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East African Place Names -- Reference
« on: July 03, 2013, 06:41:29 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help.

East Africa is the core of this topic, but to reduce the need for searching multiple topics and to avoid splitting countries we have not defined "East" Africa too strictly. Also, for users working in the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden, we have included Saudi Arabia and Yemen in this topic.

This topic includes:

  • Africa from the north coast of Egypt (overlapping Mediterranean and Black Sea Place Names) to the west coast of South Africa (overlapping West African Place Names):
    • Djibouti
    • Egypt
    • Eritrea
    • Kenya
    • Mozambique
    • Somalia
    • South Africa
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania
  • The islands/countries off the coast of East Africa that don't belong to one of the countries listed above:
    • Comoros
    • Glorioso Islands
    • Madagascar
    • Mauritius
    • Mayotte
    • Seychelles
  • The western coasts of the Arabian Peninsula (overlapping Arabian Peninsula, Persian Gulf, and Western Indian Ocean Place Names):
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Yemen

In this topic we have:

You can make this topic better by contributing to the East African Place Names -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to East African Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:

For more general place name resources, see the Welcome to Geographical Help topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see East African Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see Arabian Peninsula, Persian Gulf, and Western Indian Ocean Place Names, Mediterranean and Black Sea Place Names and West African Place Names
(This list will be revised as the appropriate Reference topics become available.)

African Geographical Terms

Bughaz - channel, harbor
Bur - port, harbor
Burat - bay
Buz - cape, point
Fanar - lighthouse
Fungu (plural mafungu) - sandbank, reef, shoal, small flat island
Gezair - islands
Geziret - island
Jazirat - island
Junat - bay
Juzur - islands
Kaap - cape, point
Mwamba - reef
Ras, Ra's - point, cape, mountain
Shab, Sha'ab, Sha'b - reef
Tanjona - cape

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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 06:43:20 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

East African Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome to Geographical Help topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2013, 06:44:04 pm »
Transcriber created maps and documents

A Google Map covering a specific ship or area is a good example of a much appreciated contribution. We will collect them here.
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2013, 06:45:15 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of East African place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 Nov 2017

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ComorosMoheliSee Mwali
ComorosMohilla IslandSee Mwali
DjiboutiBrothersObockSee Sawabi'

DjiboutiJibutiDjiboutiSee Djibouti
Djibouti/Eritrea/YemenBab el Mandeb12.6041643.33557
Djibouti/Eritrea/YemenLarge StraitSee Bab el Mandeb
Djibouti/Eritrea/YemenStraits of Bab-el-MandebSee Bab el Mandeb

Egypt'Izbat Yousif Hasan al Qarqawi Sarabiyum30.4766632.31598Ismailia
Egypt1800 Feet Hill29.8559432.43284Suez
Egypt2725 Feet Mountain29.9684732.39830Suez
Egypt581 Feet Hill29.8273532.46297Suez
EgyptAbdul KhisanRed SeaSee Daedalus Reef

EgyptAbu el KizanRed SeaSee Daedalus Reef
EgyptAbu GurdaRed SeaSee Jabal Abu Jurdi
EgyptAbu Mingarh Bay27.2373833.85767Red Sea
EgyptAbu Mingarh HillRed SeaSee Dishet Abu Minqar
EgyptAbu Mingarh IslandRed SeaSee Juzur Abu Minqar

EgyptAl Firdan30.6865632.33850Ismailia
EgyptAl Ikhwan26.3067334.85567Red Sea
EgyptAl Ikhwan Lighthouse26.3145434.84350Red Sea
EgyptAl IskandariyahAlexandriaSee Alexandria
EgyptAl Kab30.9461932.31119Ismailia

EgyptAl Qantarah30.8571132.31183Ismailia
EgyptAl QulzumSuezSee Suez
EgyptAs SuwaysSuezSee Suez
EgyptAshrafi Island LightRed SeaSee El Ashrafi Lighthouse

EgyptAshrafi IslandsRed SeaSee Juzur Ashrafi
EgyptAshrafi LightRed SeaSee El Ashrafi Lighthouse
EgyptAt Tinah31.0427432.30752Port Said
EgyptBarn HillSouth SinaiSee Jabal Sinn Bishr
EgyptBatoga PeakRed SeaSee Jabal Batujah

EgyptBluff Point27.6819433.80790Red Sea
EgyptBrother's Island LightRed SeaSee Al Ikhwan Lighthouse
EgyptBrothers IslandsRed SeaSee Al Ikhwan
EgyptBrothers LightRed SeaSee Al Ikhwan Lighthouse
EgyptBuhayrat at Timsah30.5785732.28684Ismailia

EgyptBur Ibrahim29.9386532.56004Suez
EgyptBur SaidPort SaidSee Port Said
EgyptBur Tawfiq29.9416732.56583Suez
EgyptBuz Misallat29.9263932.56075Suez
EgyptCap HillRed SeaSee Jabal Umm Naqqat

EgyptCape Brulos31.6011331.08045Kafr el-SheikhFanar el-Burullus
EgyptDaedalus LightRed SeaSee Daedalus Reef Light
EgyptDaedalus Reef24.9283235.85714Red Sea
EgyptDaedalus Reef Light24.9283335.86167Red Sea

EgyptDamietta LightDumyatSee Fanar Dumyat
EgyptDeversoir GareIsmailiaSee Deversoir Station
EgyptDeversoir Station30.4129132.35615Ismailia
EgyptDishet Abu Minqar27.2009233.83978Red Sea
EgyptDumyatDumyatSee Damietta

EgyptEl Ashrafi Lighthouse27.7889233.70625Red Sea
EgyptEl FerdaneIsmailiaSee Al Firdan
EgyptEl TinehPort SaidSee At Tinah
EgyptFanar Dumyat31.5217831.84836Dumyat
EgyptGare ChaloufSuezSee Mahattat ash Shallufah

EgyptGare du BallahIsmailiaSee Mahattat al Ballah
EgyptGare du CapIsmailiaSee Al Kab
EgyptGare du GeneffeSuezSee Geneffe Station
EgyptGare du KabretSuezSee Mahattat al Kibrit
EgyptGaysum IslandRed SeaSee Southern Qaysum

EgyptGebel Umm Huweitat26.5533733.87982Red Sea
EgyptGeneffe Station30.1687832.56658Suez
EgyptGezair AshrafiRed SeaSee Juzur Ashrafi
EgyptGreat Bitter Lake30.3327532.37461Ismailia
EgyptGreat LakeIsmailiaSee Great Bitter Lake

EgyptHurghada27.2573833.81291Red Sea
EgyptIskindiriyaAlexandriaSee Alexandria
EgyptJabal Abu Jurdi24.0026435.08836Red Sea
EgyptJabal Abu Tuyur25.7214334.26953Red Sea

EgyptJabal al Fara'id23.5575835.36426Red Sea
EgyptJabal Batujah23.8262435.35435Red Sea
EgyptJabal Gharib28.1166532.90221Red Sea
EgyptJabal Hamatah24.2042335.00579Red Sea
EgyptJabal Hammam Fir'awn29.1895232.97395South Sinai

EgyptJabal Nuqarah26.6700133.88334Red Sea
EgyptJabal Nuqrus24.8088634.59766Red Sea
EgyptJabal Sinn Bishr29.6716432.96119South Sinai
EgyptJabal Thilimit29.0067932.56258Red Sea
EgyptJabal Umm Naqqat25.4961234.23456Red Sea

EgyptJabal Zabarah24.7559534.69944Red Sea
EgyptJafatin IslandRed SeaSee Jazirat Jiftun al Kabir
EgyptJazirat Jiftun al Kabir27.2239933.92831Red Sea
EgyptJazirat Jubal27.6424633.80124Red Sea
EgyptJazirat Shakir27.5012533.98923Red Sea

EgyptJazirat Shakir Lighthouse27.4518234.03769Red Sea
EgyptJazirat Tiran27.9489234.55132South Sinai
EgyptJazirat Zabarjad23.6107736.19611Red Sea
EgyptJebel Abu GudiRed SeaSee Jabal Abu Jurdi
EgyptJebel GharibRed SeaSee Jabal Gharib

EgyptJebel HamataRed SeaSee Jabal Hamatah
EgyptJebel HammamSouth SinaiSee Jabal Hammam Fir'awn
EgyptJebel KabashRed SeaSee Jabal Nuqarah
EgyptJebel NugrusRed SeaSee Jabal Nuqrus
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2013, 07:01:42 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
EgyptJebel ThlemelRed SeaSee Jabal Thilimit
EgyptJebel TiyurRed SeaSee Jabal Abu Tuyur
EgyptJebel Umm BetelshadeRed SeaSee Gebel Umm Huweitat
EgyptJebel Umm KabashRed SeaSee Jabal Nuqarah
EgyptJebel Wadi LehamaRed SeaSee Jabal Hamatah

EgyptJebel ZabaraRed SeaSee Jabal Zabarah
EgyptJubal IslandRed SeaSee Jazirat Jubal
EgyptJuzur Abu Minqar27.2150633.87458Red Sea
EgyptJuzur Ashrafi27.7802833.68134Red Sea
EgyptKad el MarakabSuezSee Buz Misallat

EgyptKad el MarakebSuezSee Buz Misallat
EgyptKantaraIsmailiaSee Al Qantarah
EgyptKantara BridgeIsmailiaSee Kantara Railway Bridge
EgyptKantara Railway Bridge30.9070932.31461Ismailia
EgyptKantara StationIsmailiaSee Mahattat al Qantarah al Gharbiyah

EgyptLake TimsahIsmailiaSee Buhayrat at Timsah
EgyptLittle Bitter Lake30.2269632.54222Suez
EgyptMadinat Bur SaidPort SaidSee Port Said
EgyptMahattat al Ballah30.7719132.31678Ismailia
EgyptMahattat al Kibrit30.2595732.50103Suez

EgyptMahattat al Qantarah al Gharbiyah30.8570532.31426Ismailia
EgyptMahattat ash Shallufah30.1167532.56308Suez
EgyptManarat Za'faranah29.1116532.66527Red Sea
EgyptNewport Rock29.8855032.55065Suez
EgyptNewport Rock Light29.8850632.55137Suez

EgyptPort IbrahimSuezSee Bur Ibrahim
EgyptPort Said31.2565432.28412Port Said
EgyptPort Said Harbour31.2527332.30813Port Said
EgyptPort Said LightPort SaidSee Port Said Lighthouse
EgyptPort Said Lighthouse31.2641032.31326Port Said

EgyptPort SuezSuezSee Suez
EgyptPort TafiqSuezSee Bur Tawfiq
EgyptPort TaufiqSuezSee Bur Tawfiq
EgyptPort TewfikSuezSee Bur Tawfiq
EgyptPort ThewfikSuezSee Bur Tawfiq

EgyptRa's Abu Daraj29.3838132.56597Suez
EgyptRa's al 'Ushsh31.1367132.30460Port Said
EgyptRa's az Za'faranah29.1119932.66583Red Sea
EgyptRa's Gharib28.3511133.11176Red Sea
EgyptRa's Gharib Lighthouse28.3513333.11066Red Sea

EgyptRa's Muhammad27.7277034.25802South Sinai
EgyptRa's Nasrani27.9643534.41709South Sinai
EgyptRas Abu DerajSuezSee Ra's Abu Daraj
EgyptRas el EchPort SaidSee Ra's al 'Ushsh
EgyptRas GharibRed SeaSee Ra's Gharib

EgyptRas Gharib LighthouseRed SeaSee Ra's Gharib Lighthouse
EgyptRas MuhammedSouth SinaiSee Ra's Muhammad
EgyptRas NuzeraniSouth SinaiSee Ra's Nasrani
EgyptSaint Johns IslandRed SeaSee Jazirat Zabarjad
EgyptSerapeumIsmailiaSee 'Izbat Yousif Hasan al Qarqawi Sarabiyum

EgyptSha'ab Ashrafi27.7956533.65370Red Sea
EgyptShab AshraRed SeaSee Sha'ab Ashrafi
EgyptShadran IslandRed SeaSee Jazirat Shakir
EgyptShadwan Island Red SeaSee Jazirat Shakir
EgyptShadwan Island LightRed SeaSee Jazirat Shakir Lighthouse

EgyptShadwan LightRed SeaSee Jazirat Shakir Lighthouse
EgyptShaker IslandRed SeaSee Jazirat Shakir
EgyptSouth Brothers IslandRed SeaSee South Island
EgyptSouth Island26.3016134.86290Red Sea
EgyptSouthern Qaysum27.6790533.72640Red Sea

EgyptSuez Bay29.8986132.53528Suez
EgyptSuez Canal29.9313932.56278Suez
EgyptSuez Roads29.9307632.52108Suez
EgyptTaufigSuezSee Bur Tawfiq

EgyptTawfiqSuezSee Bur Tawfiq
EgyptTewfikSuezSee Bur Tawfiq
EgyptThe Brothers IslandsRed SeaSee Al Ikhwan
EgyptTiran IslandSouth SinaiSee Jazirat Tiran
EgyptTiyar MountainRed SeaSee Jabal Abu Tuyur

EgyptTorSouth SinaiSee Tor Bank
EgyptTor Bank28.2166733.40000South Sinai
EgyptToussoum Station30.5104032.33583Ismailia
EgyptUmm al Kiman27.8378133.58807Red Sea
EgyptUmm el Kyaman IslandRed SeaSee Umm al Kiman

EgyptUmmel Kyaman IslandRed SeaSee Umm al Kiman
EgyptZafarana LightRed SeaSee Manarat Za'faranah
FranceGlorioso IslandsSee Iles Glorieuses
FranceIle du LiseSee Ile du Lys
FranceIle du Lys-11.5000047.36667

FranceIles Glorieuses-11.5000047.33333
JordanAkabaAqabaSee Aqaba
KenyaCanteen Pier-4.0651039.64251Mombasa
KenyaCasuarina Point-2.2333340.96667Lamu

KenyaGaze BayKwaleSee Maftaha Bay
KenyaHori Vanga-4.6611239.22707Kwale
KenyaKilindiniMombasaSee Ras Kilindini
KenyaKilindini HarborMombasaSee Kilindini Harbour
KenyaKilindini Harbour-4.0693439.65065Mombasa

KenyaKisiteKwaleSee Ksite Island
KenyaKisitiKwaleSee Ksite Island
KenyaKisiti IslandKwaleSee Ksite Island
KenyaKsite Island-4.7198939.37191Kwale

KenyaMaftaha Bay-4.4370639.52047Kwale
KenyaMombasa Harbour-4.0580839.68134Mombasa
KenyaMombasa LighthouseMombasaSee Ras Serani Range Front Light

KenyaMpunguti Ya Juu-4.7036839.40721Kwale
KenyaMpungutiyajuu IslandKwaleSee Mpunguti Ya Juu
KenyaMvitaMombasaSee Mombasa Harbour
KenyaPort MombasaMombasaSee Mombasa Harbour

KenyaPungutiayuKwaleSee Mpunguti Ya Juu
KenyaRas Kilindini-4.0605239.64794Mombasa
KenyaRas MwambankuKwaleSee Mwabungu
KenyaRas Serani Range Front Light-4.0716239.68066Mombasa
KenyaRear Range Beacon-4.0611039.64132Mombasa

KenyaShimanzi Point-4.0490839.64494Mombasa
KenyaSii Island-4.6635239.27816Kwale
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2013, 07:02:47 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
KenyaSimganzi PointMombasaSee Shimanzi Point
KenyaSunganzi PointMombasaSee Shimanzi Point
KenyaWasin IslandKwaleSee Wasini Island
KenyaWasini Island-4.6633539.38178Kwale

MadagascarAmpanolahamirafyDianaSee Antsiranana
MadagascarBabaombySee Tanjona Bobaomby
MadagascarCap AndreSee Cap d'Ambre
MadagascarCap d'Ambre-11.9543349.27194Cap d'Ambre Lighthouse

MadagascarCape AmberSee Cap d'Ambre
MadagascarCape AndreSee Cap d'Ambre
MadagascarChapman RockSee Nosy Langoro
MadagascarDiego SoarezDianaSee Antsiranana
MadagascarDiego SuarezDianaSee Antsiranana

MadagascarMajungaBoenySee Mahajanga
MadagascarNosi LangorSee Nosy Langoro
MadagascarNosy Langoro-12.2233449.31630Nosy Langoro Lighthouse
MadagascarTamataveAtsinananaSee Toamasina

MadagascarTanjona Bobaomby-11.9536949.26347
MauritiusPort Louis-20.1619457.49889Port Louis
MayotteBaie de Pamandzi-12.7666745.26667Mayotte
MayotteBaie de PamanziSee Baie de Pamandzi

MayottePamanzi BaySee Baie de Pamandzi
MozambiqueAngocheNampulaSee Antonio Enes
MozambiqueAntonio Enes-16.2325039.90861Nampula
MozambiqueArquipelago das Querimbas-11.7423440.63431Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueBaia de Maputo-25.9833332.70000Maputo

MozambiqueBaia de Pemba-12.9425040.46139Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueBaia De TungaCabo DelgadoSee Baia de Tungue
MozambiqueBaia de TungeCabo DelgadoSee Baia de Tungue
MozambiqueBaia de Tungue-10.7166740.58333Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueBarra LighthouseInhambaneSee Farol da Barra

MozambiqueBurra LighthouseInhambaneSee Farol da Barra
MozambiqueCabo CulumulomoNampulaSee Cabo Melano
MozambiqueCabo Delgado-10.6917340.63876Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueCabo Delgado Lighthouse-10.6916640.63782Cabo Delgado

MozambiqueCabo MelamoNampulaSee Cabo Melano
MozambiqueCabo Melano-14.4105640.80417Nampula
MozambiqueCabo Nenumba-11.7432140.46507Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueCabo Pequeve-11.8538840.51440Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueCape Burra LighthouseInhambaneSee Farol da Barra

MozambiqueCape DelgadoCabo DelgadoSee Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueCape Delgado LighthouseCabo DelgadoSee Cabo Delgado Lighthouse
MozambiqueCape MilamoNampulaSee Cabo Melano
MozambiqueCasuarina IslandZambeziaSee Ilha Casuarina
MozambiqueCasuarina Road-17.1666739.00000Zambezia

MozambiqueDelagoa BayMaputoSee Baia de Maputo
MozambiqueFarol da Barra-23.7933335.53764Inhambane
MozambiqueFarol Ilha de Goa-15.0533440.78668Nampula
MozambiqueIbo-12.3426040.58590Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueIbo LighthouseCabo DelgadoSee Ilha do Ibo Lighthouse

MozambiqueIlha Casuarina-17.1201239.07176Zambezia
MozambiqueIlha de Mafamede-16.3529240.02937NampulaMafamede Lighthouse
MozambiqueIlha de Mocambique-15.0375040.73167Nampula
MozambiqueIlha Dejumbe-11.8175040.60167Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueIlha do Ibo-12.3396740.60092Cabo Delgado

MozambiqueIlha do Ibo Lighthouse-12.3318940.62281Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueIlha Metundo-11.1644440.68278Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueIlha MtundoCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Metundo
MozambiqueIlha Quero Niuni-11.6386640.56032Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueIlha TambuzeCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Tambuzi

MozambiqueIlha Tambuzi-11.3691440.63989Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueKerina IslandsCabo DelgadoSee Arquipelago das Querimbas
MozambiqueKero Nyuni IslandCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Quero Niuni
MozambiqueKero Nyuni PassCabo DelgadoSee Passagem de Quero Niuni
MozambiqueKilimanZambeziaSee Quelimane

MozambiqueLourenco MarquesMaputo CitySee Maputo
MozambiqueMafamede IslandNampulaSee Ilha de Mafamede
MozambiqueMaputo-25.9655332.58322Maputo City
MozambiqueMaputo BayMaputoSee Baia de Maputo
MozambiqueMazimbwaCabo DelgadoSee Mocimboa da Praia

MozambiqueMecufi-13.2900540.55800Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueMocimboaCabo DelgadoSee Mocimboa da Praia
MozambiqueMocimboa da Praia-11.3517240.35158Cabo Delgado
MozambiqueMozambique IslandNampulaSee Ilha de Mocambique

MozambiqueMozambique LighthouseNampulaSee Farol Ilha de Goa
MozambiqueMtundo IslandCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Metundo
MozambiqueNero Nyuni IslandCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Quero Niuni
MozambiqueNero Nyuni PassCabo DelgadoSee Passagem de Quero Niuni
MozambiqueNyumbi IslandCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Dejumbe

MozambiqueNyuni PassCabo DelgadoSee Passagem de Niuni
MozambiquePalma-10.7822240.48111Cabo Delgado
MozambiquePassagem de Niuni-11.2378440.65662Cabo Delgado
MozambiquePassagem de Quero Niuni-11.5772440.63602Cabo Delgado

MozambiquePemba-12.9739540.51775Cabo Delgado
MozambiquePemba BayCabo DelgadoSee Baia de Pemba
MozambiquePonta Zavora-24.5202535.20344Inhambane
MozambiquePonta Zavora Lighthouse-24.5232635.19722Inhambane
MozambiquePort AmeliaCabo DelgadoSee Pemba

MozambiquePorto AmeliaCabo DelgadoSee Pemba
MozambiqueQuirimbas IslandsCabo DelgadoSee Arquipelago das Querimbas
MozambiqueRas NenumbaCabo DelgadoSee Cabo Nenumba
MozambiqueRas PekawiCabo DelgadoSee Cabo Pequeve

MozambiqueSaint George Island LighthouseNampulaSee Farol Ilha de Goa
MozambiqueTambuzi IslandCabo DelgadoSee Ilha Tambuzi
MozambiqueTunghi BayCabo DelgadoSee Baia de Tungue
MozambiqueZavora LighthouseInhambaneSee Ponta Zavora Lighthouse
MozambiqueZavora PointInhambaneSee Ponta Zavora

Mozambique/TanzaniaBaia do RovumaSee Ruvuma Bay
Mozambique/TanzaniaRovuma BaySee Ruvuma Bay
Mozambique/TanzaniaRovuma RiverSee Ruvuma River
Mozambique/TanzaniaRuvuma Bay-10.4333340.48333
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #6 on: August 01, 2013, 07:21:04 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
Mozambique/TanzaniaRuvuma River-10.4747240.43833
Saudi ArabiaAbu Harit BeaconMakkahSee Abu Harith Beacon
Saudi ArabiaAbu Harith Beacon21.4630239.14890Makkah
Saudi ArabiaAl Hasani24.9777837.08361Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaAl Qunfudhah19.1263941.07889

Saudi ArabiaAl Wajh26.2455136.45249Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaAl Wajh Fort26.2272636.45875Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaAl Wajh Tower26.2225536.46088Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaAl-ShukaykJizanSee Ash Shuqayq
Saudi ArabiaAsh Shuqayq17.7219042.02550Jizan

Saudi ArabiaDahret Jafiri IslandJizanSee Zahrat Ja'fari
Saudi ArabiaGaham ReefMakkahSee Shi'b Qaham
Saudi ArabiaGaham Reef BeaconMakkahSee Shi'b Qaham Beacon
Saudi ArabiaGezanJizanSee Jizan
Saudi ArabiaGitah el Mayet Seghir21.4733339.15833Makkah

Saudi ArabiaGizanJizanSee Jizan
Saudi ArabiaGizan FortJizanSee Jizan Fort
Saudi ArabiaHassani IslandTabukSee Al Hasani
Saudi ArabiaInner Anchorage21.4888939.15972Makkah
Saudi ArabiaInner Gateway21.4653139.14909Makkah

Saudi ArabiaInner Gateway North Beacon21.4666639.14778Makkah
Saudi ArabiaJabal al Yamaniyah21.5240739.33174Makkah
Saudi ArabiaJabal Shar27.6375435.74745Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaJabal YemeniyehMakkahSee Jabal al Yamaniyah
Saudi ArabiaJaizanJizanSee Jizan

Saudi ArabiaJannabiyah19.7696140.58316
Saudi ArabiaJazirat Muraykhah26.1813336.37354Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaJazirat Qadiyah16.7220342.56399Jizan
Saudi ArabiaJeddah21.5423839.19797Makkah
Saudi ArabiaJezanJizanSee Jizan

Saudi ArabiaJiddaMakkahSee Jeddah
Saudi ArabiaJinabigat IslandSee Jannabiyah
Saudi ArabiaJinnabiyat IslandSee Jannabiyah
Saudi ArabiaJizan16.8891742.55111Jizan
Saudi ArabiaJizan Fort16.8881742.54546Jizan

Saudi ArabiaKadheiya IslandJizanSee Jazirat Qadiyah
Saudi ArabiaKotunbul IslandSee Kutumbul
Saudi ArabiaKunfidaSee Al Qunfudhah
Saudi ArabiaKunfidahSee Al Qunfudhah
Saudi ArabiaKutumbul17.8918641.69212

Saudi ArabiaMansi23.6495638.03317Al Madinah al Munawwarah
Saudi ArabiaMansi Beacon23.6481638.03249Al Madinah al Munawwarah
Saudi ArabiaMardumah26.0655936.48179Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaMarduna IslandTabukSee Mardumah
Saudi ArabiaMasabi IslandTabukSee Mashabih

Saudi ArabiaMashabih25.6345636.50328Tabuk
Saudi ArabiaMiddle Gateway21.4651739.13360Makkah
Saudi ArabiaMount Mowila PeakTabukSee Jabal Shar
Saudi ArabiaQadimbal IslandSee Kutumbul
Saudi ArabiaQaham ReefMakkahSee Shi'b Qaham

Saudi ArabiaQaham Reef BeaconMakkahSee Shi'b Qaham Beacon
Saudi ArabiaRabeghMakkahSee Rabigh
Saudi ArabiaRabigh22.7985639.03493Makkah
Saudi ArabiaRaikha IslandTabukSee Jazirat Muraykhah
Saudi ArabiaSchermo BeaconAl Madinah al MunawwarahSee Shi'b as Sharm Lighthouse

Saudi ArabiaSerom18.7500041.20000
Saudi ArabiaShab el KebirMakkahSee Shi'b al Kabir
Saudi ArabiaShab el Kebir BeaconMakkahSee Shi'b al Kabir Beacon
Saudi ArabiaSharm Rabigh22.7402238.99910Makkah
Saudi ArabiaShi'b al Kabir21.6830438.83854Makkah

Saudi ArabiaShi'b al Kabir Beacon21.6815238.84000Makkah
Saudi ArabiaShi'b as Sharm Lighthouse24.0548437.85958Al Madinah al Munawwarah
Saudi ArabiaShi'b Qaham21.4511539.11081Makkah
Saudi ArabiaShi'b Qaham Beacon21.4531439.11143Makkah
Saudi ArabiaShukeikJizanSee Ash Shuqayq

Saudi ArabiaShukeik Al ShugaigJizanSee Ash Shuqayq
Saudi ArabiaShuqaiqJizanSee Ash Shuqayq
Saudi ArabiaSirumSee Serom
Saudi ArabiaSouth Point16.8790142.54225Jizan
Saudi ArabiaThetis ReefAl Madinah al MunawwarahSee Mansi

Saudi ArabiaThetis Reef BeaconAl Madinah al MunawwarahSee Mansi Beacon
Saudi ArabiaWejTabukSee Al Wajh
Saudi ArabiaWej FortTabukSee Al Wajh Fort
Saudi ArabiaWej TowerTabukSee Al Wajh Tower
Saudi ArabiaYanbu24.0895438.06180Al Madinah al Munawwarah

Saudi ArabiaYenboAl Madinah al MunawwarahSee Yanbu
Saudi ArabiaZahrat Ja'fari16.6728042.58141Jizan
SeychellesAldabra IslandsSee Groupe d'Aldabra
SeychellesDigue IslandSee La Digue
SeychellesGroupe d'Aldabra-9.4166746.36667

SeychellesIle aux Recifs-4.5817355.76403
SeychellesLa Digue-4.3594255.83621
SeychellesMenai Island-9.7120247.51278
SeychellesPort Victoria (1)See Victoria

SeychellesPort Victoria (2)See Victoria Harbour
SeychellesRecif IslandSee Ile aux Recifs
SeychellesVictoria Harbour-4.6166755.48333
SomaliaBerbera10.4395945.01432Woqooyi Galbeed

SomaliaBirikau RiverLower JubaSee Buur Gaabo
SomaliaBishikaani-0.4382042.50770Lower Juba
SomaliaBuur Gaabo-1.2214541.84581Lower Juba
SomaliaCape GuardafuiBariSee Ras Asir
SomaliaChisimayuLower JubaSee Kismayo

SomaliaFafaatu-0.3937042.54320Lower Juba
SomaliaFavatuLower JubaSee Fafaatu
SomaliaFawatuLower JubaSee Fafaatu
SomaliaIsola dei PescicaniLower JubaSee Bishikaani
SomaliaKisimayoLower JubaSee Kismayo

SomaliaKisimayuLower JubaSee Kismayo
SomaliaKisimayu BayLower JubaSee Kismaayo
SomaliaKismaayo-0.3775042.54060Lower Juba
SomaliaKismayo-0.3581742.54536Lower Juba
SomaliaKnott PassLower JubaSee Passo Nord

SomaliaLaasqoraySanaagSee Las Khorey
SomaliaLas GoniSanaagSee Las Khorey
SomaliaLas KhonaiSanaagSee Las Khorey
SomaliaLas KhorehSanaagSee Las Khorey
SomaliaLas Khorey11.1595048.19670Sanaag

SomaliaLaskhoraiSanaagSee Las Khorey
SomaliaMtanga Ia PapaLower JubaSee Bishikaani
SomaliaMtanga Io PapaLower JubaSee Bishikaani
SomaliaMtanga Ya PapaLower JubaSee Bishikaani

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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
SomaliaPasso Nord-0.3500042.63333Lower JubaMore info here
SomaliaPort DurnfordLower JubaSee Buur Gaabo
SomaliaRaas Felug11.9423050.63034Bari
SomaliaRaas Xaafuun10.4435851.41408Bari
SomaliaRas Asir11.8340051.28680Bari

SomaliaRas FilukBariSee Raas Felug
SomaliaRas HafunBariSee Raas Xaafuun
South AfricaAdmirals FlagstaffWestern CapeSee Admiralty House
South AfricaAdmiralty House-34.1898718.42647Western Cape
South AfricaBakkoven RockWestern CapeSee Bakovenrots

South AfricaBakovenrots-34.2344718.48332Western Cape
South AfricaBashee RiverEastern CapeSee Mbashe
South AfricaBellows Rock-34.3833318.48333Western Cape
South AfricaBird Island Lighthouse-33.8416526.28679Eastern Cape
South AfricaBirkenhead Rock-34.6399019.28756Western Cape

South AfricaBlaauwbergpuntWestern CapeSee Bobbejaan
South AfricaBluff LighthouseKwaZulu-NatalSee Durban Bluff Lighthouse
South AfricaBobbejaan-34.3084818.40153Western Cape
South AfricaCape Agulhas-34.8314820.01354Western Cape
South AfricaCape Agulhas Lighthouse-34.8293920.00901Western Cape

South AfricaCape Hermes-31.6352429.55341Eastern Cape
South AfricaCape Hermes Lighthouse-31.6350029.55248Eastern Cape
South AfricaCape MaclearWestern CapeSee Cape Point
South AfricaCape Natal LighthouseKwaZulu-NatalSee Durban Bluff Lighthouse
South AfricaCape of Good Hope-34.3582418.47222Western Cape

South AfricaCape of Good Hope Lighthouse (1)Western CapeSee Old Cape Point Lighthouse
South AfricaCape of Good Hope Lighthouse (2)Western CapeSee Cape Point Lighthouse
South AfricaCape Point-34.3571718.49752Western Cape
South AfricaCape Point Lighthouse-34.3570318.49665Western CapeActive since 1919
South AfricaCape Recife Lighthouse-34.0290025.70055Eastern Cape

South AfricaCape Saint Francis-34.1968824.87122Eastern Cape
South AfricaCape Saint Francis Lighthouse-34.2125324.83617Eastern Cape
South AfricaCape Saint Lucia-28.5208332.40126KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaCape Saint Lucia Lighthouse-28.5152332.39958KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaCape Town-33.9258418.42322Western Cape

South AfricaConstable HillWestern CapeSee Konstabelberg
South AfricaDanger Point-34.6324119.29757Western Cape
South AfricaDanger Point Lighthouse-34.6304419.30210Western Cape
South AfricaDassen IslandWestern CapeSee Dasseneiland
South AfricaDasseneiland-33.4245918.08755Western CapeDassen Island Lighthouse

South AfricaDevil's Peak-33.9548618.43944Western Cape
South AfricaDuikerpunt-34.0391718.30679Western CapeDavid Rumsey Map
South AfricaDurban-29.8579031.02920KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaDurban Bluff Lighthouse-29.8736731.06010KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaDuyker PointWestern CapeSee Duikerpunt

South AfricaEast Breakwater LightWestern CapeSee Simon's Town Dockyard Lighthouse
South AfricaEast London-33.0152927.91162Eastern Cape
South AfricaEast London LighthouseEastern CapeSee Hood Point Lighthouse
South AfricaFalse Bay-34.1728618.66443Western CapeFor Roman Rock (False Bay) Lighthouse,
See Roman Rocks
South AfricaFish Point LighthouseEastern CapeSee Great Fish Point Lighthouse

South AfricaFish River LighthouseEastern CapeSee Great Fish Point Lighthouse
South AfricaGreat Fish Point-33.5227327.11418Eastern Cape
South AfricaGreat Fish Point Lighthouse-33.5196127.10596Eastern Cape
South AfricaGreen Island LightKwaZulu-NatalSee Green Point Lighthouse
South AfricaGreen Point-33.9009818.39888Western Cape

South AfricaGreen Point Lighthouse-30.2492330.77719KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaHangberg-34.0564318.33562Western CapeMore info here
South AfricaHangklip-34.3650718.82804Western Cape
South AfricaHangklip BergWestern CapeSee Hangklip
South AfricaHood Point-33.0423127.90364Eastern Cape

South AfricaHood Point Lighthouse-33.0406827.89880Eastern Cape
South AfricaKasteelpoort-33.5456218.31233Western Cape
South AfricaKonstabelberg-33.1293918.02394Western Cape
South AfricaLeeukop-33.9350718.38943Western Cape
South AfricaLions HeadWestern CapeSee Leeukop

South AfricaMaclear-34.3494818.46761Western CapeFor lighthouses see Cape Point
South AfricaMazeppa Bay-32.4616628.66160Eastern Cape
South AfricaMazeppa Sand Patch-32.4614728.65608Eastern Cape
South AfricaMbashe-32.2484528.90160Eastern Cape
South AfricaMbhashe RiverEastern CapeSee Mbashe

South AfricaNoah's Ark-34.1922218.45382Western Cape
South AfricaOld Cape Point Lighthouse-34.3539018.49000Western CapeActive 1860-1919
South AfricaOude Schip-34.0278218.31039Western Cape
South AfricaPort Durnford-28.9188931.83623KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaPort Durnford Lighthouse-28.9159731.92173KwaZulu-NatalPort Durnford Lighthouse

South AfricaPort Elizabeth-33.9179925.57007Eastern Cape
South AfricaPort NatalKwaZulu-NatalSee Durban
South AfricaPort Natal LighthouseKwaZulu-NatalSee Durban Bluff Lighthouse
South AfricaPort Nolloth-29.2518816.86970Northern CapePort Nolloth Lighthouse
South AfricaPort Shepstone-30.7413730.45499KwaZulu-NatalPort Shepstone Lighthouse

South AfricaRobben Island-33.8064218.36876Western CapeRobben Island Lighthouse
South AfricaRocket House Light-29.8551231.03768KwaZulu-Natal
South AfricaRoman Rocks-34.1812718.46006Western CapeRoman Rock Lighthouse
South AfricaSaint Lucia LighthouseKwaZulu-NatalSee Cape Saint Lucia Lighthouse
South AfricaSaldanha Bay-33.0479918.01255Western Cape

South AfricaSeal Island-34.1373718.58264Western CapeThere are several Seal Islands
South AfricaSimon's Town-34.1934018.43585Western Cape
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
South AfricaSimon's Town Dockyard-34.1902218.43864Western Cape
South AfricaSimon's Town Dockyard Lighthouse-34.1872718.44069Western Cape
South AfricaSimon's Town Drydock-34.1918518.44112Western Cape
South AfricaSimonstownWestern CapeSee Simon's Town
South AfricaSimonstown DockyardWestern CapeSee Simon's Town Dockyard

South AfricaSimonstown Dockyard LighthouseWestern CapeSee Simon's Town Dockyard Lighthouse
South AfricaSimonstown DrydockWestern CapeSee Simon's Town Drydock
South AfricaSlang Kop PointWestern CapeSee Slangkoppunt
South AfricaSlangkoppunt-34.1455418.31838Western CapeSlangkop Lighthouse
South AfricaTable Mountain-33.9621618.41352Western Cape

South AfricaWaterfall Bluff-31.4340829.82896Eastern Cape
South AfricaWhittle Rock-34.2500018.55000Western Cape
SudanBarr Musa Kabir19.2171138.18843Red Sea
SudanBarr Musa KebirRed SeaSee Barr Musa Kabir
SudanBur SudanRed SeaSee Port Sudan

SudanBur Sudan Entrance Lighthouse19.5891837.24874Red Sea
SudanCorner ReefRed SeaSee Jinniya
SudanCorner Reef BeaconRed SeaSee Jinniya Beacon
SudanEitwid19.0226937.55969Red Sea
SudanEntrance LighthouseRed SeaSee Bur Sudan Entrance Lighthouse

SudanEtwid IslandRed SeaSee Eitwid
SudanHind KadamRed SeaSee Hindi Gider
SudanHind Kadam BeaconRed SeaSee Hindi Gider Beacon
SudanHindi Gider19.3821437.91297Red Sea
SudanHindi Gider Beacon19.3833537.91201Red Sea

SudanHogit ReefRed SeaSee Qad Hogit
SudanJabal Andidanob21.8234436.51152Red Sea
SudanJabal Auqbalu17.8001438.30937Red Sea
SudanJebel AkbaluRed SeaSee Jabal Auqbalu
SudanJinniya18.8897337.60763Red Sea

SudanJinniya Beacon18.8894837.60682Red Sea
SudanMasamarhu IslandRed SeaSee Masamirit
SudanMasamirit18.8316738.75726Red Sea
SudanMeteor Shoal18.6895738.03197Red Sea
SudanMeteore PatchRed SeaSee Meteor Shoal

SudanNorth Jumna ShoalRed SeaSee North Jumnah Shoal
SudanNorth Jumnah Shoal19.4429537.73063Red Sea
SudanOuter LighthouseRed SeaSee Bur Sudan Entrance Lighthouse
SudanPeshawa BreakersRed SeaSee Peshwa
SudanPeshwa19.3744038.00388Red Sea

SudanPort SoudanRed SeaSee Port Sudan
SudanPort Sudan19.6174537.21644Red Sea
SudanPort Sudan Entrance LighthouseRed SeaSee Bur Sudan Entrance Lighthouse
SudanQad Hogit18.8131637.71907Red Sea
SudanRas Abu Shagrab21.0663237.31940Red Sea

SudanRas RawayaRed SeaSee Ras Abu Shagrab
SudanRas RowayRed SeaSee Ras Abu Shagrab
SudanSanganeb LightRed SeaSee Sanganeb Reef Light
SudanSanganeb LighthouseRed SeaSee Sanganeb Reef Light
SudanSanganeb Reef BeaconRed SeaSee Sanganeb Reef Light

SudanSanganeb Reef Light19.7234437.44209Red Sea
SudanSha'ab Damath19.2349537.34124Red Sea
SudanShab DamathRed SeaSee Sha'ab Damath
SudanShi'b ash Shubuk18.8348937.56366Red Sea
SudanSouth PeakRed SeaSee Jabal Andidanob

SudanSouth West Island18.9673437.43650Red Sea
SudanSuakin Harbour19.1189037.34292Red Sea
SudanTalla Talla Saqir18.7787538.01081Red Sea
SudanTella-tella SeghirRed SeaSee Talla Talla Saqir
SudanTomb of Sheikh Barghut19.6062037.23480Red Sea

SudanTowartit Elbow BeaconRed SeaSee Towartit Elbow Light
SudanTowartit Elbow Light19.4887137.29716Red Sea
SudanTowartit North Beacon19.5285637.32727Red Sea
SudanTowartitt North BeaconRed SeaSee Towartit North Beacon
SudanUl Shubuk ReefsRed SeaSee Shi'b ash Shubuk

SudanWhite TombRed SeaSee Tomb of Sheikh Barghut
SudanWingate Shoal Southwest Beacon19.6181437.28749Red Sea

TanzaniaBarakuni Island-7.7246939.75064Pwani
TanzaniaBongoyo Island-6.6974339.26462Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaBoyde IslandPwaniSee Bwejuu Island

TanzaniaBoydu IslandPwaniSee Bwejuu Island
TanzaniaBoydu IsletPwaniSee Tree Island
TanzaniaBritish Consulate Flagstaff-6.1621639.18645Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaBungoyo IslandDar es SalaamSee Bongoyo Island
TanzaniaBwejuu Island-7.9444939.51937Pwani

TanzaniaCape BonuraLindiSee Ras Mbanura
TanzaniaCape KilwaLindiSee Ras Matuso
TanzaniaCape MatundaMtwaraSee Ras Matunda
TanzaniaCape Moresby LighthousePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi Lighthouse
TanzaniaCape Paman-10.1833340.15000Mtwara

TanzaniaCastle Islet-8.9507939.52674Lindi
TanzaniaChake Chake Bay-5.2500039.66667Pemba South
TanzaniaChaki Chaki BayPemba SouthSee Chake Chake Bay
TanzaniaChole Bay-7.9393939.77553Pwani

TanzaniaChole InletPwaniSee Chole Bay
TanzaniaChole Island-7.9779839.76154Pwani
TanzaniaChumbe Island-6.2784539.17718Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaChumbe Lighthouse-6.2802239.17714Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaClarkson PointLindiSee Ras Shuka

TanzaniaDar es Salaam-6.8234939.26951Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaDar-es-salaamDar es SalaamSee Dar es Salaam
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
TanzaniaEnglish Church-6.1628939.19252Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaEnglish Pass-6.1288639.20802Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaFanjove Island-8.5708239.56830Lindi
TanzaniaFanjove Island Lighthouse-8.5727639.56642Lindi
TanzaniaFanjove LighthouseLindiSee Fanjove Island Lighthouse

TanzaniaFungu Nyama-5.0166739.21667Tanga
TanzaniaFungu Tongone-5.2833339.11667Tanga
TanzaniaFungu Yasin-6.6000039.23333Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaGala IslandLindiSee Gala

TanzaniaGordon Reef-7.5666739.70000Pwani
TanzaniaGordon RockPwaniSee Gordon Reef
TanzaniaGrant Point-9.4228639.62542Lindi
TanzaniaHatambura Island-7.4880239.39074Pwani
TanzaniaHog PointZanzibar NorthSee Ras Nungwi

TanzaniaHull Rocks-10.1833340.15000Mtwara
TanzaniaIniwi IslandZanzibar Central/SouthSee Miwi Island
TanzaniaJambeTangaSee Yambe Island
TanzaniaJewe ReefLindiSee Jewe

TanzaniaJibondo Anchorage-8.0666739.66667Pwani
TanzaniaJibondo Island-8.0572839.72879Pwani
TanzaniaJibondo Reef-8.0933139.69832Pwani
TanzaniaKarange Island-5.1999439.14197Tanga
TanzaniaKegamachiPemba NorthSee Ras Kigomasha

TanzaniaKibondi IslandPwaniSee Jibondo Island
TanzaniaKibondo AnchoragePwaniSee Jibondo Anchorage
TanzaniaKibondo IslandPwaniSee Jibondo Island
TanzaniaKikunja Mouth-7.6956839.31870Pwani
TanzaniaKikunja MundungPwaniSee Kikunja Mouth

TanzaniaKilindoni Anchorage-7.9076439.65051Pwani
TanzaniaKilwaLindiSee Kilwa Kivinje
TanzaniaKilwa Kisiwani Harbour-8.9414639.52666Lindi
TanzaniaKilwa Kisiwani Island-8.9817339.51722Lindi
TanzaniaKilwa KivingaLindiSee Kilwa Kivinje

TanzaniaKilwa KivingeLindiSee Kilwa Kivinje
TanzaniaKilwa Kivinje-8.7472439.41251Lindi
TanzaniaKilwa Main Pass-8.6719939.54117Lindi
TanzaniaKilwa PointLindiSee Ras Tikwiri
TanzaniaKisimani PointPwaniSee Ras Kisimani

TanzaniaKisiwereLindiSee Kiswere
TanzaniaKiswere BayLindiSee Kiswere Haven
TanzaniaKiswere Haven-9.4179939.58511Lindi
TanzaniaKivinje TirenePwaniSee Tirene Bay

TanzaniaKokotoneZanzibar NorthSee Mkokotoni
TanzaniaKokotoniZanzibar NorthSee Mkokotoni
TanzaniaKokotoni BayZanzibar NorthSee Mkokotoni Harbour
TanzaniaKoma Island-7.5436639.39603Pwani
TanzaniaKonduchiDar es SalaamSee Kunduchi

TanzaniaKunduchi-6.6695939.21600Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaKuza IslandPwaniSee Okuza Island
TanzaniaKwale Bay-4.9869839.14652Tanga
TanzaniaKwale Bay LighthouseTangaSee Ulenge Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaKwale Island (1)-7.4098839.39611Pwani

TanzaniaKwale Island (2)-4.9685139.16420Tanga
TanzaniaKwale Island (3)-6.3779139.28698Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaKwat IslandPwaniSee Kwale Island (1)
TanzaniaLindi Bay-9.9546539.76124Lindi

TanzaniaLindi River-9.9953139.72390Lindi
TanzaniaLittle Koma IslandPwaniSee Pemba Juu Island
TanzaniaMachangi ReefLindiSee Machangi
TanzaniaMafia Island-7.8537839.78040Pwani

TanzaniaMakatumbe Islands-6.7951839.33449Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaMangapwani-5.9921539.19467Zanzibar North
TanzaniaMangapwani Lighthouse-5.9556639.18214Zanzibar North
TanzaniaMange ReefPwaniSee Mange

TanzaniaMansa BayTangaSee Manza Bay
TanzaniaManza Bay-4.9384939.15188Tanga
TanzaniaMaziwaTangaSee Maziwi
TanzaniaMaziwi IslandTangaSee Maziwi

TanzaniaMboamajiDar es SalaamSee Mbwamaji
TanzaniaMbridga IslandDar es SalaamSee Mbudya Island
TanzaniaMbudya Island-6.6561339.25007Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaMbwamaji-6.8666739.41667Dar es Salaam

TanzaniaMchinga Bay-9.7290239.74751Lindi
TanzaniaMenai Bay-6.3833339.36667Zanzibar Central/South
TanzaniaMesale IslandPemba SouthSee Mesali Island
TanzaniaMesali Island-5.2400639.60406Pemba South

TanzaniaMgau MwaniMtwaraSee Mgau
TanzaniaMgau MwaniaMtwaraSee Mgau
TanzaniaMikandini BayMtwaraSee Mikindani Bay
TanzaniaMikindani Bay-10.2117140.16979Mtwara

TanzaniaMisali IslandPemba SouthSee Mesali Island
TanzaniaMiwi Island-6.3440539.33520Zanzibar Central/South
TanzaniaMkokotoni-5.8767139.25467Zanzibar North
TanzaniaMkokotoni Harbour-5.8333339.26667Zanzibar North

TanzaniaMkwajaTangaSee Mkwaja Patches
TanzaniaMkwaja Patches-5.8166738.91667Tanga
TanzaniaMnazi Bay-10.3125540.34952Mtwara
TanzaniaMoa Bay-4.7801839.19874Tanga
TanzaniaMohoro Bay-8.3346539.30908Lindi

TanzaniaMongo Island-10.2480340.33682Mtwara
TanzaniaMoresby PointPwaniSee Ras Mkumbi
TanzaniaMoresby Point LighthousePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi Lighthouse
TanzaniaMorsby PointPwaniSee Ras Mkumbi

TanzaniaMsasani Bay-6.7290539.25793Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaMsomenePwaniSee Msomeni
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
TanzaniaMsuka Bay-4.8927439.70785Pemba North
TanzaniaMsungu Bay-9.4666739.66667Lindi
TanzaniaMtangata Reef-5.2197739.10154Tanga

TanzaniaMungopaniZanzibar NorthSee Mangapwani
TanzaniaMungopani LighthouseZanzibar NorthSee Mangapwani Lighthouse
TanzaniaMwamba MwambaTangaSee Mwambamwamba Island
TanzaniaMwamba Shundo-4.8989039.29132Tanga
TanzaniaMwamba Wamba IslandTangaSee Mwambamwamba Island

TanzaniaMwambamwamba Island-4.9330439.26486Tanga
TanzaniaMwana MwanaZanzibar NorthSee Mwana wa Mwana
TanzaniaMwana wa Mwana-5.7594139.22018Zanzibar North
TanzaniaMzani BayMtwaraSee Mnazi Bay
TanzaniaMzungu BayLindiSee Msungu Bay

TanzaniaNiamembe Island-6.3571639.35318Zanzibar Central/South
TanzaniaNiororo Island-7.6191239.68268Pwani
TanzaniaNiroiora IslandPwaniSee Niororo Island
TanzaniaNorth Fanjove Island-7.3353139.47757Pwani
TanzaniaNungwi-5.7265139.29870Zanzibar North

TanzaniaNymphe Shoal-10.0833340.00000Mtwara
TanzaniaNyororo IslandPwaniSee Niororo Island
TanzaniaNyuni Island-8.3818339.57404Lindi
TanzaniaOkura IslandPwaniSee Okuza Island
TanzaniaOkusa IslandPwaniSee Okuza Island

TanzaniaOkuza Island-8.2778139.59325Pwani
TanzaniaOuter Makatumbe-6.7913639.33942Dar es SalaamOuter Makatumbe Lighthouse
TanzaniaPangani Bay-5.4333339.00000Tanga
TanzaniaPangavini Island-6.6746939.23898Dar es Salaam

TanzaniaPemba Island-5.1666739.80000Pemba
TanzaniaPemba Ju Ju IslandPwaniSee Pemba Juu Island
TanzaniaPemba Juu Island-7.5150139.40871Pwani
TanzaniaPoint Moresby LighthousePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi Lighthouse

TanzaniaPopo Island-10.0478039.68622Lindi
TanzaniaPumbava IslandLindiSee Pumbavu Island
TanzaniaPumbavu Island-8.5091139.47940Lindi
TanzaniaPungui IslandDar es SalaamSee Bongoyo Island
TanzaniaPunguma IslandZanzibar Central/SouthSee Pungume Island

TanzaniaPungume Island-6.4256839.33723Zanzibar Central/SouthPungume Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas BanuraLindiSee Ras Mbanura
TanzaniaRas BerikiteLindiSee Ras Berikiti
TanzaniaRas Berikiti-9.4101939.60483Lindi
TanzaniaRas Buyu-6.2518739.21538Zanzibar Urban/West

TanzaniaRas BwamkuroLindiSee Ras Mbemkuru
TanzaniaRas Dege-6.8662739.47491Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Dima-7.9845239.44341Pwani
TanzaniaRas Ekapapa-9.9288539.78106Lindi
TanzaniaRas FunguLindiSee Ras Samanga Fungu

TanzaniaRas Kankadya-6.7342539.27801Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas KanzePwaniSee Ras Kanzi
TanzaniaRas Kanzi-7.0187539.55123PwaniRas Kanzi Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas Kazim KaziZanzibar Central/SouthSee Ras Kizimkazi
TanzaniaRas KegomachaPemba NorthSee Ras Kigomasha

TanzaniaRas Kibungwe-9.8708639.80282Lindi
TanzaniaRas Kigomasha-4.8688839.68245Pemba NorthRas Kigomasha Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas KikikweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe
TanzaniaRas Kikogwe-5.4480638.99906Tanga
TanzaniaRas KikokweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe

TanzaniaRas KikongweTangaSee Ras Kikogwe
TanzaniaRas Kimbiji-6.9881139.54529Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Kipakoni-8.9574239.53498Lindi
TanzaniaRas Kipondo-9.3008639.64657Lindi
TanzaniaRas Kisimani-7.9425739.58958Pwani

TanzaniaRas KisimkaziZanzibar Central/SouthSee Ras Kizimkazi
TanzaniaRas Kizimkazi-6.4778339.50742Zanzibar Central/South
TanzaniaRas MaiveliLindiSee Ras Mawedi
TanzaniaRas MakumbePwaniSee Ras Mkumbi
TanzaniaRas Matunda-10.3516140.44554Mtwara

TanzaniaRas MatuoLindiSee Ras Matuso
TanzaniaRas Matuso-8.9255239.55609Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mawedi-9.4910539.67815Lindi
TanzaniaRas MaweliLindiSee Ras Mawedi
TanzaniaRas Mbanura-9.9150039.78647Lindi

TanzaniaRas Mbemkuru-9.4575139.65517Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mbisi-7.8219539.70559Pwani
TanzaniaRas Miramba-8.7466139.43246Lindi
TanzaniaRas Mkiya-10.1287139.98972Mtwara
TanzaniaRas Mkumbi-7.6386139.90577Pwani

TanzaniaRas Mkumbi Lighthouse-7.6401539.90532Pwani
TanzaniaRas Msangamkuu-10.2083340.23528MtwaraRas Msangamkuu Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas Msimbati-10.3255840.38209Mtwara
TanzaniaRas Mwanzi LighthouseZanzibar NorthSee Ras Nungwi Lighthouse
TanzaniaRas NbisiPwaniSee Ras Mbisi

TanzaniaRas NdegeDar es SalaamSee Ras Dege
TanzaniaRas Nunge-6.4085838.89688Pwani
TanzaniaRas NungweZanzibar NorthSee Ras Nungwi
TanzaniaRas Nungwi-5.7219239.30279Zanzibar North
TanzaniaRas Nungwi Lighthouse-5.7223039.30332Zanzibar North

TanzaniaRas OswawembeZanzibar NorthSee Ras Uso wa Membe
TanzaniaRas Pembamnasi-7.1836339.50173Pwani
TanzaniaRas PembannasiPwaniSee Ras Pembamnasi
TanzaniaRas Rocumbi-9.7046639.74888Lindi
TanzaniaRas RokumbiLindiSee Ras Rocumbi

TanzaniaRas Rongozi-8.9474739.51270Lindi
TanzaniaRas Samanga Fungu-8.4232239.30874Lindi
TanzaniaRas SangamkuMtwaraSee Ras Msangamkuu
TanzaniaRas Shangani-6.1630939.18555Zanzibar Urban/West
TanzaniaRas Shuka-9.9832239.81845LindiRas Shuka Lighthouse

TanzaniaRas Simanga FunguLindiSee Ras Samanga Fungu
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
TanzaniaRas Simba Uranga-7.7291439.32627Pwani
TanzaniaRas Tikwiri-8.8204539.49152Lindi
TanzaniaRas Twana-7.8150939.44504Pwani
TanzaniaRas Upanga-6.7969639.28605Dar es Salaam
TanzaniaRas Uso wa Membe-5.8968639.19450Zanzibar North

TanzaniaRas Winde-6.2224738.86362Pwani
TanzaniaRas WindiPwaniSee Ras Winde
TanzaniaRoanga BayLindiSee Roango Bay
TanzaniaRoango Bay-9.2547839.64176Lindi
TanzaniaRudyira BayLindiSee Rukyira Bay

TanzaniaRudyira ReefLindiSee Rukyira Spit
TanzaniaRufigi RiverPwaniSee Rufiji River
TanzaniaRufigi River DeltaPwaniSee Rufiji River Delta
TanzaniaRufiji DeltaPwaniSee Rufiji River Delta
TanzaniaRufiji River-7.9171139.26720Pwani

TanzaniaRufiji River Delta-7.7759739.35268Pwani
TanzaniaRukyira Bay-8.8706639.55447Lindi
TanzaniaRukyira Spit-8.8740739.59422Lindi
TanzaniaSaadaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)
TanzaniaSaasaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)

TanzaniaSadani (1)-5.2000039.06667Tanga
TanzaniaSadani (2)-6.0439038.77567PwaniSaadani National Park
TanzaniaSalim Bank-7.8666739.60000Pwani
TanzaniaSangamkuuMtwaraSee Msangamkuu

TanzaniaSange IslandTangaSee Sangi Island
TanzaniaSangi Island-5.7196138.90053Tanga
TanzaniaSeagull RockZanzibar Urban/WestSee Seagull Shoal
TanzaniaSeagull Shoal-6.0850339.18872Zanzibar Urban/West

TanzaniaSefo ReefPwaniSee Sefo
TanzaniaSephoPwaniSee Sefo
TanzaniaShangani Shoal-10.2207540.19245Mtwara
TanzaniaShuka PointLindiSee Ras Shuka
TanzaniaShungu Mbili IslandPwaniSee Shungumbili Island

TanzaniaShungumbili Island-7.7035139.68167Pwani
TanzaniaSimaya Island-8.3038639.43397Pwani
TanzaniaSimba Uranga (town)-7.7669539.35281Pwani
TanzaniaSimba-UrangaPwaniSee Simba Uranga (town)
TanzaniaSinda-6.8201939.39779Dar es Salaam

TanzaniaSinda IslandDar es SalaamSee Sinda
TanzaniaSindi IslandDar es SalaamSee Sinda
TanzaniaSonga SongaLindiSee Songo Songo Island
TanzaniaSonga Songa IslandLindiSee Songo Songo Island
TanzaniaSongo Songo Channel-8.4243239.42341Lindi

TanzaniaSongo Songo Island-8.5251739.50357Lindi
TanzaniaSouth Kibondo ReefPwaniSee Jibondo Reef
TanzaniaSouth Mafia Channel-8.2142139.55387Pwani
TanzaniaSudi Bay-10.1101639.98543Lindi
TanzaniaTambare-6.2833339.06667Zanzibar Urban/West

TanzaniaTanga Bay-5.0434139.11442Tanga
TanzaniaTanga Bay LighthouseTangaSee Ulenge Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaTangata ReefTangaSee Mtangata Reef

TanzaniaTirene AnchoragePwaniSee Tirene Bay
TanzaniaTirene Bay-7.8769039.66554Pwani
TanzaniaTirene Reef-7.8701039.65253Pwani
TanzaniaTree Island-7.9540539.52731Pwani
TanzaniaTumbatu Island-5.8162639.22111Zanzibar North

TanzaniaTumbatu Lighthouse-5.7559539.22029Zanzibar North
TanzaniaTutia ReefPwaniSee Tutia
TanzaniaTwenty Feet Rock-8.0766339.70219Pwani
TanzaniaUlenge Island-5.0076739.16162Tanga

TanzaniaUlenge Island Lighthouse-5.0047639.16602Tanga
TanzaniaUlenge LighthouseTangaSee Ulenge Island Lighthouse
TanzaniaUngujaZanzibar Urban/WestSee Zanzibar
TanzaniaYambe Island-5.1119739.15888Tanga
TanzaniaZadaniPwaniSee Sadani (2)

TanzaniaZanzibar-6.1639439.19793Zanzibar Urban/West
Yemen'Abd al Kuri12.1900452.22866Soqatra
Yemen'Uqban15.4986042.37873Al Hudaydah
Yemen350 Feet HillLahijSee Am Hotra
Yemen886 Feet HillTa'izzSee Jabal al Manhali

YemenAbd al KuriSoqatraSee 'Abd al Kuri
YemenAbu 'Ali Islands14.0791442.81904Al Hudaydah
YemenAbu 'Ali Light14.0783042.81497Al Hudaydah
YemenAbu Ail ChannelAl HudaydahSee Abu Ali Channel
YemenAbu Ail IslandsAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Islands

YemenAbu Ail LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenAbu Ali Channel14.0620742.79844Al Hudaydah
YemenAbu Ali LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenAd Daha'ir15.8808542.67596Al Hudaydah

YemenAden HarbourAdenSee Bandar at Tawahi
YemenAden Peninsula12.7765645.01382Aden
YemenAden Roads12.7472744.95854Aden
YemenAl Badi'15.5003842.50825Al Hudaydah
YemenAl Hudaydah14.7978142.95452Al Hudaydah

YemenAl Jami' al Kabir14.7932242.94367Al Hudaydah
YemenAl Kadhah13.1990843.27494Ta'izz
YemenAl Luhayyah15.7030942.69093Al Hudaydah
YemenAl Murk15.6338642.60661Al Hudaydah
YemenAm BirkaLahijSee Jabal am Birkah

YemenAm Hotra12.6608644.10049Lahij
YemenAn Nahl15.9892042.63251Hajjah
YemenAsses EarsAdenSee Jabal Ihsan
YemenAva Point12.6618143.38851Aden
YemenBaas IslandHajjahSee Buhays

YemenBalfe LightAdenSee Balfe Point Lighthouse
YemenBalfe Point12.6562043.38738Aden
YemenBalfe Point Lighthouse12.6561343.38751Aden
YemenBandar at Tawahi12.8025044.94056Aden
YemenBarn HillLahijSee Jabal am Wusid

YemenBarn PeakLahijSee Jabal am Wusid
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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
YemenBawarid15.7069942.55451Al Hudaydah
YemenBawarid IslandAl HudaydahSee Bawarid
YemenBerri IslandsAl HudaydahSee Jaza'ir Barri
YemenBirim IslandAdenSee Perim Island

YemenCamp IslandAl HudaydahSee Zabin
YemenCape Marshag LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse
YemenCape MarshaqAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenCape Marshaq LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse

YemenCentre Peak Island15.0230542.16021Al Hudaydah
YemenCentre Peak Island LighthouseAl HudaydahSee Zubair Islands Lighthouse
YemenCentre Peak LightAl HudaydahSee Zubair Islands Lighthouse
YemenClock Tower12.7893244.98166Aden
YemenConspicuous ChimneyAl HudaydahSee North Point Chimney

YemenDahayir IslandsAl HudaydahSee Ad Daha'ir
YemenDahman Mosque Minaret14.7907342.94835Al Hudaydah
YemenDorama IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat Zayma

YemenDouglas Point15.4407242.64658Al Hudaydah
YemenDubaabTa'izzSee Dhubab
YemenEl Bodhi IslandAl HudaydahSee Al Badi'
YemenElephants Back12.7635844.98667Aden
YemenElephants Back LighthouseAdenSee Gold Mohur Lighthouse

YemenEntufash IslandAl HudaydahSee Tiqfash
YemenFish PointAl HudaydahSee Kitf al Manhalah
YemenFishing PointAl HudaydahSee Kitf al Manhalah
YemenFlint Island12.7939944.98611Aden
YemenFunnel Island15.8786642.69177Al Hudaydah

YemenFunnel Island Channel15.8644342.70729Al Hudaydah
YemenGold Mohur Lighthouse12.7644844.98806Aden
YemenGreat Hanish IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat al Hanish al Kabir
YemenGreat Hanish Peak13.7222542.73158Al Hudaydah

YemenHamar15.7540142.61425Al Hudaydah
YemenHamar IslandAl HudaydahSee Hamar
YemenHaycock Island (1)13.7833342.78333Al Hudaydah
YemenHaycock Island (2)15.1735242.11349Al Hudaydah
YemenHigh Island14.0851142.75967Al Hudaydah

YemenHigh LightAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenHigh Light Perim IslandAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenHill FortAl HudaydahSee Loheiya Hill Fort
YemenHodaidahAl HudaydahSee Al Hudaydah
YemenHodeidaAl HudaydahSee Al Hudaydah

YemenHodeida Fort14.7851042.94748Al Hudaydah
YemenHodeidah MosqueAl HudaydahSee Al Jami' al Kabir
YemenIsola Gebel TierAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJabal al Manhali12.6846543.48700Ta'izz
YemenJabal al Muzalqam12.7581344.87123Aden

YemenJabal am Birkah12.6999644.37543Lahij
YemenJabal am Wusid12.8189243.91343Lahij
YemenJabal at Tayr15.5433441.83388Al Hudaydah
YemenJabal at Tayr Lighthouse15.5384341.82503Al Hudaydah
YemenJabal Dhubab12.9436643.40815Ta'izz

YemenJabal Ihsan12.7566444.90584Aden
YemenJabal Kharaz12.7373744.14678Lahij
YemenJabal Shamsan12.7700545.01181Aden
YemenJabal Zubayr15.0548842.17823Al Hudaydah
YemenJabal Zubayr Peak15.0562942.17548Al Hudaydah

YemenJabal Zuqar14.0189642.75012Al Hudaydah
YemenJaza'ir az Zubayr15.0833342.13333Al HudaydahA group of volcanic islands in the Red Sea
YemenJaza'ir Barri15.8511342.46087Al Hudaydah
YemenJazirat al Hanish al Kabir13.7122442.72557Al Hudaydah
YemenJazirat al Hanish as Saghir13.8610842.79020Al Hudaydah

YemenJazirat D'AiserSoqatraSee Darsah
YemenJazirat DarsahSoqatraSee Darsah
YemenJazirat Jabal Zuqar14.0085342.74506Al Hudaydah
YemenJazirat MayyunAdenSee Perim Island
YemenJazirat Mushajirah13.7831142.83629Al Hudaydah

YemenJazirat Salil12.7387744.91718Aden
YemenJazirat Samhah12.1563153.04525Soqatra
YemenJazirat Tawq16.3294442.68465Hajjah
YemenJazirat Zayma15.8187942.53764Al Hudaydah
YemenJebel at TairAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr

YemenJebel DubaabTa'izzSee Jabal Dhubab
YemenJebel ManhaliTa'izzSee Jabal al Manhali
YemenJebel TeirAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel Teir LightAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr Lighthouse
YemenJebel TierAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr

YemenJebel Tier IslandAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr
YemenJebel Tier LighthouseAl HudaydahSee Jabal at Tayr Lighthouse
YemenJebel Zebayir PeakAl HudaydahSee Jabal Zubayr Peak
YemenJebel ZukurAl HudaydahSee Jabal Zuqar
YemenJebel Zukur IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat Jabal Zuqar

YemenJezirat DarsaSoqatraSee Darsah
YemenJezirat SalilAdenSee Jazirat Salil
YemenJezirat SamhaSoqatraSee Jazirat Samhah
YemenJurab IslandHajjahSee Jurayb

YemenKa'al Fir'awn12.4389252.13579Soqatra
YemenKadaman15.5677342.54790Al Hudaydah
YemenKadaman Kebir IslandAl HudaydahSee Kadaman
YemenKadaman Saghir15.5919542.49864Al Hudaydah
YemenKadaman Saghir IslandAl HudaydahSee Kadaman Saghir

YemenKadaman Seghir IslandAl HudaydahSee Kadaman Saghir
YemenKal Farun IslandSoqatraSee Ka'al Fir'awn
YemenKamaran15.3350642.60992Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran Bay15.4109142.70240Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran Bridge15.3376942.61018Al Hudaydah

YemenKamaran HarbourAl HudaydahSee Mina Kamaran
YemenKamaran Mosque15.3342942.61192Al Hudaydah
YemenKamaran Pier15.3343542.61297Al Hudaydah
YemenKhadahTa'izzSee Al Kadhah
YemenKitf al Manhalah14.8127742.92039Al Hudaydah


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Re: East African Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
YemenKotama IslandAl HudaydahSee Kutamah
YemenKusi IslandAl HudaydahSee Qusur
YemenKutamah15.6872542.29565Al Hudaydah
YemenLabwan15.8723242.28565Al Hudaydah
YemenLittle Hanish IslandAl HudaydahSee Jazirat al Hanish as Saghir

YemenLittle Hanish Peak13.8597342.78775Al Hudaydah
YemenLittle Kusi IslandAl HudaydahSee Zabin
YemenLloyd's Signal Station12.6503443.39867Aden
YemenLLoyds FlagstaffAdenSee Lloyd's Signal Station
YemenLoban IslandAl HudaydahSee Labwan

YemenLoheiyaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah
YemenLoheiya Hill Fort15.7012342.69413Al Hudaydah
YemenLohisaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah
YemenLuhaiyaAl HudaydahSee Al Luhayyah

YemenMayunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenMayyun12.6545043.42334AdenCan also refer to Perim Island
YemenMediHajjahSee Maidi
YemenMeyunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenMilton Point15.3334942.61776Al Hudaydah

YemenMina Kamaran15.3362442.61533Al Hudaydah
YemenMocha Lighthouse13.3029043.23226Ta'izz
YemenMokhaTa'izzSee Mocha
YemenMokha LighthouseTa'izzSee Mocha Lighthouse

YemenMurray Point12.6501243.41255Aden
YemenMushejera RockAl HudaydahSee Jazirat Mushajirah
YemenNevis Point12.6517843.40675Aden
YemenNeyunAdenSee Mayyun
YemenNorth Point15.3386942.62052Al Hudaydah

YemenNorth Point Chimney15.3396542.61517Al Hudaydah
YemenObstruction Point12.6594843.43858AdenObstruction Point Lighthouse
YemenOkban IslandAl HudaydahSee 'Uqban
YemenPalinurus Shoal14.9125050.67167Muhafazat Hadramawt
YemenPerimAdenSee Perim Island

YemenPerim Coal Pier12.6439843.40894Aden
YemenPerim Harbour12.6464543.41453Aden
YemenPerim High LightAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenPerim High Lighthouse12.6548343.43133Aden
YemenPerim Island12.6609943.41856AdenObstruction Point Lighthouse
Perim Island High/Mayyun Island Lighthouse

YemenPerim Island High LighthouseAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenPerim Island LightAdenSee Perim High Lighthouse
YemenQamaranAl HudaydahSee Kamaran
YemenQuoin Island (1)14.0777442.81552Al HudaydahAbu Ail/Quoin Island Lighthouse
YemenQuoin Island (2)13.7129642.80801Al Hudaydah

YemenQuoin Island (3)15.2078142.05886Al Hudaydah
YemenQuoin Island LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenQuoin LightAl HudaydahSee Abu 'Ali Light
YemenQusur15.7278842.49941Al Hudaydah
YemenRa's 'Imran12.7384044.72342Aden

YemenRa's as Salif15.3150342.66930Al Hudaydah
YemenRa's Bab al Mandab12.6770343.46203Ta'izz
YemenRa's Marbut12.7885344.97248Aden
YemenRa's MarshagAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenRa's Marshaq12.7611945.05433Aden

YemenRa's Marshaq Lighthouse12.7615545.05399Aden
YemenRa's Shu'ab12.5359653.30652Soqatra
YemenRa's Tarshayn12.7782544.97021Aden
YemenRa's Tuways15.4031642.63915Al Hudaydah
YemenRahkl IslandHajjahSee An Nahl

YemenRas Babel MandebTa'izzSee Ra's Bab al Mandab
YemenRas ImranAdenSee Ra's 'Imran
YemenRas Katanahan HeadSoqatraSee Rhiy di-Qatanhin
YemenRas KattanahaniSoqatraSee Rhiy di-Qatanhin
YemenRas MarbutAdenSee Ra's Marbut

YemenRas MarshagAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenRas Marshaq LighthouseAdenSee Ra's Marshaq Lighthouse
YemenRas MashadAdenSee Ra's Marshaq
YemenRas RadressaSoqatraSee Rhiy di-Irisal
YemenRas SalifAl HudaydahSee Ra's as Salif

YemenRas ShaabSoqatraSee Ra's Shu'ab
YemenRas TarsheinAdenSee Ra's Tarshayn
YemenRas TowissAl HudaydahSee Ra's Tuways
YemenRashshah15.1755842.57023Al Hudaydah
YemenRhiy di-Irisal12.5528754.53142Soqatra

YemenRhiy di-Qatanhin12.3416853.54376Soqatra
YemenRisha IslandAl HudaydahSee Rashshah
YemenRocky Point12.9438143.40602Ta'izz
YemenRound Minaret14.7930942.94389Al Hudaydah
YemenSaddle Island15.1209342.10719Al Hudaydah

YemenShab Bodinjan ShoalAl HudaydahSee Shi'b Badinjan
YemenSham Sham PeakAdenSee Jabal Shamsan
YemenShi'b Badinjan15.5516942.64206Al Hudaydah
YemenSignal Station12.7857044.97693Aden

YemenSokotraSoqatraSee Socotra
YemenSokotra IslandSoqatraSee Socotra
YemenSouth Peak13.9649742.73703Al Hudaydah
YemenSugarloafAdenSee Jabal al Muzalqam
YemenTalawin15.7710042.45682Al Hudaydah

YemenTall ChimneyAl HudaydahSee North Point Chimney
YemenTall MinaretAl HudaydahSee Dahman Mosque Minaret
YemenTiqfash15.7123742.43089Al Hudaydah
YemenTowak IslandHajjahSee Jazirat Tawq
YemenUrmek IslandAl HudaydahSee Al Murk

YemenWen IslandAl HudaydahSee Talawin
YemenZabin15.7167042.51621Al Hudaydah
YemenZebayir IslandsAl HudaydahSee Jaza'ir az Zubayr
YemenZebayir LightAl HudaydahSee Zubair Islands Lighthouse
YemenZiTa'izzSee Dhubab

YemenZi Hill12.9597043.41249Ta'izz
YemenZubair IslandAl HudaydahSee Jabal Zubayr
YemenZubair IslandsAl HudaydahSee Jaza'ir az Zubayr
YemenZubair Islands Lighthouse15.0197742.16114Al Hudaydah
YemenZurbat15.9163242.59292Al Hudaydah

YemenZurbat IslandAl HudaydahSee Zurbat