inlet60.52-145.87

Orcas BaySee Orca Bay
Oriflamme Passage54.58-130.66
Orzenoy BaySee Orzinski Bay
Orzinski Bay55.71-160.06
Ostosia IslandSee Otstoia Island

Ostrova DiomidaSee Diomede Islands
Otstoia Island57.56-135.45
Otter Bight53.44-167.84
Otter Cove54.70-163.36
Otter Island57.05-170.40

Otter Point53.39-167.84
Ounalaska IslandSee Unalaska Island
Outer Iliasik Island55.01-161.89
Outer Point58.30-134.69
Outer Rocks57.56-136.16

Outer Signal53.80-166.04
Ouzinkie Harbor57.92-152.50
Pablof HarborSee Pavlof Harbor
Pacific Shoal70.78-151.94

Pankof BaySee Pavlof Bay
Pankof Breaker54.71-163.02
Pankoff BreakerSee Pankof Breaker
Passage IslandsSee Diomede Islands
Patterson Bay56.57-134.66

Patterson Point56.54-134.64
Patton Island54.90-162.14Named after Raymond S. Patton who
served as X.O. on USGC Patterson in 1911
Paul Island55.79-159.31
Pavlof Bay55.33-161.63
Pavlof Harbor57.85-135.02

Pavlof Islands55.13-161.70
Pawik Radio StationSee Naknek (town)
Peak Island60.70-147.38
Peard Bay70.85-158.81
Pearl BaySee Peard Bay

Pearl IslandSee Perl Island
Pearse Canal54.90-130.38
Pennock Island55.32-131.63
Pennock Reef55.34-131.67
Pennrock ReefSee Pennock Reef

Peril Strait57.53-135.27
Perl Island59.12-151.68
Perryville Harbor55.90-159.15

Petersburg BarSee Petersburg Bar Range
Petersburg Bar Range56.82-132.96
Peterson Bay54.38-162.63
Petrel Bank52.17179.83
Phipps Point60.35-146.61

Pillar Cape58.15-152.11
Pillar Rock52.12177.36
Pilot Rock59.74-149.47
PinnacleSee Second Priest Rock
Pinnacle Island60.20-172.76

Pinnacle Point54.13-165.00
Pinnacle Rock (1)59.79-144.60Cape St. Elias Lighthouse
Pinnacle Rock (2)54.40-164.79
Pinnacle Rock (3)54.11-165.57Near Akun Island
Pinnacle Rock (4)See Pinnacle Island

Pinnacle Rock (5)See Second Priest Rock
Piper Island57.39-135.59
Pirate Cove55.36-160.36
Pitt Point70.92-153.13
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Pleasant Island58.36-135.65
Pleasant Island Reef58.31-135.64
Plover Point71.36-156.36
Pogibshi AnchorageSee Goose Cove
Pogibshi Point57.51-135.55

PogromniSee Pogromni Volcano
Pogromni (village)54.64-164.75
Pogromni Volcano54.57-164.69
Point Adam59.26-151.97
Point AdamsSee Point Adam

Point Adolphus58.29-135.78
Point AgustaSee Point Augusta
Point Alexander56.51-132.95
Point Amelia57.22-135.87
Point Anmer57.93-133.85

Point ArdenSee Arden Point
Point Augusta58.04-134.95
Point Baker56.35-133.62
Point Barrie56.44-133.65
Point Barrow71.39-156.48

Point Bede59.31-151.99
Point Belcher70.79-159.65
Point BelgiumSee Point Belcher
Point Benham57.48-135.19
Point Bridget58.68-134.99

Point CarewSee Point Carrew
Point Carolus58.38-136.04
Point Carrew59.56-139.84
Point Caution57.25-134.64
Point Collie70.59-160.11

Point Colpoys56.34-133.20
Point ColypoysSee Point Colpoys
Point CooperSee Cooper Island
Point Cornwallis54.70-132.86
Point Couverden58.19-135.06

Point Craven57.47-134.87Point Craven Light
Point Crowley56.12-134.26
Point Davison55.00-131.61
Point Dundas58.32-136.28
Point DundassSee Point Dundas

Point Ellis56.56-134.32
Point Elrington59.94-148.25Point Elrington Light
Point Farewell54.76-159.59
Point Franklin70.91-158.81
Point Gambier57.44-133.84

Point Gardner57.02-134.61
Point GoreSee Gore Point
Point Grace60.08-147.85
Point Harrington56.17-132.73
Point Harris56.29-134.30

Point Hayes57.48-134.84
Point Helen60.15-147.77Point Helen Light
Point Higgins55.46-131.83
Point Highfield56.49-132.39
Point Highland57.15-133.46

Point Hilda58.22-134.50
Point Hope68.34-166.83
Point Hope (town)68.35-166.73Town of Point Hope
Point Howard58.29-135.06
Point Hugh57.57-133.81Point Hugh Light

Point Incarnation55.55-133.62
Point Kruzof57.34-135.85
Point Lay69.76-163.05
Point League57.63-133.67
Point Lees55.96-131.39

Point Lockwood56.56-132.96
Point Lookout57.65-133.67
Point Marsden58.06-134.81
Point Marsh54.72-132.32
Point McCartey55.10-131.70

Point Percy54.95-131.62
Point Petrof54.49-162.83
Point Possession61.04-150.37
Point Pybus57.31-133.96
Point Retreat58.41-134.96Point Retreat Light

Point Romanof63.20-162.83Romanof Light
Point Saint Albans56.08-133.97
Point Saint Albans Reef56.09-133.94
Point Saint Mary58.73-135.03
Point Salisbury58.21-134.22

Point Sherman58.86-135.15
Point SmithSee Cape Smyth
Point Sophia58.14-135.42
Point Spencer65.28-166.84
Point Stanhope56.01-132.61

Point Styleman57.97-133.90
Point Sykes55.19-131.09
Point TantalionSee Tantallon Point
Point TantallonSee Tantallon Point
Point Turner59.56-139.78

Point Webster54.97-132.61
Point Wilson57.14-134.64
Point Wimbledon58.30-136.38
Point Winslow55.11-131.19
Point Woodhouse56.83-135.54

Point Young58.19-134.56
Polovina Point57.16-170.17
Popof Head55.24-160.34
Popof Island55.32-160.42
Popof Reef55.34-160.51

Popof Strait55.27-160.49
Popoff HeadSee Popof Head
Porpoise Islands58.33-135.47
Porpoise Rocks60.32-146.68
Port Alexander56.25-134.65

Port Althorp58.15-136.34
Port Armstrong56.29-134.67
Port Armstrong LightSee North Point (2)
Port Asumcion55.38-133.53
Port Bainbridge60.03-148.35

Port Bazan54.84-132.93
Port Chatham59.22-151.76
Port Chester55.15-131.57
Port ChesterSee Metlakatla
Port Clarence65.24-166.68

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