Author Topic: What to do with missing or multiple dates and locations  (Read 1652 times)

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What to do with missing or multiple dates and locations
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:29:43 pm »

Whenever the logs have a 2-page-per-day format, it is common, though not guaranteed, that one page will carry the location and the other the date.  Transcribe exactly what was written.  The pages are 2 halves of a single scan of the open book, and are joined at the hip.  Whatever date or location is on the other page will also be applied to the page you are working on now.

Sometimes, more than one date's data is crowded onto a single page.  Again, enter exactly what is there.  The Date and Location entry boxes may be used as often as you need.  When entering weather readings, include am and pm with the hour since that cannot be determined by their page position in this case.

Sometimes, the ship is on Nautical Days, meaning the readings on the page begin at 1pm of the date in the heading, and end at noon the following day.  Always transcribe only the date given, and always include am or pm when you enter the hour.  They usually switch back to a calendar day when in port, creating 36 hour days at the transition.  Again, type what you see and include am and pm with the hour.

Note that the date in the log is in US order (month, day, year) and on the Date tab the order is day, month, year following the European format.  Please make this an exception to the Type What You See rule and enter the date in the European format using digits.  (December 25, 1901 on the page would be entered 25/12/1901.)  But don't worry about previously typed entries, the analyst team will correct those.
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