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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Port ClearanceSee Port Clarence
Port Conclusion56.27-134.66
Port Dick59.24-151.06
Port Etches60.33-146.60
Port Fidalgo60.80-146.44

Port Frederick58.07-135.56
Port Graham59.36-151.85
Port Heiden56.94-158.63
Port Mary57.15-135.74
Port Moller55.89-160.50

Port Moller55.99-160.58Town of Port Moller
Port Moore71.38-156.45
Port Protection56.33-133.63
Port Safety64.47-164.76
Port San Antonio55.35-133.58

Port Santa Cruz55.28-133.43
Port Snettisham58.01-133.77
Port Valdez61.11-146.50
Portage Bay (1)57.52-156.00
Portage Bay (2)56.98-133.31

Portage Cove (1)59.23-135.42
Portage Cove (2)See Portage Bay (2)
Portland Island58.34-134.74
Portlock Bank58.33-150.50
Potato Point61.06-146.70

Potatoe PointSee Potato Point
Potter Rock55.30-131.58
Pound Stone ReefSee Poundstone Rock
Poundstone Rock58.53-134.93
Poverty IslandSee Refuge Island

Povorotni Island57.51-135.56
Pribilof Islands56.91-169.94
Priest Cape RockSee Priest Rock (2)
Priest Rock (1)53.76-166.99
Priest Rock (2)54.01-166.38

Priest Rock (3)See Second Priest Rock
Prince Frederick SoundSee Frederick Sound
Prince of Wales Island55.63-132.91
Prince of Wales Passage60.07-148.11
Prince William Sound60.62-147.17

Princess Head53.98-166.41
Prokoda Island57.91-152.51
Prokoda IsletSee Prokoda Island
Prolewy Point56.84-132.94
Prolewy RockSee Prolewy Rocks

Prolewy Rocks56.83-132.95
Promontory Hill54.43-164.52
Protection Point58.49-158.70
Prowely PointSee Prolewy Point
Puale Bay57.73-155.53

Puffin Island (1)57.75-152.43Puffin Island Light
Puffin Island (2)66.23-161.86
Pumicestone Bay53.53-167.12
Pybus PointSee Point Pybus
Pye IslandSee Pye Islands

Pye Islands59.40-150.40
Pyramid Cove52.83173.19
Pyramid Harbor59.18-135.48
Pyramid Island59.20-135.46
Pyramid Peak59.93-144.41

Quartz Point58.22-136.04
Race Point61.17-150.23
Race Rocks54.13-165.66
Range Island55.36-160.50
Range Point52.93173.25

Raspberry Cape58.06-153.42
Raspberry Island58.07-153.18
Rat IslandSee Hawadax Island
Ratz Harbor55.88-132.60
Ratz Point55.91-132.62

Raven Point54.63-164.85
Ray Anchorage54.93-131.23
Red Bay56.29-133.33
Red Bluff54.10-166.09
Red Bluff Bay56.86-134.76

Red Bluff Light58.23-157.47
Reef Point (1)57.11-170.30
Reef Point (2)55.58-160.60
Refuge InletSee Walakpa Bay
Refuge Island57.75-152.30

Refuge StationSee Barrow
Renard IslandSee Fox Island (2)
Resurrection Bay60.01-149.37
Retaliation Point56.86-134.34
Return Islands70.48-148.88

Return ReefSee Return Islands
Revillagagedo ChannelSee Revillagigedo Channel
Revillagigedo Channel55.06-131.12
Revillagigedo StraitSee Revillagigedo Channel
Ridge Point54.18-165.80

Roadstead Island56.87-134.37
Rock IslandSee Rocky Island
Rocky Bay60.35-147.09
Rocky Island58.18-135.05
Rocky Point (1)53.89-166.53

Rocky Point (2)64.40-163.16
Rocky Point (3)See Cape Agamsik
Rocky Point (4)58.34-136.89
Rodman Bay57.48-135.32
Rookery IslandSee Rookery Islands

Rookery Islands56.31-133.12
Rootok Island54.04-165.53
Rosa Reef55.41-131.80Rosa Reef Light
Round Head54.18-165.40
Round Island (1)54.20-164.78

Round Island (2)55.52-132.38
Round Island (3)55.34-160.62
Round Island (4)59.57-139.75
Round Point56.28-132.66
Round Rock57.26-133.94

Rowan Bay56.67-134.24
Rudisell Reef52.95-168.87
Rudyerd Bay55.59-130.75
Rugged Island59.86-149.38
Rurik Harbor59.58-139.78

Russian Point59.36-151.92
Safety Cove59.98-149.22
Saginaw Bay56.89-134.20
Saginaw Channel58.40-134.89
Saginaw PassageSee Saginaw Channel

SaguyaqSee Clarks Point (town)
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Sail Island57.35-133.72
Saint Albans ReefSee Point Saint Albans Reef
Saint Diomede IslandsSee Diomede Islands
Saint George Island56.58-169.58Saint George Island Map
Saint John Harbor56.45-132.96

Saint Lawrence Island63.50-170.45
Saint Lazari IslandSee Saint Lazaria Islands
Saint Lazaria Islands56.99-135.71
Saint Matthew Island60.41-172.72
Saint Michael63.48-162.04

Saint Michael Bay63.46-161.98
Saint Michael Mountain63.48-162.18
Saint Paul Harbor57.77-152.44
Saint Paul Island57.19-170.27Saint Paul Loran Station
Saint Paul Island Map
Salisbury Sound57.36-135.78

Salmo Point60.62-145.76
Salmon Bay56.30-133.16
Salmon Creek56.29-134.69
Salmon River55.91-130.03
Salt Island52.17-174.64

San Alberto Bay55.54-133.24
San Christoval Channel55.59-133.35
San Cristoval BaySee San Alberto Bay
San Cristoval ChannelSee San Christoval Channel
Sanak (town)54.48-162.81

Sanak Bank54.05-162.02
Sanak BaySee Sanak Harbor (1)
Sanak Beacon54.49-162.83
Sanak Harbor (1)54.48-162.82
Sanak Harbor (2)See Sanak (town)

Sanak Harbor LightSee Sanak Light
Sanak Island54.43-162.71
Sanak Islands54.41-162.60
Sanak Light54.48-162.82
Sanak Peak54.46-162.75

Sanborn Harbor55.14-160.04
Sand Point55.32-160.52
Sand Point (town)55.34-160.50
Sandy Cove55.03-159.36
Sankin Island54.81-163.27

Sannak BankSee Sanak Bank
Sannak BaySee Sanak Harbor (1)
Sannak IslandSee Sanak Island
Sannak IslandsSee Sanak Islands
Sannak PeakSee Sanak Peak

Santa Anna Inlet55.99-131.95
Saook Bay57.44-135.20
Sarichef Island66.25-166.10
Sarichef LightSee Cape Sarichef
Sarichef Strait60.60-173.03

Sarychef IslandSee Sarichef Island
Savoonga Point63.70-170.49
Schuginadak IslandSee Chuginadak Island
Schulze BaySee Schulze Cove

Schulze Cove57.40-135.60
Schulze Head57.39-135.61
Scotch Cap54.40-164.79Scotch Cap Light
Scow Bay56.77-132.97
Scull Island58.20-134.64

Sea Lion Rock (1)57.10-170.30
Sea Lion Rock (2)See Sealion Rocks (3)
Sea Lion RocksSee Sealion Rocks (2)
Seahorse Islands70.89-158.71
Seal Cape (1)55.36-161.31

Seal Cape (2)54.39-164.65
Seal Island60.43-147.41Seal Island Light
Seal IslandsSee Pribilof Islands
Seal Rock (1)54.29-162.59
Seal Rock (2)See Seal Rocks (2)

Seal Rocks (1)60.16-146.83
Seal Rocks (2)59.52-149.63
Seal Rocks (3)57.30-154.82
Sealion Neck56.58-169.49
Sealion PointSee Sealion Neck

Sealion RockSee Sea Lion Rock (1)
Sealion Rocks (1)58.34-151.81
Sealion Rocks (2)55.08-160.52
Sealion Rocks (3)55.46-163.20
Seclusion Harbor56.56-133.87

Second Priest Rock53.91-166.47
Security Bay56.84-134.33
Security Cove58.67-161.88
Security HarborSee Security Bay
Sedanka Island53.78-166.19

Sedanka Pass53.85-166.08
Seduction IslandSee Kataguni Island
Seduction Point59.08-135.31
Seguam Island52.32-172.47
Segula Island52.02178.14

Seldovia Bay59.42-151.72
Seldovia Point59.47-151.70
Semichi Islands52.73174.01
Semidi Islands56.06-156.70

Semisopochnoi Island51.95179.60
Sennett Point54.48-164.91
Seredka Bay54.17-165.46
Sergius Narrows57.41-135.62
Settlement Point55.49-161.49

Seward Harbor60.11-149.42
Seymour Canal57.79-134.07
ShaguiakSee Clarks Point (town)

Shakan Bay56.16-133.60
Shakan CannerySee Shakan
Shakan Harbor56.14-133.47
Shakan Strait56.13-133.50
ShaktolikSee Shaktoolik

Sheep Creek Light58.26-134.33Sheep Creek Light
Sheep Point60.62-146.01
Sheldovia BaySee Seldovia Bay
Sheldovia PointSee Seldovia Point

Shelikof Strait57.95-154.17
Shelikoff StraitSee Shelikof Strait
Shelter Island58.42-134.85
Sherman PointSee Point Sherman
Sherman Rock58.85-135.16

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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Shicat CoveSee Checats Cove
Ship Island55.60-132.20Ship Island Light
Ship RockSee Ship Island
Shipley Bay56.09-133.56

Shischmareff VillageSee Shishmaref
Shishaldin Volcano54.76-163.97
Shoalwater Pass55.44-130.90
Short Arm Kendrick Bay54.87-132.05

Short Bay55.99-131.52
Shrubby Island56.22-132.96
Shumagin Bank54.65-159.37
Shumagin Islands55.07-160.05
SiknikSee Chitnak

Simeonof Harbor54.92-159.29
Simeonof Island54.90-159.27
Simpson Rock57.02-135.34
Sinitsin Cove57.33-135.74
Sinitsin Island57.35-135.76

Sister's IslandSee The Sisters (2)
Sisters IslandSee The Sisters (2)
Sisters IslandsSee The Sisters (2)
Sisters RocksSee The Sisters (1)
Sitchen IslandSee Little Sitkin Island

Sitka Harbor57.05-135.35
Sitka Sound56.97-135.49
Sitkagi Bluffs59.72-140.70
Sitkinak Island56.55-154.16

Sitkinak Strait56.66-154.04
SkaguaySee Skagway
Skagul Island51.60-178.59
Skin Island55.30-132.08

Skowl Arm55.42-132.34
Skull Cliff70.91-157.63
Skull IslandSee Scull Island
Slate Islands55.10-131.05
Slaughter Island57.34-156.32

Sledge Island64.49-166.21
Slime Bank54.97-164.26
Slime BanksSee Slime Bank
Slocum Arm57.51-135.94
Slocum InletSee Slocum Arm

Smeaton Bay55.30-130.79
Smeaton CoveSee Smeaton Bay
Smith Bay70.93-154.40
Smith Island60.53-147.36Smith Island Light

Snow Passage56.28-132.95
Snow Passage Buoy56.27-132.94
Snow Passage LightSee Bushy Island Light
Snug Harbor60.25-147.73
Soapstone Point58.10-136.50

Sound Islands57.23-135.55
South Arm Makushin BaySee Cannery Bay
South East Five Fingers LightSee The Five Fingers
South Inian Pass58.23-136.30
South Island55.99-156.74

South Passage58.24-136.09
South Passage LightSee South Passage Point
South Passage Point57.76-134.94South Passage Point Light
South Pinnacle Rock54.60-163.58
South Point (1)52.94-168.87

South Point (2)54.12-165.02Tigalda Island
South Punuk Island63.07-168.84
South Vallenar Point55.38-131.88
Southern Arm Bay of Pillars   See Bay of Pillars
Southern Entrance56.51-132.97

Southwest Headland54.12-165.02Tigalda Island
Southwest Point57.16-170.42Saint Paul Island
Spanish Islands55.96-134.13
Spasskaia IslandSee Spasski Island
Spasski Island58.13-135.27

Spike Island60.55-145.77
Spire Island55.26-131.50
Spit RockSee Split Rock
Spitz Island55.79-158.89

Split Rock60.37-172.77
Spray CapSee Spray Cape
Spray Cape53.61-167.16
Spruce Island57.21-134.09
Squaw HarborSee Baralof Bay

Squaw Harbor (town)55.24-160.55
St. George Island Radio Tower56.60-169.55
Stag Bay57.92-136.32
Stag Point54.99-162.30
Station Island (1)56.15-133.63

Station Island (2)56.49-132.77
Station Point58.00-134.09
Steamboat Bay55.54-133.63
Steamboat Point55.55-133.65
Steamer Bay56.17-132.70

Steamer Point56.22-132.72
Steamer Point Light56.22-132.71
Steep Cape58.20-153.21
StephensSee Stebbins

Stephens Pass63.54-162.33
Stephens Passage57.82-133.84
Stephenson PassageSee Stephens Passage
Stevens PassageSee Stephens Passage
Stikine Flats56.56-132.46

Stikine Strait56.31-132.61
Stocade PointSee Stockade Point
Stockade Point58.06-134.03
Stony Point57.15-170.22
Stop Island56.95-133.29

Storm Islands57.22-133.57
Strawberry PointSee Raspberry Cape
Strogonof Point56.89-158.85
Stuart Island63.59-162.53
Sugarloaf Island58.32-136.86

Sugarloaf Mountain60.33-172.61Saint Matthew Island
Sugarloaf Peak58.32-136.87
Sukoi IslandSee Sukoi Islets
Sukoi IslandsSee Sukoi Islets
Sukoi Islets56.89-132.92Sukoi Islets Light

Sullivan Island58.97-135.33
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Summer Bay53.91-166.45
Summer Point53.91-166.44
Sumner Strait56.39-133.51
Sunny Cove59.91-149.35
Sunset Island57.50-133.58

Suskaralogh Point56.61-169.75
Sutwik Island56.56-157.17
Swallow Head52.12-176.15
Swanson Harbor58.20-135.10
Sweeper Cove51.86-176.63

Symonds Bay56.86-135.52
Symonds Point58.34-134.84
Tachinisok Inlet70.82-158.32
Tagalak Island51.96-175.72
Taiya Inlet59.37-135.37

Takatz Bay57.15-134.83
Taku BaySee Taku Harbor
Taku Glacier58.60-134.18
Taku Harbor58.07-134.02
Taku Inlet58.31-134.05

Taku Point58.40-134.02
Tamgas Harbor55.05-131.52
Tamgass HarborSee Tamgas Harbor
Tanadak Island51.95177.78
Tanadak Pass51.95177.75

Tanaga Bay51.74-178.04
Tanaga Island51.79-177.93
Tanaga Pass51.62-178.32
Tanaga StraitSee Tanaga Pass
Tanaklak Island51.95-176.11

Tangent Point71.15-155.09
Tangik Island54.14-165.49
Tanginak Island54.20-165.32
Tanglefoot Bay57.58-154.49
Tankik IslandSee Tangik Island

Tantallon Point58.20-134.26
Tchegoula IslandSee Chagulak Island
TchitnakSee Chitnak
Tchougoule IslandSee Segula Island
Tchougoulok IslandSee Chagulak Island

Teller Reindeer Station65.33-166.49
Temnac Bay52.81173.04
TenakeeSee Tenakee Springs
Tenakee Inlet57.85-135.44

Tenakee Post OfficeSee Tenakee Springs Post Office
Tenakee Springs57.78-135.22
Tenakee Springs Post Office57.78-135.22
Terrace Island57.38-156.27

The Brothers57.30-133.84
The EckholmesSee The Eckholms
The Eckholms57.01-135.36The Eckholms Light
The Eye Opener56.39-133.28
The Eye Opener LightSee The Eye Opener

The Five Fingers57.29-133.67Five Fingers Light
The InletSee Wainwright Inlet
The Kittens58.25-134.93
The Narrows60.61-145.79
The Nipples56.11-133.47

The RockSee Fairway Rock
The Signals53.79-166.07
The Sisters (1)60.30-151.46
The Sisters (2)58.17-135.26
The Sisters (3)63.32-161.70

The Triplets57.99-152.48
Theodore Point52.75172.91Attu Loran Station
Thin Point54.96-162.56
Thomas Bay57.03-132.85
Thorne Arm55.32-131.24

Three Saints Bay57.15-153.49
Three Star Point55.89-159.18
Thumb Cove60.01-149.31
Tigalda Bay54.13-165.00
Tigalda HarborSee Tigalda Bay

Tigalda Island54.10-165.06
Tin City65.56-167.95
Titcliff Island57.33-156.34
Tolstoi Bay55.65-132.43
Tolstoi Point (1)57.14-170.30Saint Paul Island

Tolstoi Point (2)56.60-169.47Saint George Island
Tolstoi Point (3)55.67-132.39
Tolstoi Point (4)See Cape Tolstoi
Tolstoy PointSee Tolstoi Point (2)
Tongas NarrowsSee Tongass Narrows

Tongass Island54.77-130.74
Tongass Narrows55.32-131.62
Tongass Passage (1)See Tongass Narrows
Tongass Passage (2)54.74-130.64
Tongue Point61.03-146.67

Tonki Cape58.35-151.99
Tonki PointSee Stony Point
Traitors Cove55.72-131.65

Tree Point54.80-130.93Tree Point Lighthouse
Trinity Islands54.44-162.88
Trunk Point51.77-177.78
Tschegoula IslandSee Segula Island

Tugidak Island56.51-154.63
Tuliumnit PointSee Castle Cape
Turn Point (1)54.88-132.36
Turn Point (2)56.80-132.98
Turn Point (3)55.44-130.05

Turnabout Island57.13-133.98
Turning Island57.04-135.34
Turret Point51.61-176.81
Tuscarora ReefSee Tuscarora Rock
Tuscarora Rock53.88-166.53

Twelve Fathom Strait54.94-159.34
Twin IslandSee Twin Islands
Twin Islands55.14-131.22
Two Headed IslandSee Twoheaded Island
Two Pinnacle Rocks55.38-161.52

Twoheaded Island56.90-153.58
Udakta HeadSee Ulakta Head
Ugaguk BaySee Egegik Bay
Ugaguk RiverSee Egegik River
Ugaiushak Island56.79-156.86

Ugak Island (1)57.38-152.28
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Ugak Island (2)57.63-152.16
Ugamak Bay54.21-164.80
Ugamak Island54.21-164.82
Ugamak Strait54.17-164.89
Uganik (town)57.77-153.55

Uganik Bay57.87-153.54
Uganuk BaySee Uganik Bay
Ugidak Island51.58-178.51
Uinga IslandSee Unga Island

Ukivok IslandSee King Island
Ukivuk King IslandSee King Island
Ukolnoi Island55.22-161.62
Ukolnoy IslandSee Ukolnoi Island
Ulakhta HeadSee Ulakta Head

Ulakta Head53.93-166.51
Uliaga Island53.06-169.76
Ulyaga IslandSee Uliaga Island
Umga Island54.80-162.72

Umnak Airport53.38-167.89Wiki
Umnak Island53.22-168.43
Umnak Village (1)See Nikolski
Umnak Village (2)See Umnak

Unalaska Bay53.93-166.52
Unalaska Island53.67-166.65
Unalga Island (1)51.58-179.05
Unalga Island (2)53.98-166.14

Unalga Pass53.95-166.21
Unga (town)55.18-160.51
Unga Cape55.13-160.52
Unga HarborSee Delarof Harbor
Unga Island55.26-160.70

Unga Island LightSee Unga Spit
Unga Spit55.41-160.73Unga Spit Light
Unga Strait55.44-160.51
Unimak BaySee Unimak Bight
Unimak Bight54.58-164.18

Unimak Island54.77-164.19
Unimak Pass54.33-164.92
Union Bay55.76-132.21
Urilia Bay54.91-164.32
Ushagat Island58.93-152.26

Ushugat IslandSee Ushagat Island
UtekavikSee Barrow
UtkiavieSee Barrow
Uyak (town)57.64-154.00
Uyak Anchorage57.64-154.00

Uyak Bay57.75-154.06
Uyak HarborSee Uyak Anchorage
Uyak Island52.20-174.15
Uyak IsletSee Uyak Island
UzinkiSee Ouzinkie

Uzinki BaySee Ouzinkie Harbor
Uzinki HarborSee Ouzinkie Harbor
Valdez Arm60.97-146.80
Valdez Narrows61.07-146.67

Valdez Narrows LightSee Middle Rock (1)
Vallenar Point55.42-131.85
Vank Island56.47-132.61
Verdure Point55.75-130.17
Vexation Point56.65-132.93

Vichnefski Rock56.44-133.02
Vicknefski RockSee Vichnefski Rock
Village Cove (1)57.13-170.28
Village Cove (2)52.20-174.19
Village Point (1)52.20-174.19

Village Point (2)See Mission Point
Viskari RocksSee Vitskari Rocks
Vitskari Island57.00-135.54
Vitskari Rocks57.01-135.55
Vixen Bay55.05-130.79

Volcano Bay (1)53.81-167.12
Volcano Bay (2)55.21-161.97
Wainwright Inlet70.61-159.99
Walakpa Bay71.14-157.04

Walker Cove55.73-130.82
Walrus Island57.18-169.94
Warburton Island55.13-131.63Warburton Island Light
Ward Cove55.40-131.73

Warehouse Creek59.94-162.10
Warren Channel55.93-133.83
Washington Bay56.72-134.37
Wedge Point53.45-167.40
West Anchor Cove54.68-163.17

West Anchorage57.12-170.30
West Brother Island57.29-133.86
West Cape (1)54.93-162.43
West Cape (2)56.04-156.75Chowiet Island
West Cape (3)54.04-165.57Rootok Island

West Entrance Point58.32-136.87Dixon Harbor
West Foreland60.76-151.79
West Francis Rock57.41-135.64Named after Pilot E. H. Francis of Patterson
West Hill63.59-162.61
West Island54.84-132.95Port Bazan

West MountainSee West Hill
West Nagai Strait55.27-160.00
West PointSee Morgan Point
Westdahl Rock54.62-162.84
Western Channel57.05-135.40Sitka Harbor

Whale Island63.49-162.01Whale Island Light
Whale Passage57.93-152.83
Whale PointSee Kitovi Point
Whaling Station54.13-165.81Akutan Whaling Station
Whirl Point54.82-163.38

White Rock57.55-134.85
Whitestone Narrows57.25-135.57
Whitestone Point57.25-135.56
Whitestone Rock57.24-135.56
Whitney Island57.23-133.52

Wide Bay (1)53.95-166.62
Wide Bay (2)57.37-156.36
William Henry Bay58.72-135.24
Willoughby Cove58.27-136.05
Wilson Cove57.16-134.63

Wilson IslandSee Wilson Islands
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Re: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Notes
Wilson Islands56.55-132.60
Wingham Island60.02-144.38
Wislow Island54.01-166.72
Woewodski Island56.56-133.01
Wolf Rock55.02-133.49

Wolk Harbor54.69-132.76
Womens Bay57.71-152.52
Wood River59.06-158.41
Wooded Island59.87-147.40
Wooded Island57.96-152.49

Wooden Island56.16-134.66
Woody InletSee Tachinisok Inlet
Woody Island57.78-152.34
Woody Island Light57.80-152.34
Woronkofski Island56.40-132.49

WrangelSee Wrangell
Wrangell Harbor56.47-132.39
Wrangell Island56.30-132.18
Wrangell Narrows56.63-132.94

Wrangell StraitSee Wrangell Narrows
Yakutat Bay (1)59.73-139.84
Yakutat Bay (2)See Monti Bay
Yakutat Glacier59.53-138.81

Yakutat PointSee Mission Point
Yakutat Roads59.57-139.75
Yasha Island56.97-134.56
Yellow IslandSee Spruce Island
Yellowy IslandSee Spruce Island

Yelowy IslandSee Spruce Island
Yes Bay55.91-131.79
Ykutat BaySee Yakutat Bay (1)
Younaska IslandSee Yunaska Island

Yunaska Island52.63-170.70
Zachary Bay55.35-160.63
Zaikof Bay60.31-147.01
Zaikoff BaySee Zaikof Bay
Zapadni Bay56.57-169.68

Zapadni Point57.14-170.35
Zeto Point51.91-176.55
Zimovia Strait56.22-132.33
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