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US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:23:15 pm »
This topic is for the United States excluding Alaska.
We have a very large number of Alaskan place names, so we have created topics specifically for the state of Alaska: Alaskan Place Names -- Reference and Alaskan Place Names -- Discussion

Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to US place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for the US, an Alphabetical list of US (non-Alaskan) place names found in the logbooks and Transcriber created maps.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to US Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:
Triangulation Points:

For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Canadian Place Names -- Reference and  Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference

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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2013, 08:28:40 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

US (non-Alaskan) Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2013, 08:30:54 pm »
Transcriber created maps

A Google Map covering a specific ship or area is a good example of a much appreciated contribution. We will collect them here.

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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2013, 06:56:35 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of US (non-Alaskan) place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 May 2017

Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
4 Mile RockWashingtonSee Fourmile Rock
Abernathy Point46.19-123.17Washington
Abernethy PointWashingtonSee Abernathy Point
Absecon Lighthouse39.37-74.41New Jersey
Admiralty Head48.16-122.68Washington

Admiralty Inlet47.95-122.60Washington
Alabama State Docks30.71-88.04Alabama
Alcatraz Island37.83-122.42CaliforniaAlcatraz Island Lighthouse
Alden Bank48.83-122.83Washington
Alki Point47.58-122.42WashingtonAlki Point Lighthouse

Alligator Reef24.85-80.62FloridaAlligator Reef Light
Amelia Island Light30.67-81.44Florida
Amelia River30.70-81.47Florida
American Shoal24.53-81.52FloridaAmerican Shoal Lighthouse
American ShoalsFloridaSee American Shoal

Anacapa ChannelCaliforniaSee Anacapa Passage
Anacapa Island34.00-119.40CaliforniaAnacapa Island Light
Anacapa Passage34.02-119.46California
Angel Island37.86-122.43California

Angel's Gate LighthouseCaliforniaSee Angels Gate Lighthouse
Angels Gate Lighthouse33.71-118.25CaliforniaAngels Gate Lighthouse
Ano Nuevo Island37.11-122.34California
Apple Cove Point47.82-122.48Washington
Apple Tree CoveWashingtonSee Appletree Cove

Appletree Cove47.79-122.50Washington
Arnold Point39.46-75.97Maryland
Arundel Cove39.20-76.57Maryland
Assateague Lighthouse37.91-75.36VirginiaAssateague Light
NOAA Historical Chart

AtooiHawaiiSee Kaua'i
Auau Channel20.82-156.68Hawaii
Avalon Bay33.35-118.32California
Avalon Shoal39.10-74.58New Jersey

Baada Point48.37-124.59Washington
Baaddah PointWashingtonSee Baada Point
Bainbridge Island (town)47.63-122.52Washington
Bainbridge Reef47.57-122.52Washington
Baker Island44.24-68.20MaineBaker Island Light

Baker Shoal39.48-75.55New Jersey
Baker's IslandMaineSee Baker Island
Bald Porcupine Island44.39-68.18Maine
Ballast Point32.69-117.24CaliforniaBallast Point Lighthouse

Baltimore Light39.06-76.40MarylandBaltimore Light
Bar Harbor44.39-68.20Maine
Bar HarbourMaineSee Bar Harbor
Barber's PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa

Barber's Point LightHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
Barbers PointHawaiiSee Kalaeloa
Barnegat Lighthouse39.76-74.11New JerseyBarnegat Lighthouse
Bay MabelFloridaSee Lake Mabel

Beacon "B"25.40-80.14Florida
Beaver Sail PointRhode IslandSee Beavertail Point
Beavertail Point41.45-71.40Rhode IslandBeavertail Point Lighthouse
Becher BayCaliforniaSee Bechers Bay
Bechers Bay34.00-120.03California

Begg Rock33.36-119.70California
Belcher Oil Company Dock25.79-80.19Florida
Bell Street Wharf47.61-122.35WashingtonSeattle
Belle Rock48.49-122.75Washington

BelleviewLouisianaSee Bellevue
Bellingham Bay48.69-122.56WashingtonBellingham Bay, 1898
Bells Rock Light37.48-76.75VirginiaBells Rock Light

Belvidere Shoal39.09-76.38Maryland
Ben Davis Point Shoal39.26-75.29New Jersey
Bethel Shoal27.72-80.18Florida
Bethlehem Shipbuilding and Drydock Company ShipyardMarylandSee Sparrows Point Shipyard and Industrial Complex

Bethlehem Sparrows Point ShipyardMarylandSee Sparrows Point Shipyard and Industrial Complex
Big IslandHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
Birch Point48.94-122.82Washington
Bird Rock33.45-118.49CaliforniaSanta Catalina Island
Bird Rocks48.49-122.76Washington

Biscayne Bay25.58-80.23Florida
Black Rock48.55-122.77Washington
Black Rock Harbor Light41.14-73.22Connecticut
Black Rock LighthouseConnecticutSee Black Rock Harbor Light
Blackistone IslandMarylandSee Saint Clements Island

Blakistone IslandMarylandSee Saint Clements Island
Block Island41.19-71.57Rhode Island
Block Island North Lighthouse41.23-71.58Rhode Island
Block Island Sound41.28-71.65Rhode Island
Block Island Southeast Lighthouse41.15-71.55Rhode IslandBlock Island Southeast Lighthouse

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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Bluff Point37.88-122.44California
Blunts Reef40.45-124.47CaliforniaBlunts Reef Lightship
Bodega Head38.31-123.07California
Bodie Island Lighthouse35.82-75.56North Carolina
Bolinas Bay37.89-122.67California

Bolinas Point37.90-122.73California
Bonita Channel37.83-122.56California
Bonita Cove37.82-122.52California
Borden Flats41.70-71.17MassachusettsBorden Flats Lighthouse

Boston Harbor42.34-70.97Massachusetts
Boston Light42.33-70.89Massachusetts
Boston Lightship42.34-70.76MassachusettsBoston Lightship
Boston Naval ShipyardMassachusettsSee Boston Navy Yard
Boston Navy Yard42.37-71.05MassachusettsBoston Naval Yard Site

Boundary Pass48.74-123.08Washington
Brandywine Shoal Light38.99-75.11New JerseyBrandywine Shoal Light
Breakers HotelFloridaSee The Breakers
Breakwater LightMaineSee Portland Breakwater Light

Breakwater Lighthouse41.26-72.34Connecticut
Bremerton Navy YardWashingtonSee Naval Shipyard Puget Sound
Brenton Reef41.44-71.36Rhode IslandBrenton Reef Lightship
Brewerton Channel39.18-76.45Maryland

Bridgeport Harbor41.16-73.18Connecticut
Bridgeport Harbor Lighthouse41.16-73.18Connecticut
Brigantine Shoal39.39-74.33New Jersey
Brockway Point34.02-120.15CaliforniaSanta Rosa Island
Brooklyn Bridge40.71-74.00New York

Brown Shoal38.94-75.12Delaware
Browns Point47.31-122.44WashingtonBrowns Point Lighthouse
Brunswick River31.12-81.43Georgia
Bull Point41.48-71.36Rhode Island
Bull RockRhode IslandSee Bull Point

Bunker Hill Monument42.38-71.06Massachusetts
Burrows Bay48.47-122.68Washington
Burrows Island48.48-122.70WashingtonBurrows Island Light
Bush Point48.03-122.61WashingtonBush Point Lighthouse
Buzzard Point38.86-77.01District of Columbia

Buzzards Bay41.56-70.75Massachusetts
Cabral BankCaliforniaSee Coronado Bank
Cabrillo Point39.35-123.83CaliforniaCabrillo Point Lighthouse
California City37.89-122.45CaliforniaNo more existing

Canadian Reach35.80-89.80Arkansas
Canal Bridge39.54-75.70Delaware
Cape Arago43.31-124.40OregonCape Arago Lighthouse
Cape Blanco42.84-124.56OregonCape Blanco Lighthouse
Cape Canaveral28.46-80.53FloridaCape Canaveral Lighthouse

Cape Charles Lighthouse37.12-75.91VirginiaCurrent Cape Charles Lighthouse
is north of 1884 light
Cape Cod Canal41.77-70.57Massachusetts
Cape Cod LightMassachusettsSee Highland Light
Cape Disappointment46.29-124.06Washington
Cape Elizabeth Light43.57-70.20Maine

Cape Flattery48.38-124.71Washington
Cape Flattery Lighthouse48.39-124.74WashingtonCape Flattery Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse35.25-75.53North Carolina
Cape Henlopen38.80-75.09Delaware
Cape Henry36.93-76.02VirginiaCape Henry New Lighthouse
Cape Henry Old Lighthouse

Cape Lookout34.60-76.54North Carolina
Cape Lookout Lighthouse34.62-76.52North Carolina
Cape Lookout Shoals Lightship34.33-76.41North CarolinaCape Lookout Shoals Lightship
Cape May38.93-74.96New Jersey
Cape May Harbor38.95-74.89New Jersey

Cape Mendocino40.44-124.41CaliforniaCape Mendocino Lighthouse
Cape Romain33.01-79.36South CarolinaCape Romain Lighthouse
Cape San Martin35.89-121.46California
Cape Sebastian42.32-124.43Oregon
Cape Shoal LightWashingtonSee Willapa Bay Lighthouse

Cape Shoalwater LightWashingtonSee Willapa Bay Lighthouse
Cape Vizcaino39.73-123.83California
Careyfort ReefFloridaSee Carysfort Reef
Carysfort Reef25.22-80.21FloridaCarysfort Reef Light

Casco Bay43.63-70.05MaineBuilding the Navy's Bases in World War II
Castle Hill41.46-71.36Rhode IslandCastle Hill Lighthouse
Catalina IslandCaliforniaSee Santa Catalina Island
Cedar Point Lighthouse38.30-76.37Maryland
Charles River42.37-71.05Massachusetts

Charleston Lighthouse32.70-79.88South CarolinaCharleston Lighthouse (Active until 1962)
Charleston Lightship32.74-79.74South CarolinaCharleston Lightship
Charleston Naval Shipyard32.86-79.97South Carolina
Charlestown Navy YardMassachusettsSee Boston Navy Yard

Chatham Lighthouse41.67-69.95Massachusetts
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2013, 06:47:55 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Cherry Point48.86-122.75Washington
Cherrystone Bar Light37.26-76.03VirginiaCherrystone Bar Light
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal39.54-75.72Delaware
Chesapeake Bay37.00-76.05Virginia/Maryland

Chesapeake Beach38.69-76.53Maryland
Chesapeake City39.53-75.81Maryland
Chimney Rock37.99-122.96California
China Point32.80-118.43California
Chinese Harbor34.03-119.61California

Clark Island48.70-122.76Washington
Cleveland Ledge41.63-70.69MassachusettsCleveland Ledge Light
Clyde Line PierFloridaSee Clyde Line Steamship Company
Clyde Line Steamship Company30.32-81.65Florida
Clyde Mallory Lines Dock25.79-80.19Florida

Coalbin Rock24.45-82.10Florida
Coast Guard Station Baltimore39.20-76.57Maryland
Coast Guard Wharf47.61-122.36Washington
Cob DockNew YorkSee Navy Yard
Cob PointMarylandSee Cobb Point

Cobb Point38.26-76.84Maryland
Cobb Point Bar Lighthouse38.24-76.83MarylandCobb Point Bar Lighthouse
Coffin Rock46.03-122.88Oregon
Coit Tower37.80-122.41California
Coitlah PointWashingtonSee Koitlah Point

Cojo Anchorage34.45-120.44California
Cold Spring HarborNew JerseySee Cape May Harbor
Columbia River46.24-124.06Oregon
Columbia River Lightship46.18-124.17OregonColumbia River Lightship
Commencement Bay47.29-122.44Washington

Commodore Point30.32-81.63Florida
Common Fence Point41.66-71.22Rhode Island
Cooper River32.78-79.90South Carolina
Coos Bay43.38-124.20Oregon
Coos Bay (town)43.37-124.22Oregon

Coquille Point43.11-124.44Oregon
Cornfield Point Lightship41.22-72.38ConnecticutCornfield Point Lightship
Coronado Bank32.58-117.40California
Coronado Ferry Landing32.70-117.17California
Coronado WharfCaliforniaSee Coronado Ferry Landing

Corral Harbor33.28-119.52California
Cove Point38.38-76.38MarylandCove Point Lighthouse
Coxo AnchorageCaliforniaSee Cojo Anchorage
Craighill Channel39.11-76.39Maryland
Craney Island36.89-76.36Virginia

Craney Island Light36.89-76.34Virginia
Crescent Rock48.17-123.73Washington
Crook Point34.01-120.36CaliforniaOn San Miguel Island
Cross Ledge39.18-75.25New JerseyCross Ledge Lighthouse
Cultus Bay47.92-122.40Washington

Cumberland Sound30.72-81.48Georgia/Florida
Currituck Beach Lighthouse36.38-75.83North CarolinaCurrituck Beach Lighthouse
Currituck LighthouseNorth CarolinaSee Currituck Beach Lighthouse
Curtis Bay39.22-76.56Maryland
Curtis Bay DepotMarylandSee Coast Guard Station Baltimore

Curtis Creek39.22-76.57Maryland
Cutoff Channel39.18-76.43Maryland
Cuyler Harbor34.05-120.35California
Cypress Island48.57-122.71Washington

Cypress Point36.58-121.98California
Dakin CoveCaliforniaSee Avalon Bay
Dakin's CoveCaliforniaSee Avalon Bay
Dam Neck Wreck36.76-75.83VirginiaDam Neck History
Dam Neck FCTCA
Davidson Rock Light48.41-122.81Washington

Decatur Reef47.58-122.47Washington
Del Mar Landing38.74-123.51California
Del Marr LandingCaliforniaSee Del Mar Landing
Delaware Breakwater Light38.80-75.10DelawareDelaware Breakwater Light
Delaware River39.43-75.53Delaware

Desdemona Sands46.21-123.90Oregon
Desdemona Sands Channel46.20-123.93Oregon
Destruction Island47.67-124.49WashingtonDestruction Island Lighthouse
Diamond Head21.26-157.81Hawaii
Diamond Head Lighthouse21.26-157.81Hawaii

Diamond Point48.09-122.91Washington
Diamond Shoal Lightship35.11-75.33North CarolinaDiamond Shoal Lightship
Discovery Bay48.04-122.86Washington
Double Bluff47.97-122.55WashingtonDouble Bluff Light
Double Point37.95-122.78California

Dowsett Reef25.24-170.46Hawaii
Drakes Bay38.01-122.92California
Drum Point38.32-76.42MarylandDrum Point Lighthouse
Dry Tortugas Light24.63-82.92Florida
Duncan Rock48.41-124.74Washington

Dungeness LighthouseWashingtonSee New Dungeness Lighthouse
Dungeness Spit48.17-123.15Washington
Duntze Rock48.41-124.74Washington
Dunze ReefWashingtonSee Duntze Rock
Duwamish BayWashingtonSee Elliott Bay

Duwamish East Waterway47.58-122.34Washington
Duwamish Head47.60-122.39Washington
Duxbury Point37.89-122.70California
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Duxbury Reef37.89-122.70California
Dyer Island41.58-71.30Rhode Island
Eagle Harbor47.62-122.52Washington
Eagle Island44.21-68.78MaineEagle Island Light
East Jetty Light (1)LouisianaSee South Pass East Jetty Lighthouse

East Jetty Light (2)LouisianaSee Head of Passes East Jetty Lighthouse
East Passage41.56-71.32Rhode IslandNarraganset Bay
East Passage Narragansett BayRhode IslandSee East Passage
East Penobscot Bay44.15-68.75Maine
East River40.79-73.92New YorkNOAA Historical Chart

East Sound48.60-122.84Washington
East Twin River48.17-123.95Washington
East WaterwayWashingtonSee Duwamish East Waterway
Eastern Point Light42.58-70.66Massachusetts
Eaton NeckNew YorkSee Eatons Neck

Eatons Neck40.94-73.39New York
Ediz Hook48.14-123.40Washington
Ediz Hook Lighthouse48.14-123.40Washington
Eel River40.64-124.31California
Egmont Channel27.61-82.77Florida

Egmont Key27.59-82.76FloridaEgmont Key Lighthouse
Egmont Key ChannelFloridaSee Egmont Channel
El Segundo33.92-118.42California
Elbow of Cross Ledge Light39.18-75.27New JerseyElbow of Cross Ledge Light
Eliot BayWashingtonSee Elliott Bay

Elizabeth River36.92-76.34Virginia
Elliott Bay47.60-122.36Washington
Ellis Island40.70-74.04New Jersey
Empire43.39-124.28OregonDavid Rumsey Map
Empire CityOregonSee Empire

Eureka Light46.17-123.24Washington
Fair ViewLouisianaSee Fairview
Falkner Island41.21-72.66ConnecticutFalkner Island Light

Falkner's IslandConnecticutSee Falkner Island
False Cape36.60-75.88Virginia
False Dungeness HarborWashingtonSee Port Angeles Harbor
Farallon Island Light37.70-123.00CaliforniaFarallon Island Light
Farallon Islands37.73-123.03California

Farallon LightCaliforniaSee Farallon Island Light
Faulkner IslandConnecticutSee Falkner Island
Fayerweather Island LightConnecticutSee Black Rock Harbor Light
Fenwick Island Lighthouse38.45-75.05Delaware
Fenwick Island ShoalsDelawareSee Fenwick Shoal

Fenwick Shoal38.45-74.94DelawareFenwick Island Lightship
FernandinaFloridaSee Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach30.67-81.46Florida
Fernandina Harbor30.67-81.47Florida
Fish Rocks38.80-123.59California

Fisher's IslandNew YorkSee Fishers Island (town)
Fishers Island41.27-71.98New York
Fishers Island (town)41.26-72.03New York
Five Fathom Bank38.96-74.67New JerseyNorth East End Lightship
Five Fathom Shoal Light
Five Fathom Shoal LightNew JerseySee Five Fathom Bank

Flagler Beach29.47-81.13Florida
Flagler Beach Aero Beacon29.47-81.13Florida
Fort Adams41.48-71.34Rhode Island
Fort Baker37.83-122.48California
Fort Carroll39.21-76.52Maryland

Fort GeorgeMaineSee Fort Gorges
Fort Gorges43.66-70.22Maine
Fort Lauderdale26.12-80.14Florida
Fort Lauderdale Aero Beacon26.08-80.15Florida
Fort Matanzas29.71-81.24Florida

Fort McHenry39.26-76.58Maryland
Fort McHenry Channel39.24-76.56Maryland
Fort Monroe37.00-76.31Virginia
Fort Monroe LightVirginiaSee Old Point Comfort
Fort Norfolk36.86-76.31VirginiaNOAA Historical Chart
NOAA Historical Chart

Fort Pillow35.64-89.84Tennessee
Fort Pillow Landing35.64-89.85Tennessee
Fort Point37.81-122.48California
Fort Rosecrans32.68-117.25California
Fort Stevens46.21-123.96Oregon

Fort Trumbull41.34-72.09Connecticut
Fort Ward47.58-122.52Washington
Foulweather Bluff47.94-122.61Washington
Four Fathom Bank37.82-122.56California
Four Mile RockWashingtonSee Fourmile Rock

Fourmile Rock47.64-122.41Washington
Fourteen Foot Bank39.05-75.18DelawareFourteen Foot Bank Light
Fowey Rocks25.59-80.10FloridaFowey Rocks Light
Frying Pan Shoals Lightship33.57-77.82North CarolinaFrying Pan Shoals Lightship
Gabrillo PointCaliforniaSee Cabrillo Point

Garden Key24.63-82.87FloridaGarden Key Lighthouse
Gay Head41.34-70.82MassachusettsGay Head Lighthouse
Georgia StraitWashingtonSee Strait of Georgia
Glama Wreck24.45-82.29Florida
Glenora Landing33.20-91.08Mississippi

Goat Island (1)41.49-71.33Rhode IslandGoat Island Lighthouse
Goat Island (2)CaliforniaSee Yerba Buena Island
Golden Gate37.82-122.48California
Golden Gate Bridge37.82-122.48California
Gosnold Island41.41-70.95Massachusetts

Gould Island41.53-71.34Rhode Island
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #7 on: April 23, 2014, 09:41:28 pm »
Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Government DockAlabamaSee Alabama State Docks
Grays Harbor46.95-124.05Washington
Grays Harbor Lighthouse46.89-124.12Washington
Great Duck Island44.15-68.25MaineGreat Duck Island Light
Great Wicomico River37.82-76.30Virginia

Groton Monument41.35-72.08Connecticut
Guemes Channel48.52-122.62Washington
Gulf of Mexico25.00-90.00
Gulf of Santa Catalina33.25-117.75California
Gulf of the Farallones37.75-122.75California

Gull Island33.95-119.83CaliforniaSanta Cruz Island
Gull IsletCaliforniaSee Gull Island
Gull Rocks41.50-71.33Rhode IslandGull Rocks Lighthouse
Half Moon Bay37.48-122.47California
Halfway Rock43.66-70.04MaineHalfway Rock Light

Hallandale Dome25.99-80.12Florida
Hampton Roads36.98-76.35Virginia
Harbor Island47.58-122.35Washington
Harbor of Refuge38.82-75.11Delaware
Harbor of Refuge Light38.81-75.09DelawareHarbor of Refuge Light

Haro Strait48.58-123.32Washington
Harris Point34.08-120.37CaliforniaSan Miguel Island
Hawaii IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands
Hawaiian Islands21.12-157.48Hawaii
Hawkins Point39.21-76.53Maryland

Haystack Rock45.21-123.99Oregon
Head of Passes East Jetty Lighthouse29.15-89.25Louisiana
Head of Passes Lighthouse29.13-89.26Louisiana
Head of Passes West Jetty Lighthouse29.15-89.25Louisiana
Hecate BankOregonSee Heceta Bank

Heceta Bank44.12-124.88Oregon
Heceta Head44.14-124.13OregonHeceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse
Hein Bank48.35-123.06Washington
Hell Gate40.78-73.93New York

Hen and Chickens Reef41.47-71.03MassachusettsHen and Chickens Lightship
Hen and Chickens Reef LightFloridaSee Hen and Chickens Shoal Light
Hen and Chickens Shoal Light24.93-80.55Florida
Henry Island48.60-123.19Washington
Hetzel Shoal28.61-80.40Florida

Hetzel ShoalsFloridaSee Hetzel Shoal
Highland Light42.04-70.06Massachusetts
Hill's LandingCaliforniaSee White's Landing
Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse26.26-80.08FloridaHillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

Hillsboro LighthouseFloridaSee Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse
Hog Island41.64-71.28Rhode IslandHog Island Lighthouse
Hollywood Beach Hotel26.01-80.12Florida

Hood Canal47.56-123.00Washington
Howell Point (1)38.61-76.11Maryland
Howell Point (2)39.37-76.11Maryland
Hudson PointWashingtonSee Point Hudson

Hudson River40.70-74.03New Jersey/New YorkUpper Hudson River Map (from NOAA)
Lower Hudson River Map (from NOAA)
Humboldt LighthouseCaliforniaSee Table Bluff Lighthouse
Hunting Island32.37-80.44South Carolina
Hunting Island Lighthouse32.38-80.44South Carolina
Huntington Beach33.66-118.00California

Huntington IslandSouth CarolinaSee Hunting Island
Ida Lewis Rock LightRhode IslandSee Lime Rock
Indian Point47.93-122.44Washington
Invincible Rock37.95-122.44California

Island Number 2535.82-89.74Arkansas
Island Number 2735.78-89.79Tennessee
Island Number 836.61-89.35Kentucky
Island of Hawai'i19.55-155.56Hawaii
Island of HawaiiHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i

James Island47.91-124.65Washington
James River36.94-76.44Virginia
Jamestown41.50-71.37Rhode Island
Jamestown Harbor41.50-71.36Rhode Island

Jefferson PointWashingtonSee Point Jefferson
John Begg's RockCaliforniaSee Begg Rock
Johnson's LeeCaliforniaSee Johnsons Lee
Johnsons Lee33.90-120.11California
Judge Rock34.05-120.36California

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse26.95-80.08FloridaJupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Jupiter LightFloridaSee Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Ka'ena Point21.57-158.28HawaiiKa'ena Point Light
Kaena PointHawaiiSee Ka'ena Point

KahaluuHawaiiSee Kahalu'u
KahoolaweHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe
Kala Point48.06-122.77Washington

Kalaeloa21.30-158.11HawaiiBarbers Point Light
Kalama Channel46.01-122.85Oregon/Washington
Kalama River46.03-122.87Washington
KauaiHawaiiSee Kaua'i

Kaula RockHawaiiSee Ka'ula
Kellett Bluff48.59-123.20Washington
Kennebec River43.74-69.77Maine
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Kent Island38.95-76.31Maryland
Key West24.55-81.79FloridaKey West Lighthouse
Koitlah Point48.39-124.64Washington
Koko Head21.26-157.70Hawaii
Kydaka Point48.29-124.36Washington

La Jolla32.85-117.27California
La Playa32.71-117.25California
Laguna Beach33.54-117.78California
Lake Mabel26.09-80.12Florida
Lake Union47.64-122.33Washington

Lake Union Dry Dock and Machine CompanyWashingtonSee Lake Union Dry Dock Company
Lake Union Dry Dock Company47.63-122.33Washington
Lake Washington Ship Canal47.66-122.37Washington
Lake Worth Inlet26.77-80.04Florida
Lambert's PointVirginiaSee Lamberts Point

Lamberts Point36.88-76.33Virginia
LanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i
Lawrence Point48.66-122.74Washington
Lawson Reef48.40-122.71Washington

Laysan Island25.77-171.74Hawaii
Legare Anchorage25.48-80.13Florida
Lime Kiln Lighthouse48.52-123.15Washington
Lime Kiln Point48.52-123.15Washington

Lime Point37.83-122.48CaliforniaLime Point Lighthouse
Lime Rock41.48-71.33Rhode IslandLime Rock Lighthouse
Lion Rock35.22-120.87California
Lisianski Island26.06-173.97Hawaii
Lisiansky IslandHawaiiSee Lisianski Island

Little Egg Harbor Light39.51-74.30New Jersey
Live Oak29.75-90.03Louisiana
Lloyd Point40.95-73.49New York
Lloyds PointNew YorkSee Lloyd Point
Loggerhead Key24.63-82.92Florida

Loggerhead Key LighthouseFloridaSee Dry Tortugas Light
Long Beach33.77-118.19California
Long Beach Channel33.74-118.21California
Long Island Sound41.10-72.88Connecticut/New York
Long Point33.41-118.37CaliforniaSanta Catalina Island

Lopez Island48.48-122.89Washington
Los Angeles HarborCaliforniaSee Los Angeles Outer Harbor
Los Angeles Harbor LightCaliforniaSee Angels Gate Lighthouse
Los Angeles Outer Harbor33.71-118.27California
Los FarallonesCaliforniaSee Farallon Islands

Low Point48.16-123.83Washington
Lummi Point48.73-122.69Washington
Lynde Point LightConnecticutSee Saybrook Lighthouse (2)
Lynn Haven BayVirginiaSee Lynnhaven Bay
Lynnhaven Bay36.89-76.08Virginia

Lynnhaven Roads36.92-76.08Virginia
Lynnhaven Shores36.91-76.08Virginia
Main Channel (1)25.78-80.16Florida
Main Channel (2)30.21-88.04Alabama
Main Ship Channel (1)AlabamaSee Main Channel (2)

Main Ship Channel (2)24.53-81.81Florida
Makapu'u Point21.31-157.65HawaiiMakapu'u Point Lighthouse
Makapuu PointHawaiiSee Makapu'u Point
Manasquan Inlet40.10-74.03New Jersey
Mare Island California Naval Shipyard38.09-122.27California

Mare Island Strait38.10-122.27California
Maro Reef25.42-170.58Hawaii
Marquesas Keys24.58-82.11Florida
Marrow Stone PointWashingtonSee Marrowstone Point
Marrowstone (town)48.05-122.69Washington

Marrowstone Point48.10-122.69WashingtonMarrowstone Point Lighthouse
Martia IslandWashingtonSee Matia Island
Martins Industry Shoal32.11-80.57South Carolina
Massachusetts Bay LightshipMassachusettsSee Boston Lightship
Massachusetts State House42.36-71.06Massachusetts

Matia Island48.75-122.84Washington
Matinicus Rock43.79-68.85MaineMatinicus Rock Light
Maury Island47.38-122.43Washington
McCrie Shoal38.85-74.88New Jersey

McCurdy Point48.14-122.84Washington
McHenry ChannelMarylandSee Fort McHenry Channel
Melville41.59-71.28Rhode Island
Menemsha Bight41.35-70.78Massachusetts

Merrill-Stevens Drydock30.32-81.65Florida
Miah Maull Shoals39.11-75.19New JerseyMiah Maull Shoal Lighthouse
Miami Beach25.79-80.13Florida
Miami Beach District Court25.78-80.13Florida

Miami ChannelFloridaSee Main Channel (1)
Miami CourthouseFloridaSee Miami Beach District Court
Miami Harbor25.78-80.18Florida
Miantonomi Hill41.51-71.31Rhode Island
Miantonomy HillRhode IslandSee Miantonomi Hill

Middle Bay Light30.44-88.01Alabama
Middle Ground LightConnecticutSee Stratford Shoal
Middle PointWashingtonSee McCurdy Point
Mile Rock37.79-122.51CaliforniaMile Rock Light
Millstone Landing38.29-76.44Maryland

Minor Island48.32-122.82Washington
Minot's LedgeMassachusettsSee Minots Ledge
Minots Ledge42.27-70.76MassachusettsMinots Ledge Light
Mobile Bay30.47-87.99Alabama

Mobile Bay LightAlabamaSee Middle Bay Light
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Mobile River30.66-88.03Alabama
Molasses Reef25.01-80.38FloridaMolasses Reef Lighthouse
Mollasses ReefFloridaSee Molasses Reef
MolokaiHawaiiSee Moloka'i

Monhegan Island43.77-69.31MaineMonhegan Island Light
MontaugNew YorkSee Montauk
Montauk41.05-71.95New York
Montauk (town)41.04-71.95New York

Montauk Point41.07-71.86New YorkMontauk Point Lighthouse
Monterey Bay36.80-121.90California
Moore's Landing36.95-122.06California
MorokinneHawaiiSee Molokini

MorotoiHawaiiSee Moloka'i
Morris Island LighthouseSouth CarolinaSee Charleston Lighthouse
Morrison Bridge45.52-122.67Oregon
Mosquito Inlet LighthouseFloridaSee Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Moss Landing36.80-121.79California

Mount Coffin46.13-122.99Washington
Mount Desert Rock43.97-68.13MaineMount Desert Light
Mount Hope Bay41.68-71.22Massachusetts
Mount Hope Bridge41.64-71.26Rhode Island
MoweeHawaiiSee Maui

Municipal LandingFloridaSee Municipal Pier
Municipal Pier30.32-81.66Florida
Mussel PointCaliforniaSee Point Cabrillo
Myrtle Grove29.64-89.95Louisiana
Narragansett Bay41.57-71.33Rhode Island

Nashawena Island41.43-70.87Massachusetts
Nauset Beach Lighthouse41.86-69.95Massachusetts
Nauset LightMassachusettsSee Nauset Beach Lighthouse
Nausett LightMassachusettsSee Nauset Beach Lighthouse
Naushon Island41.48-70.76Massachusetts

Naval Air Station North Island32.70-117.22California
Naval Air Station San DiegoCaliforniaSee Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Shipyard Puget Sound47.56-122.63Washington
Navesink Lighthouse40.40-73.99New JerseyNavesink Lights
Navy Yard40.70-73.97New YorkNOAA Historical Chart
See also Wallabout Bay

Navy Yard Puget SoundWashingtonSee Naval Shipyard Puget Sound
Neah Bay48.38-124.61Washington
Nee-ah BayWashingtonSee Neah Bay
Neeah BayWashingtonSee Neah Bay
Needle Rock42.45-124.48Oregon

New Dungeness Lighthouse48.18-123.11WashingtonNew Dungeness Lighthouse
New Haven Lighthouse (1)ConnecticutSee Southwest Ledge Lighthouse
New Haven Lighthouse (2)41.22-72.94Connecticut
New London41.36-72.10Connecticut

New London Harbor Lighthouse41.32-72.09Connecticut
New London Ledge Lighthouse41.31-72.08ConnecticutBuilt in 1909
New London LightConnecticutSee New London Harbor Lighthouse
New Madrid36.59-89.53Missouri
New Point Comfort37.30-76.28VirginiaNew Point Comfort Lighthouse

New River Jetty Light26.11-80.10Florida
New Whatcom48.75-122.48WashingtonNow part of Bellingham
New YorkNew YorkSee New York City
New York BayNew YorkSee Upper New York Bay
New York City40.71-74.01New York

New York HarborNew YorkSee Upper New York Bay
Newport41.49-71.31Rhode Island
Newport Harbor LightRhode IslandSee Goat Island (1)
Newport Memorial Tower41.51-71.31Rhode Island
Newport Pier33.61-117.93California

NiihauHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
Niihau IslandHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
Nine Mile BankCaliforniaSee Coronado Bank
Nodule Point48.03-122.67Washington

North Dumpling41.29-72.02New YorkNorth Dumpling Light
North East End LightshipNew JerseySee Five Fathom Bank
North Head46.30-124.08WashingtonNorth Head Light
North Peapod48.64-122.75Washington

Northwest Channel24.60-81.85Florida
Northwest PassageFloridaSee Northwest Channel
O'Daniel's IslandTennesseeSee Island Number 27
OahuHawaiiSee O'ahu

Oak Hill Aero Beacon28.86-80.87Florida
Oakland Bay BridgeCaliforniaSee San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Oakland CreekCaliforniaSee Oakland Inner Harbor
Oakland EstuaryCaliforniaSee Oakland Inner Harbor

Oakland Inner Harbor37.79-122.29California
Observatory Point48.15-123.64Washington
Old Harbor Point41.16-71.54Rhode Island
Old Point Comfort37.00-76.31VirginiaOld Point Comfort Lighthouse
Old Point LightVirginiaSee Old Point Comfort

Old Town Point39.50-75.92Maryland
Old Town Point Wharf39.50-75.92Maryland
OneeheowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
OneehowHawaiiSee Ni'ihau
Orcas Island48.65-122.94Washington

OrechouaHawaiiSee Lehua
Overfalls Shoal38.86-74.99DelawareOverfalls Shoal Lightship
OwhyheeHawaiiSee Island of Hawai'i
Pacific Beach32.80-117.24California
Pacific Coast Coal Company Dock47.59-122.34Washington

Pacific Coast Coal Company WharfWashingtonSee Pacific Coast Coal Company Dock
Pacific Reef25.37-80.14FloridaPacific Reef Lighthouse
Pajaro Landing36.87-121.82California
Palm Beach26.71-80.04Florida
Palm Beach Hotel26.72-80.04Florida

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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Pancake Point46.15-123.37Washington
Partridge Bank48.26-122.85Washington
Partridge PointWashingtonSee Point Partridge
Partridge ReefWashingtonSee Partridge Bank
Pasque Island41.45-70.83Massachusetts

Patapsco River39.17-76.44Maryland
Patos Island48.78-122.95WashingtonPatos Island Lighthouse
Patuxent River38.32-76.40Maryland
Pea Pod RocksWashingtonSee Peapod Rocks
Pea-pod RocksWashingtonSee Peapod Rocks

Peapod IslandWashingtonSee North Peapod
Peapod Rocks48.64-122.75Washington
Peninsula Point37.86-122.46California
Pennsylvania Railroad BridgeDelawareSee Canal Bridge
Penobscot Bay44.19-68.92Maine

Penole PointCaliforniaSee Pinole Point
Pensacola Lighthouse30.35-87.31Florida
Pidgeon PointCaliforniaSee Pigeon Point
Piedras Blancas35.66-121.27California
Piedras Blancas LighthouseCaliforniaSee Point Piedras Blancas

Pigeon Point37.18-122.39CaliforniaPigeon Point Lighthouse
Pillar Point37.50-122.50California
Pillar Rock46.26-123.59Washington
Piner Point47.34-122.45Washington
Piney Point38.13-76.53MarylandPiney Point Light

Pinole Point38.01-122.37California
Plum Island Lighthouse41.17-72.21New York
Point AlmejaCaliforniaSee Point Cabrillo
Point AngelesWashingtonSee Ediz Hook
Point Anno Nuevo37.11-122.33California

Point Arena38.96-123.74CaliforniaPoint Arena Lighthouse
Point Arguello34.58-120.65CaliforniaPoint Arguello Light
Point Avisadero37.73-122.36California
Point Bonita37.82-122.53CaliforniaPoint Bonita Lighthouse
Point Buchon35.26-120.90California

Point Cabrillo36.62-121.90California
Point Chauncey37.89-122.45California
Point Colville48.42-122.81Washington
Point ComfortVirginiaSee Old Point Comfort
Point ComfortVirginiaSee New Point Comfort

Point Conception34.45-120.47CaliforniaPoint Conception Light
Point Delgada40.02-124.07California
Point Diablo37.82-122.50California
Point Dume34.00-118.81California
Point Fermin33.71-118.29CaliforniaPoint Fermin Lighthouse

Point Glover47.59-122.56Washington
Point Hudson48.12-122.75Washington
Point Hueneme34.14-119.22California
Point Hueneme Lighthouse34.15-119.21CaliforniaPoint Hueneme Light
Point HuenumeCaliforniaSee Point Hueneme

Point Jefferson47.75-122.47Washington
Point Judith41.36-71.48Rhode IslandPoint Judith Light
Point Judith Harbor of Refuge41.37-71.51Rhode Island
Point La Jolla32.85-117.27California
Point Lobos37.78-122.51California

Point Loma32.67-117.24CaliforniaOld Lighthouse
New Lighthouse
Point Lookout38.04-76.32MarylandPoint Lookout Lighthouse
Point Montara37.54-122.52CaliforniaPoint Montara Lighthouse
Point no Point47.91-122.53WashingtonPoint no Point Lighthouse
Point No Point Light38.13-76.29Maryland

Point Partridge48.22-122.77WashingtonPoint Partridge Lighthouse
Point Piedras Blancas35.67-121.29CaliforniaPoint Piedras Blancas Light
Point Piedras BlancoCaliforniaSee Point Piedras Blancas
Point PigeonCaliforniaSee Pigeon Point
Point Pinos36.64-121.94CaliforniaPoint Pinos Lighthouse

Point Reyes38.00-123.00CaliforniaPoint Reyes Lighthouse
Point Roberts48.97-123.08WashingtonPoint Roberts Lighthouse
Point Robinson47.39-122.37WashingtonPoint Robinson Lighthouse
Point Sal34.90-120.67California
Point San Luis35.16-120.76CaliforniaPoint San Luis Light

Point San Pablo37.97-122.43California
Point San Pedro37.59-122.52California
Point Sur36.31-121.90CaliforniaPoint Sur Lighthouse
Point Vicente33.74-118.41CaliforniaPoint Vicente Light
Point VincentCaliforniaSee Point Vicente

Point VincenteCaliforniaSee Point Vicente
Point White47.59-122.57Washington
Point Wilson48.14-122.75WashingtonPoint Wilson Lighthouse
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse29.08-80.93FloridaPonce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Poplar Island38.77-76.38Maryland

Port Angeles48.12-123.43Washington
Port Angeles BayWashingtonSee Port Angeles Harbor
Port Angeles Harbor48.12-123.42Washington
Port Angeles LightWashingtonSee Ediz Hook Lighthouse
Port Crescent48.16-123.73Washington

Port Eads29.02-89.17Louisiana
Port Everglades26.09-80.12Florida
Port Everglades Channel26.09-80.11Florida
Port Hadlock48.03-122.76Washington
Port Madison47.73-122.53Washington

Port of Portland45.57-122.72Oregon
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Port of San Francisco37.72-122.28California
Port Orchard47.63-122.59Washington
Port Orchard BayWashingtonSee Port Orchard
Port Orchard SoundWashingtonSee Port Orchard
Port Royal Sound32.26-80.68South Carolina

Port Tampa27.86-82.53Florida
Port Townsend48.08-122.76Washington
Port Townsend BayWashingtonSee Port Townsend
Port Townsend HarborWashingtonSee Port Townsend
Port Watsonville36.87-121.82California

Portland (1)43.66-70.26Maine
Portland (2)45.52-122.68Oregon
Portland Breakwater Light43.66-70.23Maine
Portland Harbor43.66-70.24Maine
Possession Point47.91-122.39Washington

Potato PatchCaliforniaSee Potatopatch Shoal
Potatopatch Shoal37.82-122.58California
President Point47.77-122.47Washington
Prince Island34.06-120.33California
Protection Island48.13-122.93Washington

Puffin Island48.74-122.82WashingtonPuffin Island Light
Puget Sound47.83-122.43Washington
Puget Sound Naval ShipyardWashingtonSee Naval Shipyard Puget Sound
Puget Sound Navy YardWashingtonSee Naval Shipyard Puget Sound
Pulaski Shoal24.70-82.78Florida

Punta Gorda40.26-124.36CaliforniaPunta Gorda Lighthouse
Pyramid Cove32.82-118.39California
Quarter Shoal LightshipVirginiaSee Winter Quarter Shoal
Quartermaster Harbor47.38-122.46Washington

Raccoon Strait37.87-122.45California
Raita Bank25.62-169.45Hawaii
RanaiHawaiiSee Lana'i
Rappahannock Light37.54-76.01VirginiaRappahannock Light NOAA Station
Rappahannock Spit37.61-76.26Virginia

Reading Rock41.34-124.18California
Rebecca Shoal24.58-82.59FloridaRebecca Shoal Light
Red Bluff40.74-124.21California
Redondo Beach33.85-118.39California
Reedy Island39.52-75.56Delaware

Reedy Point Bridge39.56-75.58Delaware
Reef Point48.54-122.72Washington
Restoration Point47.58-122.48Washington
Rich Passage47.59-122.54Washington
Richardson Rock34.10-120.52California

Rifle Point31.61-91.42Louisiana
Rip Raps Island36.99-76.30Virginia
Ripraps IslandVirginiaSee Rip Raps Island
Roaring Bull43.86-69.20Maine
Robins HoleMassachusettsSee Robinsons Hole

Robinsons Hole41.45-70.81Massachusetts
Rosario Strait48.56-122.76Washington
Rose Island41.50-71.34Rhode IslandRose Island Lighthouse
Round Porcupine IslandMaineSee Bald Porcupine Island

Saddle Rock IslandMaineSee Saddleback Ledge
Saddleback Ledge44.01-68.73MaineSaddleback Ledge Light
Sail Rock48.36-124.55Washington
Saint Andrew Sound30.99-81.43Georgia
Saint Augustine29.89-81.31Florida

Saint Augustine Aero Beacon29.91-81.35Florida
Saint Augustine Inlet29.91-81.30Florida
Saint Augustine Inlet LighthouseFloridaSee Saint Augustine Light
Saint Augustine Light29.89-81.29Florida
Saint Clements Island38.21-76.75MarylandSaint Clements Island Light

Saint George Reef41.81-124.31CaliforniaSaint George Reef Lighthouse
Saint Georges BridgeDelawareSee Saint Georges Bridge East
Saint Georges Bridge East39.55-75.65Delaware
Saint Georges Bridge West39.55-75.66Delaware(built in 1995)
Saint Helen's BarOregonSee Saint Helens Bar

Saint Helens Bar45.87-122.79Oregon
Saint John's ChurchFloridaSee Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral
Saint John's Lightship30.39-81.31FloridaSaint John's Lightship
Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral30.33-81.65Florida
Saint Johns River30.40-81.40Florida

Saint Lucie Shoal27.34-80.14Florida
Saint Marys Entrance30.71-81.43Georgia/Florida
Saint Marys River30.72-81.49Georgia/Florida
Sakonet PointRhode IslandSee Sakonnet Point
Sakonnet Point41.45-71.19Rhode Island

San Antonio CreekCaliforniaSee Oakland Inner Harbor
San Clemente Island32.90-118.50California
San Diego Bay32.65-117.13California
San Diego Naval Fuel Depot32.70-117.24California
San Diego Quarantine Station32.70-117.24California

San Francisco37.77-122.42California
San Francisco Bay37.71-122.28California
San Francisco HarborCaliforniaSee Port of San Francisco
San Francisco Lightship37.75-122.69CaliforniaSan Francisco Lightship
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge37.82-122.35California

San Juan Island48.54-123.09Washington
San Miguel Island34.04-120.38California
San Nicholas IslandCaliforniaSee San Nicolas Island
San Nicolas Island33.25-119.50California
San Pablo Bay38.07-122.38California

San Pablo PointCaliforniaSee Point San Pablo
San Pedro33.74-118.29California
San Pedro Bay33.73-118.22California
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
San Pedro Breakwater LightCaliforniaSee Angels Gate Lighthouse
San Pedro Channel33.58-118.38California
San Pedro HarborCaliforniaSee Los Angeles Outer Harbor
San Pedro LightCaliforniaSee Angels Gate Lighthouse
San Pedro Point34.03-119.52CaliforniaSanta Cruz Island

San Pedro Rock37.60-122.52California
Sand Island Lighthouse30.19-88.05Alabama
Sand Key24.45-81.88FloridaSand Key Light
Sands Key25.50-80.18Florida
Sands Point40.87-73.73New York

Sandwich IslandsHawaiiSee Hawaiian Islands
Sandy Hook Lightship40.44-73.78New Jersey/New York
Sandy Point (1)41.23-71.58Rhode Island
Sandy Point (2)39.01-76.39MarylandSandy Point Lighthouse (active until 1883)
Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse39.02-76.38MarylandSandy Point Shoal Lighthouse (active from 1883)

Sanquel PointCaliforniaSee Soquel Point
Santa Barbara Channel34.25-120.00California
Santa Barbara Island33.48-119.04California
Santa Barbara Island Light33.49-119.03California
Santa Barbara Lighthouse34.40-119.72CaliforniaSanta Barbara Lighthouse

Santa Catalina Island33.38-118.42California
Santa Cruz36.97-122.03California
Santa Cruz Island34.01-119.76California
Santa Cruz Lighthouse36.95-122.03CaliforniaSanta Cruz Lighthouse
Santa Monica Bay33.93-118.59California

Santa Rosa Island33.95-120.10California
Sapelo Island31.48-81.24Georgia
Sapelo Island Light31.39-81.29Georgia
Sapelo LightGeorgiaSee Sapelo Island Light
Sassafras River39.38-76.04Maryland

Saunders Reef38.85-123.66California
Savannah Lighthouse32.04-80.85GeorgiaSavannah Lighthouse (Destroyed in 1996)
Savannah Lightship31.94-80.66GeorgiaSavannah Lightship

Savannah River32.03-80.86South Carolina/Georgia
Saybrook Breakwater LightConnecticutSee Breakwater Lighthouse
Saybrook Inner LighthouseConnecticutSee Saybrook Lighthouse (2)
Saybrook Lighthouse (1)ConnecticutSee Breakwater Lighthouse
Saybrook Lighthouse (2)41.27-72.34Connecticut

Scatchet Head47.91-122.42Washington
Scotland Lightship40.40-73.90New Jersey/New YorkPosition varied over time - NOAA Historical Chart
Scotland Lightship
Seal Cove32.90-118.53California
Seal Rock (1)48.36-124.55Washington
Seal Rock (2)CaliforniaSee South West Seal Rock

Seattle HarborWashingtonSee Elliott Bay
Semiahmoo Bay49.00-122.82Washington
Semiahmoo Bay Light48.99-122.78Washington
Semiamoo BayWashingtonSee Semiahmoo Bay

Semiamoo Bay LightWashingtonSee Semiahmoo Bay Light
Seven Foot Knoll39.16-76.40MarylandSeven Foot Knoll Light (removed in 1988)
Sharps Island38.62-76.36MarylandSharps Island Lighthouse
Sheep Porcupine Island44.40-68.19Maine
Sheffield Island41.05-73.42ConnecticutSheffield Island Lighthouse

Ship John Shoal39.31-75.38New JerseyShip John Shoal Lighthouse
Sinclair Inlet47.55-122.65Washington
Sisters IslandWashingtonSee The Sisters
Skamokawa Channel46.26-123.46Washington

Slaughter's BarOregonSee Slaughters Bar
Slaughters Bar46.11-122.99Oregon
Slip Point48.27-124.25WashingtonSlip Point Lighthouse
Smith Cove47.63-122.39Washington
Smith Island48.32-122.84WashingtonSmith Island Light

Smith Point37.89-76.24VirginiaSmith Point Lighthouse
Smith Shoal24.72-83.92Florida
Smith Shoal Light24.72-81.92Florida
Smith Tower47.60-122.33Washington
Smuggler's CoveCaliforniaSee Smugglers Cove (2)

Smugglers Cove (1)CaliforniaSee Pyramid Cove
Smugglers Cove (2)34.02-119.54California
Solomon Light38.32-76.46Maryland
Solomons Island38.32-76.46Maryland
Sombrero Key24.63-81.11FloridaSombrero Key Light

Soquel Point36.95-121.98California
South Jetty46.22-123.99Oregon
South Pass29.08-89.21Louisiana
South Pass East Jetty Lighthouse28.99-89.14Louisiana
South Pass Lighthouse29.02-89.17Louisiana

South West Seal Rock41.81-124.35California
Southwest Channel27.57-82.75Florida
Southwest Ledge41.11-71.69Rhode Island
Southwest Ledge Lighthouse41.23-72.91Connecticut
Southwest Pass Lighthouse28.97-89.39Louisiana

Sparrows Point Shipyard and Industrial Complex39.22-76.49Maryland
Spike Rock48.25-124.72Washington
St. Andrew SoundGeorgiaSee Saint Andrew Sound
St. AugustineFloridaSee Saint Augustine
St. John's LightshipFloridaSee Saint John's Lightship

St. John's RiverFloridaSee Saint Johns River
St. Lucie ShoalFloridaSee Saint Lucie Shoal
St. Petersburg27.77-82.68Florida
Stacy Street Wharf47.58-122.34Washington
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
Standard Oil Company Dock30.36-81.62Florida
State House DomeMassachusettsSee Massachusetts State House
Stingray Point Light37.56-76.27MarylandStingray Point Light
Strait of Georgia48.83-122.94Washington

Strait of Juan de Fuca48.25-124.00Washington
Straits of Florida25.00-79.75Florida
Stratford Shoal41.09-73.09ConnecticutStratford Shoal Light
Strawberry Island48.56-122.74Washington
Striped Peak48.16-123.68Washington

Stuart Aero Beacon27.20-80.22Florida
Stuart Island48.68-123.21Washington
Summit Bridge39.54-75.74Delaware
Sutil Island33.46-119.05CaliforniaSanta Barbara Island
SW Pass LightLouisianaSee Southwest Pass Lighthouse

Swiftsure Bank48.55-125.02WashingtonSwiftsure Lightship
Swiftsure Lighthouse
Table Bluff Lighthouse40.70-124.28California
Tacoma HarborWashingtonSee Commencement Bay
TahooraHawaiiSee Ka'ula

TahoorowaHawaiiSee Kaho'olawe
Tampa Bay27.77-82.55Florida
Tampa Bay Roadstead27.60-82.73Florida
Tampa Marine Company Shipyard27.94-82.44Florida

Tanner Point36.90-76.32Virginia
Tarpaulin Cove41.48-70.76MassachusettsTarpaulin Cove Lighthouse
Tatoosh Island48.39-124.74Washington
Tatoosh Island LighthouseWashingtonSee Cape Flattery Lighthouse
Tatoosh LightWashingtonSee Cape Flattery Lighthouse

Tennessee Reef Lighthouse24.75-80.78Florida
Thacher Island42.64-70.58MassachusettsCape Ann Light
Thacher Island North Light
Thatcher Pass48.53-122.81Washington
Thatcher's IslandMassachusettsSee Thacher Island
The Breakers26.71-80.03Florida

The Elbow25.14-80.26Florida
The FarallonesCaliforniaSee Farallon Islands
The Sisters48.69-122.76Washington
Thimble Shoal37.01-76.24VirginiaThimble Shoal Lighthouse
Thimble Shoal Channel36.98-76.13Virginia

Thomas Point Shoal38.90-76.44MarylandThomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
Thompson Spit48.10-122.94Washington
Three Tree Point46.27-123.52Washington
Tillamook Rock45.94-124.02OregonTillamook Rock Lighthouse
Todd Dry Dock47.59-122.36Washington

Todd's Dry DockWashingtonSee Todd Dry Dock
Todd's DrydockWashingtonSee Todd Dry Dock
Tongue Point (1)48.17-123.71Washington
Tongue Point (2)46.21-123.76Oregon
Tonomy HillRhode IslandSee Miantonomi Hill

Tonomy TowerRhode IslandSee Newport Memorial Tower
Triangles BeaconFloridaSee West Triangle
Trinidad Head41.05-124.15CaliforniaTrinidad Head Lighthouse
Tuckers Beach LightNew JerseySee Little Egg Harbor Light

Tunica Island30.83-91.51Louisiana
Turkey Point39.45-76.01MarylandTurkey Point Lighthouse
Turn Point48.69-123.24WashingtonTurn Point Lighthouse
Turtle Rocks25.27-80.22Florida

Twin RiverWashingtonSee East Twin River
Twin RiverWashingtonSee West Twin River
Tybee Island Lighthouse32.02-80.85GeorgiaTybee Island Lighthouse
Tyler Bight34.03-120.41CaliforniaSan Miguel Island
Umatilla Reef48.18-124.78WashingtonUmatilla Reef Lightship

Umpqua River43.67-124.21Oregon
Umpqua River Lighthouse43.66-124.20OregonUmpqua River Lighthouse
Union Pacific Dock47.60-122.34Washington
Upper New York Bay40.67-74.05New YorkNew York Bay and Harbor 1900
US Coast Guard Base 2127.76-82.63Florida

US Naval Station Key West24.56-81.81Florida
Vashon Island47.43-122.48Washington
Vineyard Sound41.44-70.77MassachusettsVineyard Sound Lightship
Virginia Beach36.85-75.98Virginia

Waada IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island
Waada PointWashingtonSee Waadah Point
Waadah Island48.38-124.60Washington
Waadah Point48.39-124.60Washington
Waddah IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island

Walan Point48.07-122.75Washington
Wallabout Bay40.71-73.98New York
Walnut Point39.21-76.58Maryland
Wasadedah IslandWashingtonSee Waadah Island
Washington Sound48.52-122.99WashingtonNOAA Map of Washington Sound

Washum IslandWashingtonSee Vashon Island
Watch Hill Reef41.29-71.86Rhode Island
Weldt Rock33.72-118.26CaliforniaRemoved in 1947
West Cove33.01-118.60California
West Jetty LightLouisianaSee Head of Passes West Jetty Lighthouse

West Palm Beach Aero Beacon26.69-80.10Florida
West Point47.66-122.44WashingtonWest Point Lighthouse
West Triangle24.51-81.81Florida
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Re: US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference
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Name  (+link)          Lat            Long            State   Notes
West Twin River48.17-123.95Washington
Westport Reach46.15-123.38Oregon/Washington
Whidbey Island48.29-122.68Washington
White's Landing36.90-121.84California
Whiting Rock37.96-122.44California

Willapa Bay Lighthouse46.73-124.09WashingtonWillapa Bay Lighthouse
Wilson PointWashingtonSee Point Wilson
Wimble Shoals35.57-75.43North Carolina
Windmill Point Light37.60-76.24Virginia
WinslowWashingtonSee Bainbridge Island (town)

Winter Quarter Shoal37.96-75.11VirginiaWinter Quarter Shoal Lightship
WoahooHawaiiSee O'ahu
Wolf Trap Light37.39-76.19VirginiaWolf Trap Light
Yaquina Head44.68-124.08Oregon
Ybor Channel27.95-82.44Florida

Yellow Bluff37.84-122.47California
Yerba Buena Island37.81-122.37CaliforniaYerba Buena Island Lighthouse
York River LightVirginiaSee York Spit Light
York Spit Light37.21-76.25VirginiaYork Spit Light