Author Topic: Officers, Crew, and Visitors of the USFC Albatross, April 1904 Onwards  (Read 1177 times)


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Crew List between 1st March 1904 and 30th September 1904

Index of Crew Listings

The crew list has finally outgrown a single post! In future, I will use this thread to contain the complete crew listings. For monthly listings, and listings for other time periods, see the link above for an index.

The list is split into three categories: Officers, Visitors and Scientific Staff, and Crewmembers.

The symbol -M in the "Joined" column indicates that a crewmember's enlistment date is not known, and instead that the date given is the first Mention of the crewmember on board the ship.

It is sometimes difficult to determine whether Asian names are recorded in the Asian (surname/forename) or Western (forename/surname) style. Where this is ambiguous, the name is entered verbatim, using the Surname column only.

Please leave any replies in the Albatross (1900) Crew Lists topic
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BM2cBoilermaker 2nd class
Ch MchChief Machinist
Ch YeoChief Yeoman
CPCoal Passer
F1cFireman 1st class
F2cFireman 2nd class
HSHospital Steward?
Lt ComdrLieutenant Commander
M Att 3cMess Attendant 3rd class
MaA 3cMaster at Arms 3rd class
Mch 1cMachinist 1st class
OSOrdinary Seaman
QM1cQuartermaster 1st class
QM2cQuartermaster 2nd class
QM3cQuartermaster 3rd class
SC2cShip's Cook 2nd class?
WRCWardroom Cook
WTWater Tender
Yeo3cYeoman 3rd class
Wnt MchWarrant Machinist
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CopeE. H.Asst Paymaster01/03/04-M
CraterCharlesWnt. Mach.01/03/04-MLeft 20/08/04 for 10 days leave of absence
GarrettL. M.Lt. Comdr.03/10/04Comdg Officer from Oct 3
HanrahanDavid C.Lt17/04/0419/05/04Reported for duty 17/04/04. Relief to Lt Mitchell. Transferred to USS Boston 19/05/04. Previously mis-spelt "Harrahan"
MahoneyJohnBtsw01/03/04-MList of Officers, 01/03/1904-31/10/1904
ManionW. J.Lt27/08/04Reported for duty as Executive Officer 27/08/04
McMillanE. A.P.A. Paymstr01/03/04-M02/09/04Transferred to Mare Island 02/09/04
MettersF. W.Asst Btsw30/09/04Reported for duty 30/09/04
MitchellAlexander NeelyLt01/03/04-M17/04/04List of Officers, 01/03/1904-31/10/1904. Sent for examination for promotion 17/04/04
SoppLouis W.Btsw01/03/04-MList of Officers, 01/03/1904-31/10/1904
SwiftFranklinLt.01/03/04-M03/10/04Comdg Officer to Oct 3
ThompsonJ. C.P.A. Surg01/03/04-MList of Officers, 01/03/1904-31/10/1904
WoutersCharlesBtsw01/03/04-M30/09/04Sent to Mare I'd for treatment 02/06/04, returned 02/08/04. Transferred to Mare Id for retirement 30/09/04

Visitors and Scientific Staff

Cabral02/03/04Local Expert Fisherman
FassettHarry Clifford01/03/04-MNaturalist (contemporary newspaper places him on board from 01/03/04)
KofoidDr. C. A.16/05/0425/05/04Scientist
MillerL. H.01/03/04Scientist
RitterProf. William E.01/03/04-MScientist in charge of expeditions (contemporary newspaper places him on board)
SpauldingM. N.01/03/04Scientist
TongueL. M.19/03/04Captain's Clerk (Crewmember?)
WardColonel30/04/04-MVisited with staff from Ord Barracks, Monterey


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Crewmembers, A-N

Ah FongSC2c25/05/04-MAWOL from 25/05/04
Ah MowAh MowM Att 3c06/05/04-MReturned from Leave of Absence 06/05/04
AllvinH. F.Sea26/09/04-M
BaldwinW. E.HS16/08/04Reported for duty 16/08/04
BawoloskiM.Cox25/03/04-MSea to Cox 21/06/047
BegulhlWilliamSea08/09/04Enlisted 08/09/04
BergenO.Ch Mch24/06/04-M
BittleyC.Sea01/05/04-MOS to Sea 01/05/04
BomarC. E.Sea11/06/04Enlisted 11/06/04. OS to Sea 22/08/04
BregersC.MaA 3c25/04/04-MAWOL 26/04/04 and fined $10 by the City Marshal for disturbing the peace. OS to Sea ??/??/04. Sea to MaA 3c 24/09/04, dated to 15/09/04
BrownR. C.OS03/05/04Enlisted 03/05/04. Lds to OS 22/08/04
CaldenoT.OS27/04/04-MLeft for US Naval Hospital Mare Island for treatment 27/04/04
CampR.OS02/06/04Enlisted 02/06/04. Lds to OS ??/08/04 (logkeeper error?). Lds to OS 26/09/04
DeLongC. E.Yeo3c26/07/04-MSea to Yeo3c (acting appointment) 26/07/04
DrummondD.F2c04/04/04-MDemoted Oil to F2C for being AWOL 09/04/04
EvensenA.Sea01/03/04Declared deserter from 01/03/04
FalbinM.QM3c14/02/04-MSea to QM3C 03/03/04, dated to 14/02/04
ForesterF.Sea07/03/04-M21/03/04Declared deserter from 21/03/04
GardnerE.CP11/05/04Enlisted 11/05/04. Lds to CP 27/07/04
George QuiM Att 3c08/09/04Declared deserter from 08/09/04
GeyerA. H.Mch 1c16/06/04-M38168Transferred to USS Independence 30/06/04
GilbertF.Sea03/05/0401/07/04Enlisted 03/05/04. Declared deserter from 01/07/04
Gook Mun FongWRC08/09/04Declared deserter from 08/09/04
GraciaB.CP03/05/04Enlisted 03/05/04
GrantA.CP23/02/04AWOL 01/03/04. Declared deserter from 23/02/04
GreenR. McC.Sea12/03/04-M
HansonC. O.Sea08/07/04Enlisted 08/07/04
HealyT. J.F1c04/04/04-MDemoted Oil to F1C for being AWOL 09/04/04
HendersonW.Sea07/04/04Enlisted 07/04/04
HendriksonC. E.CP04/04/04-MDemoted F2C to CP for being AWOL 09/04/04
HermannP.Mch 1c29/05/04-MAlternatively Herman
HolwayW. B.Lds03/05/0426/06/04Enlisted 03/05/04. Declared deserter from 26/06/04
IgleharteA. T.CP27/04/04-MReturned overtime 27/04/04. Sea to CP 24/09/04
JakobsenA. A.Blrmkr03/07/04-M
JardineR.CP29/02/04AWOL 01/03/04. Declared deserter 10/03/04, dated to 29/02/04
JohnsonJ.Sea24/04/04Declared deserter from 24/04/04
JorgensenH.BM2c11/05/04-MCox to BM2c 01/06/04
KarlsenKarlSea19/09/04Enlisted 19/09/04. OS to Sea 20/09/04
KatoHiroshiSC2c02/08/04Enlisted 02/08/04 as Sea, rated SC2c 03/08/04
KatterfieldJ.Sea16/06/0417/06/04Enlisted 16/06/04, deserted next day!
KawaM.M Att 3c21/09/04Enlisted 21/09/04
KelleyH.OS27/07/04Enlisted 27/07/04. Lds to OS 22/08/04
LarsenM. A.QM1c15/05/04-M
LarsonE.Sea25/04/04-MAWOL 25/04/04
MartinsenN.Sea26/03/04-M25/03/04AWOL and declared deserter from 25/03/04
MatsumotoFredOS26/07/04Enlisted 26/07/04
McDonaldM.Sea03/03/04-M25/04/04Possibly the same Mead McDonald enlisted 08/04/01. 17 hrs overtime 24/04/04.
McGinnisE. M.CP06/03/04-MDemoted F2C to CP for being AWOL 09/04/04
McGinnisP. J.Oil02/06/04-MF1C to Oil 02/06/04
MurphyT. F.Sea21/09/04Enlisted 21/09/04
NelsonC.SC2c03/03/04-M26/07/04Sea to SC2c 21/06/04. Declared deserter from 26/07/04
NiikiM.M Att 3c21/09/04Enlisted 21/09/04
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Crewmembers, O-Z

OlsenC. A.QM2c09/04/04-MMaA 1c to QM2c 01/06/04
PatrickH. E.Sea26/04/04-MAWOL 26/04/04 and returned by the City Marshal for a reward of $10, and again on 28/05/04
PeabodyV. H.HS12/03/04-M
ReedH. W.Ch Yeo17/06/04Retired from duty 17/06/04, with effect from 16/06/04
RussellC. W.Sea11/08/04Enlisted 11/08/04
SandstromO. H.MaA 3c01/06/04-M14/09/04QM3c to MaA 3c 01/06/04. Transferred to Naval Hospital Mare Island 14/09/04
ShererC.F2C02/06/04-MCP to F2C 02/06/04
ShinotaTiM Att 3c18/09/04Declared deserter from 18/09/04
ShreiderHarryM Att 3c14/03/0426/05/04Enlisted as M Att 3C 17/03/04, dated to 14/03/04. Decl. Deserter from 26/05/04. Latterly spelt as ?Shmider? or ?Schmider??
SpragueC. S.Lds09/06/04-MDeclared deserter from 30/07/04, turned self in 02/08/04. 5 days solitary confinement and 75 days restriction.
StoweA. B.OS03/05/04Enlisted 03/05/04
StoweL. A.OS03/05/04Enlisted 03/05/04. Lds to OS 22/08/04
StoweW. A.OS04/05/04Enlisted 04/05/04. Lds to OS 22/08/04
SvansenV. A.Sea26/03/04Declared deserter from 26/03/04
TakamoriN.M Att 3c38256Declared deserter from 26/09/04
TamsH.Sea21/09/04Enlisted 21/09/04
TeedC. H.Sea15/08/04Enlisted 15/08/04. Spelling of name uncertain.
van BokhorstB.Mch 1c23/09/04Enlisted 23/09/04
VaughanA. E.Sea08/07/04Enlisted 08/07/04
VeithCh Yeo05/05/04-M
VincentH.Sea01/03/04Declared deserter from 01/03/04
von RossenG.Sea09/08/04Enlisted 09/08/04
WelshW.OS20/03/04-M26/03/04Declared deserter from 26/03/04
WilliamsG. E.OS23/05/04Enlisted 23/05/04. Lds to OS 22/08/04
WilsenJ.Sea27/03/04-M05/07/04AWOL for 8 days, returned by civil authorities on 04/04/04. Declared deserter from 05/07/04
WiltseF.Lds06/03/04-MAWOL 06/03/04
WinterJ.Oil23/04/04-MF1C to Oil 02/06/0
WonderlichW.CP07/03/0426/08/04Enlisted 07/03/04. Declared deserter from 26/08/04
Wong LungM Att 3c29/09/04Enlisted 29/09/04
Wong YingWRC20/09/04Enlisted 20/09/04
Wong YuenM Att 3c29/07/0406/08/04Enlisted 29/07/04. Declared deserter from 06/08/04
ZahlkeH.F2c03/05/04-MCP to F2C 02/06/04
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