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Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 15, 2013, 09:30:35 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Alaskan place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Alaska and an Alphabetical list of Alaskan place names found in the logbooks and Transcriber created maps.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Alaskan Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
Triangulation Points:

For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Russian Place Names -- Reference and Canadian Place Names -- Reference

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 09:33:43 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

Alaskan Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2013, 09:35:13 pm »
Transcriber created maps

A Google Map covering a specific ship or area is a good example of a much appreciated contribution. We will collect them here.

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2013, 10:05:11 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Alaskan place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 18 Oct 2017

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
172 PassSee Amukta Pass
72 PassSee Amukta Pass
Aaron Island58.43738-134.82272
Abraham Islet56.04755-132.68234
Acheredin Bay55.18278-160.72778

Acheredin Point55.12232-160.82092
Acherk HarborSee Sanak Harbor (1)
Adak Island51.78444-176.64028Adak Island Map
Adak Loran Station
Adak Strait51.77306-177.02639
Adams Anchorage58.37083-134.81778

Adams Channel57.45472-135.53722
Adams Point55.11250-131.99500
Admiralty Cove58.18592-134.57924
Admiralty Island57.66667-134.33333
Adugak Island52.90787-169.16027

Adugak RockSee Adugak Island
Affleck Canal56.17833-134.06972
Afognak (town)58.00673-152.77665
Afognak Bay58.04583-152.75278
Afognak Island58.26222-152.58833

Afognak Strait57.98306-152.80944
Afognak VillageSee Afognak (town)
Aghiyuk Island56.18000-156.78778
AhyakSee Ayak
Aiktak Island54.18590-164.83097

Akun Bay54.24333-165.47528
Akun CoveSee Akun Bay
Akun Head54.29523-165.63497
Akun Island54.18833-165.52861

Akun Strait54.12944-165.64167
Akusha Island57.30389-133.65333
Akutan Bay54.19139-165.72361
Akutan CoveSee Akutan Harbor

Akutan Harbor54.13028-165.73778
Akutan Harbor Entrance LightSee Akutan Point
Akutan Island54.12806-165.91806
Akutan LightSee Akutan Point
Akutan Pass54.02532-166.07517

Akutan Point54.14556-165.72944Akutan Light
Akutan StraitSee Akun Strait
Alaid Island52.76040173.89606
Alaska State Capitol58.30199-134.41044
Albatross Bank56.50000-152.50000

Aleutski Island57.04514-135.33995
Aliksemit Island55.99814-156.67603
Alimuda Bay53.43556-167.35222
Alitak Bay56.90657-154.18076
Amagat Island54.90083-162.88500

Amak Island55.41833-163.14389
Amaknak Island53.91212-166.52819
Amchitka Island51.54222178.98333Amchitka Loran Station
Amelius Island56.17778-133.87639
American Bay54.84721-132.82235

Amlia Island52.07861-173.52833
Amnak IslandSee Umnak Island
Amoughta IslandSee Amukta Island
Amoukhta IslandSee Amukta Island
Amukta Island52.48861-171.25833

Amukta Pass52.41750-171.86600
AnaiuliakSee Anangula Island
AnangouliakSee Anangula Island
Anangula Island53.00190-168.90695
Ananiuliak IslandSee Anangula Island

AnayulyakSee Anangula Island
Anchor Pass55.97806-131.40444
Anchor Point (1)59.77195-151.86783Anchor Point Light
Anchor Point (2)56.63806-132.92788

Anchorage Bay56.30833-158.39167
Anchorage PointSee Anchor Point (1)
Andrionica IslandSee Andronica Island
Andronica Island55.32444-160.06500
Angle Point55.23972-131.42361

Aniuliak IslandSee Anangula Island
Anmer PointSee Point Anmer
Annette Island55.12943-131.45210
Ansley Island58.20852-135.12111

Anvil Mountain64.56449-165.37342
Anvil PeakSee Anvil Mountain
Apavawook Cape63.14417-168.87111
Arch Point (1)55.20639-161.90361

Arch Point (2)54.40709-164.56490
Arch Rock53.87758-166.56598
Arden Point58.15889-134.17806Arden Point Light
Arey Island70.11664-143.90987
Ariaga PassageSee Arriaga Passage

Armstrong HarborSee Port Armstrong
Arriaga Passage55.56750-133.66528
Ashmiahk IslandSee Aiktak Island
Ashmiahki IslandSee Aiktak Island
Aspid Bay53.43361-167.40667

Aspid Cape53.44619-167.47114
Atka HarborSee Nazan Bay
Atka Island52.13806-174.44528

Atkha IslandSee Atka Island
Atkulik Island56.27778-157.72972
AttanakSee Atanik
Attu Island52.90250172.90944
Augustine Volcano59.36306-153.43056

Auk BaySee Auke Bay
Auke Bay58.36689-134.67178
Avatanak Island54.07167-165.30389
Avatanak Strait54.12139-165.43750

AziakSee Ayak
Baby Islands53.99284-166.06401
Baht Harbor56.44444-132.82167
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2013, 07:33:44 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Baird Bank57.01681-160.32349
Balboa Bay55.51083-160.59694
Bald Head IslandSee Deuce Island
Bald IslandSee Deuce Island
Bank IslandSee Vank Island

Bar Point55.34972-131.67306
Baralof Bay55.23556-160.55083
Baranof Island56.95139-134.94778
Bare Island57.95394-153.07783
Barlow Cove58.35639-134.89139

Barlow Island58.39651-134.90799Barlow Island Light
Barlow Point58.37858-134.89513
Barnes Point51.81779-177.65270
Barolof BaySee Baralof Bay
Barolof HarborSee Baralof Bay

Barren Island54.74306-131.35611
Barren Islands58.93250-152.18139
Barter Island70.11806-143.66667
Bartlett BaySee Bartlett Cove

Bartlett Cove58.45639-135.89917
Bartlett Point57.01580-134.57201
Barwell Island59.85967-149.27987
Basalt Rock54.10667-165.37472
Basket Bay57.66278-134.91694

Battery Island57.05903-135.38135
Battery Point (1)54.03843-165.89527
Battery Point (2)59.20833-135.36366
Baum CapeSee Cape Baum
Bay of Good HopeSee Goodhope Bay

Bay of Pillars56.60139-134.25778
Bay of Waterfalls51.66425-176.84710
Bay Point (1)57.10833-133.31667
Bay Point (2)55.32107-160.86627
Bazan BaySee Port Bazan

Beacon Point56.94334-133.00278
Bear Bay (1)55.17389-162.00222
Bear Bay (2)57.42028-135.57639
Bear Cape60.34361-146.72167
Bear Creek68.87194-166.05367

Bear IslandSee Hall Island
Beardslee Islands58.51360-135.94585
Beauclerc Island56.25778-133.85389
Beaufort Sea72.60000-136.76000
Beaver Bay55.50444-160.88750

Beechey Point70.48747-149.16264
Beehive Island57.18479-135.43533
Behm Canal55.93694-131.18833
Behm Narrows55.92111-131.50222

Belkofski Bay55.07984-162.13829
Belkofski Point55.07247-162.05169
Belkofsky BaySee Belkofski Bay
Bell Island55.95694-131.48611

Bering Sea59.14028-163.65972
Berners Bay58.75075-134.98009
Besboro Island64.12905-161.31097
Beulah Island63.49850-162.01274
Big Gavanski Island57.13570-135.42585

Big Koniuji Island55.13694-159.54944
Bill Point57.25133-133.54268
Biorka Island (1)56.85389-135.53306
Biorka Island (2)See Sedanka Island

Bird Cape51.65754178.64799Amchitka Island
Bird Island (1)54.66797-163.28928
Bird Island (2)58.49015-134.85014
Bishop Point58.20361-134.15139
Black Bluffs57.12289-170.26854

Black Point (1)56.99417-153.31000
Black Point (2)57.91316-152.48611
Black Rock55.02389-131.05778
Blanche Rock56.08583-132.08806
Blank Islands55.27306-131.64278

Bligh Island60.83528-146.76556
Bligh Island LightSee Bligh Reef
Bligh Island ReefSee Bligh Reef
Bligh Reef60.84056-146.88000Bligh Reef Light
Blight IslandSee Bligh Island

Blind Island56.63801-132.91723
Blossom Shoals70.36667-161.94056
Bluff (town)64.57194-163.75568
Bluff Island56.16833-132.88528
Bluff Point (1)55.57167-159.73222

Bluff Point (2)55.16426-161.89526
Blunt Point56.77972-132.96889
Blying Sound59.83333-149.25000
Boat Harbor54.78950-130.90656
Boat Rock54.78032-130.79940

Bobrof Island51.90611-177.44639
Boca De Quadra55.13250-130.70583
Bocas De Finas55.70000-133.58222
Bocas de Finas PassSee Bocas De Finas
Bogoslof Island53.93583-168.03889

Bogosloff IslandSee Bogoslof Island
Boiler Point55.01257-163.14680
Bold Cape55.02015-162.26051
Bomb Point60.61366-145.90204
Bradford Point59.00061-158.53150

Breaker Point56.60765-169.53664
Breed IslandSee Pustoi Island
Brevig Mission65.33335-166.48924
Bristol Bay57.32639-159.80806
Broad Island57.58635-135.39027

Broken Point57.88139-153.62056
Brower's StationSee Barrow
Brown Cove56.89065-132.80810
Brundage Head53.93166-166.20603
Bucareli Bay55.37000-133.40389

Bucarelli BaySee Bucareli Bay
Buldir Island52.35806175.92472
Burnt Island56.60929-132.97504
Busby Island60.89583-146.78583Busby Island Light
Bush IslandSee Bush Islets

Bush Islets56.13850-134.09830
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2013, 02:07:22 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Bushy Island56.26250-132.98111
Bushy Island Light56.27635-132.96019
Bushy Point55.72944-131.72944
Caamano Point55.49806-131.96917
Cable Bay51.78472-178.01778

Cache Island55.59306-131.68139
Caines Head59.98312-149.38891
California Rock55.31524-131.60335
Camaano PointSee Caamano Point
Camden Bay70.21673-144.75586

Cannery Bay53.70028-166.78528
Cannery Point (1)58.13198-135.46417
Cannery Point (2)53.71561-166.79435
Cape Adagdak52.00124-176.58377
Cape Addington55.44114-133.81751

Cape Agamsik51.78122-178.04255
Cape Aksit54.65790-163.42318
Cape Algonquin60.22323-166.94704
Cape Aliaksin55.48306-160.74361
Cape Alitak56.84750-154.30111

Cape AndersonSee Apavawook Cape
Cape AtchavindiniaSee Acheredin Point
Cape Barnabas57.15104-152.86968
Cape BarrieSee Point Barrie
Cape BartolmeSee Cape Bartolome

Cape Bartolome55.24194-133.61111
Cape Baum55.15879-161.96294
Cape Bingham58.09705-136.53266
Cape BiorkaSee Cape Sedanka
Cape Blossom66.73292-162.49483

Cape BoldSee Bold Cape
Cape Chacon54.69222-132.01444Cape Chacon Light
Cape Chagak53.52735-168.23364
Cape Cheerful54.01594-166.67084
Cape ChibukakSee Chibukak Point

Cape Chichagof58.32788-157.51373
Cape Chiniak57.62056-152.15667
Cape Cleare59.77278-147.90528
Cape CollieSee Point Collie
Cape Cross57.91722-136.56139

Cape Darby64.32667-162.78528
Cape Deceit66.09959-162.74254
Cape Decision56.00556-134.13250Cape Decision Lighthouse
Cape Denbigh64.37902-161.52958
Cape Devine55.37762-160.14942

Cape Douglas58.85222-153.28222
Cape DouglassSee Cape Douglas
Cape Dyer68.65092-166.23078
Cape EdgecombSee Cape Edgecumbe
Cape Edgecumbe56.99667-135.84998Cape Edgecumbe Lighthouse

Cape Edwards Cannery57.58854-135.92714Ford Arm
Cape Elizabeth (1)59.15583-151.88222
Cape Elizabeth (2)See Cape Lisburne
Cape Espenberg66.55728-163.60660
Cape Etolin60.42611-166.16444

Cape Fairfield59.92917-148.87306
Cape Fairweather58.80556-137.94417
Cape Fanshaw57.18567-133.57092Cape Fanshaw Light
Cape FieldSee Umnak Airport
Cape Field at Fort GlennSee Umnak Airport

Cape Georgiana57.33044-135.86260
Cape GolovninSee Point Hope
Cape Greig57.72889-157.69667
Cape Halkett70.80278-152.18806
Cape Hallet   See Cape Halkett

Cape Hinchinbrook60.23472-146.64167Cape Hinchinbrook Lighthouse
Cape Igvak57.43534-156.02500
Cape Ikolik57.28957-154.78174
Cape Ikti55.98139-158.50417
Cape Ilmalianuk53.27312-168.61233

Cape JachachSee Cape Yakak
Cape JackachSee Cape Yakak
Cape Junken59.91806-148.63472
Cape KalekhtaSee Cape Kalekta
Cape Kalekta54.00641-166.36966

Cape KanSee Cape Kanatak
Cape Kanatak57.53583-155.90806
Cape Karluk57.57639-154.51361
Cape Kasilof60.36944-151.37139
Cape KhlebnikofSee Khlebnikof Point

Cape KialegakSee Kialegak Point
Cape Kigun52.02389-175.34583
Cape KiguneSee Cape Kigun
Cape Kigushimkada53.11747-168.80502
Cape KovritzkaSee Cape Kovrizhka

Cape Kovrizhka53.84716-167.15183
Cape Krusenstern67.12806-163.74528
Cape KruzensternSee Cape Krusenstern
Cape KudugakSee Cape Kudugnak
Cape Kudugnak52.22549-174.06120

Cape KukuliakSee Kookoolik Cape
Cape Kuliuk57.80444-153.93056
Cape KuprekoffSee Kupreanof Point
Cape KuzensternSee Cape Krusenstern
Cape Lapin54.96678-164.12888

Cape Lazaref54.61299-163.58703
Cape Lieskof55.78833-162.05417
Cape LisbonSee Cape Lisburne
Cape Lisburne68.88112-166.21523
Cape LizbondSee Cape Lisburne

Cape Lowenstern66.22603-165.87167
Cape Lutke54.48355-164.33762
Cape Mansfield59.94889-149.01528
Cape Mohican60.20556-167.44301
Cape Mordvinof54.93099-164.43254

Cape Morgan54.04488-166.04702
Cape Muzon54.66778-132.68889
Cape Newenham58.64855-162.17194
Cape Nome64.43750-165.00639
Cape of StraitSee Cape Strait

Cape of the StraitSee Cape Strait
Cape Ommaney56.16722-134.66944
Cape Pankof54.66101-163.06292
Cape PankoffSee Cape Pankof
Cape Paramanof58.30417-153.04194

Cape PittSee Pitt Point
Cape Prince of Wales65.59547-168.09119
Cape Resurrection59.86843-149.28429
Cape Riley65.22338-166.47570
Cape Rodney64.64861-166.40306

Cape Romanzof61.81252-166.10094
Cape RomiantsoffSee Cape Romanzof
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2014, 09:39:35 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Cape Rukavitsie54.62670-164.03032
Cape Sabine68.91560-164.60770
Cape Saint Elias59.80750-144.58667Cape Saint Elias Lighthouse
Cape Saint JohnSee Kupreanof Point
Cape Sajaka51.87177-178.22867

Cape SanachnoSee Tatik Point
Cape Sarichef54.59847-164.92599Cape Sarichef Loran Station
Cape Sarichef Light
Cape Sasmik51.59893-177.90942
Cape SavachuSee Savukahuk Point
Cape Sedanka53.84078-166.08839

Cape Seppings67.94861-165.13722
Cape SeppinsSee Cape Seppings
Cape Shaw52.30334-173.99117
Cape Simpson70.98808-154.57219
Cape Sitkinak56.56393-153.87691

Cape SmithSee Cape Smyth
Cape Smyth71.29306-156.78750
Cape SmytheSee Cape Smyth
Cape Spencer58.21139-136.64833Cape Spencer Lighthouse
Cape St. JohnSee Kupreanof Point

Cape Starichkof53.69806-167.04944
Cape StarichofSee Cape Starichkof
Cape Starr52.92464-168.96265Umnak Loran Station
Cape SteepSee Steep Cape
Cape Strait56.99814-133.09319Cape Strait Light

Cape Sudak51.84713-177.62764
Cape Suwarof58.72750-157.04778
Cape SuworofSee Cape Suwarof
Cape Tanak53.55489-167.96422
Cape TangentSee Tangent Point

Cape Thompson68.14389-165.97778
Cape Tolstoi55.36361-161.50306
Cape UgakSee Cape Ugat
Cape Uganik57.96619-153.50510
Cape Ugat57.87108-153.84717

Cape Ulitka55.56111-133.72722
Cape UliukSee Cape Kuliuk
Cape UnaSee Cape Unalishagvak
Cape Unalishagvak57.54528-155.73000
Cape UngaSee Unga Cape

Cape Upright60.31222-172.22778
Cape UtilikSee Cape Ulitka
Cape Uyak57.63861-154.34361
Cape Vancouver60.54949-165.42123
Cape Wedge55.29000-159.87694

Cape Wislow54.01301-166.74581
Cape Woolley64.79642-166.47403
Cape Yakak51.59194-176.94167
Cape Yakataga60.06326-142.43205
Cape York65.41500-167.46361

Capitol DomeSee Alaska State Capitol
Captains Bay53.86009-166.57479
Captains HarborSee Captains Bay
Carlisle Island52.89316-170.05600
Caroline IslandSee Carolyn Island

Carolyn Island64.45228-162.87618
Carp Island55.29861-130.88528
Carroll Inlet55.47278-131.31139
Carroll Point55.29976-131.48339
Casaan BaySee Kasaan Bay

Cascade Bay57.02611-134.75472
Cascade Creek63.69047-160.87011
Cascade Point56.53602-169.57191
Castle Cape56.24101-158.11807
Castle Rock55.27828-159.49642

CastlebarSee Grass Island Bar
Cataract Bight51.69496-176.82534
Cathedral Rocks53.73704-166.88541
Caton Island54.39667-162.43417
Cavana PointSee Gravina Point

Cayne RockSee Cyane Rock
Chagulak Island52.57222-171.14139
Chaik Bay57.32278-134.55528
Chamisso Anchorage66.24639-161.83889
Chamisso Island66.21878-161.82763

Chankliut Island56.14222-158.12194
Channel Entrance LightSee Elrington Passage Light
Channel Island55.39493-131.76403
Channel Islands60.61917-145.79361
Channel Rocks57.37348-135.68313

Chapel BaySee Chapel Roads
Chapel Roads51.64628-176.82006
Chasina Point55.27953-132.02738
Chatam StraitSee Chatham Strait
Chatham Strait56.96500-134.62556

Checats Cove55.48972-130.87778
CheenikSee Golovin
Chegoula IslandSee Chagulak Island
Chernof Point57.94833-152.93611
Chernofski (town)53.40308-167.52262

Chernofski BaySee Chernofski Harbor
Chernofski Harbor53.40667-167.55172
Chernofski Point53.41470-167.55464
Chibukak Point63.78500-171.67389
Chichagof Harbor52.92921173.24358

Chichagof Pass56.35528-132.47194
Chichagoff BaySee Chichagof Harbor
Chichagoff HarborSee Chichagof Harbor
Chickamin River55.81694-130.92694
Chicken Island60.03889-147.93344

ChignickSee Chignik
Chignick BaySee Chignik Bay
Chignik Bay56.38528-158.22611
Chilkat Inlet59.15120-135.42950

Chilkoot Barracks (1)See Fort William H. Seward
Chilkoot Barracks (2)See Port Chilkoot
Chilkoot Inlet59.22583-135.35778
Chiniak Bay57.71306-152.35583
Chiniak Island57.62744-152.15322

ChinikSee Golovin
Chirikof Island55.82500-155.62194
Chirikof Point52.83915173.41621
Chiswell Island59.60083-149.56472
Chiswell RockSee Chiswell Island

Choris Peninsula66.28472-161.88056
Chowiet Bay56.04942-156.72512
Chowiet Island56.03361-156.70167
Christian Sound55.94639-134.37000

Christian's SoundSee Christian Sound
Christmas Island56.86096-134.36867
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2014, 01:52:21 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Chugach Bay59.18833-151.57806
Chugach IslandSee East Chugach Island
Chuginadak Island52.84472-169.81806
Chugul Island (1)See Chagulak Island
Chugul Island (2)See Segula Island

Chugula Island (1)See Chagulak Island
Chugula Island (2)See Segula Island
Chukchi Sea69.45755-171.78223
Chukinuksak PointSee Chuniksak Point
Chuniksak Point52.79155172.74138

Chunisak PointSee Chuniksak Point
Claim Point59.20472-151.81528
Clarence Strait55.98889-132.61583
Clark's IslandSee Saint Lawrence Island
Clarks Point (town)58.84417-158.55083

Clear Point58.24394-134.91649Clear Point Light
Clerke's IslandSee Saint Lawrence Island
Cleveland Passage57.23611-133.51222
Cleveland Peninsula55.74028-132.01444
Clover Passage55.51167-131.75000

Coal Bay (1)59.63513-151.45374
Coal Bay (2)55.36861-161.36361
Coal Cape55.89144-159.00916
Coal Harbor55.33694-160.60417
Coal MineSee Corwin Bluff

Coal VeinSee Corwin Bluff
Coffe PointSee Coffee Point
Coffee Point58.91333-158.61611
Cold Bay (1)55.19167-162.56944
Cold Bay (2)See Puale Bay

Colt Island58.26859-134.72985
Column Point58.12036-136.44787
Colville River70.44611-150.35778
Conclusion HarborSee Seclusion Harbor
Conclusion Island56.47806-133.80250

Cone Hill57.17481-170.36181
Cone Island52.20632-174.18727
Constantine Bay53.95376-166.42056
Constantine Harbor51.40124179.29979
Controller Bay60.08333-144.23944

Convenient Cove55.86889-131.68111
Cook Inlet59.19844-152.88574
Coon Island55.46083-131.50444
CooperSee Jabbertown
Cooper Island71.23778-155.67972

Cooper Islands52.94724173.25482
Cooper's StationSee Jabbertown
CoopersSee Jabbertown
Copper Harbor55.21222-132.62028
Copper Mountain BaySee Copper Harbor

Cora Point55.91473-134.11946
Cordova Bay (1)54.85083-132.56639
Cordova Bay (2)See Orca Bay
Cornwallis Point56.93333-134.26917

Coronation Island55.87944-134.24611
Corwin Bluff68.87778-165.05417
Corwin Coal MineSee Corwin Bluff
Corwin LagoonSee Kivalina Lagoon
Couverden Rock58.21578-135.02914

Craig Point56.45667-132.73222
Crater Mountain63.38966-162.05800
Creek Point (1)55.05337-131.51193
Creek Point (2)57.21579-135.50385

Cross Hill57.23265-170.12398
Cross Island (1)70.49083-147.94583
Cross Island (2)55.17750-160.48635
Cross Sound58.17778-136.51000
Cube Point57.97624-134.77126

Custom House CoveSee Customhouse Cove
Customhouse Cove55.09333-131.22722
Cutter Point53.39259-167.51091
Cutter Rocks55.29000-131.52361
Cyane Rock57.79016-152.38681

Dad Rock58.23336-136.33866
Dall Island54.95611-133.05917
Dalnoi Point56.61290-169.78443
Danger Island59.92583-148.07611
Danger Point56.66133-132.92260

Dangerous Cape59.39750-151.90361
David Island57.03139-156.49806
Davidson Bank54.00000-163.75000
Dead Tree Point55.74842-133.66430
Deadman Reach57.54278-135.49111

Dean's InletSee Dease Inlet
Dease Inlet71.03083-155.42611
Deep Bay57.44239-135.62103
Deer Island54.91667-162.31556
Deer Island PassageSee Deer Passage

Deer Passage55.00243-162.28592
Deering (town)66.07374-162.71396
Deichman Rock56.05894-132.82380
Delarof BaySee Delarof Harbor
Delarof Harbor55.17972-160.51667

Demarcation Point69.68658-141.30349
Deralof BaySee Delarof Harbor
Deralof HarborSee Delarof Harbor
Derbin PassSee Derbin Strait
Derbin Strait54.08417-165.22750

Derby Point53.15851-168.79292
Deuce Island57.57204-136.08310
Deviation Peak67.06492-161.10798
Devil Mountain66.29555-164.52516
Devil's MountainSee Devil Mountain

Dewey Anchorage55.92778-132.38917Named after Ensign Theodore Dewey of the Patterson
DiemeadsSee Diomede Islands
Dillingham (town)59.03972-158.45750
DimeadsSee Diomede Islands
Diomede (town)65.75810-168.95200

Diomede Islands65.76687-168.99445
Discovery Point60.24595-147.70097
Disenchantment Bay59.96194-139.57000
Dixon Entrance54.71667-131.52139
Dixon Harbor58.34944-136.85750

Dixon's EntranceSee Dixon Entrance
Dixon's HarborSee Dixon Harbor
Dog Cove57.16513-135.42074
Dog Point57.16929-135.42327
Dolgoi BaySee Dolgoi Harbor

Dolgoi Harbor55.12917-161.77611
Dolgoi Island (1)55.12444-161.74417
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Dolgoi Island (2)54.82139-132.97417
Dolnoi PointSee Dalnoi Point
Dora Harbor54.70000-163.26667
Douglas Island58.27056-134.50583

Drew Point70.87694-153.93694
Dry Bay59.14667-138.56361
Dry Cove Mountain56.98302-133.34218
Dry IslandSee Dry Spruce Island
Dry Spruce Bay57.93937-153.03938

Dry Spruce Island57.95528-153.04139
Du PontSee Dupont
Dublin Bay54.70000-164.75000
Duck Point57.21229-133.51603Duck Point Light
Duke Island54.93083-131.34556

Duncan Canal56.63972-133.11194
Dundas Bay58.35014-136.33656
Dundas PointSee Point Dundas
Dupont Creek58.22860-134.26482

Dutch Harbor53.89996-166.52381Dutch Harbor Map
Dutch Harbor (town)53.88980-166.54220
Dutch Harbor SpitSee Spithead
DymeadsSee Diomede Islands
Ear Mountain65.92785-166.21971

East Amatuli Island58.91917-151.98528
East Anchor Cove54.69306-163.08306
East Anchorage57.12217-170.26448
East Brother Island57.30139-133.81917
East Cape (1)51.37141179.46570Amchitka Island

East Cape (2)See Apavawook Cape
East Cape (3)See Cape Sitkinak
East Cape (4)See Chirikof Point
East Channel52.79871173.27740Massacre Bay
East Channel IslandSee East Channel Islands

East Channel Islands57.41418-156.19143
East Channel Massacre BaySee East Channel
East Chugach Island59.12778-151.47139East Chugach Light
East Chugak IslandSee East Chugach Island
East Foreland60.72028-151.40611

East Francis Rock57.40146-135.63605Named after Pilot E. H. Francis of Patterson
East Head55.35733-160.49240Popof Island
East Head, Harrison's BaySee Oliktok Point
East Head, Smith's BaySee Drew Point
East Landing57.12117-170.26996

East Point (1)55.03894-162.30266
East Point (2)57.14499-133.17335Farragut Bay
East Point (3)See Chernofski Point
Eastern Channel57.01722-135.32194
Eastern Point57.17713-135.45306

Eckholms IslandSee The Eckholms
Eddystone RockSee New Eddystone Rock
Edgecumbe PointSee Cape Edgecumbe
Eek Island60.15083-162.31722

Egegik (town)58.21556-157.37583
Egegik Bay58.18611-157.45778
Egegik Bay Entrance LightSee Red Bluff Light
Egegik River58.20382-157.40833
Egg Harbor55.91778-134.32000

Egg Island (1)55.22778-161.35278
Egg Island (2)53.86265-166.05054
Egg Island (3)63.60851-161.74029Egg Island Light
Egg Island (4)55.82819-159.35995
Egg Island PassageSee Sedanka Pass

Eider Point53.95788-166.58951
Ekuk (town)58.80351-158.55339
Ekuk Spit58.81627-158.56112
Eldred Rock58.97167-135.22083
Elephant Rock55.16652-160.49586

Elizabeth Island59.15694-151.82917
Elred RockSee Eldred Rock
Elrington Island59.95528-148.11500
Elrington LightSee Point Elrington

Elrington Passage59.98861-148.09833
Elrington Passage Light60.04608-148.01192
Emahnuhto Bluffs57.19162-170.41615
Endicott Arm57.62778-133.26083
Endicott River58.77806-135.24389

English Bay (1)57.14167-170.32167
English Bay (2)60.29083-146.67000
English Bay (3)53.92722-166.24250
English Bay (4)59.35472-151.93111
Entrance Island (1)55.99500-132.46361

Entrance Island (2)55.09333-161.81778
Entrance Island (3)58.19694-135.09972
Entrance LightSee North Point (2)
Entrance Point55.97913-160.58244
Ernest Sound55.99389-132.07500

Erskine Dock57.78410-152.42408
Erskine Point53.98194-166.27687
Etolin Island56.09778-132.36028
Etolin Point58.66583-158.32667
Eye OpenerSee The Eye Opener

Face Island54.48649-162.82674
Fairway Island57.44144-134.87349
Fairway Rock65.62486-168.74142
False Bay57.96389-134.92472
False Cape70.90446-158.73734

False Pass54.85413-163.41130
False Point Pybus57.36722-133.86639
False Point Retreat58.37028-134.96806
False RetreatSee False Point Retreat
Fanshaw Bay57.20611-133.53944

Faraway RockSee Fairway Rock
Farewell RockSee Fairway Rock
Farragut Bay57.11889-133.23056
Farway RockSee Fairway Rock
Farwell IslandSee Barwell Island

Faust Rock58.41806-134.92667
Favorite Channel58.48944-134.88278
Favorite LightSee Favorite Reef
Favorite Reef58.38169-134.86018Favorite Reef Light
Fawn Island54.82500-162.35222

Femmer's Dock58.29913-134.40717
Fidalgo ArmSee Port Fidalgo
Finger Point56.67945-132.94404
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Finger Shoal51.86022-176.56780
Fire Island (1)53.94440-168.04750
Fire Island (2)61.15944-150.19861
First Bluff56.60278-169.62500Saint George Island
Fish Bay57.37167-135.56083

Fishermans Point53.93891-166.23104
Fishery Point57.78972-134.71620
Five Fingers IslandSee The Five Fingers
Fivemile Island56.46927-132.51383
Flat Island56.82944-153.73944

Flat Islands59.32993-151.99396Flat Islands Light
Flat Point53.70209-166.77375
Flaxman Island70.19514-146.05182
Flock Rock57.13240-133.20670
Flyaway RockSee Fairway Rock

Foggy Bay54.96778-130.97944
Foggy Cape56.54056-156.97389
Foggy Point54.92433-130.97677
Fontaine Island56.15076-133.47359
Ford Arm57.56889-135.96194

Forester IslandSee Forrester Island
Forrester Island54.80306-133.52722
Fort Davis64.48232-165.29573
Fort GlennSee Umnak Airport
Fort Liscum61.08477-146.35929No more existing

Fort Tongass54.77322-130.73456
Fort William H. Seward59.22705-135.44379
Fort WrangelSee Wrangell
Fort WrangellSee Wrangell
Foster GlacierSee Taku Glacier

Fox Cape55.66639-159.53667
Fox Island (1)54.95139-162.42417
Fox Island (2)59.92722-149.32889
Fox Island (3)60.16585-144.60325Fox Island Light
Francis Anchorage57.15222-133.18222

Frederick Sound57.17667-133.90639
Freshwater Bay57.89639-135.08167
Fritz Cove58.32806-134.64167
Funter Bay58.24590-134.89529
Funter Bay LightSee Clear Point

Gambell63.77972-171.74111Saint Lawrence Island
Gambell PointSee Chibukak Point
Gambier Bay57.47450-134.00093
Gambier Island57.44250-133.85250
Gannet Rocks51.86730-176.60930

Garden Cove (1)60.33778-146.53194
Garden Cove (2)56.56374-169.52677
Gareloi Island51.79444-178.80806
Garnet Point54.71899-130.68632
Gastineau Channel58.27538-134.37189

Gauge Island58.24861-134.89499
Geese IslandSee Goose Island (1)
Geese Islands56.73111-153.88500
George ArmSee George Inlet
George Inlet55.41639-131.48139

George IslandSee Gauge Island
George Islands58.19894-136.38930
George's InletSee George Inlet
Gibson Island52.94445173.26778
Gilmer Bay57.23280-135.82346

Glacier Bay58.70691-136.16730
Glacier Island60.88250-147.20444
Glacier Point55.81946-130.11718
Glory of Russia BaySee Tanaga Bay
Glory of Russia Cape60.60056-172.93083

Gnat Cove55.37911-131.32662
Gnat HarborSee Gnat Cove
Goar's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Goer's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Golofnin BaySee Golovnin Bay

Goloi Island (1)57.01194-135.68389
Goloi Island (2)55.10057-161.88921
Goloi Islands57.36359-135.74003
Golovin BaySee Golovnin Bay

Golovin Mission64.44782-162.86146
Golovnin Bay64.41556-162.95917
Goltsov Point52.95784173.17217
GolvninSee Golovin
Goodhope Bay66.12167-163.69417

Goodnews Bay59.08167-161.71389
Goose Cove57.50982-135.54305
Goose Island (1)54.68445-162.22275
Goose Island (2)60.72028-146.72583
Gore Point59.19806-150.96250

Gore's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Gori Point57.98972-153.05528
Gorman Strait55.35861-160.12583
Gower's IslandSee Saint Matthew Island
Grand Island58.09556-134.12639

Grand Plateau Glacier59.01667-138.15000
Grand Point57.09099-133.18571
Granite Cove58.19528-136.39056
Grantley Harbor65.27141-166.21668
Grass Island Bar60.27388-145.38345

Grave Island Light57.77489-135.19874
Grave Point58.06243-134.05078
Gravina Island55.30389-131.78639
Gravina Point60.62389-146.25194
Great Sitkin Island52.05806-176.11944

Greek PointSee Creek Point (2)
Green Island60.26361-147.41306
Green Point56.70055-132.95616
Green Rocks56.66704-132.93337
Grief Island56.62111-133.06778

Griffin Point70.06367-142.87076
Grindall Island55.44372-132.13102
Grouse IslandSee Grouse Rock
Grouse Rock55.08472-130.72500
Guage IslandSee Gauge Island

Guard Islands55.44611-131.87889Guard Island Lighthouse
Gulf of Alaska59.00000-145.00000
Gulf of Esquibel55.61028-133.50889
Gull Island (1)55.40861-160.64111
Gull Island (2)55.48972-161.62750

Gull Rock60.19722-172.79111
Gull RocksSee Gull Rock
Gut Bay56.71525-134.69856
Gvozdev IslandsSee Diomede Islands
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Hadley HarborSee Lyman Anchorage
Haines HarborSee Portage Cove (1)
Hair Seal CapeSee Seal Cape (1)

Haley Anchorage57.37250-135.61556
Halfway PointSee Polovina Point
Halibut Bay55.22990-130.09606
Halibut IslandSee Sanak Island
Halibut Point57.10003-135.40027

Hall Island60.66389-173.09611
Halleck Harbor56.91611-134.22361
Halleck Point57.22948-135.51434
Hallecks CoveSee Halleck Harbor
Hamilton Bay56.89111-133.84167

Hanin ReefSee Hanin Rocks
Hanin Rocks57.83489-152.31278Hanin Rocks Light
Hanks Island60.61361-145.97861
Hanks Island Rock60.60719-145.98607
Hanning Bay59.97083-147.69361

Hanus Reef58.13068-134.99970
Harbor Island57.76060-133.62774
Harbor Point58.61104-137.65530Harbor Point Light
Harbor Rock57.05343-135.34710
Harbour Point54.83431-132.93200

Harding Gateway59.81389-149.45306
Harrison Bay70.66361-152.11167
Harvester Island57.64963-153.99279
Hassler Island55.87694-131.63333
Hawadax Island51.79833178.30833

Hawk Inlet58.13000-134.76222
Haycock Rock52.07737177.67993
Hazy Islands55.87611-134.59222
Head Rock51.92553-176.52652
Heceta Island55.76444-133.53194

Helm Point55.82809-134.27490
Helm Rock56.36722-133.64194
Herendeen Bay55.84250-160.84861
Hicks Point56.57658-132.97073

Hid Reef55.05750-131.66417
Hidden Inlet54.98244-130.34866
High BluffsSee Emahnuhto Bluffs
High Hill52.97224-168.85574
High Island55.35950-160.31937

Highland PointSee Point Highland
Highwater Island57.28081-135.59841
Hinchinbrook Entrance60.26917-146.79833
Hinchinbrook Island60.38194-146.45694
Hinchinbrook LightSee Cape Hinchinbrook

Hive Island59.88444-149.36556
Hog Island (1)See Hog Rocks
Hog Island (2)58.00414-152.68850
Hog Rocks55.18083-131.29500
Hoggatt Bay56.77591-134.70217

Holabut IslandSee Sanak Island
Holcomb BaySee Holkham Bay
Holkham Bay57.74583-133.62528
Holliday Passage54.54694-130.72778
Holtz Bay52.94605173.19320

Homer Spit59.62000-151.45472
Hook Bay (1)56.50382-158.10905
Hook Bay (2)55.06697-163.37803
Hook Point60.33629-146.25790

Hoonah BaySee Hoonah Harbor
Hoonah Harbor58.11276-135.45486
Hoonah Island58.18727-135.49404
Hoonah Point58.11938-135.45885
Hoonah Sound57.63556-135.54083

HooniahSee Hoonah
Hooniah BaySee Hoonah Harbor
Hooniah IslandSee Hoonah Island
Hooniah PointSee Hoonah Point
Hooniah SoundSee Hoonah Sound

Horse Shoal58.25417-134.70431
Hot Springs Bay51.78611-177.79361
Hotham Inlet66.81972-161.96500
Humboldt Harbor55.32778-160.50833
Hump Island58.45952-134.98592

Humpback Rock57.70806-152.24861
Humphrey Point69.97474-142.51782
Hunter Bay54.87139-132.33111
Hunter's BaySee Hunter Bay
Hutchinson Hill57.24583-170.11333

Hutchinson Reef57.83000-152.30306
Icehouse Point57.78043-152.36108
Icy Bay59.95243-141.52451
Icy Cape70.32972-161.87417

Icy Point58.39222-137.08889
Icy Reef69.77113-141.65063
Icy Strait58.27806-135.64667
Idaho Inlet58.15540-136.20232
Idaho Rock55.31699-131.60215

Igikalik CreekSee Thetis Creek (1)
Igitikin IslandSee Igitkin Island
Igitkin Island51.98139-175.90004
IguikSee Egavik
Igushik River58.69194-158.82000

Ikatan Bay54.77917-163.29361
Ikatan Peninsula54.72278-163.19389
Ikatan Point54.77599-163.18628
Ikiginak Island51.97780-175.48977

Ikignak IslandSee Ikiginak Island
Ikti CapeSee Cape Ikti
Ilak Island51.47778-178.28722
Iliamna (1)59.75680-154.91108
Iliamna (2)See Old Iliamna

Iliamna (3)See Iliamna Cabin
Iliamna Bay59.63877-153.59745
Iliamna Cabin59.68347-153.63461
Iliasik ChannelSee Iliasik Passage
Iliasik IslandsSee Inner Iliasik Island

Iliasik IslandsSee Outer Iliasik Island
Iliasik PassSee Iliasik Passage
Iliasik Passage55.03000-161.92833
Iliaski IslandSee Inner Iliasik Island
IliuliukSee Unalaska

Iliuliuk Bay53.89278-166.51028
Illiamna (1)See Iliamna (1)
Illiamna (2)See Old Iliamna
Illiamna (3)See Iliamna Cabin
Illianna (1)See Iliamna (1)

Illianna (2)See Old Iliamna
Illianna (3)See Iliamna Cabin
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Illiuliuk HarborSee Iliuliuk Bay
Immaruk BasinSee Imuruk Basin
Imuruk Basin65.12942-165.67427
Inanudak Bay53.29083-168.44556
Indian Rock59.27361-135.39611

Ingenstream RocksSee Ingenstrem Rocks
Ingenstrem Rocks52.63750174.52361
Inian Cove58.26460-136.34016
Inian Island58.25000-136.31667
Inian Island Light58.27164-136.40265

Inian Islands58.24861-136.32861
Inner Chiniak BaySee Inner Kodiak Harbor
Inner Humpback Rock57.75213-152.34975
Inner Iliasik Island55.05340-161.94431Inner Iliasik Island Light
Inner Iliaska IslandSee Inner Iliasik Island

Inner Island60.47076-146.46921
Inner Kodiak Harbor57.78376-152.41762
Inner Point58.23122-134.58947
Inner Point SophiaSee Cannery Point (1)
Inside Passage57.21366-133.80249Long inner waterway from Ketchikan to Hoonah and Elfin Cove

Iphigenia Bay55.77694-133.89306
Irishman's HatSee Irishmans Hat
Irishmans Hat53.99389-166.81806
Isanotski Strait54.83105-163.37683
Island LightSee Grave Island Light

Itkillik River70.14961-150.93854
Itvelik RiverSee Itkillik River
Jack Bay61.04167-146.65833
Jackson PointSee Point Jackson

Jacob Island55.76083-159.35722
Japonski Island57.05222-135.36000
Jaw Point58.27944-134.07778
Johnson Hill58.59250-157.23278
Johnston HillSee Johnson Hill

Johnston PointSee Johnstone Point
Johnstone Bay60.48937-146.46784
Johnstone Point60.48361-146.61139Johnstone Point Light
Johnstons HillSee Johnson Hill
Jones Islands70.54417-149.38778

Jounaska IslandSee Yunaska Island
Jude Island55.26366-161.10401
Juneau Island58.27604-134.38541
Juneau IsleSee Juneau Island

Jute Bay57.54222-155.85000
Kabuch Point54.81582-163.36078
Kachemak Bay59.60917-151.34750
Kadiak IslandSee Kodiak Island
Kagalaska Island51.80167-176.35778

Kagamil Island52.99306-169.71194
Kah Shake CoveSee Kah Shakes Cove
Kah Shakes Cove55.04165-130.98441
Kaigahnee StraitSee Kaigani Strait

Kaigani Strait54.84861-132.78694
Kaiuchali Island56.83306-135.56528
Kak Island56.28701-157.83216
Kake Harbor56.97139-133.94613

Kakul Narrows57.37734-135.66617
Kalekta HeadSee Cape Kalekta
Kalgin Island60.46472-151.93083
Kaligagan Island54.14273-164.91251
Kalinin Bay57.32731-135.78084

Kanaga Island51.75084-177.33170
Kanaga Volcano51.92472-177.16167
Kane Islands57.32219-135.66433
Kangee Camp63.57481-170.89139
Karluk (town)57.56889-154.45513

Karluk Anchorage57.57639-154.47056
Karluk BaySee Karluk Anchorage
Karluk StraitSee Kupreanof Strait
Karpa Island55.51056-160.04917
Karta Bay55.57194-132.54139

Kasaan Bay55.49722-132.31944
Kasatochi Island52.17014-175.50917
Kashega (town)53.46613-167.16256
Kashega Bay53.47806-167.17250

Kashega HarborSee Kashega Bay
Kashega Point53.52590-167.18750
Kataguni Island59.01500-135.25028
Katalla Bay60.17900-144.53510

Katlian Bay57.16944-135.33611
Katliana BaySee Katlian Bay
Kattala BaySee Katalla Bay
Kayak Entrance59.98639-144.35694
Kayak Head59.98800-144.37061

Kayak Island59.93417-144.36833
KeewalikSee Kiwalik
Keku Strait56.89056-133.93167
Kell Bay56.15556-134.14472
Kelley's StationSee Barrow

Kelly Rock55.19369-160.45777
Kelly's HouseSee Barrow
Kelly's Landing55.19097-160.47854Unga Island
Kelly's RockSee Kelly Rock
Kelly's StationSee Barrow

Kelp Bay57.30000-134.86750
Kelp Point52.95977-168.86804
Kelp Rocks55.14972-131.64389
Kempff Bay56.93000-154.22167

Kenai Peninsula60.16667-150.25000
Kenasnow IslandSee Killisnoo Island
Kenmore Head54.94706-163.03110
Ketavie PointSee Kitovi Point

Key Reef56.15917-132.83139
Khaz Bay57.57056-136.10333
Khlebnikof Point52.92458173.29894
Kialegak Point62.97711-169.53389
Kiktak IslandSee Fox Island (3)

Kilisnoo HarborSee Killisnoo Harbor
Killisnoo Harbor57.46250-134.56222
Killisnoo Island57.46972-134.59056
King Cove55.04467-162.31832
King Island64.97086-168.06576

King Island VillageSee Ukivok
King River65.40309-167.40465
King's CoveSee King Cove
King's IslandSee King Island
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Kings CoveSee King Cove
Kingsmill Point56.83306-134.42000Kingsmill Point Light
Kirilof Bay51.41806179.25667Amchitka Island
Kirk Point54.99222-131.00750
Kiska Harbor51.96694177.56389

Kiska Island51.96417177.46000
Kitchen Anchorage55.12826-162.11769
Kitovi Point57.12471-170.26041
KivalenaSee Kivalina

Kivalina Lagoon67.78722-164.66222
Kizhuyak Bay57.93333-152.66667
Kizhuyak Point57.91731-152.63499
Kizyuyak PointSee Kizhuyak Point

Klawak InletSee Klawock Inlet
Klawock Inlet55.53104-133.12649
Klokachef Island57.41139-135.88972
Knight Island60.36611-147.73944

Knik Anchorage61.21667-149.91667
Knik HarborSee Knik Anchorage
Knowles Head60.68154-146.62362
Kodiak BaySee Chiniak Bay

Kodiak Harbor57.78724-152.40000
Kodiak Island57.39611-153.48333
Kokolik River69.76206-162.98402
Konig's StationSee Point Hope (town)

Koniuji Island52.22202-175.13083
KoogmuteSee Kuk
Kook BaySee Basket Bay
Kookoolik Cape63.69240-170.34676
Kootznahoo Inlet57.53389-134.51417

Koriga Point53.95984-167.00974
Korovin Island55.43222-160.25333
Korovin Strait55.37972-160.32778
Kotzebue Sound66.54611-162.74944

Krasni Point52.78426173.12359
Krugloi Point57.18332-135.43954
Krusenstern IslandSee Little Diomede Island
Kuiu Island56.54056-134.05111
Kuiukta Bay56.09806-158.62222

Kulak Point51.70639-178.10694
Kulichkof Rock56.99167-135.44139
Kuliuk PointSee Cape Kuliuk
Kuluk Bay51.87500-176.56306

Kuluk Shoal51.91278-176.53056
Kunk Creek56.28353-132.39487
Kupreanof Harbor55.78695-159.34184
Kupreanof Point55.56694-159.59722
Kupreanof Strait57.99722-153.17444

Kurityien Anaiuliak IslandSee Anangula Island
Kvichak Bay58.60111-157.47167
Kvichak River58.88056-157.03722
Kyska HarborSee Kiska Harbor
La ToucheSee Latouche

La Touche PassageSee Latouche Passage
Lagoon Point56.01167-161.12444
Lake Bay56.03806-132.89500
Lake Dune57.22370-170.14054
Large IslandSee Slaughter Island

Latouche Passage60.02222-147.97917
Lava HeadSee Lava Point
Lava Point54.17381-166.08243
Lazy Bay56.89361-154.24500

Leader Island55.72203-159.46466
Leesy IslandSee Fox Island (1)
Lemesurier Island58.28444-136.08472
Lemesurier Island LightSee Lemesurier Point
Lemesurier LightSee Lemesurier Point

Lemesurier Point58.31893-136.04033
Lemesurier Light
Lenard Harbor55.12355-162.43217
Leo Anchorage57.42233-135.86157
Liar Rocks57.01086-135.36334

Liebes Cove63.44034-161.97736
Liesnoi Shoal57.41250-135.60833
Lighthouse Rocks55.77500-157.42500
Lime Point55.05277-132.62504
Limestone Inlet58.03337-133.97887

Lincoln Bight57.20833-170.35833
Lincoln Rock56.05694-132.69583Lincoln Rock Light
Lindenberg Harbor57.45833-135.02917
Lindenberg Head57.45552-135.02395
Lion Point70.24361-147.27587

Lion ReefSee Lion Point
Liscome Bay54.70250-132.81083
Lisianski Point57.14342-135.39428
Lisianski Strait57.91944-136.37639
Litnik Bay58.07352-152.79038

Little Diomede Island65.75263-168.92406
Little Island (1)58.54112-135.04738
Little Island (2)58.20409-136.02396
Little Kiska Island51.95250177.65917
Little Koniuji Island55.00389-159.37750

Little Priest RockSee Second Priest Rock
Little Simeonof IslandSee Little Koniuji Island
Little Sitkin Island51.94998178.51891
Lituya Bay58.63694-137.57306
Lizzie IslandSee Fox Island (1)

Lone Tree PointSee Lonetree Point
Lonetree Point59.98192-148.19904
Long Island (1)57.76611-152.28056
Long Island (2)58.09694-135.46694
Lookout Point54.38959-162.36104

Lord Rock54.72528-130.81750Lord Rock Light
Lord RocksSee Lord Rock
Lost Harbor54.22611-165.61111
Low Cape56.99333-154.52361

Low Island57.01107-135.61111
Low Point59.26386-135.37148Low Point Light
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Lowe PointSee Low Point
Lowrie Island54.85915-133.53916
Lukanin Point57.12983-170.25702Saint Paul Island
Lung Island56.51139-133.06861
Lyman Anchorage55.54306-132.28889

Lyn ChannelSee Lynn Canal
Lynn Canal58.69194-135.11417
Macnamara Point56.33111-133.06417
Magnet Rock59.30882-152.00495
Main ChannelSee Main Passage

Main Passage54.60583-130.59056
Makhnati Rock57.03606-135.39637
Makushin (town)53.76914-166.98744
Makushin Bay53.73583-166.96111
Makushin Bay Cannery53.69523-166.75066

Makushin CapeSee Makushin Point
Makushin Harbor53.76769-166.96884
Makushin Point53.75703-167.02739
Malga Bay53.99203-166.18023
Manning Point (1)53.45770-167.33706

Manning Point (2)70.11833-143.50917
Mansfield Peninsula58.24611-134.82056
Marble Bluffs57.74111-134.73028
Marble Islands58.65690-136.05546
Marmion Island58.19818-134.25653Marmion Island Light

Marmot Bay58.03583-152.34861
Marmot Cape58.16639-151.86556
Marmot Island58.21556-151.83972
Marsh Island56.11558-132.71514
Marten Arm55.12708-130.63362

Martin Point70.12083-143.25889
Mary Island (1)57.70750-152.53694
Mary Island (2)55.07833-131.21111Mary Island Lighthouse
Massacre Bay52.82424173.23019Geographic Dictionary of Alaska
Matwi IslandSee Saint Matthew Island

McAdoo BaySee Inanudak Bay
McArthur Reef56.39500-133.18000
McClellan Rock57.45275-135.02669McClellan Rock Light
McDonald BaySee Yes Bay
McDonald Rock57.41833-133.63278

McDonough Peak58.22333-134.35639
McHenry Inlet56.01667-132.39083
McHenry Ledge55.77861-132.30250
McLean Arm54.79778-132.00750
McLean Point54.79139-131.95861McLean Point Light

McNamara PointSee Macnamara Point
Menefee Inlet56.10583-132.22889
Mexico Point54.75626-132.37495
Middle BaySee Alimuda Bay

Middle Ground Shoal60.52639-146.34361
Middle Island54.83224-132.94264Port Bazan
Middle Point (1)58.24843-134.62870Middle Point Light
Middle Point (2)57.43867-135.57099
Middle Point (3)See Sennett Point

Middle Point (4)60.34351-147.00359
Middle Punuk Island63.07557-168.82381
Middle Rock (1)61.08194-146.65000Middle Rock Light
Middle Rock (2)51.66904-176.86246
Middleton Island59.43611-146.32889

Midun Island54.84111-162.17361
Midway Island (1)See Midway Islands
Midway Island (2)See Midway Islands
Midway Islands57.83750-133.81472Midway Islands Light
Midway LightSee Midway Islands

Midway Point (1)See Middle Point (1)
Midway Point (2)57.73298-133.87566
Midway Rock56.52998-132.96526Midway Rock Light
Miller Point57.83722-152.35182
Miner Island58.00971-136.33939

Miner's IslandSee Miner Island
Miners Point57.89917-153.72500
Mink Bay55.05891-130.70718
Mission Point59.55668-139.75245
Mist Harbor55.12083-159.84722

Mitchell Rock57.03900-135.34002
Mite Cove58.07082-136.44170
Mite HarborSee Mite Cove
Mitrofania Island55.87611-158.81556
Mitrofania Passage55.78043-159.13422

Moffet Point55.44961-162.58624
Moira Sound55.03667-132.07000
Mole Harbor57.66528-134.06056
Montague Island60.10917-147.34111
Montague Strait60.01889-147.77139

Monti Bay59.55361-139.78972
Morgan Point55.03989-162.33594
Morne Island57.03694-135.32167
Morris Reef57.47431-134.83151
Morzhovoi Bay55.03000-163.05944

Moss Cape55.12462-161.94208
Mount AugustineSee Augustine Volcano
Mount Calder56.23167-133.59361
Mount Douglas58.86000-153.53333
Mount Edgecumbe57.05114-135.76007

Mount Fairweather58.90694-137.52694
Mount Saint Elias60.29321-140.92978
Mount Shannon57.42472-156.39611
Mountain CapeSee Mountain Point (2)
Mountain Point (1)55.29297-131.53986

Mountain Point (2)54.86556-160.22278
Mountain Point (3)56.73811-132.95770Mountain Point Beacon
Mud Bay58.20210-135.99551
Muir Inlet58.90500-136.08917
Murder Cove57.02917-134.55556

Murder Point52.79341173.17541
Mys SievernoiSee North Cape (1)
Mys VendipotSee Point Vandeput
Nagahut Rocks59.10000-151.76972
Nagai Island55.09173-160.01587

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Nagai Rocks55.83250-155.78250
Naha Bay55.59833-131.66194
Naked Island58.25593-134.94541Naked Island Light
Naknek (town)58.72833-157.01389
Naknek River58.71861-157.06556

Nakwasina Passage57.24794-135.45027
Narrow Point55.78806-132.47639Narrow Point Light
Narrow Strait57.89816-152.45522
Narwhal Island70.39160-147.50390
Nash Harbor60.21654-166.91563

Nash Harbor (town)60.20464-166.94163
Nation Point55.92778-134.33667
Nazan Bay52.19719-174.10103
Nazan VillageSee Atka
Neal Point56.44959-132.60395Neal Point Light

Needle Rock53.92432-166.53169
Neets Bay55.77889-131.60139
Nellie Juan BaySee Aspid Bay
Nellie Juan CapeSee Aspid Cape
Nelson Lagoon55.98556-161.09278

NerpichieSee Seal Cape (1)
Neva Point57.23513-135.55138
Neva Strait57.29556-135.61278
Nevidiskof BaySee Nevidiskov Bay
Nevidiskov Bay52.77546172.83846

New Eddystone Rock55.50313-130.93811
New MetlakatlaSee Metlakatla
Niblack Anchorage55.06056-132.11750
Niblack Point55.55167-132.11833
Nichols Bay54.72250-132.12889

Nichols Passage55.18278-131.64917
Nichols Point54.85758-163.38738
Nigger HeadSee High Hill
Nikolski Bay52.95857-168.90038

Nikolski HarborSee Nikolski Bay
NikolskySee Nikolski
Nikolsky HarborSee Nikolski Bay
Noatak River66.98139-162.50639
Nob Hill58.23343-135.89633

Noisy IslandSee Noisy Islands
Noisy Islands57.92807-153.55917
Nome Coast Guard StationSee US Coast Guard Station Nome
Nome River64.48310-165.30505

Nome River Army PostSee Fort Davis
Noo-wookSee Nuwuk
Noon Point (1)55.71450-159.40094
Noon Point (2)58.33932-135.53600
Nord Island58.96944-152.14694

Norris Glacier58.43889-134.18417
North Anchorage56.60751-169.55235Saint George Island
North Arm Moira Sound55.10597-132.10330
North Cape (1)52.41833-174.14889Atka Island
North Cape (2)55.90881-155.58769Chirikof Island

North Cape (3)51.94358-177.15980Kanaga Island
North Cape (4)See Savoonga Point
North Cape (5)56.59489-135.13935
North Entrance PointSee Kulak Point
North Head (1)54.22470-165.93699Akutan Island

North Head (2)55.35118-160.61686Unga Island
North Hill57.20792-170.31328
North Inian Island58.26500-136.38874
North Inian Island LightSee Inian Island Light
North Inian Pass58.29000-136.36028

North Island60.62361-145.72639
North Passage58.31750-136.12861
North Passage Point57.84781-134.93666
North Point (1)57.21835-170.29937
North Point (2)56.29966-134.64144Port Armstrong Light

North Point (3)53.76018-166.92241
North Point (4)63.63471-162.43544
North Punuk Island63.07972-168.80613
North StraitSee Kupreanof Strait
Northeast Cape63.29514-168.68906

Northeast Harbor54.44022-162.58352
Northeast Point (1)57.24892-170.09874
Northeast Point (2)55.21992-160.49433Unga Island
Northern Arm Bay of PillarsSee Rowan Bay
Northern Entrance56.82742-132.93560

Northwest Cape63.78353-171.73905
Norton Bay64.57174-161.75446
Norton Sound63.84917-164.26889
Nuka Bay59.41613-150.53918

Nuka Island59.35833-150.67000
Nunamiut Spit57.11066-153.49926
Nunez Rocks54.66117-132.08965
Nunivak Island60.08402-166.41541
Nushagak (town)58.94806-158.49222

Nushagak Bay58.62222-158.59111
Nushagak River58.79944-158.63250
Nyman Spit57.71861-152.51639
Observation Island (1)60.59750-145.74094

Observation Island (2)56.16657-132.72431
Observation Point (1)See Observatory Point
Observation Point (2)63.62404-162.37209
Observatory Point53.39925-167.52163
Ocean Cape59.54169-139.86278Ocean Cape Light

Ogliuga Island51.60194-178.64917
Ogliugal IslandSee Ogliuga Island
Oglodak Island51.98266-175.44900
Okee Point53.01653-168.86075
Oksenof Point54.88772-164.55275

Old Iliamna59.74444-153.88361
Old Man RockSee Old Man Rocks
Old Man Rocks53.86985-166.08137
Old Sitka Rocks57.11257-135.40469
Olga Bay57.12282-154.33113

Olga Bay Cannery57.16072-154.23174
Olga Point57.22867-135.53601
Olga Strait57.20160-135.48366
Oliktok Point70.51028-149.86000
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