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Russian Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 16, 2013, 10:15:32 am »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Russian place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Russia and an Alphabetical list of Russian place names found in the logbooks.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Russian Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Russian Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Russian Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Alaskan Place Names -- Reference

Russian Geographical Terms

Banka (Банка) - Bank, shoal
Bukhta (Бухта) - Bay, cove, gulf
Gavan' (Гавань) - Harbor, port
Guba (Губа) - Bay, inlet, gulf
Gora (Гора) - Mountain
Gorka (Горка) - Mountain
Kamen' (Камен) - Rock, rocks
Kamni (Камни) - Rock, rocks
Kanal (Канал) - Channel
Kosa (Коса) - Spit
Liman (Лиман) - Estuary, Bay
Mel' (Мел) - Shoal
Melkovod'ye (Мелководье) - Shoal
More (Море) - Sea
Mys (Мыс) - Cape, Point
Okean (Океан) - Ocean
Ostrov (Остров) - Island
Ostrova (Острова) - Islands
Ostrovok (Островок) - Island
Poluostrov (полуостров) - Peninsula
Proliv (Пролив) - Strait, channel
Reyd (Рейд) - Bay, anchorage, roadstead
Rif (Риф) - Reef
Skala (Скала) - Rock
Sopka (Сопка) - Mountain, Volcano
Vulcan (Вулкан) - Volcano
Zaliv (Залив) - Bay, gulf, inlet

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Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 11:01:28 am »
Custom Google Earth map

Russian Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available

'Map names'

Sometimes a place name changes over time and sometimes log keepers misspell the place name. In the Alphabetical list, we have included multiple names for the same place. However, that is not practical to do on a map. We have designated one name for each place as the 'map name'. Only the 'map name' is shown on the map. In the Alphabetical list, the 'map name' is the name where all the information is listed. Other versions of the place name in the Alphabetical list have a reference to the 'map name' in the Notes column. By searching for the 'map name' in the Alphabetical list, you will find all listed versions of the place name.

For example:
Ship's log mentions Kolintchin Island, but most maps show Ostrov Kolyuchin. Ostrov Kolyuchin is the 'map name'. The Google Earth map will show Ostrov Kolyuchin. In the Alphabetical list, there will be an entry for Ostrov Kolyuchin with a link to more information, the latitude and longitude, and the subdivision. The Alphabetical list will also have an entry for Kolintchin Island that says 'See Ostrov Kolyuchin' in the Notes column. Consequently by searching the Alphabetical list for Ostrov Kolyuchin (from the map), you will also find the name as it was entered in the log.
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Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2013, 11:03:43 am »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Russian place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Adler's PointKrasnodarskiySee Mys Konstantinovskiy
Ainovskie OstrovoMurmanskSee Ostrova Aynovskiye
AlexandrovskMurmansk See Polyarnyy
America BayPrimorskiySee Zaliv Nakhodka
Anadair SeaChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv

AnadirChukotkaSee Anadyr
Anadir BayChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv
Anadir RiverChukotkaSee Anadyr River
Anadir SeaChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv

Anadyr BayChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv
Anadyr River64.49177.92Chukotka
Anadyr SeaChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv
Anadyrskiy Zaliv64.00-178.00Chukotka
Anadyrsky LimanChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv

Arakam IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Arakamchechen
ArchangelArkhangelskayaSee Arkhangel'sk
Archangel BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila
Archangel Gabriel BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila

Avacha BayKamtsjatkaSee Avachinskaya Guba
Avachinskaya Guba52.97158.57Kamtsjatka
Avatcha BayKamtsjatkaSee Avachinskaya Guba
Aynovskiye OstrovaMurmanskSee Ostrova Aynovskiye

Bald HeadChukotkaSee Mys Lysaya Golova
Ball's HeadChukotkaSee Mys Lysaya Golova
Banka Geral'd70.47-171.25Chukotka
Banka Srednyaya60.1828.35Leningrad

Bay of GabrielChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila
Bay of Holy CrossChukotkaSee Zaliv Kresta
BehringKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Beringa
Behring IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Beringa

Bering IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Beringa
Bering Sea60.00-175.00
Big Diomede Island65.77-169.10Chukotka
Big IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Arakamchechen
BiolkoLeningradSee Primorsk

BiorkoLeningradSee Primorsk
Biorko SoundLeningradSee Proliv B'yerkezund
Bjorko SoundLeningradSee Proliv B'yerkezund
Blyndzo IslandMurmanskSee Ostrov Blyudtse
Bolshoi OleniMurmanskSee Ostrov Bol'shoy Oleniy (1)

BrothersKamtsjatkaSee Kamni Tri Brata
Bukhta EmmaChukotkaSee Bukhta Komsomol'skaya
Bukhta Gavriila62.45179.20Chukotka
Bukhta Kitolovnaya65.07-175.92Chukotka
Bukhta Komsomol'skaya64.42-173.21Chukotka

Bukhta Mogil'naya69.3234.31Murmansk
Bukhta Preobrazheniya64.83-175.40Chukotka
Bukhta ProvidenceChukotkaSee Bukhta Provideniya
Bukhta Provideniya64.40-173.31Chukotka
Bukhta Puoten65.86-170.53Chukotka

Bukhta RidderChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera
Bukhta Rodzhers70.98-178.42Chukotka
Bukhta RodzhersaChukotkaSee Bukhta Rodzhers
Bukhta RogersChukotkaSee Bukhta Rodzhers
Bukhta RudderChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera

Bukhta Ruddera65.40-176.00Chukotka
Bukhta RuderaChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera
Bukhta Tkachen64.47-172.82Chukotka
Bukhta Ugol'naya63.00179.36Chukotka
Burney IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Kolyuchin

Cape AggenChukotkaSee Mys Achchen
Cape ApoupinskoiKamtsjatkaSee Mys Opukinskiy
Cape ChaplinChukotkaSee Mys Chaplina
Cape EastChukotkaSee Mys Dezhneva
Cape HawaiiChukotkaSee Mys Gavai

Cape NavarinChukotkaSee Mys Navarin
Cape NavarinoChukotkaSee Mys Navarin
Cape NaverieneChukotkaSee Mys Navarin
Cape NorthChukotkaSee Mys Shmidta
Cape NosChukotkaSee Mys Chukotskiy

Cape OlyutorskKamtsjatkaSee Mys Olyutorskiy
Cape OrlofMurmanskSee Mys Orlovskiy
Cape OrlovMurmanskSee Mys Orlovskiy
Cape OtorskKamtsjatkaSee Mys Olyutorskiy
Cape PounpinskoiKamtsjatkaSee Mys Opukinskiy

Cape Saint ThaddeusChukotkaSee Mys Faddeya
Cape SerdzekamenChukotkaSee Mys Serdtse-Kamen'
Cape SergeChukotkaSee Mys Serdtse-Kamen'
Cape SurdsChukotkaSee Mys Serdtse-Kamen'
Cape SurgeChukotkaSee Mys Serdtse-Kamen'

Cape Terski-OrlovMurmanskSee Mys Orlovskiy
Cape ThaddeusChukotkaSee Mys Faddeya
Cape TroitskayaArkhangelskayaSee Mys Troitskiy
Cape UlahapenChukotkaSee Mys Ulyakhpen
Cape UnicornChukotkaSee Mys Unikyn

Cape UnikanChukotkaSee Mys Unikyn
Cape VankaremChukotkaSee Mys Vankarem
Cape WankaremChukotkaSee Mys Vankarem
Cape WaringChukotkaSee Mys Uering

ChavangaMurmanskSee Chavan'ga
ChavanyaMurmanskSee Chavan'ga
Chukotski NoseChukotkaSee Mys Chukotskiy
Commander IslandsKamtsjatkaSee Komandorskiye Ostrova
Corwin IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Idlidlya

De Long StraitChukotkaSee Proliv Longa
Doubovski PointLeningradSee Mys Dubovskoy
East CapeChukotkaSee Mys Dezhneva
East HeadChukotkaSee Mys Lysaya Golova

East RiverChukotkaSee Laguna Vankarem
Emma HarborChukotkaSee Bukhta Komsomol'skaya
EmmatownChukotkaSee Dezhnevo
EnmitahinChukotkaSee Dezhnevo
False CapeChukotkaSee Mys Inchoun

False East CapeChukotkaSee Mys Inchoun
Fodinagai BayMurmanskSee Guba Lodeynaya
Gavan' EmmaChukotkaSee Bukhta Komsomol'skaya
Great Tyters IslandLeningradSee Ostrov Bol'shoy Tyuters
Guba Arkhangela GavriilaChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila

Guba GabriilaChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila
Guba GavriilaChukotkaSee Bukhta Gavriila
Guba Lodeynaya69.3633.44Murmansk
Guba Pechenga69.6331.38Murmansk
Guba Vayda69.9432.00Murmansk

Guba Vostochnaya Litsa68.6337.81Murmansk
Gulf of AnadyrChukotkaSee Anadyrskiy Zaliv
Gulf of Saint CroixChukotkaSee Zaliv Kresta
Gunners Bridge62.6443.48Arkhangelskaya
Herald IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Geral'd

Herald ReefChukotkaSee Banka Geral'd
Herald ShoalChukotkaSee Banka Geral'd
Hogland Island South LighthouseLeningradSee Mys Launatrivi
Holy Cross BayChukotkaSee Zaliv Kresta
Hooper's IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Idlidlya

ImmatownChukotkaSee Dezhnevo
India PointChukotkaSee Mys Chaplina
Indian PointChukotkaSee Mys Chaplina
Island of the Big RiverChukotkaSee Ostrov Kolyuchin
Isle of CarrolshotkeyKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Karaginskiy

John Howland BayChukotkaSee Zaliv Kiguan
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Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2013, 05:03:17 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Kaiaghinsky IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Karaginskiy
Kamcatska SeaSee Bering Sea
Kamchatka SeaSee Bering Sea
Kamni Tri Brata52.89158.69Kamtsjatka
Kanag-Kinsky IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Karaginskiy

Kaporia BayLeningradSee Zaliv Koporskiy
Karagin IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Karaginskiy
Kayne IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Arakamchechen
KemKareliyaSee Kem'

KibrinskiMurmanskSee Ostrova Kibirinskiye Ludy
Kildin IslandMurmanskSee Ostrov Kil'din
KivikChukotkaSee Kivak
Kochinnoi PointMurmanskSee Mys Kochinnyy

KoivistoLeningradSee Primorsk
Kol'skiy Zaliv69.1433.47Murmansk
Kola InletMurmanskSee Kol'skiy Zaliv
Kolgenpia PointLeningradSee Mys Kolgompya
Kolintchin IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Kolyuchin

Koliuchin BayChukotkaSee Kolyuchinskaya Guba
Kolyuchin BayChukotkaSee Kolyuchinskaya Guba
Kolyuchinskaya Guba66.82-174.38Chukotka
Komandorski IslandsKamtsjatkaSee Komandorskiye Ostrova
Komandorskiye Ostrova54.77166.63Kamtsjatka

Koporja BayLeningradSee Zaliv Koporskiy
Koporskaya BightLeningradSee Zaliv Koporskiy
Koporye BayLeningradSee Zaliv Koporskiy
KranzKaliningradSee Zelenogradsk
Kresta BayChukotkaSee Zaliv Kresta

Kresta GulfChukotkaSee Zaliv Kresta
KurgominArkhangelskayaSee Kurgomen
Laguna Vankarem67.80-176.00Chukotka
Laven Sari IslandLeningradSee Ostrov Moshchnyy

LerolodaLeningradSee Ostrov Rifovyy
Little IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Itygran
Little John Howland VillageChukotkaSee Kivak
Litza BayMurmanskSee Guba Vostochnaya Litsa
Lodeinaya BayMurmanskSee Guba Lodeynaya

Long StraitChukotkaSee Proliv Longa
Mali OleniMurmanskSee Ostrov Malyy Oleniy
Marcus BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Tkachen
Martin's BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Tkachen
Masinka BayChukotkaSee Proliv Senyavina

Maska IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Kosa Meechkyn
Masken IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Kosa Meechkyn
Medny IslandKamtsjatkaSee Ostrov Mednyy
Mercury HarborChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera
Modiagski IslandArkhangelskayaSee Ostrov Mud'yugskiy

Modjugski IslandArkhangelskayaSee Ostrov Mud'yugskiy
Monastery BayMurmanskSee Bukhta Mogil'naya
Motovskiy Zaliv69.5432.57Murmansk
Motovsky GulfMurmanskSee Motovskiy Zaliv

Mys Achchen64.78-175.43Chukotka
Mys Barykova63.06179.45Chukotka
Mys Chaplina64.41-172.24Chukotka
Mys Chukotskiy64.24-173.11Chukotka
Mys Dezhneva66.08-169.65Chukotka

Mys Dlinnyy60.2628.70Leningrad
Mys Dubovskoy59.8028.78Leningrad
Mys Faddeya62.66179.62Chukotka
Mys Fomy70.97178.67Chukotka
Mys Gavai71.03-177.90Chukotka

Mys Gil'der70.98178.63Chukotka
Mys Inchoun66.28-170.21Chukotka
Mys InchovynChukotkaSee Mys Inchoun
Mys IntsovaChukotkaSee Mys Inchoun
Mys Kerets65.3439.72Arkhangelskaya

Mys KeretskiArkhangelskayaSee Mys Kerets
Mys Kochinnyy66.7233.49Murmansk
Mys Kolgompya59.8528.55Leningrad
Mys Konstantinovskiy43.4039.95Krasnodarskiy
Mys Kriguygun65.47-171.05Chukotka

Mys Launatrivi60.0127.01LeningradHogland Island South Lighthouse
Mys Lysaya Golova64.30-173.37Chukotka
Mys Navarin62.28179.10Chukotka
Mys Nunyamo65.61-170.62Chukotka
Mys Olyutorskiy59.93170.29Kamtsjatka

Mys OpukhinskiyKamtsjatkaSee Mys Opukinskiy
Mys Opukinskiy61.80174.30Kamtsjatka
Mys OrlovMurmanskSee Mys Orlovskiy
Mys Orlovskiy67.2241.28Murmansk
Mys Otto ShmidtaChukotkaSee Mys Shmidta

Mys Pillar71.15-177.48Chukotka
Mys Pinagoriy69.0533.08Murmansk
Mys Rubikon61.86174.72Chukotka
Mys Serdiye Kamen'ChukotkaSee Mys Serdtse-Kamen'
Mys Serdtse-Kamen'66.91-171.64Chukotka

Mys Sharapov66.2234.11Kareliya
Mys Shmidta68.93-179.45Chukotka
Mys Stirsudden60.1829.01Leningrad
Mys Troitskiy65.1935.99Arkhangelskaya
Mys Uering71.23-177.45Chukotka

Mys Ulyakhpen64.39-173.90Chukotka
Mys Unikyn66.36-170.58Chukotka
Mys Vankarem67.85-175.81Chukotka
Mys Velikiy69.0933.28Murmansk
Mys Virta-Niyemi60.3528.62LeningradVirta Point Lighthouse

Nerva LighthouseLeningradSee Ostrov Narvi
North HeadChukotkaSee Mys Nunyamo
Novaya Zemlya74.0056.00Arkhangelskaya

Onega BayKareliyaSee Onezhskaya Guba
Onezhskaya Guba64.3336.50Kareliya
Ostrov Arakamchechen64.78-172.37Chukotka
Ostrov Beringa55.00166.27Kamtsjatka
Ostrov Blyudtse69.4932.63Murmansk

Ostrov Bol'shoy Oleniy (1)69.0736.38Murmansk
Ostrov Bol'shoy Oleniy (2)69.2233.48Murmansk
Ostrov Bol'shoy Tyuters59.8527.20LeningradGreat Tyters Island Lighthouse
Ostrov Erdmana64.56-173.30Chukotka
Ostrov Geral'd71.39-175.65Chukotka

Ostrov GeraldaChukotkaSee Ostrov Geral'd
Ostrov Idlidlya67.05-172.75Chukotka
Ostrov Itygran64.62-172.58Chukotka
Ostrov Karaginskiy58.94164.18Kamtsjatka
Ostrov Kil'din69.3534.17Murmansk

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Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2013, 08:38:19 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Ostrov Kolyuchin67.46-174.61Chukotka
Ostrov Kosa Meechkyn65.45-178.00Chukotka
Ostrov LavansaariLeningradSee Ostrov Moshchnyy
Ostrov Litke65.62-170.90Chukotka
Ostrov Malyy Oleniy69.2534.72Murmansk

Ostrov Mayak60.2127.64LeningradSommers Island Lighthouse
Ostrov Mednyy54.71167.72Kamtsjatka
Ostrov Moshchnyy60.0027.83Leningrad
Ostrov Mud'yugskiy64.9140.26Arkhangelskaya
Ostrov Narvi60.2527.96LeningradNerva Lighthouse

Ostrov RatmanovaChukotkaSee Big Diomede Island
Ostrov Rifovyy60.3128.80Leningrad
Ostrov Ruuskari59.9726.68LeningradRodskar Lighthouse
Ostrov Samba-Luda65.6435.23Kareliya
Ostrov Seskar60.0228.38LeningradSeskar Lighthouse

Ostrov SomeriLeningradSee Ostrov Mayak
Ostrov SommarsLeningradSee Ostrov Mayak
Ostrov Sosnovets66.4940.68Murmansk
Ostrov Suden-Sari60.3528.55Leningrad
Ostrov Syarkkyaluoto60.3028.79LeningradSerkoloda Light

Ostrov VrangelyaChukotkaSee Wrangel Island
Ostrov Zapadnyy Berezovyy60.3428.48Leningrad
Ostrova Aynovskiye69.8331.59MurmanskOstrova Aynovskiye Light
Ostrova Kibirinskiye Ludy66.9332.83Murmansk
Ostrova Lensiviri59.9426.88LeningradOstrova Lensiviri Lighthouse

Ostrova Rombaki65.0435.03Kareliya
Ostrova Sredniye Ludy66.6033.68Murmansk
Pechenga FiordMurmanskSee Guba Pechenga
PetropauloskiKamtsjatkaSee Petropavlovsk Kamchatski

PetropavlovskKamtsjatkaSee Petropavlovsk Kamchatski
Petropavlovsk Kamchatski53.04158.65Kamtsjatka
Pillar PointChukotkaSee Mys Pillar
Pinagori PointMurmanskSee Mys Pinagoriy
Pitka PointLeningradSee Mys Dlinnyy

Pitlyar MysChukotkaSee Mys Pillar
PlissArkhangelskayaSee Pleso
Plover BayChukotkaSee Reyd Plover
Plover LandChukotkaSee Wrangel Island

Plubber BayChukotkaSee Reyd Plover
PlyosoArkhangelskayaSee Pleso
Port ProvidenceChukotkaSee Reyd Plover
Port RescueChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera

Proliv B'yerkezund60.3828.57Leningrad
Proliv Longa70.33178.00Chukotka
Proliv Senyavina64.81-172.63Chukotka
Providence BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Provideniya

Puoten BluffChukotkaSee Bukhta Puoten
RatmanofChukotkaSee Big Diomede Island
Ratmanoff IslandChukotkaSee Big Diomede Island
Reka AnadyrChukotkaSee Anadyr River
Reyd Plover64.37-173.35Chukotka

Rocky GulfChukotkaSee Bukhta Ugol'naya
Rodgers HarborChukotkaSee Bukhta Rodzhers
Rodskar LighthouseLeningradSee Ostrov Ruuskari
Rombaki IslandKareliyaSee Ostrova Rombaki

RossitenKaliningradSee Rybachiy
Rudder BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Ruddera
Saint Lawrence BayChukotkaSee Zaliv Lavrentiya
Samba IslandKareliyaSee Ostrov Samba-Luda

SambaludaKareliyaSee Ostrov Samba-Luda
Sand Point of the Holy CrossChukotkaSee Ostrov Kosa Meechkyn
SeiskariLeningradSee Ostrov Seskar
SerkolodaLeningradSee Ostrov Syarkkyaluoto
SerkoluotoLeningradSee Ostrov Syarkkyaluoto

Seskar LighthouseLeningradSee Ostrov Seskar
Sharapov HeadKareliyaSee Mys Sharapov
Shednya IslandMurmanskSee Ostrova Sredniye Ludy
Sidin SariLeningradSee Ostrov Suden-Sari
SidinsariLeningradSee Ostrov Suden-Sari

Small IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Itygran
Snug Harbor64.57-173.29Chukotka
SomeriLeningradSee Ostrov Mayak
SommarsLeningradSee Ostrov Mayak

Sommers IslandLeningradSee Ostrov Mayak
SorokaKareliyaSee Belomorsk
SosnovetskiyMurmanskSee Ostrov Sosnovets
South HeadChukotkaSee Mys Kriguygun
Srednia ShoalLeningradSee Banka Srednyaya

Stirs PointLeningradSee Mys Stirsudden
SudinsariLeningradSee Ostrov Suden-Sari
Sunday IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Litke

Three BrothersKamtsjatkaSee Kamni Tri Brata
TorsariLeningradSee Ostrov Zapadnyy Berezovyy
TorssaariLeningradSee Ostrov Zapadnyy Berezovyy
Transfiguration BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Preobrazheniya
Troitski PointArkhangelskayaSee Mys Troitskiy

Troitskoye PointArkhangelskayaSee Mys Troitskiy
TuttersLeningradSee Ostrov Bol'shoy Tyuters
TytarsaariLeningradSee Ostrov Bol'shoy Tyuters
TyutersLeningradSee Ostrov Bol'shoy Tyuters

Ugdnaya BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Ugol'naya
Ust VagaArkhangelskayaSee Ust'-Vaga
Vaga River62.8142.87Arkhangelskaya
Vaida BayMurmanskSee Guba Vayda

Vankarem RiverChukotkaSee Laguna Vankarem
Veliki PointMurmanskSee Mys Velikiy
Virgin IslandsLeningradSee Ostrova Lensiviri
Virta PointLeningradSee Mys Virta-Niyemi

VirtaniemiLeningradSee Mys Virta-Niyemi
Waring PointChukotkaSee Mys Uering
WellenChukotkaSee Uelen
Whale IslandChukotkaSee Ostrov Erdmana

WhalenChukotkaSee Uelen
Whalers BayChukotkaSee Bukhta Kitolovnaya
Whalers HarborChukotkaSee Bukhta Kitolovnaya
WhalingChukotkaSee Uelen
Wrangel Island71.24-179.38Chukotka

Wrangell IslandChukotkaSee Wrangel Island
YukanskieMurmanskSee Ostrovnoy
Zaliv Kiguan64.27-172.93Chukotka
Zaliv Koporskiy59.8428.86Leningrad
Zaliv Kresta65.91-179.21Chukotka

Zaliv Lavrentiya65.67-171.08Chukotka
Zaliv Nakhodka42.77132.96Primorskiy
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Re: Russian Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2015, 03:19:22 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Zaliv TkachenChukotkaSee Bukhta Tkachen