Author Topic: Avatar setter hates HTTPS?  (Read 1728 times)


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Avatar setter hates HTTPS?
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:59:24 pm »
I just encountered the weirdest error while trying to change my forum avatar.
My strategy in the past was to save the picture I wanted on my PC and upload it to my general Zooniverse account, because the system there is much less fussy.
Then, I would copy the URL of my Zooniverse avatar and paste it in the "Specify avatar by URL" bar on this forum.

But when I tried that, the second part didn't work - my page kept getting set to "No avatar"!
Eventually, I noticed something: Every time I then chose "Specify avatar by URL", the bar would be prefilled with "http://" - as if saying "The URL has to be an HTTP one".
So when I pasted in the URL of my Zooniverse avatar, I took a closer look - and sure enough, it started with "https://".
So I deleted the s, hit "Save" - and it worked! Took some time to load, but now I finally got the new avatar I wanted!

Just wanted to post this here in case anybody else experiences the same problem.
No idea why this would happen - IT protocols aren't my thing.