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Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 16, 2013, 12:50:16 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Greenlandic place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Greenland and an Alphabetical list of Greenlandic place names found in the logbooks.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Greenlandic Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

Danish and Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) Geographical Terms

Brae - Glacier
Bugt, Bugten - Bay, cove, gulf, fijord
Fjord - Inlet, fijord
Gletscher - Glacier
Halvo, Halvoen - Peninsula
Havn, Havnen - Harbor, port
Kap - Cape, point
Klippe - Island, rock
Nuua - Point, cape
Oer - Islands
O - Island
Pynt - Point, cape, headland
Redden - Roadstead
Stime - Shoal
Stimer - Shoals
Straede, Straedet - Strait
Sund - Sound, marine channel
Vig - Cove

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Greenlandic Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Canadian Place Names -- Reference
Although it is largely unpopulated, Greenland abolished its three counties in 2009 and has since been divided into four territories known as "municipalities":
The weight of the ice has depressed the central area of Greenland; the bedrock surface is near sea level over most of the interior of Greenland, but mountains occur around the periphery, confining the sheet along its margins. If the ice disappeared, Greenland would most probably appear as an archipelago, at least until isostasy lifted the land surface above sea level once again.

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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 09:23:29 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

Greenlandic Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
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Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Greenlandic place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 Nov 2017

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Aasiaat (town)68.70981-52.86988Qaasuitsup
Aasiaat Station68.71019-52.86996Qaasuitsup
Admiral Peary Monument75.92018-66.52524Qaasuitsup
AffirmKujalleqSee Qasigissat (2)

AfirmKujalleqSee Qasigissat (2)
Agaliko FjordKujalleqSee Igaliku Fjord
Agto (town)QaasuitsupSee Attu (town)
Akia IslandKujalleqSee Akia

Alanngorsuaq Fjord60.92609-48.22655Sermersooq
Ammassalik Fjord65.83333-37.05000Sermersooq
AngmagssalikSermersooqSee Tasiilaq
Angmagssalik FjordSermersooqSee Ammassalik Fjord

Angujartorfik BayQeqqataSee Angujaartorfik
Angujartorfik HarborQeqqataSee Angujaartorfik
AppatQaasuitsupSee Saunders Island
Arsanguit IslandKujalleqSee Assannguit

Arsuk Fjord61.25000-48.15000Sermersooq
Arsuk Island (1)SermersooqSee Arsuutaa
Arsuk Island (2)SermersooqSee Arsuup Uummannaa
Arsuup Uummannaa61.16750-48.66343Sermersooq

Attu (town)67.94097-53.62365Qaasuitsup
Avatdlek Island64.04015-52.18533Sermersooq
Baffin Bay74.00000-68.00000

Beacon Island64.16368-51.71501Sermersooq
BeadleQaasuitsupSee Dundas
BipedSermersooqSee Ivittuut
BluieSee Greenland
Bluie East Five (1)Northeast Greenland National ParkSee Eskimonaes Station

Bluie East Five (2)Northeast Greenland National ParkSee Myggbukta Station
Bluie East FourNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Ella Island Station
Bluie East OneKujalleqSee Prins Christians Sund (town)
Bluie East ThreeSermersooqSee Gurreholm Station
Bluie East TwoSermersooqSee Ikateq (town)

Bluie West EightQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq Airport
Bluie West FiveQaasuitsupSee Aasiaat Station
Bluie West FourSermersooqSee Teague Airfield
Bluie West NineQeqqataSee Cruncher Island Station
Bluie West OneKujalleqSee Narsarsuaq (town)

Bluie West SevenSermersooqSee Kangilinnguit (town)
Bluie West SixQaasuitsupSee Thule Air Base
Bluie West ThreeKujalleqSee Simiutaq Station
BodkinQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq (town)
BredefjordKujalleqSee Ikersuaq

BumboatSermersooqSee Qajartalik
CanineKujalleqSee Torgilsbu
Cape AthollQaasuitsupSee Kap Atholl
Cape Dudley DiggesQaasuitsupSee Kap Dudley Digges
Cape Farewell59.77386-43.91184Kujalleq

Cape FarvellKujalleqSee Cape Farewell
Cape HopperKujalleqSee Kap Hoppe
Cape MaryNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Kap Mary
Cape OrsuluviakSermersooqSee Qasigissat (1)
Cape ParryQaasuitsupSee Kap Parry

Cape RinkNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Kap Rink
Cape WarrenNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Kap Borlase Warren
Cape YorkQaasuitsupSee Kap York
Cape York (town)QaasuitsupSee Perlernerit
Carey IslandsQaasuitsupSee Carey Oer

Carey Oer76.71013-72.82631Qaasuitsup
Christians HavnSermersooqSee Iterlak
Christianshaab (town)QaasuitsupSee Qasigiannguit (town)
Clavering IslandNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Clavering O
Clavering O74.28468-21.12808Northeast Greenland National Park

CockerNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Eskimonaes Station
Comanche BaySermersooqSee Igtip Kangertiva
Conical RockQaasuitsupSee Igannaq
Coppermine BaySermersooqSee Alanngorsuaq Fjord
Crimson Cliffs76.05472-67.58306Qaasuitsup

Cruncher IslandQeqqataSee Simiutaq (2)
Cruncher Island Station66.04951-53.64233Qeqqata
CurioSermersooqSee Tasiilaq
Davis Strait64.00000-57.00000Between Greenland and Canada
De Dodes Fjord76.12333-66.77500Qaasuitsup

Denmark Strait65.00000-28.00000
Disco BayQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuup Tunua
Disco BugtQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuup Tunua
Disco IslandQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Disco OerQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)

DisdainNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Ittoqqortoormiit
Disko BayQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuup Tunua
Disko BugtQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuup Tunua
Disko IslandQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Disko OerQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)

Duck IslandsQaasuitsupSee Edderfugleoer
Dundas FjeldQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq (2)
Edderfugle Oer IslandsQaasuitsupSee Edderfugleoer

EgedesmindeQaasuitsupSee Aasiaat (town)
Egedesminde HavnQaasuitsupSee Aasiaat
Egg IslandKujalleqSee Itilleq
Eggers OKujalleqSee Itilleq
Eikerasak HarborQeqqataSee Fiskemesteren Havn

Ekaluit BaySermersooqSee Eqaluit
Ekaluit FjordSermersooqSee Eqaluit
Ella Island Station72.85974-25.14565Northeast Greenland National Park
Eskimonaes Station74.09847-21.27949Northeast Greenland National ParkActive up to 1943

FaeringerhavnSermersooqSee Kangerluarsoruseq (town)
FaeringerhavnenSermersooqSee Kangerluarsoruseq (town)
Fishmasters anchorageQeqqataSee Fiskemesteren Havn
Fiskemesteren Havn66.01027-53.39561Qeqqata
FiskenaesSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuatsiaat (town)

FiskenaessetSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuatsiaat (town)
FiskernaesSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuatsiaat (town)
Fiskernaes FjordSermersooqSee Fiskenaesfjorden
FrederiksdalKujalleqSee Narsaq (town) (1)

FrederikshaabSermersooqSee Paamiut
Frederikshaab IceblinkSermersooqSee Frederikshab Isblink
Frederikshaab IsblinkSermersooqSee Frederikshab Isblink
Frederikshab Isblink62.54209-50.00496Sermersooq
Gael Hamke Bugt74.01841-20.43045Northeast Greenland National Park

Gael Hamkes BugtNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Gael Hamke Bugt
Gate's HoleKujalleqSee Mathaeus Havn
Gates HoleKujalleqSee Mathaeus Havn
GodhavnQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (town)
GodthaabSermersooqSee Nuuk (town)

Godthaab FjordSermersooqSee Nuup Kangerlua
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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Godthaab HarbourSermersooqSee Skibshavn
GodthabsfjordSermersooqSee Nuup Kangerlua
Green Valley HarborSermersooqSee Gronnedal
GrondalSermersooqSee Gronnedal

Gurreholm Station71.24535-24.58372Sermersooq
Hare IslandQaasuitsupSee Hareo
Hochstetter BayNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Hochstetterbugten

Hochstetter Forland75.61667-20.50000Northeast Greenland National Park
Hochstetter Forland Hunting StationNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Nanok Station
Hochstetterbugten74.99925-19.48700Northeast Greenland National Park
Hollander IslandKujalleqSee Hollaendero

HolsteinborgQeqqataSee Sisimiut (town)
Igaliko FjordKujalleqSee Igaliku Fjord
Igaliku Fjord60.80089-45.59910Kujalleq
Igtip Kangertiva65.06667-40.30000Sermersooq

IkardlugssuakQeqqataSee Ikarlussuak
IkardlugsuakQeqqataSee Ikarlussuak
Ikateq (town)65.94651-36.66756Sermersooq
Ikateq FjordSermersooqSee Ikateq (town)

Ilulissat (town)69.21981-51.09861Qaasuitsup

Indre Kitsigsut IslandsKujalleqSee Indre Kitsissut
Indre Kitsissut60.86667-48.36667Kujalleq
Ininguit BaySermersooqSee Ininguit
InnaanganeqQaasuitsupSee Kap York

Inner ChannelSermersooqSee Qarusulik
Inside PassageSermersooqSee Qarusulik
InsolenceSermersooqSee Paamiut
IterdlakSermersooqSee Iterlak

Ittoqqortoormiit70.48456-21.96221Northeast Greenland National Park
IvanganekQaasuitsupSee Perlernerit
IvigtutSermersooqSee Ivittuut

Ivigtut Cryolite MineSermersooqSee Ivittuut Mine
Ivittuut Mine61.20575-48.16710Sermersooq
JacobshavnQaasuitsupSee Ilulissat (town)
JakobshavnQaasuitsupSee Ilulissat (town)

JulianehaabKujalleqSee Qaqortoq (town)
Julianehaab FjordKujalleqSee Julianehabsfjord
Kaersorsuak CapeQaasuitsupSee Qaersoq
KagsiarsukKujalleqSee Qassiarsuk (town)

KajartalikSermersooqSee Qajartalik
Kakaligatsiak Fjord60.83186-47.36069Kujalleq
KakatsiaqQeqqataSee Qaqqatsiaq
Kakortok FjordKujalleqSee Qaqortup Imaa
Kangaamiut (town)65.82503-53.34279Qeqqata

Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat65.98140-53.04397Qeqqata
KangaarsukQaasuitsupSee Kap Atholl
KangamiutQeqqataSee Kangaamiut (town)
Kangamiut FjordQeqqataSee Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat
Kangek IslandQaasuitsupSee Kangeq

KangerdlukKujalleqSee Kangerluk
Kangerluarsoruseq (town)63.69776-51.54446Sermersooq

Kangerlussuaq (town)67.00876-50.68937Qeqqata
Kangerlussuaq Airport67.01185-50.71366Qeqqata
Kangilinnguit (town)61.23238-48.09600Sermersooq

Kap Atholl76.38278-69.63028Qaasuitsup
Kap Borlase Warren74.26584-19.37233Northeast Greenland National Park
Kap Dudley Digges76.16053-68.79512Qaasuitsup
Kap Hoppe59.92808-43.22870Kujalleq
Kap Mary74.16173-20.19686Northeast Greenland National Park

Kap Parry77.01223-71.36324Qaasuitsup
Kap Rink75.13003-19.60854Northeast Greenland National Park
Kap Thorvaldsen60.67139-47.89764Kujalleq
Kap York75.90972-66.45139Qaasuitsup
KapisilikSermersooqSee Kapisillit (town)

Kapisillit (town)64.43518-50.27130Sermersooq
Karajak FjordQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Karajak GlacierQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Karrat Fjord71.38333-53.66667Qaasuitsup
Karrats FjordQaasuitsupSee Karrat Fjord

Kekertarssuak (1)SermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
Kekertarssuak (2)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Kekertarsuak (1)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (town)
Kekertarsuak (2)QaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (3)
Kekertarsuak IslandQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (3)

Kekertat IslandKujalleqSee Kekertat Oerne
Kekertat Oerne60.58333-47.56667Kujalleq
KikertarsuakQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (1)
Kingigtanguak IslandQaasuitsupSee Kanginguaq

Kioke (1)65.99872-53.53183Qeqqata
Kioke (2)KujalleqSee Qiioqe
Kipisako BaySermersooqSee Qipisaqqu

Kobbermine BugtSermersooqSee Alanngorsuaq Fjord
Kong Oscar Havn65.61329-37.62769Sermersooq
Kong Oscars HavnSermersooqSee Kong Oscar Havn
Kornok PassageSermersooqSee Qoornup Sullua
KraulshavnQaasuitsupSee Nuussuaq (2)

Kraulshavn InletQaasuitsupSee Nuussuaq Inlet
KugssuakQeqqataSee Qernertuarssup Qula
Kugssuak BayQeqqataSee Sarfartooq
Kugssuk FjordSermersooqSee Qussuk
Kungnait BaySermersooqSee Eqaluit

Mackenzie BayNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Mackenzie Bugt
Mackenzie Bugt73.44721-21.46866Northeast Greenland National Park
MalaccaSermersooqSee Nuuk (town)
Marrak Point AirfieldSermersooqSee Teague Airfield

Mathaeus Havn60.80054-46.31514Kujalleq
Melville Monument75.76667-59.41667Qaasuitsup
Mount DundasQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq (2)
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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Myggbukta Station73.49083-21.55194Northeast Greenland National Park
Naajat Kangerluat60.03673-43.14434Kujalleq
Nanok Station75.14571-19.76440Northeast Greenland National Park
NarrsakSermersooqSee Narsaq (town) (2)

NarsakKujalleqSee Narsaq (town) (3)
Narsak PassageKujalleqSee Narsaq Sund
Narsaq (town) (1)60.00488-44.66531Kujalleq
Narsaq (town) (2)64.00167-51.63378Sermersooq
Narsaq (town) (3)60.91298-46.05055Kujalleq

Narsaq Sund60.91667-46.11667Kujalleq
NarsarssuakKujalleqSee Narsarsuaq (town)
Narsarsuaq (town)61.15667-45.42536Kujalleq
NasarssukQaasuitsupSee Nasarssuak

Natsek CoveKujalleqSee Naajat Kangerluat
Nordlysets LobKujalleqSee Ikerasaitsiak
North Star Bay76.53826-69.28391Qaasuitsup
Northcumberland IslandQaasuitsupSee Kiatak
Northumberland IslandQaasuitsupSee Kiatak

NugatsiakQaasuitsupSee Nuugaatsiaq (town)
Nugsuak HalvoQaasuitsupSee Nuussuaq (1)
NunasarnukKujalleqSee Nunasarnaq
Nuugaatsiaq (town)71.53563-53.21240Qaasuitsup

Nuuk (town)64.18347-51.72157Sermersooq
Nuup Kangerlua64.50000-51.38333Sermersooq
Nuussuaq (1)70.41667-52.50000Qaasuitsup
Nuussuaq (2)74.11117-57.05962Qaasuitsup
Nuussuaq Inlet74.11661-57.11140Qaasuitsup

OnotoKujalleqSee Narsarsuaq (town)
OrsuluviakSermersooqSee Qasigissat (1)
Paarliit IslandKujalleqSee Paarliit

Pandora ReefQeqqataSee Qilangat
Pardtlet IslandKujalleqSee Paarliit
Peter BayNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Peter Bugt
Peter Bugt75.31411-20.21347Northeast Greenland National Park

Prince Christian SoundKujalleqSee Prins Christian Sund
Prins Christian Sund60.11667-43.63333Kujalleq
Prins Christians Sund (town)60.05587-43.15923Kujalleq

Proven IslandQaasuitsupSee Kangerssuatsiaq
Qaarsorsuak IslandQaasuitsupSee Qaarsorsuaq
Qaersok CapeQaasuitsupSee Qaersoq

Qaqaligatsiaq FjordKujalleqSee Kakaligatsiak Fjord
Qaqortoq (town)60.71839-46.03561Kujalleq
Qaqortup FjordKujalleqSee Qaqortup Imaa
Qaqortup Imaa60.77911-45.97984Kujalleq

Qarajaq GlacierQaasuitsupSee Qarajaq Isfjord
Qarajaq Isfjord70.42001-51.14513Qaasuitsup
Qasigiannguit (town)68.81926-51.19221Qaasuitsup

Qasigissat (1)65.56634-37.69183Sermersooq
Qasigissat (2)60.67175-46.44513Kujalleq
Qassiarsuk (town)61.14958-45.51452Kujalleq
Qeqertarsuaq (1)69.75000-53.50000Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuaq (2)61.06543-48.55820Sermersooq

Qeqertarsuaq (3)71.61846-53.21915Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuaq (town)69.24721-53.53682Qaasuitsup
Qeqertarsuatsiaat (town)63.08815-50.67767Sermersooq
Qeqertarsuup Tunua69.00000-52.00000Qaasuitsup

Qernertuarssup Qula66.46539-52.01769Qeqqata
Qoornup Sullua64.39516-51.21380Sermersooq

RancidSee Greenland
Ravens StoroSermersooqSee Ravn Storo
Ravn Storo62.71667-50.36667Sermersooq
Rens IslandSermersooqSee Renso

Robert Peary MonumentQaasuitsupSee Admiral Peary Monument
Saint Finschoya IslandNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Store Finsch
SanchoKujalleqSee Simiutaq Station
SanerutSermersooqSee Sannerut

Saunders Island76.56923-69.74808Qaasuitsup
ScoresbysundNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Ittoqqortoormiit
SemersutSermersooqSee Sermersuut

Semersut PointSermersooqSee Sermersuut Point
Sermersut UmanarssukSermersooqSee Uummannaarsuk
Sermersuut Point61.24303-48.95113Sermersooq
ShekelSermersooqSee Kangerluarsoruseq (town)

SimituatSermersooqSee Simiuttat
Simiutak (1)KujalleqSee Simiutaq (1)
Simiutak (2)QeqqataSee Simiutaq (2)
Simiutak StationKujalleqSee Simiutaq Station
Simiutaq (1)60.69033-46.58152Kujalleq

Simiutaq (2)66.06208-53.57071Qeqqata
Simiutaq Station60.68337-46.59675Kujalleq
Simpson Passage61.05579-48.43151Sermersooq
Singarnak IslandQaasuitsupSee Singarnaq

SiorakQaasuitsupSee Sioraq
Sisimiut (town)66.93946-53.67350Qeqqata

SkovfjordKujalleqSee Skovfjorden
Sondre StromfjordQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq
Sondre Stromfjord (town)QeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq (town)
Sondrestrom Air BaseQeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq Airport

Sondrestromfjord (town)QeqqataSee Kangerlussuaq (town)
SpiritedSermersooqSee Ivittuut
Stephensen's HavnKujalleqSee Stephensens Havn
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Re: Greenlandic Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            Province   Notes
Stephensens Havn60.92030-46.19880Kujalleq
SternumQaasuitsupSee Qeqertarsuaq (town)
SternwalkNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Mackenzie Bugt
Store Finsch74.04467-20.89050Northeast Greenland National Park
Store Finschoya IslandNortheast Greenland National ParkSee Store Finsch

StoroSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
Storo IslandSermersooqSee Qeqertarsuaq (2)
SugartoppenQeqqataSee Maniitsoq
SukkertoppenQeqqataSee Maniitsoq
Susanne IslandsQaasuitsupSee Susanneoer

Svartenhuks HalvoQaasuitsupSee Svartenhuk

Tatsip Ata BayQeqqataSee Tatsip Ataa
Tatsip Ata InletQeqqataSee Tatsip Ataa
Tatsip Ataa66.84610-51.12505Qeqqata
TavdlorutitSermersooqSee Tallorutit
Taylors Havn61.16129-48.18578Sermersooq

Teague Airfield63.43194-51.15234Sermersooq
The Deadhs FjordQaasuitsupSee De Dodes Fjord
The VaigatQaasuitsupSee Vaigat
ThuleQaasuitsupSee Dundas
Thule Air Base76.53111-68.70167Qaasuitsup

Thule Air Force BaseQaasuitsupSee Thule Air Base
TorssukatakSermersooqSee Torsukattak (1)
Torssukatak Narrows61.17292-48.27689Sermersooq
Torssukatak SnaeveringSermersooqSee Torssukatak Narrows

Torsukatak FjordSermersooqSee Torsukattak (1)
Torsukattak (1)61.17193-48.37280Sermersooq
Torsukattak (2)60.80340-48.14037Kujalleq
Torve IslandQaasuitsupSee Avalleq
Tunugdliarfik FjordKujalleqSee Tunulliarfik

Tunulliarfik FjordKujalleqSee Tunulliarfik
UmanakQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq (town)
Umanak FjordQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq Fjord
Umanak IslandSermersooqSee Arsuup Uummannaa

Uminak FjordQaasuitsupSee Uummannaq Fjord
Upernavik (town)72.78720-56.14436Qaasuitsup
UpernivikQaasuitsupSee Upernavik (town)
Upernivik IslandQaasuitsupSee Upernavik

Uummannaq (1)QaasuitsupSee Dundas
Uummannaq (2)76.55974-68.87784Qaasuitsup
Uummannaq (town)70.67442-52.12545Qaasuitsup
Uummannaq Fjord70.92472-52.96783Qaasuitsup

Vaigat ChannelQaasuitsupSee Vaigat
Vaigat StraitQaasuitsupSee Vaigat
Vester Ejland68.62456-53.53406Qaasuitsup
VinegarQeqqataSee Cruncher Island Station

Webers Havn61.17594-48.20792Sermersooq
Wolstenholme FiordQaasuitsupSee Wolstenholme Fjord
Wolstenholme Fjord76.62764-68.65013Qaasuitsup
Wolstenholme Island76.43267-70.03235Qaasuitsup
Wolstenholme OQaasuitsupSee Wolstenholme Island
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