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Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:24:32 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to Latin American and Caribbean place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for Latin American and Caribbean and an Alphabetical list of Latin American and Caribbean place names found in the logbooks.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the Latin American and Caribbean -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to Latin American and Caribbean Place Name Resources

Modern Maps:
Historical Maps:

For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Discussion

To view place names in nearby regions, see US (non-Alaskan) Place Names -- Reference

Spanish Geographical Terms
Archipielago - islands (archipelago)
Arrecife - reef, rock, shoal
Bahia - bay, cove, fjord, harbor
Banco - shoal, reef, bank
Cabo - point, headland
Caleta - cove, bay
Canal - marine channel, ditch, fjord, canal, narrows
Cerro - mountain, hill, spur, slope, ridge
Ensenada - bay, bight, cove, estuary, inlet, lagoon, tidal creek
Estrecho - marine channel, fjord, strait
Golfo - gulf, bay, sound
Isla - island
Islote - islet, rock
Loma - hill, mountain, ridge
Monte - mountain, hill
Morro - mountain, hill, headland
Paso - marine channel, pass
Peninsula - peninsula
Puerto - port, harbor, bay, cove, anchorage - also part of name of populated places
Punta - point, cape, spur - also part of name of populated place
Quebrada - stream
Rada - road (roadstead = an open anchorage affording less protection than a harbor)
Rio - river, stream
Roca - rock
Seno - bay, fjord, sound, marine channel

Portuguese Geographical Terms
Arquipelago - islands (archipelago)
Atol - island (atol)
Baia/Bahia - bay, cove, fjord, harbor
Baixo/Bajo - reef, shoal
Cabo - point, headland
Coroa - shoal, bank, bar, reef
Ilha - island
Monte - mountain, hill
Morro - mountain, hill, headland
Ponta - point, cape, spur - also part of name of populated place
Recife - reef
Rio - river, stream
Rochedo - cliff, headland

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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2014, 03:29:26 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

Latin American and Caribbean Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2014, 03:31:57 pm »
Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Latin American and Caribbean place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 22 Feb 2017

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
Antigua and BarbudaAntigua17.08-61.80
Antigua and BarbudaBarbuda17.67-61.84
Antigua and BarbudaEnglish Harbour17.00-61.76Antigua
Antigua and BarbudaEnglish Point17.00-61.77Antigua

Antigua and BarbudaJohnsons Point17.03-61.89Antigua
Antigua and BarbudaOld Fort PointAntiguaSee Johnsons Point
Antigua and BarbudaOld Road Bluff17.01-61.83Antigua
Antigua and BarbudaPillar Rock17.13-61.88AntiguaPillar Rock Light
Antigua and BarbudaSaint John's17.12-61.85Antigua

Antigua and BarbudaSandy Island17.13-61.93AntiguaSandy Island Light
Antigua and BarbudaWeek Point17.12-61.86Antigua
ArgentinaBahia Blanca-38.90-62.14Buenos Aires
ArgentinaBahia Gil-45.05-65.68Chubut
ArgentinaBahia Huevo-45.05-65.71Chubut

ArgentinaBahia Lapataia-54.87-68.53Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaBahia Oso Marino-47.93-65.78Santa Cruz
ArgentinaBahia Ushuaia-54.82-68.27Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaBeagle Channel-54.88-68.17Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaBear BaySanta CruzSee Bahia Oso Marino

ArgentinaBuenos Aires-34.61-58.38Buenos Aires
ArgentinaCabo Corrientes-38.02-57.52Buenos Aires
ArgentinaCabo San Antonio-36.74-56.67Buenos Aires
ArgentinaCabo San Diego-54.63-65.12Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaCanal Moat-54.98-66.93Tierra del Fuego

ArgentinaCanal Punta Indio-35.17-56.30Buenos AiresRio de la Plata Lightship
ArgentinaCape VirginSanta CruzSee Roca Virgen
ArgentinaCape VirginsSanta CruzSee Roca Virgen
ArgentinaCommodoro RivadaviaChubutSee Comodoro Rivadavia
ArgentinaComodoro Rivadavia-45.86-67.50Chubut

ArgentinaEgg HarbourChubutSee Bahia Huevo
ArgentinaEstrecho de Le Maire-54.83-65.00Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaFaro Recalada-38.99-61.26Buenos Aires
ArgentinaGill BayChubutSee Bahia Gil
ArgentinaHarberton InletTierra del FuegoSee Puerto Harberton

ArgentinaIngeniero White-38.78-62.27Buenos Aires
ArgentinaIsla de los Estados-54.78-64.25Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaIsla Gable-54.89-67.48Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaIsla Martin Garcia-34.18-58.25Buenos Aires
ArgentinaIsla Pinguino-47.91-65.72Santa CruzIsla Pinguino Light

ArgentinaIslas Willie-54.87-68.17Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaIslote BlancaTierra del FuegoSee Islote Blanco
ArgentinaIslote Blanco-55.06-66.55Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaLapataia BayTierra del FuegoSee Bahia Lapataia
ArgentinaLe Maire StraitTierra del FuegoSee Estrecho de Le Maire

ArgentinaMackinlay ChannelTierra del FuegoSee Paso Mackinlay
ArgentinaMartin Garcia IslandBuenos AiresSee Isla Martin Garcia
ArgentinaMoat ChannelTierra del FuegoSee Canal Moat
ArgentinaMonte Aymond-52.15-69.48Santa Cruz
ArgentinaNinfas PointChubutSee Punta Ninfas

ArgentinaPaso Mackinlay-54.92-67.51Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaPenguin IslandSanta CruzSee Isla Pinguino
ArgentinaPoint IndioBuenos AiresSee Punta Indio
ArgentinaPort DesireSanta CruzSee Puerto Deseado
ArgentinaPort MadrynChubutSee Puerto Madryn

ArgentinaPuerto Belgrano-38.90-62.10Buenos AiresDavid Rumsey Map
ArgentinaPuerto DeseadasSanta CruzSee Puerto Deseado
ArgentinaPuerto Deseado-47.75-65.89Santa Cruz
ArgentinaPuerto Harberton-54.88-67.32Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaPuerto Madryn-42.77-65.04Chubut

ArgentinaPuerto MilitarBuenos AiresSee Puerto Belgrano
ArgentinaPuerto Santa Elena-44.52-65.35Chubut
ArgentinaPunta Dungeness-52.38-68.42Santa Cruz
ArgentinaPunta Indio-35.27-57.23Buenos Aires
ArgentinaPunta Medano-41.03-62.79Buenos Aires

ArgentinaPunta Mogotes-38.10-57.54Buenos Aires
ArgentinaPunta Ninfas-42.94-64.33Chubut
ArgentinaRecalada LightBuenos AiresSee Faro Recalada
ArgentinaRecalada Light VesselBuenos AiresSee Canal Punta Indio
ArgentinaRio de la Plata-35.00-57.00Buenos Aires

ArgentinaRiver PlateBuenos AiresSee Rio de la Plata
ArgentinaRoca Virgen-52.34-68.33Santa Cruz
ArgentinaSaint Elena BayChubutSee Puerto Santa Elena
ArgentinaSan Blas-40.56-62.24Buenos Aires
ArgentinaStaten IslandTierra del FuegoSee Isla de los Estados

ArgentinaStaten LandTierra del FuegoSee Isla de los Estados
ArgentinaUshuaia-54.80-68.30Tierra del Fuego
ArgentinaUshuwaiaTierra del FuegoSee Ushuaia
ArgentinaUshuwaia BayTierra del FuegoSee Bahia Ushuaia
ArgentinaVirgin RockSanta CruzSee Roca Virgen

ArgentinaWhite IslandTierra del FuegoSee Islote Blanco
ArgentinaWillie IslandTierra del FuegoSee Islas Willie
BahamasAbaco Island26.47-77.13Central Abaco
BahamasAbaco Lighthouse25.86-77.18South Abaco
BahamasAnguila IslandsBiminiSee Anguilla Cays

BahamasAnguilla Cays23.53-79.55Bimini
BahamasAnguilla IslandsBiminiSee Anguilla Cays
BahamasBird Rock22.85-74.36Crooked Island and Long CayBird Rock Lighthouse
BahamasCastle Island22.13-74.32AcklinsCastle Island Light
BahamasCay Lobos22.38-77.59South Andros

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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
BahamasCay Sal Lighthouse23.95-80.45Bimini
BahamasCockburn Town24.05-74.53San Salvador
BahamasCrooked Island22.75-74.22Crooked Island and Long Cay
BahamasCrooked Island LighthouseCrooked Island and Long CaySee Bird Rock
BahamasCrooked Island Passage22.83-74.63Long Island

BahamasDixon Hill Lighthouse24.10-74.45San Salvador
BahamasElbow Cay23.96-80.44Bimini
BahamasElbow Cay Lighthouse26.54-76.96Hope Town
BahamasElbow KeyBiminiSee Elbow Cay

BahamasElbow Key LightBiminiSee Cay Sal Lighthouse
BahamasElbow Key LighthouseHope TownSee Elbow Cay Lighthouse
BahamasFortune IslandCrooked Island and Long CaySee Long Cay
BahamasGreat Inagua Island21.08-73.30Inagua
BahamasGreat Inagua Lighthouse20.93-73.67Inagua

BahamasGreat Isaac26.03-79.09Bimini
BahamasGreat Stirrup Cay25.82-77.91Berry Islands
BahamasGreat Stirrup Cay Lighthouse25.82-77.90Berry Islands
BahamasGreat Stirrup LightBerry IslandsSee Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse
BahamasGun Cay25.58-79.30BiminiGun Cay Lighthouse

BahamasGun KeyBiminiSee Gun Cay
BahamasHen and Chicken Rocks25.98-79.13Bimini
BahamasHen and Chickens ReefBiminiSee Hen and Chicken Rocks
BahamasHogsty Reef21.68-73.82InaguaHogsty Reef Light
BahamasLong Bay24.01-74.53San Salvador

BahamasLong Cay22.60-74.33Crooked Island and Long Cay
BahamasMayaguana Island22.38-72.95Mayaguana
BahamasNassau25.06-77.34New Providence
BahamasNorth Bimini25.75-79.25Bimini
BahamasNorth Elbow CayBiminiSee Elbow Cay

BahamasNorth Point24.13-74.46San Salvador
BahamasNorthwest Point22.46-73.13MayaguanaNorthwest Point Light
BahamasNorthwest Providence Channel26.01-77.84Freeport
BahamasRiding Rock Point24.07-74.54San Salvador
BahamasSan Salvador Island24.05-74.49San Salvador

BahamasSan Salvador LighthouseSan SalvadorSee Dixon Hill Lighthouse
BahamasSouth Riding Rock25.24-79.15BiminiSouth Riding Rock Lighthouse
BahamasSouthwest Point23.94-74.57San Salvador
BarbadosBridgetown13.10-59.62Saint Michael

BarbadosCarlisle Bay13.08-59.62
BarbadosNeedham PointSaint MichaelSee Needham's Point
BarbadosNeedham's Point13.08-59.61Saint Michael
BarbadosSouth Point Lighthouse13.05-59.53Christ Church
BelizeBelizeBelizeSee Belize City

BelizeBelize City17.50-88.20Belize
BelizeFort George Light17.49-88.18Belize
BermudaAlpha Island32.28-64.83Warwick
BermudaCasemate BarracksSandysSee Casemates Prison

BermudaCasemates Prison32.32-64.84Sandys
BermudaGibb's Hill32.25-64.83Southampton
BermudaGrace Island32.27-64.84Southampton
BermudaGranaway Deep32.28-64.81WarwickDavid Rumsey Map
BermudaGrassy Bay (1)32.32-64.82Sandys

BermudaGrassy Bay (2)32.31-64.78Pembroke
BermudaGreat Sound32.29-64.84Sandys
BermudaGreenaway's DeepWarwickSee Granaway Deep
BermudaHamilton Harbour32.29-64.79Hamilton City
BermudaHogfish Bay32.31-64.81PembrokeHogfish Beacon Light

BermudaIreland Island32.32-64.84Sandys
BermudaMurray's Anchorage32.38-64.70Saint George's
BermudaNorth CamberSandysSee The Camber
BermudaPearl Island32.29-64.84Warwick
BermudaRickett's Island32.28-64.83Warwick

BermudaSaint George32.38-64.68Saint George
BermudaSalt Kettle32.28-64.79Paget
BermudaThe Camber32.33-64.83Sandys
BermudaTwo Rock Passage32.29-64.81Pembroke
BermudaWatford Island32.31-64.86Sandys

BermudaWorld's End Island32.29-64.80Paget
BermudaWorld's End RockPagetSee World's End Island
BonaireSaba Island17.63-63.24Saba
BrazilAbrolhos RocksBahiaSee Arquipelago dos Abrolhos
BrazilAbrothosBahiaSee Arquipelago dos Abrolhos

BrazilAca das TorresBahiaSee Acu da Torre
BrazilAcu da Torre-12.55-38.00Bahia
BrazilAcu das TorresBahiaSee Acu da Torre
BrazilAgua MareRio Grande do NorteSee Guamare
BrazilAguamareRio Grande do NorteSee Guamare

BrazilAlbrahas BayRio de JaneiroSee Ensenada Abraao
BrazilAncoras IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha da Ancora
BrazilAngra dos Reis-23.01-44.32Rio de Janeiro
BrazilArquipelago dos Abrolhos-17.97-38.70Bahia

BrazilArrecifePernambucoSee Recife
BrazilArvoredoSanta CatarinaSee Ilha do Arvoredo
BrazilAtol das Rocas-3.87-33.82Pernambuco
BrazilBahiaBahiaSee Salvador
BrazilBahia de Castelhanos-23.86-45.25Sao Paulo

BrazilBahia do SombrioSao PauloSee Bahia de Castelhanos
BrazilBaia da Ilha Grande-23.12-44.45Rio de Janeiro
BrazilBanco Coroa GaivotasParaSee Coroa Sao Caetano
BrazilBarra da Tijuca (1)-23.00-43.37Rio de Janeiro
BrazilBarra da Tijuca (2)-23.01-43.30Rio de JaneiroDavid Rumsey Map

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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
BrazilBarra LighthouseBahiaSee Farol da Barra
BrazilBaza IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Rasa
BrazilBelem do ParaParaSee Belem
BrazilBelhamParaSee Belem

BrazilBraganza ShoalParaSee Coroa do Braganca
BrazilBusios IslandSao PauloSee Ilha dos Buzios
BrazilCabo de Santa Marta Grande-28.60-48.81Santa Catarina
BrazilCabo de Santo Agostinho-8.35-34.94Pernambuco

BrazilCabo de Sao Roque-5.48-35.26Rio Grande do Norte
BrazilCabo de Sao Tome-21.98-40.98Rio de Janeiro
BrazilCabo Frio-22.89-42.00Rio de Janeiro
BrazilCabo Frio (town)-22.89-42.03Rio de Janeiro
BrazilCabo Santo AntonioBahiaSee Ponta de Santo Antonio

BrazilCaicaraRio Grande do NorteSee Caicara do Norte
BrazilCaicara do Norte-5.06-36.06Rio Grande do Norte
BrazilCaicara LighthouseRio Grande do NorteSee Santo Alberto Lighthouse
BrazilCanal de CarapaporisAmapaSee Canal do Varador de Maraca
BrazilCanal de Sao Sebastiao-23.83-45.40Sao Paulo

BrazilCanal do Varador de Maraca1.99-50.53Amapa
BrazilCap de MontserratBahiaSee Ponta de Montserrat
BrazilCape MucuripeCearaSee Ponta de Mucuripe
BrazilCape Saint RoqueRio Grande do NorteSee Cabo de Sao Roque
BrazilCape San TomeRio de JaneiroSee Cabo de Sao Tome

BrazilCarapaporis ChannelAmapaSee Canal do Varador de Maraca
BrazilCearaCearaSee Fortaleza
BrazilConvict IslandPernambucoSee Ilha de Fernando de Noronha
BrazilCoroa do Braganca-0.45-47.90Para

BrazilCoroa Sao Caetano-0.63-48.03Para
BrazilDa Cobras IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha das Cobras
BrazilDeserta IslandSanta CatarinaSee Ilha Deserta
BrazilEnglish BankPernambucoSee Englishman's Bank
BrazilEnglishman's Bank-8.04-34.85Pernambuco

BrazilEnsenada Abraao-23.13-44.16Rio de Janeiro
BrazilFarol da Barra-13.01-38.53BahiaFarol da Barra Light
BrazilFarol de Santo AntonioBahiaSee Farol da Barra
BrazilFarol de Santo Antonio da Barra   BahiaSee Farol da Barra
BrazilFernand do NorhonaPernambucoSee Ilha de Fernando de Noronha

BrazilFernando NoronhaPernambucoSee Ilha de Fernando de Noronha
BrazilFiscal IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Fiscal
BrazilFort do MarBahiaSee Forte de Sao Marcelo
BrazilFort GamboaBahiaSee Forte da Gamboa
BrazilFort Villegagnon-22.91-43.16Rio de Janeiro

BrazilForte da Gamboa-12.99-38.52Bahia
BrazilForte de Santa Maria-13.00-38.53Bahia
BrazilForte de Sao Marcelo-12.97-38.52Bahia
BrazilGrande Bay IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Grande

BrazilGrande IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Grande
BrazilGuamare-5.11-36.32Rio Grande do Norte
BrazilIlha AlvoradaSanta CatarinaSee Ilha do Arvoredo
BrazilIlha da Ancora-22.77-41.79Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha da Trindade-20.53-29.33Espirito Santo

BrazilIlha das Cobras-22.90-43.17Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha das Gaivotas-0.60-48.07Para
BrazilIlha de Fernando de Noronha-3.86-32.43Pernambuco
BrazilIlha de Itaparica-13.01-38.69Bahia
BrazilIlha de Maraca2.01-50.42Amapa

BrazilIlha de Santa Catarina-27.59-48.48Santa Catarina
BrazilIlha de Santana-22.41-41.71Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha de Villegagnon-22.91-43.16Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha Deserta-27.27-48.35Santa Catarina
BrazilIlha do ArvoradoSanta CatarinaSee Ilha do Arvoredo

BrazilIlha do Arvoredo-27.28-48.36Santa Catarina
BrazilIlha do Medo-12.86-38.71Bahia
BrazilIlha do Pai-22.99-43.08Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha dos Buzios-23.80-45.14Sao Paulo
BrazilIlha dos Macacos-23.08-44.23Rio de Janeiro

BrazilIlha dos RatosRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Fiscal
BrazilIlha Fiscal-22.90-43.17Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha Grande-23.14-44.24Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlha Maiau-1.29-44.95Maranhao
BrazilIlha Rasa-23.06-43.15Rio de JaneiroIlha Rasa Light

BrazilIlha RazaRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Rasa
BrazilIlha Sao Joao Mirim-1.53-44.80Maranhao
BrazilIlhas de Sao Joao-1.33-44.93Maranhao
BrazilIlhas Maricas-23.02-42.92Rio de Janeiro
BrazilIlhas Martin Vaz-20.50-28.85Espirito Santo

BrazilImbituba-28.24-48.67Santa Catarina
BrazilItaparicaBahiaSee Ilha de Itaparica
BrazilItaparica (town)-12.89-38.68Bahia
BrazilItapoanBahiaSee Itapua

BrazilItapuanBahiaSee Itapua
BrazilItarparicaBahiaSee Ilha de Itaparica
BrazilJoao Pessoa-7.12-34.86Paraiba
BrazilMacacos IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha dos Macacos

BrazilMaraca IslandAmapaSee Ilha de Maraca
BrazilMaranhamMaranhaoSee Sao Luis
BrazilMaranhaoMaranhaoSee Sao Luis
BrazilMartin Vaz IslandsEspirito SantoSee Ilhas Martin Vaz
BrazilMedo IsletBahiaSee Ilha do Medo

BrazilMonte Pascoal-16.90-39.41Bahia
BrazilMonte SerratBahiaSee Ponta de Montserrat
BrazilMontserrat PointBahiaSee Ponta de Montserrat
BrazilMorro Branco-4.15-38.12Ceara
BrazilMorro de Sao Paulo-13.38-38.92Bahia

BrazilMorro de Sao Paulo (town)-13.38-38.91Bahia
BrazilMorro do Pico-3.84-32.42Pernambuco
BrazilMorro St PauloBahiaSee Morro de Sao Paulo
BrazilMorro St Paulo (town)BahiaSee Morro de Sao Paulo (town)
BrazilMorro St. PauloBahiaSee Morro de Sao Paulo (town)

BrazilMount PascalBahiaSee Monte Pascoal
BrazilMount SerratBahiaSee Ponta de Montserrat
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
BrazilParaParaSee Belem
BrazilParahibaParaibaSee Joao Pessoa
BrazilPay IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha do Pai

BrazilPeak Bay-3.84-32.42Pernambuco
BrazilPelada PointAmapaSee Ponta Pelada
BrazilPenedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo0.93-29.37Pernambuco
BrazilPernambucoPernambucoSee Recife
BrazilPonta Atalaia-2.87-41.65Ceara

BrazilPonta de Atalaia-0.60-47.30Para
BrazilPonta de Juatinga-23.29-44.51Rio de Janeiro
BrazilPonta de Montserrat-12.93-38.52Bahia
BrazilPonta de Mucuripe-3.70-38.48Ceara
BrazilPonta de Santa Cruz-22.94-43.14Rio de Janeiro

BrazilPonta de Santo Antonio-13.01-38.53Bahia
BrazilPonta do Boi-23.97-45.25Sao Paulo
BrazilPonta dos Tres Irmaos-5.04-35.98Rio Grande do Norte
BrazilPonta Pelada2.00-50.52Amapa
BrazilRat IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Fiscal

BrazilRaza IslandRio de JaneiroSee Ilha Rasa
BrazilRecifes da Vicosa-17.99-39.26Acre
BrazilRio de Janeiro-22.90-43.21Rio de Janeiro
BrazilRio Doce-19.65-39.82Espirito Santo

BrazilRio Grande-32.04-52.10Rio Grande do Sul
BrazilRio Grande do SulRio Grande do SulSee Rio Grande
BrazilRio JaneiroRio de JaneiroSee Rio de Janeiro
BrazilRio Para-1.68-49.25Para
BrazilRiver ParaParaSee Rio Para

BrazilRocasPernambucoSee Atol das Rocas
BrazilRochedos Sao PauloPernambucoSee Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo
BrazilRochedos Sao Pedro e Sao PauloPernambucoSee Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo
BrazilSaint Paul's RocksPernambucoSee Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo
BrazilSaint Pauls RocksPernambucoSee Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo

BrazilSalinasParaSee Salinopolis
BrazilSan AntonioBahiaSee Santo Antonio
BrazilSan Antonio LighthouseBahiaSee Farol da Barra

BrazilSanta AnnaRio de JaneiroSee Ilha de Santana
BrazilSanta CatarinaSanta CatarinaSee Ilha de Santa Catarina
BrazilSanto Agostinho-8.35-34.95Pernambuco
BrazilSanto Alberto Lighthouse-5.05-36.04Rio Grande do NorteSanto Alberto Lighthouse
BrazilSanto Antonio-12.96-38.50Bahia

BrazilSantos-23.96-46.33Sao Paulo
BrazilSao Francisco de SulSanta CatarinaSee Sao Francisco do Sul
BrazilSao Francisco do Sul-26.24-48.64Santa Catarina
BrazilSao Luis-2.53-44.30Maranhao
BrazilSao Sebastiao ChannelSao PauloSee Canal de Sao Sebastiao

BrazilSombrio BaySao PauloSee Bahia de Castelhanos
BrazilTijucaRio de JaneiroSee Barra da Tijuca (1)
BrazilTres Irmanos PointRio Grande do NorteSee Ponta dos Tres Irmaos
BrazilTrinidad IslandEspirito SantoSee Ilha da Trindade

BrazilUbatuba-23.43-45.07Sao Paulo
BrazilValenciaBahiaSee Valenca
BrazilVicosa ReefAcreSee Recifes da Vicosa
BrazilVitoria-20.32-40.34Espirito Santo

British Virgin IslandsAnegada Island18.73-64.33
British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands18.50-64.50
British Virgin IslandsRoad Town18.43-64.62
British Virgin IslandsTortola18.44-64.62
British Virgin IslandsVirgin Gorda18.46-64.43

British Virgin IslandsVirgin IslandsSee British Virgin Islands
Cayman IslandsGeorgetown19.29-81.37
ChileAlbertina RocksAisenSee Islas Albertina
ChileAmbrose IslandAtacamaSee Isla San Ambrosio
ChileAncud-41.87-73.82Los Lagos

ChileAngamos Island (1)AntofagastaSee Islote Angamos
ChileAngamos Island (2)MagallanesSee Isla Angamos
ChileAngelas PointValparaisoSee Punta Angeles
ChileAngostura Kirke-52.06-73.00Magallanes
ChileAnna Pink BayAisenSee Bahia Anna Pink

ChileAnxious PointMagallanesSee Punta Anxious
ChileArauco BayBiobioSee Golfo de Arauco
ChileArchipielago Juan Fernandez-33.66-78.93Valparaiso
ChileArica-18.47-70.30Arica y Parinacota

ChileBahia Anna Pink-45.82-74.91Aisen
ChileBahia Borja-53.53-72.50Magallanes
ChileBahia Cochamo-41.52-72.32Los Lagos
ChileBahia Conchali-31.88-71.52Coquimbo
ChileBahia Coquimbo-29.89-71.30Coquimbo

ChileBahia Cumberland-33.62-78.82Valparaiso
ChileBahia de AraucoBiobioSee Golfo de Arauco
ChileBahia Fortescue-53.70-72.00Magallanes
ChileBahia Fox-53.89-70.43Magallanes
ChileBahia GlacierMagallanesSee Bahia Ventisquero

ChileBahia Havergal-53.47-72.91Magallanes
ChileBahia Isthmus-52.17-73.61Magallanes
ChileBahia Low-43.80-73.94Aisen
ChileBahia Mejillones-23.07-70.46Antofagasta
ChileBahia Orange-55.53-68.03Magallanes

ChileBahia Pecket-52.76-70.76Magallanes
ChileBahia Posesion-52.28-69.23Magallanes
ChileBahia Ralun-41.40-72.31Los Lagos
ChileBahia Romanche-54.95-69.48Magallanes
ChileBahia Salado-27.65-70.96Atacama

ChileBahia San Quintin-46.81-74.52Aisen
ChileBahia Sholl-52.75-73.80Magallanes
ChileBahia Tongoi-42.13-74.06Los Lagos
ChileBahia Tongoy-30.28-71.55Coquimbo
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChileBahia Tranquila-52.08-72.79Magallanes
ChileBahia Tres Brazos-54.93-69.75Magallanes
ChileBahia Ventisquero-53.36-72.89Magallanes
ChileBanco Pucari-41.73-72.90Los Lagos
ChileBanco San Jose-41.84-72.92Los Lagos

ChileBanco Triton-52.61-69.88Magallanes
ChileBarbara ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Barbara
ChileBartlett IslandMagallanesSee Islote Bartlett
ChileBeagle Channel-54.88-68.17Magallanes
ChileBewareMagallanesSee Islote Beware

ChileBlanco EncaladaAntofagastaSee Caleta Blanco Encalada
ChileBorja BayMagallanesSee Bahia Borja
ChileBroad ReachMagallanesSee Canal Wide
ChileByron Island (1)AisenSee Isla Byron
ChileByron Island (2)AisenSee Islote Byron

ChileCabo Ano Nuevo-52.13-73.49Magallanes
ChileCabo Baltazar-51.65-73.93Magallanes
ChileCabo Carranza-35.60-72.63Maule
ChileCabo Childers-50.43-74.80Magallanes
ChileCabo Cooper Key-53.26-73.19Magallanes

ChileCabo Crosstide-53.56-72.42Magallanes
ChileCabo Earnest-52.16-73.27Magallanes
ChileCabo Froward-53.89-71.31Magallanes
ChileCabo GaleraLos LagosSee Punta Galera
ChileCabo Gallant-53.70-72.03Magallanes

ChileCabo GregorioMagallanesSee Cabo San Gregorio
ChileCabo Hunter-53.45-72.87Magallanes
ChileCabo IsidroMagallanesSee Cabo San Isidro
ChileCabo Lengua de VacaCoquimboSee Punta Lengua de Vaca
ChileCabo Lobos-18.79-70.36Arica y Parinacota

ChileCabo MatalquiLos LagosSee Cabo Metalqui
ChileCabo Metalqui-42.27-74.17Los Lagos
ChileCabo Orange-52.46-69.41Magallanes
ChileCabo Pilar-52.72-74.68Magallanes
ChileCabo Porpesse-52.94-70.78Magallanes

ChileCabo Posesion-52.29-68.97Magallanes
ChileCabo Quedal-40.99-73.95Los Lagos
ChileCabo Quod-53.51-72.59Magallanes
ChileCabo Raper-46.80-75.64Aisen
ChileCabo Rumena-37.18-73.62Biobio

ChileCabo San Antonio-40.86-73.88Los Lagos
ChileCabo San Gregorio-52.65-70.21Magallanes
ChileCabo San Isidro-53.79-70.97Magallanes
ChileCabo San Vicente-52.78-70.43Magallanes
ChileCabo Turn-54.40-71.12Magallanes

ChileCabo Upright-53.09-73.59Magallanes
ChileCaleta Blanco Encalada-24.36-70.54Antofagasta
ChileCaleta Coloso-23.76-70.46Antofagasta
ChileCaleta Del Medio-27.66-70.95Atacama

ChileCaleta Gallant-53.69-72.00Magallanes
ChileCaleta Voilier-54.89-69.64Magallanes
ChileCamarrone GullyTarapacaSee Quebrada de Camarones
ChileCanal Barbara-54.30-72.12Magallanes
ChileCanal Chacao-41.79-73.53Los Lagos

ChileCanal Concepcion-50.78-75.20Magallanes
ChileCanal Darwin-45.40-74.18Aisen
ChileCanal Fitz Roy-52.80-71.38Magallanes
ChileCanal Gray-52.38-73.70Magallanes
ChileCanal Kirke-52.09-73.11Magallanes

ChileCanal Magdalena-54.41-71.01Magallanes
ChileCanal Moat-54.98-66.93Magallanes
ChileCanal Smyth-52.22-73.62Magallanes
ChileCanal TransitAisenSee Canal Transito
ChileCanal Transito-44.83-73.71Aisen

ChileCanal Wide-50.08-74.63Magallanes
ChileCanal Williams-45.78-74.60Aisen
ChileCape Ano NuevoMagallanesSee Cabo Ano Nuevo
ChileCape Cooper KeyMagallanesSee Cabo Cooper Key
ChileCape CrosstideMagallanesSee Cabo Crosstide

ChileCape EarnestMagallanesSee Cabo Earnest
ChileCape FelixMagallanesSee Punta Felix
ChileCape GregoryMagallanesSee Cabo San Gregorio
ChileCape PossesionMagallanesSee Cabo Posesion
ChileCape QuodMagallanesSee Cabo Quod

ChileCape Saint VincentMagallanesSee Cabo San Vicente
ChileCape TurnMagallanesSee Cabo Turn
ChileCape UprightMagallanesSee Cabo Upright
ChileCaramillaValparaisoSee Punta Curaumilla
ChileCaramilla HeadValparaisoSee Punta Curaumilla

ChileCaramilla PointValparaisoSee Punta Curaumilla
ChileCerro Direccion-52.38-69.51Magallanes
ChileCerro El Morrion-53.57-72.53Magallanes
ChileCerro Juan Soldado-29.69-71.28Coquimbo
ChileCerro San Luciano-23.10-70.50Antofagasta

ChileCerro Tetas de Mejillones-23.05-70.51Antofagasta
ChileChacao NarrowsLos LagosSee Canal Chacao
ChileChurruca HarborMagallanesSee Puerto Churruca
ChileCollingwood StraitMagallanesSee Estrecho Collingwood

ChileConcepcion ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Concepcion
ChileConcon IslandValparaisoSee Rocas Concon
ChileCooper KeyMagallanesSee Cabo Cooper Key
ChileCoquinboCoquimboSee Coquimbo

ChileCorona HeadLos LagosSee Punta Corona
ChileCorral-39.89-73.43Los Lagos
ChileCrooked ReachMagallanesSee Paso Tortuoso
ChileCumberland BayValparaisoSee Bahia Cumberland

ChileCuramilla PointValparaisoSee Punta Curaumilla
ChileCurramilla PointValparaisoSee Punta Curaumilla
ChileCutler IslandMagallanesSee Isla Cutler
ChileDarwin ChannelAisenSee Canal Darwin
ChileDesventuradas Islands-26.33-79.99Atacama

ChileDirection HillMagallanesSee Cerro Direccion
ChileEclaireur IslandMagallanesSee Islotes Les Eclaireurs
ChileEl MorrionMagallanesSee Cerro El Morrion
ChileEnglish ReachMagallanesSee Paso Ingles
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChileEstero ObstruccionMagallanesSee Fiordo Obstruccion
ChileEstrecho Collingwood-51.95-73.64Magallanes
ChileEstrecho Sarmiento-51.70-73.94Magallanes
ChileEvangelistas IslandsMagallanesSee Grupo Evangelistas
ChileFalgate IslandMagallanesSee Islote Falgate

ChileFarallon Grand IslandLos LagosSee Farallon Grande
ChileFarallon Grande-41.67-73.84Los Lagos
ChileFarquhar PassMagallanesSee Paso Farquhar
ChileFelix and Ambrose IslandsAtacamaSee Desventuradas Islands
ChileFelix IslandAtacamaSee Isla San Felix

ChileFiordo Obstruccion-52.24-72.54Magallanes
ChileFiordo Worsley-51.70-73.17Magallanes
ChileFirst NarrowsMagallanesSee Primera Angostura
ChileFitz Roy ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Fitz Roy
ChileFitzroy ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Fitz Roy

ChileFocus IslandMagallanesSee Isla Focus
ChileForte Pudeto-33.04-71.60Valparaiso
ChileForte Valdivia-33.02-71.63Valparaiso
ChileFortescue BayMagallanesSee Bahia Fortescue
ChileFox BayMagallanesSee Bahia Fox

ChileFroward ReachMagallanesSee Paso Froward
ChileGolfo de Arauco-37.04-73.33Biobio
ChileGolfo de Penas-47.26-74.87Aisen
ChileGonzalo HeadLos LagosSee Morro Gonzalo
ChileGray ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Gray

ChileGreat Orange Bank-52.39-69.15Magallanes
ChileGrupo Evangelistas-52.39-75.09Magallanes
ChileGrupo Purcell-46.93-74.59Aisen
ChileGruseau PointTarapacaSee Punta Gruesa

ChileIndian ReachMagallanesSee Paso del Indio
ChileIsla Alejandro Selkirk-33.77-80.79Valparaiso
ChileIsla Angamos-49.12-75.00Magallanes
ChileIsla Arbolada-46.83-74.35Aisen

ChileIsla Auchilu-45.33-74.59Aisen
ChileIsla Bonduca-50.92-74.28Magallanes
ChileIsla Brinkley-51.99-73.65Magallanes
ChileIsla Byron-47.77-75.12Aisen
ChileIsla Canelo-43.85-73.73Aisen

ChileIsla Chair-54.89-70.05Magallanes
ChileIsla Chanaral-29.03-71.58Atacama
ChileIsla Choros-29.27-71.54Coquimbo
ChileIsla Crossover-49.28-74.38Magallanes
ChileIsla Cutler-52.24-73.64Magallanes

ChileIsla de los CanalesMagallanesSee Isla Dos Canales
ChileIsla Diaz-53.01-73.94Magallanes
ChileIsla Dos Canales-50.88-74.34Magallanes
ChileIsla Elizabeth-54.12-73.18Magallanes
ChileIsla Entry-53.22-73.33Magallanes

ChileIsla Esmeralda-46.82-74.54Aisen
ChileIsla Finfa-46.94-74.60Aisen
ChileIsla Focus-51.89-72.72Magallanes
ChileIsla GardenMagallanesSee Isla Gardiner
ChileIsla Gardiner-55.01-66.93Magallanes

ChileIsla Guafo-43.59-74.71Los Lagos
ChileIsla Guamblin-44.84-75.11Aisen
ChileIsla Hoskyn-52.33-73.69Magallanes
ChileIsla HuafoLos LagosSee Isla Guafo
ChileIsla HuamblinAisenSee Isla Guamblin

ChileIsla Huevos-31.91-71.53Coquimbo
ChileIsla Laitec-43.22-73.61Los Lagos
ChileIsla Lucia-51.13-74.15Magallanes
ChileIsla MagdalenMagallanesSee Isla Magdalena
ChileIsla Magdalena-52.92-70.58Magallanes

ChileIsla Mas AfueraValparaisoSee Isla Alejandro Selkirk
ChileIsla Mocha-38.37-73.91Biobio
ChileIsla Penitente-31.87-71.57Coquimbo
ChileIsla Picton-55.03-66.95Magallanes
ChileIsla Quiriquina-36.63-73.06Biobio

ChileIsla Rupert-53.66-72.21Magallanes
ChileIsla San Ambrosio-26.34-79.89Atacama
ChileIsla San Felix-26.29-80.10Atacama
ChileIsla Santa Maria-37.02-73.52Biobio
ChileIsla Sentry-52.93-73.77Magallanes

ChileIsla Spider-53.52-72.68Magallanes
ChileIsla Tamar-52.89-73.81Magallanes
ChileIsla Tenglo-41.50-72.97Los Lagos
ChileIslas Albertina-47.71-74.86Aisen
ChileIslas Barnevelt-55.82-66.80Magallanes

ChileIslas de los DesventuradosAtacamaSee Desventuradas Islands
ChileIslas EvangelistasMagallanesSee Grupo Evangelistas
ChileIslas Evout-55.56-66.79Magallanes
ChileIslas Pajaros-29.92-71.37Coquimbo
ChileIslas PajorisCoquimboSee Islas Pajaros

ChileIslote Angamos-23.02-70.52Antofagasta
ChileIslote Bartlett-54.88-68.23Magallanes
ChileIslote Beware-53.55-72.57Magallanes
ChileIslote Byron-46.90-74.38Aisen
ChileIslote Fairway-52.73-73.78Magallanes

ChileIslote Falgate-52.92-73.83Magallanes
ChileIslote Nihuel-42.63-72.93Los Lagos
ChileIslote Pollo-52.38-73.69Magallanes
ChileIslote Tope Blanco-25.78-70.74Antofagasta
ChileIslotes EvangelistasMagallanesSee Grupo Evangelistas

ChileIslotes Gaviotas-43.79-73.91Aisen
ChileIslotes Les Eclaireurs-54.88-68.10Magallanes
ChileIslotes Pajaros-29.59-71.54Coquimbo
ChileIslotes Pajaros Ninos-29.93-71.35Coquimbo
ChileIsthmus BayMagallanesSee Bahia Isthmus

ChileJuan FernandezValparaisoSee Archipielago Juan Fernandez
ChileKeats SoundMagallanesSee Seno Keats
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChileKirke NarrowsMagallanesSee Angostura Kirke
ChileLangua de VacaCoquimboSee Punta Lengua de Vaca
ChileLast Hope InletMagallanesSee Seno Ultima Esperanza
ChileLong ReachMagallanesSee Paso Largo

ChileLucia IslandMagallanesSee Isla Lucia
ChileMagdalen SoundMagallanesSee Canal Magdalena
ChileMas AfueraValparaisoSee Isla Alejandro Selkirk
ChileMedio CoveAtacamaSee Caleta Del Medio

ChileMercury SoundMagallanesSee Seno Mercurio
ChileMoat ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Moat
ChileMogote del Morrion-53.58-72.46Magallanes
ChileMonte MejillonesAntofagastaSee Cerro Tetas de Mejillones
ChileMorro Chico-41.73-72.65Los Lagos

ChileMorro de las TorillasBiobioSee Morro de las Torrecillas
ChileMorro de las Torrecillas-38.38-73.95Biobio
ChileMorro Gonzalo-39.85-73.47Los Lagos
ChileMorro HeadAtacamaSee Punta Morro
ChileMorro Mejillones-23.10-70.51Antofagasta

ChileNew ChannelMagallanesSee Paso Nuevo
ChileObstruction SoundMagallanesSee Fiordo Obstruccion
ChileOuter PajarosCoquimboSee Islas Pajaros
ChilePajaros NinosCoquimboSee Islotes Pajaros Ninos
ChilePaso del Indio-49.38-74.41Magallanes

ChilePaso del Mar-52.92-74.00Magallanes
ChilePaso Farquhar-51.82-73.83Magallanes
ChilePaso Froward-53.90-71.44Magallanes
ChilePaso Ingles-53.55-72.37Magallanes
ChilePaso Largo-53.37-73.00Magallanes

ChilePaso Nuevo-52.98-70.52Magallanes
ChilePaso Picton-55.03-67.07Magallanes
ChilePaso Tarleton-51.47-74.13Magallanes
ChilePaso Tortuoso-53.49-72.68Magallanes
ChilePaso Victoria-52.03-73.74Magallanes

ChilePeninsula Tumbes-36.67-73.12Biobio
ChilePenitente RockCoquimboSee Isla Penitente
ChilePeron RocksMagallanesSee Rocas Contramaestre Peron
ChilePicari BeaconLos LagosSee Banco Pucari
ChilePicton IslandMagallanesSee Isla Picton

ChilePicton RoadsMagallanesSee Paso Picton
ChilePigaros IslandsCoquimboSee Islas Pajaros
ChilePillar CapeMagallanesSee Cabo Pilar
ChilePort CorralLos LagosSee Corral
ChilePort FamineMagallanesSee Puerto del Hambre

ChilePort PomarMagallanesSee Puerto Pomar
ChilePossesion BayMagallanesSee Bahia Posesion
ChilePossession BayMagallanesSee Bahia Posesion
ChilePrimera Angostura-52.50-69.58Magallanes
ChilePucari BeaconLos LagosSee Banco Pucari

ChilePucari ShoalLos LagosSee Banco Pucari
ChilePuerto Churruca-53.01-73.93Magallanes
ChilePuerto Condell-52.09-73.15Magallanes
ChilePuerto del Hambre-53.63-70.94Magallanes
ChilePuerto FamineMagallanesSee Puerto del Hambre

ChilePuerto Melinka-43.90-73.75Aisen
ChilePuerto Montt-41.47-72.94Los Lagos
ChilePuerto Pomar-53.27-72.17Magallanes
ChilePuerto Tamar-52.93-73.76Magallanes
ChilePuerto Yates-45.49-74.42Aisen

ChilePunta Ahui-41.83-73.85Los Lagos
ChilePunta Anegadiza-38.38-73.87Biobio
ChilePunta Angeles-33.02-71.64Valparaiso
ChilePunta Anxious-54.12-70.93Magallanes
ChilePunta ArenasMagallanesSee Punta Arenosa

ChilePunta Arenas (town)-53.15-70.91Magallanes
ChilePunta Arenosa-53.13-70.85Magallanes
ChilePunta Caucaguapi-41.83-74.06Los Lagos
ChilePunta Cochrane-46.86-74.33Aisen
ChilePunta Coloso-23.76-70.47Antofagasta

ChilePunta Concon-32.93-71.55Valparaiso
ChilePunta CoquimboCoquimboSee Punta Tinaja
ChilePunta Corona-41.78-73.88Los Lagos
ChilePunta Curaumilla-33.09-71.73Valparaiso
ChilePunta Delgada-51.02-74.22Magallanes

ChilePunta Divide-54.97-69.13Magallanes
ChilePunta Dos Reyes-24.55-70.58Antofagasta
ChilePunta Edwards-44.90-75.03Aisen
ChilePunta Entrada-52.06-73.00Magallanes
ChilePunta Eugenia-54.93-67.28Magallanes

ChilePunta Felix-52.94-74.14Magallanes
ChilePunta Galera-40.01-73.70Los Lagos
ChilePunta Gruesa-20.36-70.18Tarapaca
ChilePunta Guanaquero-30.17-71.45Coquimbo
ChilePunta Guapacho-41.77-73.90Los Lagos

ChilePunta Hualpen-36.75-73.19Biobio
ChilePunta HuanaqueroCoquimboSee Punta Guanaquero
ChilePunta HuapachoLos LagosSee Punta Guapacho
ChilePunta Huasco-28.47-71.25Atacama
ChilePunta Huechucuicui-41.77-74.00Los Lagos

ChilePunta HuentamoLos LagosSee Punta Huentemo
ChilePunta Huentemo-42.52-74.19Los Lagos
ChilePunta Isabel-45.45-74.49Aisen
ChilePunta Lavapie-37.15-73.59Biobio
ChilePunta LavipieBiobioSee Punta Lavapie

ChilePunta LavopieBiobioSee Punta Lavapie
ChilePunta Lengua de Vaca-30.24-71.63Coquimbo
ChilePunta Mendez-52.53-69.58Magallanes
ChilePunta Millonhue-37.56-73.65Biobio
ChilePunta Morro-27.11-70.93Atacama

ChilePunta Pena SolaLos LagosSee Morro Gonzalo
ChilePunta Piedras-20.16-70.15Tarapaca
ChilePunta Pisagua-19.56-70.21Tarapaca
ChilePunta Puchoco-37.03-73.18Biobio
ChilePunta Puguenun-41.80-73.66Los Lagos

ChilePunta Sandy-53.70-71.92Magallanes
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChilePunta Santa Ana-53.63-70.91Magallanes
ChilePunta Satelite-52.54-69.67Magallanes
ChilePunta Taltal-25.40-70.52Antofagasta
ChilePunta Teatinos-29.82-71.31Coquimbo
ChilePunta Tetas-23.52-70.62Antofagasta

ChilePunta Tinaja-29.95-71.37Coquimbo
ChilePunta Toro-53.11-72.01Magallanes
ChilePunta Tortuga-29.93-71.34Coquimbo
ChilePunta Tres Cruces-41.83-73.48Los Lagos
ChilePunta Tucapel-37.59-73.67Biobio

ChilePunta Weather-43.56-74.83Los Lagos
ChilePunta Wilson-49.90-75.09Magallanes
ChilePurcell GroupAisenSee Grupo Purcell
ChileQuebrada de Camarones-19.19-70.27Tarapaca
ChileQuemchi-42.15-73.48Los Lagos

ChileRada Picton-55.07-66.82Magallanes
ChileRada Vallenar-45.32-74.56Aisen
ChileReloncavi SoundLos LagosSee Seno Reloncavi
ChileRio Limari-30.73-71.70Coquimbo
ChileRoca Alert-52.48-73.62Magallanes

ChileRoca del HornoAntofagastaSee Roca Hornos
ChileRoca Esmeralda-41.80-73.77Los Lagos
ChileRoca Hornos-23.62-70.40Antofagasta
ChileRocas Concon-32.87-71.56Valparaiso
ChileRocas Contramaestre Peron-54.92-68.57Magallanes

ChileSan Jose ShoalLos LagosSee Banco San Jose
ChileSan Quintin SoundAisenSee Bahia San Quintin
ChileSanta Anna PointMagallanesSee Punta Santa Ana
ChileSanta MariaBiobioSee Isla Santa Maria
ChileSanta Maria IslandBiobioSee Isla Santa Maria

ChileSarmiento ChannelMagallanesSee Estrecho Sarmiento
ChileSatellite PointMagallanesSee Punta Satelite
ChileSea ReachMagallanesSee Paso del Mar
ChileSecond NarrowsMagallanesSee Segunda Angostura
ChileSegunda Angostura-52.73-70.43Magallanes

ChileSeno Keats-54.30-70.68Magallanes
ChileSeno Mercurio-54.27-71.28Magallanes
ChileSeno Reloncavi-41.60-72.86Los Lagos
ChileSeno Ultima Esperanza-51.52-72.96Magallanes
ChileSentinel IslandMagallanesSee Isla Sentry

ChileSholl BayMagallanesSee Bahia Sholl
ChileSocorro IslandAisenSee Isla Guamblin
ChileSolado BayAtacamaSee Bahia Salado
ChileSpiteful Anchorage-52.31-68.83Magallanes

ChileTarleton PassMagallanesSee Paso Tarleton
ChileThetus PointAntofagastaSee Punta Tetas
ChileThree Arms BayMagallanesSee Bahia Tres Brazos
ChileTongoy BayCoquimboSee Bahia Tongoy

ChileToro PointMagallanesSee Punta Toro
ChileTotas HeadAntofagastaSee Punta Tetas
ChileTranquil BayMagallanesSee Bahia Tranquila
ChileTres CrucesLos LagosSee Punta Tres Cruces
ChileValdivia-39.81-73.25Los Rios

ChileVallenar RoadsAisenSee Rada Vallenar
ChileVictory PassMagallanesSee Paso Victoria
ChileVoilier CoveMagallanesSee Caleta Voilier
ChileWide ChannelMagallanesSee Canal Wide

ChileWilliam ChannelAisenSee Canal Williams
ChileWorsley SoundMagallanesSee Fiordo Worsley
ColombiaBahia Aguacate6.78-77.61Choco
ColombiaBuenaventura3.88-77.03Valle del Cauca

ColombiaCarthagenaSee Cartagena
ColombiaOctavia BayChocoSee Bahia Aguacate
Costa RicaBahia Culebra10.62-85.66Guanacaste
Costa RicaBahia Rincon8.71-83.48Puntarenas
Costa RicaBlanco IslandPuntarenasSee Isla Cabo Blanco

Costa RicaCabo Blanco9.56-85.11Puntarenas
Costa RicaCabo ElenaGuanacasteSee Cabo Santa Elena
Costa RicaCabo Matapalo8.37-83.29Puntarenas
Costa RicaCabo Santa Elena10.89-85.95Guanacaste
Costa RicaCano Island (1)PuntarenasSee Isla del Cano

Costa RicaCano Island (2)PuntarenasSee Isla Herradura
Costa RicaCocos IslandPuntarenasSee Isla del Coco
Costa RicaCorcovada RockPuntarenasSee Roca Corcovado
Costa RicaCulebra10.65-85.65Guanacaste
Costa RicaEl Rincon (1)PuntarenasSee Bahia Rincon

Costa RicaEl Rincon (2)PuntarenasSee Rincon
Costa RicaGolfito8.64-83.17Puntarenas
Costa RicaGolfo Dulce8.61-83.31Puntarenas
Costa RicaGulf of DulcePuntarenasSee Golfo Dulce
Costa RicaIsadora PointPuntarenasSee Punta Isidora

Costa RicaIsla BlancaPuntarenasSee Isla Cabo Blanco
Costa RicaIsla Cabo Blanco9.54-85.11Puntarenas
Costa RicaIsla del Cano8.71-83.88Puntarenas
Costa RicaIsla del Coco5.53-87.07Puntarenas
Costa RicaIsla Herradura9.63-84.67Puntarenas

Costa RicaMatapalo HeadPuntarenasSee Cabo Matapalo
Costa RicaPuerto Culebra10.64-85.64Guanacaste
Costa RicaPunta Abajo10.95-85.86Guanacaste
Costa RicaPunta BarrigonasGuanacasteSee Punta Matapalo
Costa RicaPunta Isidora8.72-83.46Puntarenas

Costa RicaPunta Matapalo9.89-85.61Guanacaste
Costa RicaPunta San Jose8.68-83.71Puntarenas
Costa RicaRincon8.70-83.48Puntarenas
Costa RicaRoca Corcovado8.51-83.66Puntarenas
CubaBahia de Matanzas23.07-81.51Matanzas

CubaBahia de Sama21.12-75.77Holguin
CubaBay of MatanzasMatanzasSee Bahia de Matanzas
CubaCabo Corrientes21.76-84.51Pinar del Rio
CubaCabo Cruz19.84-77.74GranmaCabo Cruz Light

CubaCabo de San Antonio21.86-84.95Pinar del RioCabo de San Antonio Light
CubaCabo Lucrecia21.07-75.62HolguinCabo Lucrecia Light
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
CubaCape MaysiGuantanamoSee Punta de Maisi
CubaCastillo del Morro23.15-82.36La HabanaEl Morro Light
CubaCavanasArtemisaSee Cabanas
CubaCayo Caiman Grande22.69-78.88Villa ClaraCayo Caiman Grande Light
CubaCayo Moa Grande20.69-74.91HolguinCayo Moa Grande Light

CubaCayo Paredon Grande22.47-78.16CamagueyCayo Paredon Grande Light
CubaCayo Verde22.12-77.65Camaguey
CubaCayos Santa Maria22.69-78.91Ciego de Avila
CubaEnsenada Cajon21.91-84.90Pinar del Rio
CubaFaro Castillo del MorroLa HabanaSee Castillo del Morro

CubaFort San DiegoLa HabanaSee Fuerte de San Diego
CubaFuerte de San Diego23.15-82.34La Habana
CubaGuantanamo Bay20.01-75.12Guantanamo
CubaHavana23.13-82.38La Habana
CubaLomas Tetas de Managua22.97-82.31La HabanaThe Colombian Navigator
NOAA Historical Chart

CubaMaidens PapsLa HabanaSee Lomas Tetas de Managua
CubaMesa de Mariel23.02-82.63Artemisa
CubaMoro of HavanaLa HabanaSee Castillo del Morro

CubaMorro LightLa HabanaSee Castillo del Morro
CubaPan de Matanzas23.03-81.69Matanzas
CubaPeak of TarquinSantiago de CubaSee Pico Turquino
CubaPico Turquino19.98-76.83Santiago de CubaThe New American Practical Navigator
CubaPoint LucretiaHolguinSee Cabo Lucrecia

CubaPoint MaternillaCamagueySee Punta Maternillos
CubaPort CajonPinar del RioSee Ensenada Cajon
CubaPort CajorPinar del RioSee Ensenada Cajon
CubaPunta BarloventaGuantanamoSee Windward Point
CubaPunta BarloventoGuantanamoSee Windward Point

CubaPunta Cajon21.92-84.92Pinar del Rio
CubaPunta Caleta20.07-74.30GuantanamoPunta Caleta Light
CubaPunta de Maisi20.25-74.15GuantanamoPunta de Maisi Light
CubaPunta MaisiGuantanamoSee Punta de Maisi
CubaPunta Maternillos21.66-77.14CamagueyPunta Maternillos Light

CubaRoca Paredon22.48-78.15Camaguey
CubaSama BayHolguinSee Bahia de Sama
CubaSantiago de Cuba20.02-75.82Santiago de Cuba
CubaStraits of Florida25.00-79.75
CubaTable of MarielArtemisaSee Mesa de Mariel

CubaTetas de ManaguaLa HabanaSee Lomas Tetas de Managua
CubaWindward Point19.89-75.16GuantanamoWindward Point Light
Cuba/HaitiWindward Passage20.00-73.83
Dominican RepublicCabo Frances Viejo19.67-69.94Maria Trinidad SanchezCabo Frances Viejo Light

Dominican RepublicCabo Samana19.30-69.15SamanaCabo Samana Light
Dominican RepublicCape Viejo FrancesMaria Trinidad SanchezSee Cabo Frances Viejo
Dominican RepublicCiudad TrujilloDistrito NacionalSee Santo Domingo
Dominican RepublicHispaniola19.00-71.00
Dominican RepublicIsla Alto Velo17.48-71.64PedernalesIsla Alto Velo Light

Dominican RepublicIsla Saona18.15-68.69La RomanaIsla Saona Light
Dominican RepublicIsland of AltovelaPedernalesSee Isla Alto Velo
Dominican RepublicIsland of SoanLa RomanaSee Isla Saona
Dominican RepublicSamana CapeSamanaSee Cabo Samana
Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo18.50-69.99Distrito Nacional

Dominican RepublicTrujillo CityDistrito NacionalSee Santo Domingo
EcuadorAbingdon IslandGalapagosSee Isla Pinta
EcuadorAbington IslandGalapagosSee Isla Pinta
EcuadorAlbemarle IslandGalapagosSee Isla Isabela
EcuadorAmortajadaGuayasSee Isla Santa Clara

EcuadorBahia de Santa Elena-2.21-80.92Guayas
EcuadorBahia James-0.24-90.86Galapagos
EcuadorBaltra Island-0.46-90.27Galapagos
EcuadorBarrington IslandGalapagosSee Isla Santa Fe
EcuadorBartholomew IslandGalapagosSee Isla Bartolome

EcuadorBindloe IslandGalapagosSee Isla Marchena
EcuadorBrattle IslandGalapagosSee Isla Tortuga
EcuadorCabo Nepean-0.33-90.83Galapagos
EcuadorCabo Rose-1.05-91.17Galapagos
EcuadorCabo San Mateo-0.95-80.82Manabi

EcuadorCabo Santa ElenaGuayasSee Punta Santa Elena
EcuadorCaleta Tagus-0.26-91.37Galapagos
EcuadorCharles IslandGalapagosSee Isla Santa Maria
EcuadorChatham IslandGalapagosSee San Cristobal Island
EcuadorCulpepper IslandGalapagosSee Isla Darwin

EcuadorDaphne IslandGalapagosSee Isla Daphne Mayor
EcuadorDaphne MajorGalapagosSee Isla Daphne Mayor
EcuadorDaphne MinorGalapagosSee Isla Daphne Menor
EcuadorDuncan IslandGalapagosSee Isla Pinzon
EcuadorGolfo de Guayaquil-3.00-80.50

EcuadorGreen PointGuayasSee Punta Verde
EcuadorHood IslandGalapagosSee Isla Espanola
EcuadorIndefatigable IslandGalapagosSee Isla Santa Cruz
EcuadorIsla BaltraGalapagosSee Baltra Island
EcuadorIsla Bartolome-0.29-90.55Galapagos

EcuadorIsla Daphne Mayor-0.42-90.37Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Daphne Menor-0.39-90.35Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Darwin1.68-92.00Galapagos
EcuadorIsla de La Plata-1.27-81.07Manabi
EcuadorIsla del MuertoGuayasSee Isla Santa Clara

EcuadorIsla Espanola-1.38-89.67Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Fernandina-0.39-91.50Galapagos
EcuadorIsla FloreanaGalapagosSee Isla Santa Maria
EcuadorIsla Genovesa0.33-89.96Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Guy Fawkes-0.52-90.53Galapagos

EcuadorIsla Isabela-0.59-91.03Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Marchena0.33-90.47Galapagos
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
EcuadorIsla Mondragon-2.58-79.85Guayas
EcuadorIsla Pinta0.59-90.76Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Pinzon-0.61-90.66Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Plaza Norte-0.58-90.16Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Plaza Sur-0.58-90.16Galapagos

EcuadorIsla Puna-2.79-80.15Guayas
EcuadorIsla Rabida-0.41-90.71Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Salango-1.60-80.87Manabi
EcuadorIsla San CristobalGalapagosSee San Cristobal Island
EcuadorIsla San Salvador-0.27-90.70Galapagos

EcuadorIsla Santa Clara-3.17-80.44Guayas
EcuadorIsla Santa Cruz-0.62-90.34Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Santa Fe-0.82-90.06Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Santa Maria-1.29-90.43Galapagos
EcuadorIsla SantiagoGalapagosSee Isla San Salvador

EcuadorIsla Seymour Norte-0.39-90.28Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Sin Nombre-0.67-90.59Galapagos
EcuadorIsla Tortuga-1.01-90.87Galapagos
EcuadorIsla WenmanGalapagosSee Isla Wolf
EcuadorIsla Wolf1.38-91.81Galapagos

EcuadorIslas Daphne-0.41-90.36Galapagos
EcuadorIslas Plaza-0.58-90.16Galapagos
EcuadorJames IslandGalapagosSee Isla San Salvador
EcuadorJervis IslandGalapagosSee Isla Rabida
EcuadorMandringaGuayasSee Punta Mandinga

EcuadorMarlborough IslandGalapagosSee Isla Fernandina
EcuadorNameless IslandGalapagosSee Isla Sin Nombre
EcuadorNarborough IslandGalapagosSee Isla Fernandina
EcuadorNorth Seymour IslandGalapagosSee Isla Seymour Norte

EcuadorPeninsula de Santa Elena-2.25-80.91Guayas
EcuadorPuna PointGuayasSee Punta Mandinga
EcuadorPunta Mandinga-2.74-79.90Guayas
EcuadorPunta San Lorenzo-2.20-80.95Guayas

EcuadorPunta San MateoManabiSee Cabo San Mateo
EcuadorPunta Santa Elena-2.18-80.99Guayas
EcuadorPunta Verde-2.64-80.00Guayas
EcuadorSaint James IslandGalapagosSee Isla San Salvador
EcuadorSan Cristobal Island-0.82-89.42Galapagos

EcuadorSanta EleanaGuayasSee Santa Elena
EcuadorSanta Elena-2.23-80.86Guayas
EcuadorSanta Elena BayGuayasSee Bahia de Santa Elena
EcuadorSeymour IslandGalapagosSee Baltra Island
EcuadorSouth Seymour IslandGalapagosSee Baltra Island

EcuadorTagus CoveGalapagosSee Caleta Tagus
EcuadorTower IslandGalapagosSee Isla Genovesa
EcuadorUSAAF Beta BaseGalapagosSee Baltra Island
EcuadorWenmen IslandGalapagosSee Isla Wolf
EcuadorWolf IslandGalapagosSee Isla Wolf

El SalvadorAcajutla13.59-89.83Sonsonate
El SalvadorLa Libertad13.49-89.32La Libertad
El SalvadorPunta de Amapala13.16-87.90La Union
El SalvadorPunta San Juan13.18-88.47Usulutan
El SalvadorSan Miguel VolcanoSan MiguelSee Volcan de San Miguel

El SalvadorVolcan de San Miguel13.43-88.27San Miguel
Falkland/MalvinasAcantilado RodneySee Rodney Bluff
Falkland/MalvinasBahia ChoiseulSee Choiseul Sound
Falkland/MalvinasBeau PortSee Stanley Harbour
Falkland/MalvinasBeauchene Island-52.92-59.20

Falkland/MalvinasCabo LealSee Cape Dolphin
Falkland/MalvinasCabo MeredithSee Cape Meredith
Falkland/MalvinasCabo San FelipeSee Cape Pembroke
Falkland/MalvinasCape Dolphin-51.24-58.97
Falkland/MalvinasCape Meredith-52.26-60.65

Falkland/MalvinasCape Pembroke-51.68-57.72Cape Pembroke Light
Falkland/MalvinasChoiseul Sound-51.94-58.58
Falkland/MalvinasEddystone Rock-51.19-59.05
Falkland/MalvinasFalkland Islands-51.75-59.17

Falkland/MalvinasIsla BeaucheneSee Beauchene Island
Falkland/MalvinasIsla ConchaSee Eddystone Rock
Falkland/MalvinasIslas MalvinasSee Falkland Islands
Falkland/MalvinasJackson HarbourSee Stanley Harbour
Falkland/MalvinasMonte BajoSee Mount Low

Falkland/MalvinasMorro SouthSee South Head
Falkland/MalvinasMount Low-51.63-57.83
Falkland/MalvinasPembroke LighthouseSee Cape Pembroke
Falkland/MalvinasPort Edgar-52.01-60.27
Falkland/MalvinasPort StanleySee Stanley

Falkland/MalvinasPuerto ArgentinoSee Stanley
Falkland/MalvinasPuerto EdgarSee Port Edgar
Falkland/MalvinasPuerto StanleySee Stanley
Falkland/MalvinasPunta de la BarraSee Volunteer Point
Falkland/MalvinasPunta VolunteerSee Volunteer Point

Falkland/MalvinasRoca EddystoneSee Eddystone Rock
Falkland/MalvinasRoca WolfSee Wolf Rock
Falkland/MalvinasRocas Seal (1)See Seal Rocks (1)
Falkland/MalvinasRocas Seal (2)See Seal Rocks (2)
Falkland/MalvinasRodney Bluff-52.07-61.03

Falkland/MalvinasSapper Hill-51.70-57.89
Falkland/MalvinasSeal Rocks (1)-51.68-57.69
Falkland/MalvinasSeal Rocks (2)-51.78-61.29
Falkland/MalvinasSeal Rocks (3)-51.12-60.80
Falkland/MalvinasSouth Head-52.02-60.25

Falkland/MalvinasStanley Harbour-51.69-57.85
Falkland/MalvinasTour De BissySee Eddystone Rock
Falkland/MalvinasTower of BissySee Eddystone Rock
Falkland/MalvinasVolunteer Point-51.51-57.74

Falkland/MalvinasWolf Rock-51.73-57.75
French GuianaIle Royale5.28-52.58Ile Royale Light
French GuianaRoyale IslandSee Ile Royale
GrenadaPoint SalineSee Point Salines
GrenadaPoint Salines12.00-61.80Point Salines Light

GrenadaSaline Island12.43-61.47
GuatemalaAcatenango VolcanoSee Volcan de Acatenango
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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
GuatemalaVolcan de Acatenango14.50-90.87
GuyanaDemeraraDemerara-MahaicaSee Georgetown
GuyanaDemerara River6.81-58.17
HaitiArcadins Reefs18.80-72.66Ouest

HaitiCap Dame Marie18.61-74.43Grand'Anse
HaitiCap du Mole19.83-73.42Cap du Mole Light
HaitiCap Saint-Nicolas19.80-73.42
HaitiCap Tiburon18.34-74.44

HaitiCape Dame MarieGrand'AnseSee Cap Dame Marie
HaitiCape Saint Nicolas MoleSee Cap du Mole
HaitiCayes du Pelican18.61-72.39Ouest
HaitiDiamond PointSee Pointe Diamant
HaitiEast PointSee Pointe Est

HaitiIle de la Tortue20.06-72.79
HaitiLamentin LighthouseOuestSee Pointe Lamentin
HaitiLe Grande Mouton19.77-72.18
HaitiLes Arcadins18.80-72.65Ouest

HaitiMole Saint-Nicolas19.81-73.38
HaitiPelican CaysOuestSee Cayes du Pelican
HaitiPointe de Saint-Marc19.06-72.82Artibonite
HaitiPointe Diamant18.09-73.70
HaitiPointe du Lamentin LighthouseOuestSee Pointe Lamentin

HaitiPointe Est20.00-72.62
HaitiPointe Lamentin18.55-72.41OuestPointe Lamentin Lighthouse
HaitiPointe Ouest20.07-72.97Pointe Ouest Light
HaitiPointe Picolet19.78-72.19Pointe Picolet Light

HaitiSaint Marcs PointArtiboniteSee Pointe de Saint-Marc
HaitiSt. Marcs PointArtiboniteSee Pointe de Saint-Marc
HaitiTortuga IslandSee Ile de la Tortue
HaitiWest PointSee Pointe Ouest

HondurasGolfo de Fonseca13.25-87.58Valle
HondurasPuerto Cortez15.83-87.93Cortes
JamaicaCape MorantSaint ThomasSee Morant Point
JamaicaMorant Point17.91-76.18Saint ThomasMorant Point Light

JamaicaPlum PointKingstonSee Plumb Point
JamaicaPlumb Point17.93-76.78Kingston
JamaicaPort Royal Harbour17.94-76.84Kingston
JamaicaSouth Negril Point18.27-78.37Westmoreland
MartiniqueDiamond RockSee Rocher du Diamant

MartiniqueFlamande Roads14.59-61.08
MartiniqueFort de FranceSee Fort-de-France
MartiniqueLe Precheur14.80-61.22Le Precheur Light
MartiniqueMartinicoSee Martinique

MartiniqueMartinique14.66-61.00David Rumsey 1849 Map
MartiniquePecheau PointSee Le Precheur
MartiniquePrecheur PointSee Le Precheur
MartiniqueRocher du Diamant14.44-61.04

MartiniqueSt Pierre'sSee Saint-Pierre
MexicoAbreojos PointBaja California SurSee Punta Abreojos
MexicoAlmejas BayBaja California SurSee Bahia Las Almejas
MexicoAnegado de Adentro BankVeracruz-LlaveSee Arrecife Anegada de Adentro

MexicoAregadode Adentro BankVeracruz-LlaveSee Arrecife Anegada de Adentro
MexicoArrecife Anegada de Adentro19.23-96.06Veracruz-Llave
MexicoArrecife Santiaguillo19.14-95.81Veracruz-Llave
MexicoBahia AlmejasBaja California SurSee Bahia Las Almejas
MexicoBahia Ballenas26.74-113.40Baja California Sur

MexicoBahia Chamela19.57-105.11Jalisco
MexicoBahia Las Almejas24.49-111.71Baja California Sur
MexicoBahia Magdalena24.64-111.97Baja California Sur
MexicoBallenas BayBaja California SurSee Bahia Ballenas
MexicoBelcher PointBaja California SurSee Punta Belcher

MexicoBoca de las AnimasBaja California SurSee Boca las Animas
MexicoBoca de Soledad25.28-112.13Baja California Sur
MexicoBoca las Animas25.69-112.09Baja California Sur
MexicoCabo Catoche21.60-87.10Quintana Roo
MexicoCabo Corso24.65-112.17Baja California Sur

MexicoCabo Falso22.87-109.96Baja California Sur
MexicoCabo San Agustin28.08-115.35Baja California
MexicoCabo San Lazaro24.79-112.30Baja California SurCabo San Lazaro Lighthouse
MexicoCabo San Lucas22.88-109.90Baja California Sur
MexicoCabo Tosco24.31-111.71Baja California Sur

MexicoCape CorsoBaja California SurSee Cabo Corso
MexicoCape FalsoBaja California SurSee Cabo Falso
MexicoCape San AugustineBaja CaliforniaSee Cabo San Agustin
MexicoCastillo de San Juan de Ulua19.21-96.13Veracruz-Llave
MexicoCedros Island28.18-115.22Baja California

MexicoCedros MountainBaja CaliforniaSee Cerro de Cedros
MexicoCerro de Cedros28.13-115.22Baja California
MexicoChamela BayJaliscoSee Bahia Chamela
MexicoCoronados IslandsBaja CaliforniaSee Islas Coronados

MexicoCrescent IslandBaja California SurSee Isla Cresciente
MexicoFort San Juan de UluaVeracruz-LlaveSee Castillo de San Juan de Ulua
MexicoGeronimo IslandBaja CaliforniaSee Isla San Jeronimo
MexicoGraham HeadJaliscoSee Punta Grahan
MexicoGrifo IslandGuerreroSee La Roqueta

MexicoGuadalupe IslandBaja CaliforniaSee Isla Guadalupe
MexicoGuaymasSonoraSee Heroica Guaymas
MexicoGulf of Mexico25.00-90.00
MexicoHeroica Guaymas27.92-110.90Sonora
MexicoIsla CedrosBaja CaliforniaSee Cedros Island

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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
MexicoIsla Cresciente24.36-111.55Baja California Sur
MexicoIsla de Lobos21.47-97.23Veracruz-Llave
MexicoIsla GrifoGuerreroSee La Roqueta
MexicoIsla Guadalupe29.05-118.28Baja California
MexicoIsla Natividad27.87-115.18Baja California

MexicoIsla Perez22.38-89.68Yucatan
MexicoIsla RoquetaGuerreroSee La Roqueta
MexicoIsla San Jeronimo29.79-115.79Baja California
MexicoIsla Verde19.20-96.07Veracruz-Llave
MexicoIslas Coronados32.42-117.27Baja California

MexicoIslas San Benito28.31-115.57Baja California
MexicoLa Barra22.26-97.80Tamaulipas
MexicoLa Roqueta16.82-99.91Guerrero
MexicoLaguna San Ignacio26.86-113.18Baja California Sur
MexicoLobosVeracruz-LlaveSee Isla de Lobos

MexicoLos CoronadosBaja CaliforniaSee Islas Coronados
MexicoMagdalena BayBaja California SurSee Bahia Magdalena
MexicoMagdalena PointBaja California SurSee Punta Magdalena

MexicoMorro de Papanoa17.27-101.06Guerrero
MexicoPort AngelesOaxacaSee Puerto Angel
MexicoPort San BartolomeBaja California SurSee Puerto San Bartolome
MexicoPuerto Angel15.67-96.49Oaxaca

MexicoPuerto de Pichilingue24.28-110.33Baja California Sur
MexicoPuerto MexicoVeracruz-LlaveSee Coatzacoalcos
MexicoPuerto San Bartolome27.69-114.89Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta Abreojos26.71-113.58Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta Belcher24.58-112.07Baja California Sur

MexicoPunta Entrada24.54-112.06Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta Farallon19.40-105.03Jalisco
MexicoPunta GrahamJaliscoSee Punta Grahan
MexicoPunta Grahan19.17-104.69Jalisco
MexicoPunta Magdalena24.62-112.15Baja California Sur

MexicoPunta Picho18.14-94.41Veracruz-Llave
MexicoPunta Redonda24.52-112.01Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta RidondaBaja California SurSee Punta Redonda
MexicoPunta Roca Partida18.71-95.19Veracruz-LlavePunta Roca Partida Light
MexicoPunta San Juanico26.07-112.31Baja California Sur

MexicoPunta San Pablo27.23-114.49Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta San Roque27.18-114.43Baja California Sur
MexicoPunta San Telmo18.33-103.49Michoacan
MexicoPunta Tosca (1)Baja California SurSee Cabo Tosco
MexicoPunta Tosca (2)Baja California SurSee Cabo Tosco

MexicoPunta ToscoBaja California SurSee Cabo Tosco
MexicoRio Panuco22.26-97.79Tamaulipas
MexicoSaint GuillaVeracruz-LlaveSee Arrecife Santiaguillo
MexicoSalina Cruz16.19-95.20Oaxaca
MexicoSan Benito IslandBaja CaliforniaSee Islas San Benito

MexicoSan Benito IslandsBaja CaliforniaSee Islas San Benito
MexicoSan Ignacio LagoonBaja California SurSee Laguna San Ignacio
MexicoSan Jose del Cabo23.06-109.70Baja California Sur
MexicoThetis Bank24.93-112.60Baja California Sur

MexicoTosca PointBaja California SurSee Cabo Tosco
MexicoTriangulo Oeste20.96-92.31
MexicoVera CruzVeracruz-LlaveSee Veracruz
MexicoWest Triangle ReefSee Triangulo Oeste

NicaraguaBluefields12.01-83.76Atlantico Sur
NicaraguaCayman RockAtlantico SurSee Roca Caiman
NicaraguaCayo FocaAtlantico SurSee Cayo Seal
NicaraguaCayo Seal12.42-83.29Atlantico Sur
NicaraguaConsequina PointChinandegaSee Punta Cosiguina

NicaraguaCorinto (1)12.48-87.17Chinandega
NicaraguaCorinto (2)ChinandegaSee Isla de Aserradores
NicaraguaGreat Corn IslandAtlantico SurSee Isla del Maiz Grande
NicaraguaIsla de Aserradores12.61-87.33Chinandega
NicaraguaIsla del Maiz Grande12.17-83.05Atlantico Sur

NicaraguaMombacho VolcanoGranadaSee Volcan Mombacho
NicaraguaPunta Cosiguina12.91-87.69Chinandega
NicaraguaRoca Caiman12.09-83.66Atlantico Sur
NicaraguaSan Juan del Sur11.25-85.87Rivas
NicaraguaSeal CayAtlantico SurSee Cayo Seal

NicaraguaVolcan Mombacho11.83-85.98Granada
PanamaAfuera Island (1)ChiriquiSee Isla Silva de Afuera
PanamaAfuera Island (2)VeraguasSee Isla Canal de Afuera
PanamaAfuera Island (3)VeraguasSee Isla Afuerita
PanamaArchipielago de las Perlas8.39-79.03Panama

PanamaAspinwallColonSee Colon
PanamaBahia ChamePanamaSee Bahia de Chame
PanamaBahia Damas7.45-81.68Veraguas
PanamaBahia de Chame8.63-79.78Panama
PanamaBahia de Panama8.83-79.25Panama

PanamaBahia de Parita8.20-80.41
PanamaBahia de San Lorenzo8.20-82.10Chiriqui
PanamaBahia Limon9.34-79.93Colon
PanamaBahia San MiguelDarienSee Golfo de San Miguel
PanamaBajo Las Pavas8.27-82.45Chiriqui

PanamaBalboa HarborPanamaSee Puerto Balboa
PanamaBalboa Reach8.97-79.58Panama
PanamaBoca Chica8.42-78.15Darien
PanamaBoca de San Pedro8.28-82.43Chiriqui

PanamaBona IslandPanamaSee Isla Bona
PanamaCape MalaLos SantosSee Punta Mala (1)
PanamaCedor IslandDarienSee Isla Cedro
PanamaCerro Ancon8.96-79.55Panama
PanamaChame BayPanamaSee Bahia de Chame

PanamaChame PointPanamaSee Punta Chame
PanamaChangami IslandPanamaSee Isla Changame
PanamaCocas PointPanamaSee Punta Cocos
PanamaColon HarbourColonSee Puerto Colon

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Re: Latin American and Caribbean Place Names -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
PanamaCristobal ColonColonSee Colon
PanamaCulebra Cut9.06-79.66Panama
PanamaDarien Harbor8.38-78.10Darien
PanamaDavid BayChiriquiSee Boca de San Pedro

PanamaDead Man's IslandPanamaSee Isla Flamenco
PanamaEnsenada de ChamePanamaSee Bahia de Chame
PanamaEsclusas Gatun9.27-79.92Panama
PanamaEsclusas Miraflores9.00-79.59Panama
PanamaEsclusas Pedro Miguel9.02-79.61Panama

PanamaFarallon Ingles8.41-78.47Panama
PanamaFlamanco IslandPanamaSee Isla Flamenco
PanamaFrailes del SurLos SantosSee Isla Frailes del Sur
PanamaGaillard CutPanamaSee Culebra Cut
PanamaGatun LocksPanamaSee Esclusas Gatun

PanamaGolfo de San Miguel8.30-78.33Darien
PanamaIsla Afuerita7.70-81.64Veraguas
PanamaIsla Bona8.57-79.59Panama
PanamaIsla Camote8.29-78.79Panama
PanamaIsla Canal de Afuera7.69-81.62Veraguas

PanamaIsla Cedro8.34-78.22Darien
PanamaIsla Chama8.74-79.58Panama
PanamaIsla ChamePanamaSee Isla Chama
PanamaIsla Changame8.89-79.55Panama
PanamaIsla Chapera8.59-79.03Panama

PanamaIsla de Burica8.02-82.88Chiriqui
PanamaIsla de Coiba7.47-81.79Veraguas
PanamaIsla de JicaronVeraguasSee Isla Jicaron
PanamaIsla Estiva8.59-79.61Panama
PanamaIsla Flamenco8.91-79.52Panama

PanamaIsla Frailes del Sur7.34-80.14Los Santos
PanamaIsla Galera (1)8.20-78.78Panama
PanamaIsla Galera (2)8.37-79.09Panama
PanamaIsla Iguana7.63-80.00Los Santos
PanamaIsla InglesPanamaSee Farallon Ingles

PanamaIsla Jicarita7.21-81.80Veraguas
PanamaIsla Jicaron7.27-81.80Veraguas
PanamaIsla Melones8.82-79.61Panama
PanamaIsla Mogo Mogo8.57-79.02Panama
PanamaIsla Monitas8.15-82.16Chiriqui

PanamaIsla Monito8.17-82.17Chiriqui
PanamaIsla Montuosa7.47-82.24Veraguas
PanamaIsla Naos8.91-79.53Panama
PanamaIsla Otoque8.60-79.60Panama
PanamaIsla Pacheca8.67-79.05Panama

PanamaIsla PajarosPanamaSee Isla Mogo Mogo
PanamaIsla Parida8.11-82.34Chiriqui
PanamaIsla Patino8.26-78.31Darien
PanamaIsla Pedro GonzalesPanamaSee Isla Pedro Gonzalez
PanamaIsla Pedro Gonzalez8.40-79.11Panama

PanamaIsla Perico8.92-79.52Panama
PanamaIsla QuiboVeraguasSee Isla de Coiba
PanamaIsla San Jose8.15-82.23Chiriqui
PanamaIsla San Pablo8.44-78.85Panama
PanamaIsla Silva de Afuera8.08-81.81Chiriqui

PanamaIsla Taboga8.79-79.56Panama
PanamaIsla Taboguilla8.81-79.52Panama
PanamaIsla Tarapa8.77-79.54Panama
PanamaIsla UrabaPanamaSee Isla Urava
PanamaIsla Urava8.78-79.53Panama

PanamaIslas de las PerlasPanamaSee Archipielago de las Perlas
PanamaIslas Secas7.98-82.04Chiriqui
PanamaIsleta de Punta Cocos8.22-78.91Panama
PanamaIslote TerapaPanamaSee Isla Tarapa
PanamaIslote Valladolid8.72-79.60Panama

PanamaJicaron IslandVeraguasSee Isla Jicaron
PanamaLa Boca8.95-79.56Panama
PanamaLa Palma8.41-78.14Darien
PanamaLa Palma PointDarienSee La Palma
PanamaLa PlantaPanamaSee Punta Chame

PanamaLago de Miraflores9.01-79.60Panama
PanamaLimon BayColonSee Bahia Limon
PanamaMiraflores LakePanamaSee Lago de Miraflores
PanamaMiraflores LocksPanamaSee Esclusas Miraflores
PanamaMorro de PuercosLos SantosSee Punta Morro de Puercos

PanamaMorro PuercosLos SantosSee Punta Morro de Puercos
PanamaMount AnconPanamaSee Cerro Ancon
PanamaNoos IslandPanamaSee Isla Naos
PanamaNorth BayDarienSee Golfo de San Miguel
PanamaNulones IslandPanamaSee Isla Melones

PanamaPablo IslandPanamaSee Isla San Pablo
PanamaPanama BayPanamaSee Bahia de Panama
PanamaPanama Roads8.94-79.52Panama
PanamaPatena PointDarienSee Punta Patino

PanamaPearl IslandsPanamaSee Archipielago de las Perlas
PanamaPedro Gonzales IslandPanamaSee Isla Pedro Gonzalez
PanamaPedro Miguel LocksPanamaSee Esclusas Pedro Miguel
PanamaPerico IslandPanamaSee Isla Perico
PanamaPerlas IslandsPanamaSee Archipielago de las Perlas

PanamaPueblo Nuevo7.43-80.13Los Santos
PanamaPuerto Balboa8.96-79.57Panama
PanamaPuerto Colon9.36-79.91Colon
PanamaPunta Anton8.29-80.36Cocle
PanamaPunta Chame8.64-79.71Panama

PanamaPunta Cocos8.22-78.90Panama
PanamaPunta de ChamePanamaSee Punta Chame
PanamaPunta FeaVeraguasSee Punta Felipa
PanamaPunta Felipa7.42-81.70Veraguas
PanamaPunta Mala (1)7.47-80.00Los Santos

PanamaPunta Mala (2)8.95-79.55Panama
PanamaPunta Mariato7.22-80.88Veraguas
PanamaPunta Morro de Puercos7.25-80.43Los Santos
PanamaPunta Patino8.26-78.31Darien
PanamaRio DulceCocleSee Rio Grande

PanamaRio Grande8.30-80.39Cocle
PanamaRio SabanaDarienSee Rio Sabanas
PanamaRio Sabanas8.46-78.11Darien
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