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Vocabulary and Place Names Help - Index of Helpful Topics
« on: June 17, 2013, 06:03:41 pm »
Most of us do not know the vocabulary of mariners, nor the many place names they use to mark their locations. These documents have been developed to help us.

Official Logbook Instructions (various)
All of our logbooks have instructions for the log keepers printed in the front. The instructions are a somewhat abbreviated form of what land-based weather stations were using at that time. Some of our log keepers knew the more extensive codes; it seems that others did not. But it helps to know what they were supposed to be using, when we are trying to interpret what has been written.

Terms found in US log books

Quotes from various experts and discoveries we have found useful over the years.

Sail and Wind Powered Sailing Terms
Information about sailing terms found in our logs, together with discussions. This is interesting and helpful background even though we are not required to transcribe these terms.

Geographical Help: Welcome

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