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West African Place Names
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:22:29 pm »
In Progress

Useful references:

Pilot Books, with excellent place-names and shore navigation landmarks
from JJ
Africa Pilot Volume I: comprises the sailing directions of the southwest coast of Africa from Cape Palmas to the Cape of Good Hope, including the islands of St. Helen, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha, and neighboring islands
East Atlantic pilot The Coast of Spain and Portugal, the Madeira Group, Azores or Western Islands, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, and West Coast of Africa from Cape Spartel to Cape Palmas


Thanks Silvia + Janet ;D
For maps noted above:

The Oriental Navigator, Or, New Directions for Sailing to and from the East Indies...  (1801)

NAVAL-HISTORY.NET: - WW I - Duala and the Cameroons Estuary - WW I - Cameroons Coast, West Africa

Baia - bay, cove
Baixo - reef, shoal
Cabo - cape, point
Ilha, Ilhado, Ilheu - island
Kaap - cape, point
Ponta - point
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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2013, 07:02:30 pm »
Continued - In progress

AngolaBaia de Namibe-15.1812.14
AngolaBaia dos Elefantes-13.2212.73
AngolaBaia dos Tigres-16.6711.78
AngolaCabo de Santa Maria-13.4212.53
AngolaCabo de Santa Marta-13.8712.42
AngolaCape Saint MarthaSee Cabo de Santa Marta
AngolaCape Saint MarySee Cabo de Santa Maria
AngolaElephant BaySee Baia dos Elefantes
AngolaGreat Fish BaySee Baia dos Tigres
AngolaIlheus do Pina-13.4512.53
AngolaLittle Fish BaySee Baia de Namibe
AngolaMocamedes-15.2012.15More info here
AngolaNamibeSee Mocamedes
AngolaPine IsletSee Ilheus do Pina
AngolaPonta da Marca-16.5211.72
AngolaPonta do Giraul-15.1312.12Ponta do Giraul Lighthouse
AngolaPonta do Noronha-15.1912.13Ponta Noronha Lighthouse
AngolaPort AlexanderSee Porto Alexandre
AngolaPorto Alexandre-15.8011.85
AngolaTiger PointSee Ponta da Marca

AngolaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

BeninGrand PopoeSee Grand-Popo
BeninWhidahSee Ouidah-Plage and Ouidah
BeninWyddahSee Ouidah-Plage and Ouidah

BeninNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

Canarias: SpainEl Hierro27.75-18
Canarias: SpainFerroSee El Hierro
Canarias: SpainGomeroSee La Gomera
Canarias: SpainLa Gomera28.1-17.13
Canarias: SpainLas Palmas de Gran Canaria28.1-15.42
Canarias: SpainPalmasSee Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canarias: SpainIsla de Tenerife28.32-16.57
Canarias: SpainTeneriffeSee Isla de Tenerife

Canarias: SpainNameLatitudeLongitude
Canarias: SpainNameSee
Canarias: SpainNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

Cape VerdeBaixo Joao Leitao15.8-23.18
Cape VerdeBird IslandSee Ilheu dos Passaros
Cape VerdeBird RockSee Ilheu dos Passaros
Cape VerdeBoavistaSee Ilha da Boa Vista
Cape VerdeBonavistaSee Ilha da Boa Vista
Cape VerdeBrava IslandSee Ilha Brava
Cape VerdeEnglish Road,
English Roads
See Porto Ingles
Cape VerdeFogo, Island ofSee Ilhado Fogo
Cape VerdeFugo IslandSee Ilhado Fogo
Cape VerdeFurna14.88-24.68
Cape VerdeFurna CoveSee Porto da Furna
Cape VerdeFurnoSee Furna
Cape VerdeIlha Brava14.87-24.72
Cape VerdeIlha da Boa Vista16.08-22.83
Cape VerdeIlha de Maio15.23-22.17
Cape VerdeIlha de Santa Luzia16.77-24.75
Cape VerdeIlha de Santiago15.08-23.67
Cape VerdeIlha de Santo Antao17.08-25.17
Cape VerdeIlha de Sao Nicolau16.58-24.25
Cape VerdeIlha de Sao Vicente16.83-25
Cape VerdeIlha do Sal16.75-22.92
Cape VerdeIlhado Fogo14.92-24.42
Cape VerdeIlheu de Santa Maria14.9-23.52
Cape VerdeIlheu dos Passaros16.92-25.02More info here
Cape VerdeIlheu Raso16.62-24.6
Cape VerdeIsle of MaySee Ilha de Maio
Cape VerdeIsle of SalSee Ilha do Sal
Cape VerdeLeton RockSee Baixo Joao Leitao
More info here and here
Cape VerdeLuz (town of "Luz")14.9-24.5On Fogo. Probably now Sao Filipe
Cape VerdeMayo, island ofSee Ilha de Maio
Cape VerdePorto da Furna14.88-24.68More info here (Puerto Furno)
Cape VerdePorto da Praia14.9-23.5
Cape VerdePorto Grande16.88-25.02
Cape VerdePorto Ingles15.13-23.2
Cape VerdePorto PrayaSee Porto da Praia
Cape VerdeQuail IslandSee Ilheu de Santa Maria
More info here
Cape VerdeRasza IslandSee Ilheu Raso
Cape VerdeSaint Antonio, island ofSee Ilha de Santo Antao
Cape VerdeSaint Jago IslandSee Ilha de Santiago
More info here
Cape VerdeSaint Lucia, island ofSee Ilha de Santa Luzia
Cape VerdeSaint Nicholas, island ofSee Ilha de Sao Nicolau
Cape VerdeSaint Vincent, island ofSee Ilha de Sao Vicente
Cape VerdeSalSee Ilha do Sal
Cape VerdeSan JagoSee Ilha de Santiago
Cape VerdeTown of English RoadsSee Vila do Maio
Cape VerdeVila do Maio15.13-23.22

Cape VerdeNameLatitudeLongitude
Cape VerdeNameSee
Cape VerdeNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2013, 07:02:44 pm »
In progress

Equatorial GuineaCorisco, island ofSee Isla de Corisco
Equatorial GuineaIsla de Corisco.929.32Corisco Bay belongs to Gabon

Equatorial GuineaNameLatitudeLongitude
Equatorial GuineaNameSee
Equatorial GuineaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

GabonCap Esterias.629.33More info here
GabonCap Santa Clara.59.32
GabonPoint ClaraSee Cap Santa Clara
GabonPoint EsteirasSee Cap Esterias
GabonSandy PointProbably Sandspitze

GabonNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

GhanaAtoko5.780.80African Pilot and Ghana Place Names
GhanaAttakkoo, a slave factoryProbably Atoko
GhanaCape Saint Paul5.840.97
GhanaGreat NingoSee Old Nigo
The African Pilot makes it clear that Ningo and Great Ningo are different places.
Rumsey's West Africa I map labels it as Ningo
GhanaKpone5.690.06West Africa II
GhanaNingoSee Nungua
GhanaNungua5.60-.08More info here and here
GhanaOcco, village of5.80.5
GhanaOld Nigo5.750.19
GhanaPoneeSee Kpone
GhanaQuittahSee Keta
GhanaTasseySee Teshi Old Town
GhanaTesheeSee Teshi Old Town
GhanaTeshi Old TownLatitudeLongitudeAfrican Pilot and Ghana Place Names
GhanaVolta (river)5.770.67

GhanaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

LiberiaBaddooSee Betu
LiberiaBaffa BaySee Bafu Bay
LiberiaBafu Bay5.16-9.29
LiberiaBaiyah Island5.25-9.43
LiberiaBassa Cove5.87-10.08
LiberiaBlubarra Point4.99-9.04
LiberiaBlue Barry PtSee Blubarra Point
LiberiaBullom town pointProbably near mouth of Saint John River
(Bullom town is further inland)
More info here and here
LiberiaCape False6.3-10.8More info here
LiberiaCape MeserradoSee Cape Mesurado
LiberiaCape Mesurado6.31-10.82More info here
LiberiaCape MontseradoSee Cape Mesurado
LiberiaCape Palmas (cape)4.37-7.73Lighthouse - More info here and here
LiberiaCape Palmas (town)See Harper
LiberiaCape Mount6.72-11.35This is a mountain, not a cape!
LiberiaCavalla (1)4.36-7.59More info here and here
LiberiaCavalla (2)4.37-7.58
LiberiaCavalla (3)4.35-7.6
LiberiaCavallySee Cavalla
LiberiaCestos River5.45-9.57
LiberiaDala Bassa6.03-10.22
LiberiaDevils RockSee Baiyah Island
LiberiaFalse CapeSee Cape False
LiberiaGarraway4.50-7.93Garraway Tree (page 121)
LiberiaGrand BootouSee Grand Butu Point
LiberiaGrand Butu Point5.05-9.12More info here
LiberiaGreat NyfouSee Nifu
LiberiaHalf Cavally4.3-7.6Possibly Cavalla (3)
LiberiaHarper4.38-7.72More info here
LiberiaKru Rock4.9-8.88
LiberiaLittle Bassa5.97-10.15
LiberiaLittle BassaSee Dala Bassa
LiberiaMesurado Roads6.3-10.8
LiberiaNanakru4.83-8.73More info here
LiberiaNanna KrouSee Nanakru
LiberiaNifu4.72-8.51More info here
LiberiaNyfouSee Nifu
LiberiaRock CessSee Gleekloh
LiberiaSabo4.78-8.63More info here (Wappi)
LiberiaSaddle Hills6.25-10.28
LiberiaSaint John River5.92-10.07
LiberiaSestos RiverSee Cestos River
LiberiaSettra Kru4.90-8.85
LiberiaSinoeSee Greenville
LiberiaSubonoSee Sabo
LiberiaWappeeSee Sabo

LiberiaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2013, 05:31:07 pm »
In progress

(I'm not quite sure how this should be handled.)

Madeira: Portugal Brazen HeadSee Ponta do Garajau
Madeira: Portugal Cima IdSee Ilheu de Cima
Madeira: Portugal Deserters RocksSee Ilhas Desertas
Madeira: Portugal Faco PkProbably Pico do Facho
Madeira: Portugal Farilhao32.6-16.55
Madeira: Portugal Fort PicoSee Forte do Pico
Madeira: Portugal Fort SantiagoSee Forte de Sao Tiago
Madeira: Portugal Forte de Sao Tiago32.63-16.9More info here and here
Madeira: Portugal Forte do Pico32.67-17Insert
Madeira: Portugal Funchal32.65-16.92More info here
Madeira: Portugal Funchal Roads32.64-16.92Approximate
Madeira: Portugal Ilha da Madeira32.73-17.00
Madeira: Portugal Ilhas Desertas32.5-16.5More info here
Madeira: Portugal Ilhas Selvagens30.08-15.92
Madeira: Portugal Ilheu de Cima33.05-16.28
Madeira: Portugal Island of SalvagesSee Ilhas Selvagens
Madeira: Portugal Loo Rock32.64-16.92Approximate
More info here and here
Madeira: Portugal MadeiraSee Ilha da Madeira
Madeira: Portugal Pico do Facho (one of several)33.08-16.32
Madeira: Portugal Point JardinSee Ponta do Jardim do Mar
Madeira: Portugal Point PargoSee Ponta do Pargo
Madeira: Portugal Point TristanSee Ponta do Tristao
Madeira: Portugal Ponta do Garajau32.63-16.85
Madeira: Portugal Ponta do Jardim do Mar32.72-17.22
Madeira: Portugal Ponta do Pargo32.80-17.27
Madeira: Portugal Ponta do Sol32.67-17.1
Madeira: Portugal Ponta do Tristao32.87-17.2
Madeira: Portugal Punta Do SolSee Ponta do Sol
Madeira: Portugal Punta PargoSee Ponta do Pargo
Madeira: Portugal Sail RockSee Farilhao

Madeira: Portugal NameLatitudeLongitude
Madeira: Portugal NameSee
Madeira: Portugal NameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here
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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2014, 07:02:08 pm »
Jamestown and Armadale Castle (from studentforever) - continued - In progress


NamibiaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

Sao Tome and PrincipeBaia de Santo Antonio1.657.45Forts
Sao Tome and PrincipeDutchmans Cap, TheSee Ilheu Caroco
Sao Tome and PrincipeIlha do Principe1.627.42More info here
Sao Tome and PrincipeIlheu Caroco1.527.43
Sao Tome and PrincipePedra da Gale1.737.38
Sao Tome and PrincipePrinces IslandSee Ilha do Principe

Sao Tome and PrincipeNameLatitudeLongitude
Sao Tome and PrincipeNameSee
Sao Tome and PrincipeNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Corisco Island, Equatorial Guinea

Sierra LeoneCape Saint Ann7.57-12.94
Sierra LeoneHoong7.67-13.07
Sierra LeoneNorth IslandSee Hoong
Sierra LeoneSea Bar RiverSee Sherbro River
Sierra LeoneShebra IslandProbably Sherbro Island
Sierra LeoneSherbro Island7.55-12.7The African pilot, 1856
Sierra LeoneSherbro River7.72-12.9David Rumsey Map
Sierra LeoneTurtle Islands7.62-13.03

Sierra LeoneNameLatitudeLongitude
Sierra LeoneNameSee
Sierra LeoneNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

Duyker Pt.

Country          NameLatitudeLongitudeNotes
South AfricaHangberg-34.0618.34More info here

South AfricaNameLatitudeLongitude
South AfricaNameSee
South AfricaNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

CountryNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2014, 07:02:24 pm »
In progress

TogoLittle PapooSee Aneho


CountryNameLatitudeLongitudeMore info here

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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #6 on: July 22, 2014, 07:02:52 pm »
Victoria, Cameroon  = Limbe 4.0167 / 9.217
Ambas Island, Ambero, Amkero 3.97 / 9.17

Principe Island, Sao Tome & Principe, 1.617 / 7.40 Equitorial Guinea

Ilheus dos Mosteiros, Mosteiro islet is Ilheo dos Mosteiros  1.683 / 7.48
Diamond Rock  Mosteiro islet Note DR is 200 yds SE of Islet

Fernando Po, Cape  Barrow 3.11.30     8.4.0.      now Bioko Equitorial Guinea

From the 'other places thread:
It should be Hollandsbird Island

Latitude: -24.6333300
Longitude: 14.5166700



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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #7 on: December 19, 2015, 10:52:47 pm »
USS Jamestown
18 Dec 1855

From 6 to 8 [PM]

They say they're off "Whyda", this appears to be yet another variation of Ouidah, Benin.
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Re: West African Place Names
« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2015, 08:26:28 am »
Yep ::) ;D