Author Topic: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion  (Read 3555 times)


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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« Reply #30 on: September 30, 2017, 10:14:50 pm »
Good to see you back Joke Slayer  :D

Joke Slayer

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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion
« Reply #33 on: October 16, 2017, 09:23:18 pm »
Hi there!

I'm proceeding slowly with these difficult places... will update here as soon as i add them to the db and will update references once i've got them all (or most of them).

Saunders Island (also Appat) - added
Mount Dundas (also Dundas Fjeld) - added
Wolstenholme Fiord (Wolstenholme Fjord) - added
Cape Dudley Digges (Kap Dudley Digges) - added

Admiral Peary Monument - not easy to spot but it can be faintly seen in position 75.92018, -66.52524 (the square structure nearby is more visible and matches with pictures available on the net)

Point Censor - very weird and, as Danny pointed out, it seems to be in the sea unless a logkeeper mismatch... assuming it's a mismatch, the exact location from anchorage coordinates seems to point a little east of Kap Cranstown (if we assume direction true east), or a little northeast of Svartenhuk Point (if we assume magnetic east). Have yet to figure it out clearly... maybe a code name for waypoint? (A calculated position in the middle of Baffin Bay from ship position at 8pm of the previous day would be 71.36667, -57.94720)

Edderfugle Oer Islands - added

Siorak - found Sioraq on this little map, after searching a lot (and almost giving up for today): (a better map shows the point from which Delong Pier project in the sea:
Position 76.54161, -68.84325

Nasarssuk - There is a place called Nasarssuak on Saunders Island, position 76.56157, -69.47754. It's shown on this 1941 map (from a 1923 survey), along with Siorak:
Place is also shown in and
The abandoned (due to 1968 plane accident) town of Narsaarsuk is quite similar in name, but is on the mainland, in front of Saunders Island.

Point Able and Point Baker - Being those (just by chance?) two codes of the phonetic alphabet (Able for 'A' and Baker for 'B') i strongly suspect we won't find them easily. If logkeeper is referring to actual points of land, those in range are actually unnamed landmarks comprised in the bay between Mt. Dundas and the southern stream (Sjorqap Kua) which flows south of the Southern Mountain.

Point Capsule - Exactly like Point Censor. The 22 July logpage say the ship is headed for the rendezvous point, east of Point Capsule... therefore it seems it's in the middle of Baffin Bay as well, as Danny pointed out. (Calculated position from ship's location, would be 73.86068,-63.42498).

Point Cottage - Again, as Danny said, another place in the middle of Baffin Bay. (Calculated position from ship's location would be 75.78333, -68.12820 from first report of 10 miles east and top logpage position; 75.75000,-68.17664 from first report of 10 miles east and 8am center logpage position, 75.51667; -67.55028 from the second report of 4 miles west - quite a variable place, or, to say better, quite an approximated position, always in the sea however).

W Day Beacon and White House - The house should be in Dundas village, hard to say where and if it's still standing. The only beacons i've found are the North and South ones in this 1875 map (small inset in the map):
No mention of a W Day Beacon (I've seen "W" Day beacon and "R" Day beacon at Thule on another Northland page you've posted in the Canadian Reference Thread) on the internet. Bearing should point more or less towards Delong pier or its end.

Crimson Cliffs - added
Arferfik - added
Carey Islands (Carey Oer) - added
Cape Parry (Kap Parry) - added

NorthCumberland Island - agree it's Kiatak (Northumberland Island). Added.

All found places added to map, ref & csv. Thank you so much Joke Slayer!!
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