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China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« on: November 09, 2015, 12:46:36 pm »
Reading place names mentioned in the logbooks and locating the places can be challenging. So, we have created topics like this to help. In this topic we have links to China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean place name resources on the internet. We also have a Custom Google Earth map for China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean and an Alphabetical list of China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean place names found in the logbooks.

You can make this topic better by contributing to the China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Discussion!

Note: Place names include lighthouses.

Links to China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean Place Name Resources


China/India/Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines/Asiatic Waters -  Large area maps & Pilot books

China/India/Malaysia/Indonesia - Smaller area maps


Australian & Pacific Waters



For more general place name resources, see the Welcome topic.

To ask for help or to contribute place name information and links to place name resources (strongly encouraged!), see China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Discussion

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    Chinese Geographical Terms

    The vowels are to be sounded as in Spanish or Italian, or as in the following English words: a and i as in ravine, e as in there, o as in go, u as in flute, except when followed by ng, as in words Hung (Red), Tung (East), when u is to be sounded as in the English word Sung.  The letter h following a vowel is intended to denote that it has a rather short sound, as Kuh (Valley) is sound shorter than Fu (a second class city).

    ChahBarrierHoRiverNanSouth, southernSiau-hoRivulet
    Chah-hwang-muhBoomHo-tunLighthouseNiMudSoTown, Village
    ChauDistrict City, IsletHuLakeNuiInnerTahPagoda
    Chung-YuenMainlandKauMouthPehWhiteTing, I-TauPromontory
    Fau-FuBuoyKiangRiverPo, HuLakeTo-MuhWooded
    FuDepartment, CityKingCapital CityShaSandTsui-ShaGravel
    GauHarbourKing-Chi-ChauPeninsulaShanHill, MountainTsui-WeiRocky, Stony
    HaiSeaKohRocky Peak, HeadShan-HuCoralTungEast, Eastern
    Hai-KauBight, CreekKwang-LauLighthouseShan-TingMountain ChainTutanFerry
    Hai-KiohCapeKwanCustom-HouseShan-TauBluff, CliffWanBay
    Hai-YauGulfLauTowerSha-TanBarWeiMilitary Post
    Hiang-TaunVillageLingHills ChainSheh-TanReefYen-TunBeacon, Buoy
    Hien, ChauDistrict CityMa-tauJetty, PortShuiWater
    HehBlackMiauTempleAiWest, Western
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2015, 12:47:14 pm »
Japanese Geographical Terms

Many terms translate very easily - for example, "Yokohama-ko" is Yokohama Harbor, "Tateyama-wan" is Tateyama Bay, and so on. You can even break those names up even further - Tateyama-wan comes out as "Steep Mountain Bay" (or something!).

-banaPoint-hantoPeninsula-minePeak, Mountain-smRock
-bandoPeninsulahotoold-misakiPoint or CapesuidoChannel
-dakeMountain-jima, shimaIslandMysPointtakeMountian
-danPointkaikyoStraitnadaSea, Gulf-tanPoint
-doIslandkawaRiverneRock, SeatodaiLighthouse
-gakPoint-koikyoStraitsakiPoint, CapetoudaiLighthouse
-gapPoint-kkutPoint-sanMountainuraInlet, Cove
gawaRiver-koHarbor, Lake-seShoal-wanBay
gyokoFishing Harbor-lodongjaguPopulated PlaceshinNew-zakiPoint

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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2015, 12:48:08 pm »
Custom Google Earth map

China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean Place Names
For more information on Google Earth maps, see the Welcome topic.
A Google Maps Chart of this area is also available
An Excel csv file with all the placenames of this area is also available
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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Alphabetical list

The following is a list of Chinese, Japanese, Pacific and Indian Ocean place names found in logbooks. Where possible, the name contains a link to more information.

Note that latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees.
  • A latitude with no sign (positive) is in the northern hemisphere.
  • A latitude with a negative sign is in the southern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with no sign (positive) is in the eastern hemisphere.
  • A longitude with a negative sign is in the western hemisphere.

We have done our best to locate these places correctly, but there still may be errors. Remember that the same name is sometimes used for many places, so it is possible that the place listed here is not the place you are searching for. Sometimes the name of a place has changed over time or has simply been misspelled by the log keeper. We have included the variants we have seen in the logbooks and have also tried to include the current, standard name. When there are multiple entries for the same place, the information is only included with one.

Useful hints about sorting the list of place names can be found here: How to sort a list by latitude and longitude

Last updated: 09 May 2017

CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
AustraliaAdele Island-15.52123.16Western Australia
AustraliaAirlie Island-21.32115.17Western AustraliaAirlie Island Light
AustraliaAlbany-35.00117.87Western Australia
AustraliaAlbany Passage-10.73142.59Queensland
AustraliaAlbert Reef-15.62123.33Western Australia

AustraliaAlpha Rock-10.61142.52Queensland
AustraliaAnchor IslandWestern AustraliaSee Bessieres Island
AustraliaArcher Point-15.59145.33QueenslandArcher Point Light
AustraliaAriel Bank-10.77142.63Queensland
AustraliaBailey IslandQueenslandSee Bailey Islet

AustraliaBailey Islet-21.03149.55Queensland
AustraliaBarranjoey Head-33.58151.33New South WalesBarranjoey Lighthouse
AustraliaBarranjoey LightNew South WalesSee Barranjoey Head
AustraliaBarren Island-23.16151.08Queensland
AustraliaBarrow Hill-14.36144.64Queensland

AustraliaBarrow Islands-14.35144.65Queensland
AustraliaBathurst Island-16.04123.53Western Australia
AustraliaBay Rock-19.12146.75QueenslandBay Rock Light
AustraliaBedout Island-19.59119.10Western AustraliaBedout Island Light
AustraliaBellingen PointNew South WalesSee Bundageree Head

AustraliaBessieres Island-21.53114.76Western AustraliaBessieres Island Lighthouse
AustraliaBlack PointTasmaniaSee Seal Point
AustraliaBlack Rock-10.58142.17Queensland
AustraliaBold Head-40.05144.09Tasmania
AustraliaBold PointTasmaniaSee Bold Head

AustraliaBooby Island-10.60141.91QueenslandBooby Island Lighthouse
AustraliaBreaksea Island-35.06118.05Western AustraliaBreaksea Island Lighthouse
AustraliaBreaksea Spit-24.62153.27Queensland
AustraliaBremner Point-19.15146.87Queensland
AustraliaBrewis Island-10.89142.70Queensland

AustraliaBroome-17.96122.24Western Australia
AustraliaBumpus Island-15.51124.40Western Australia
AustraliaBundageree Head-30.43153.07New South Wales
AustraliaBustard Head-24.02151.76QueenslandBustard Head Lighthouse

AustraliaByam Martin Island-15.38124.36Western Australia
AustraliaCaesar Island-16.06123.93Western Australia
AustraliaCaffarelli Island-16.04123.30Western Australia
AustraliaCairncross IslandsQueenslandSee Cairncross Islets
AustraliaCairncross Islets-11.24142.92Queensland

AustraliaCairns LightQueenslandSee Little Fitzroy Island Light
AustraliaCape Baskerville-17.13122.26Western Australia
AustraliaCape Bedford-15.23145.34Queensland
AustraliaCape Boileau-17.67122.19Western Australia
AustraliaCape Bowling Green Lighthouse-19.33147.43Queensland

AustraliaCape Bruny-43.50147.15TasmaniaCape Bruny Lighthouse
AustraliaCape BustardQueenslandSee Bustard Head
AustraliaCape Byron-28.63153.64New South WalesCape Byron Lighthouse
AustraliaCape Capricorn-23.49151.24QueenslandCape Capricorn Light
AustraliaCape CharlesNorthern TerritorySee Point Charles

AustraliaCape Cleveland-19.18147.01QueenslandCape Cleveland Lighthouse
AustraliaCape Cuvier-24.22113.39Western Australia
AustraliaCape Direction-12.84143.54Queensland
AustraliaCape Don-11.30131.76Northern TerritoryCape Don Light
AustraliaCape Everard-37.80149.28Victoria

AustraliaCape Everard LightVictoriaSee Point Hicks
AustraliaCape Flattery-14.95145.35Queensland
AustraliaCape Ford-13.44129.90Northern Territory
AustraliaCape Hotham-12.04131.30Northern Territory
AustraliaCape Leeuwin-34.38115.14Western AustraliaCape Leeuwin Lighthouse

AustraliaCape Leveque-16.39122.93Western AustraliaCape Leveque Lighthouse
AustraliaCape Liptrap-38.91145.92VictoriaCape Liptrap Lighthouse
AustraliaCape Manifold-22.68150.83Queensland
AustraliaCape Moreton-27.03153.47QueenslandCape Moreton Light
AustraliaCape Naturaliste-33.53115.01Western AustraliaCape Naturaliste Lighthouse

AustraliaCape Schanck-38.50144.89VictoriaCape Schanck Lighthouse
AustraliaCape Sidmouth-13.41143.60Queensland
AustraliaCape Tribulation-16.08145.48Queensland
AustraliaCape Upstart-19.71147.75Queensland
AustraliaCape Wessel-11.00136.76Northern Territory

AustraliaCataraque Point-40.06143.86Tasmania
AustraliaCheviot Island-22.09150.67Queensland
AustraliaChimney Rocks-16.76122.58Western Australia
AustraliaChurch Hill-18.37122.05Western Australia
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2015, 12:49:37 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
AustraliaCircular Head-40.76145.30Tasmania
AustraliaCircular Head Light-40.77145.30Tasmania
AustraliaCitadel Island-39.11146.24VictoriaCitadel Island Light
AustraliaClaremont Light Vessel-13.79143.70Queensland
AustraliaClarence Head LightNew South WalesSee Clarence River Light

AustraliaClarence River Light-29.43153.36New South Wales
AustraliaClarence Strait-12.00131.00Northern Territory
AustraliaClerke Island-11.97143.29Queensland
AustraliaCliff IslandWestern AustraliaSee Ngalanguru Island
AustraliaCliffy Island (1)Western AustraliaSee Ngalanguru Island

AustraliaCliffy Island (2)-38.95146.71VictoriaCliffy Island Lighthouse
AustraliaCockatoo Island-16.09123.61Western Australia
AustraliaCockell Island-15.78124.07Western Australia
AustraliaCockell Reefs-15.76124.06Western Australia
AustraliaCockle IslandWestern AustraliaSee Cockell Island

AustraliaCone IslandWestern AustraliaSee Gadayim Pyramid
AustraliaCone Peak-14.53144.65Queensland
AustraliaConilurus Island-16.15123.58Western Australia
AustraliaConway Island-15.87123.67Western Australia
AustraliaCow and Calf Rocks-35.02116.22Western Australia

AustraliaCrowdy Head-31.84152.75New South Wales
AustraliaCurrie Lighthouse-39.93143.84Tasmania
AustraliaCurtis Island-39.47146.65Tasmania
AustraliaDarwin-12.46130.84Northern Territory
AustraliaDavy PatchQueenslandSee Davy Patches

AustraliaDavy Patches-14.33144.72Queensland
AustraliaDeal Island-39.47147.33TasmaniaDeal Island Lighthouse
AustraliaDegarando IslandWestern AustraliaSee Degerando Island
AustraliaDegerando Island-15.34124.20Western Australia
AustraliaDent Island-20.36148.93QueenslandDent Island Lighthouse

AustraliaDepuch Island-20.63117.72Western Australia
AustraliaDhee ReefQueenslandSee Wharton Reef
AustraliaDhu ReefQueenslandSee Wharton Reef
AustraliaDouble Island Point-25.93153.19QueenslandDouble Island Point Light
AustraliaEast Hannibal Island-11.59142.94Queensland

AustraliaEast Island-16.90122.20Western Australia
AustraliaEddystone LightTasmaniaSee Eddystone Point
AustraliaEddystone Point-41.00148.35TasmaniaEddystone Point Lighthouse
AustraliaEff ReefQueenslandSee Fahey Reef
AustraliaEllis Reef-13.38143.71Queensland

AustraliaEmeriau Point-16.77122.57Western Australia
AustraliaEmery Point-12.45130.82Northern TerritoryEmery Point Lighthouse
AustraliaEmm ReefQueenslandSee Moody Reef
AustraliaEntrance Point-18.01122.21Western Australia
AustraliaFahey Reef-14.06143.86Queensland

AustraliaFalse Saddle Hill-17.97122.20Western Australia
AustraliaFerret Bank-16.27123.04Western Australia
AustraliaFingal Head-28.20153.57New South WalesFingal Head Lighthouse
AustraliaFingal PointNew South WalesSee Fingal Head
AustraliaFitzmaurice Bay-40.05143.87Tasmania

AustraliaFitzroy Island-16.93145.99Queensland
AustraliaFlat Island-22.73150.99Queensland
AustraliaFlat Top Island-21.16149.25QueenslandFlat Top Island Light
AustraliaFlat Topped IslandQueenslandSee Flat Top Island
AustraliaFlinders Passage-10.55142.30Queensland

AustraliaFort Point-12.47130.84Northern Territory
AustraliaForth River-41.15146.25Tasmania
AustraliaFremantle-32.05115.75Western Australia
AustraliaGabo Island-37.56149.91VictoriaGabo Island Lighthouse
AustraliaGadayim Pyramid-16.05124.04Western Australia

AustraliaGantheaume Point-17.97122.18Western AustraliaGantheaume Point Lighthouse
AustraliaGatcombe Head-23.87151.38Queensland
AustraliaGellibrand LightVictoriaSee Point Gellibrand
AustraliaGeographe Shoals-20.32117.90Western Australia
AustraliaGoode IslandQueenslandSee Goods Island

AustraliaGoode Island LighthouseQueenslandSee Goods Island Lighthouse
AustraliaGoods Island-10.56142.16Queensland
AustraliaGoods Island Lighthouse-10.57142.15Queensland
AustraliaGoose Island-40.30147.80TasmaniaGoose Island Lighthouse
AustraliaGreen Cape-37.26150.05New South WalesGreen Cape Lighthouse

AustraliaHall Point-15.67124.37Western Australia
AustraliaHannibal Island-11.59142.93Queensland
AustraliaHelby Hill-11.52142.81Queensland
AustraliaHelby PeakQueenslandSee Helby Hill
AustraliaHighfield Bluff Light-40.74145.29Tasmania

AustraliaHillsborough Channel-20.80149.08Queensland
AustraliaHorn Island-10.61142.28Queensland
AustraliaHornby Lighthouse-33.83151.28New South Wales
AustraliaHotham PointNorthern TerritorySee Cape Hotham

AustraliaInce Point-10.51142.31Queensland
AustraliaIndian Head-25.01153.35Queensland
AustraliaIngram Island-14.42144.88Queensland
AustraliaIron Pot-43.06147.42TasmaniaIron Pot Lighthouse
AustraliaIrvine Island-16.08123.54Western Australia

AustraliaIsland 109-16.11123.76Western Australia109 is most probably just its height
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
AustraliaJames Price Point-17.49122.14Western Australia
AustraliaK Reef LightshipQueenslandSee Piper Islands Lightship
AustraliaKay Reef LightshipQueenslandSee Piper Islands Lightship
AustraliaKent Island-17.68146.18QueenslandKent Island Light
AustraliaKiama Light-34.67150.86New South Wales

AustraliaKid Island-15.66124.40Western Australia
AustraliaKid IsletWestern AustraliaSee Kid Island
AustraliaKing Island (1)-15.87123.64Western Australia
AustraliaKing Island (2)-39.88143.99Tasmania
AustraliaKing Peak-17.08122.42Western Australia

AustraliaKoolan Cove-16.12123.77Western Australia
AustraliaKoolan Island-16.12123.74Western Australia
AustraliaLacepede Channel-16.96122.29Western Australia
AustraliaLacepede Islands-16.87122.16Western Australia
AustraliaLady Elliot Island-24.11152.71QueenslandLady Elliot Island Lighthouse

AustraliaLady Elliot LighthouseQueenslandSee Lady Elliot Island
AustraliaLady Elliott IslandQueenslandSee Lady Elliot Island
AustraliaLady Elliott LighthouseQueenslandSee Lady Elliot Island
AustraliaLady Musgrave Island-23.91152.39Queensland
AustraliaLeven River-41.15146.17Tasmania

AustraliaLittle Fitzroy Island Light-16.92146.01Queensland
AustraliaLow Head-41.05146.79TasmaniaLow Head Lighthouse
AustraliaLow Island-16.38145.56QueenslandLow Island Lighthouse
AustraliaLow Isles-16.39145.56Queensland
AustraliaLow Isles LightQueenslandSee Low Island

AustraliaLow IsletsQueenslandSee Low Isles
AustraliaLow Islets LightQueenslandSee Low Island
AustraliaLow Sandy Point-17.00122.37Western Australia
AustraliaLow Wooded Island-15.09145.38Queensland
AustraliaMaatsuyker Island Lighthouse-43.66146.27Tasmania

AustraliaMacArthur Islands-11.73142.99Queensland
AustraliaMacleay Island-15.95123.69Western Australia
AustraliaMacquarie Lighthouse-33.85151.29New South Wales
AustraliaMadge Reefs-10.60142.23Queensland
AustraliaMagnetic Island-19.14146.83Queensland

AustraliaMai IslandQueenslandSee Mai Islet
AustraliaMai Islet-10.72142.62Queensland
AustraliaMaret Islands-14.42124.98Western Australia
AustraliaMargaret IslandWestern AustraliaSee Conilurus Island
AustraliaMarie Reef-10.92130.10Northern Territory

AustraliaMarie ShoalNorthern TerritorySee Marie Reef
AustraliaMartin IslandWestern AustraliaSee Byam Martin Island
AustraliaMcIntyre Island-15.99123.54Western Australia
AustraliaMersey Bluff Lighthouse-41.16146.36Tasmania

AustraliaMersey River-41.17146.37Tasmania
AustraliaMersey River LighthouseTasmaniaSee Mersey Bluff Lighthouse
AustraliaMewstone RockTasmaniaSee Mewstone
AustraliaMiddle Point-40.12143.94Tasmania

AustraliaMoney Shoal-10.35132.75Northern Territory
AustraliaMontague Island-36.25150.23New South WalesMontague Island Light
AustraliaMontgomery IslandWestern AustraliaSee Yawajaba Island
AustraliaMoody Reef-12.10143.26Queensland
AustraliaMoore PointWestern AustraliaSee Point Moore

AustraliaMoreton Island-27.17153.40Queensland
AustraliaMount Atherton-22.77150.75Queensland
AustraliaNares Point-16.13123.70Western Australia
AustraliaNaturaliste Reef-33.22115.05Western Australia
AustraliaNew Year Island-10.91133.03Northern Territory

AustraliaNgalanguru Island-15.91124.34Western Australia
AustraliaNob Island-11.95143.27Queensland
AustraliaNobby HeadNew South WalesSee Nobbys Head
AustraliaNobbys Head-32.92151.80New South WalesNobbys Head Light
AustraliaNorah Head-33.28151.58New South WalesNorah Head Lighthouse

AustraliaNormanby Sound-10.58142.17Queensland
AustraliaNorth Barnard Islands-17.67146.18Queensland
AustraliaNorth Barnard LightQueenslandSee Kent Island
AustraliaNorth Direction Island-14.75145.51Queensland
AustraliaNorth Head-16.84122.53Western Australia

AustraliaNorth Head Island-20.02148.27QueenslandNorth Head Island Light
AustraliaNorth Peron Island-13.17130.04Northern Territory
AustraliaNorth Point-40.71145.26Tasmania
AustraliaNorth Sandy Island-21.10115.65Western Australia
AustraliaNorth Slate IslandWestern AustraliaSee Wailgwin Island

AustraliaNorth Solitary Island-29.93153.39New South Wales
AustraliaNorth West Twin Island-16.28123.06Western Australia
AustraliaNorthern Geographe ShoalWestern AustraliaSee Geographe Shoals
AustraliaNumber 4 Islet-10.55142.33Queensland
AustraliaOuter South Head LightNew South WalesSee Macquarie Lighthouse

AustraliaPaluma Passage-11.99143.26Queensland
AustraliaPeak IslandQueenslandSee Peaked Island
AustraliaPeaked Island-22.66150.96Queensland
AustraliaPearce Point-14.42129.36Northern Territory
AustraliaPenguin Shoal-13.10125.98Western Australia

AustraliaPerkins Bay-40.77145.16Tasmania
AustraliaPeron IslandNorthern TerritorySee North Peron Island
AustraliaPerpendicular HeadNew South WalesSee Point Perpendicular
AustraliaPerpendicular PointNew South WalesSee Point Perpendicular
AustraliaPerron IslandNorthern TerritorySee North Peron Island

AustraliaPine IslandQueenslandSee Pine Islet
AustraliaPine Islet-21.66150.22QueenslandPine Islet Light
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
AustraliaPiper Islands Lightship-12.26143.26Queensland
AustraliaPipon Island Lighthouse-14.13144.51Queensland
AustraliaPipon LightQueenslandSee Pipon Island Lighthouse
AustraliaPoint Charles-12.38130.62Northern TerritoryPoint Charles Light
AustraliaPoint Cloates-22.72113.68Western AustraliaPoint Cloates Lighthouse

AustraliaPoint Gellibrand-37.87144.91VictoriaWilliamstown Lighthouse
AustraliaPoint Hicks-37.80149.28VictoriaPoint Hicks Lighthouse
AustraliaPoint Lonsdale-38.29144.61VictoriaPoint Lonsdale Lighthouse
AustraliaPoint Lookout-27.44153.55Queensland
AustraliaPoint Moore-28.78114.58Western AustraliaPoint Moore Lighthouse

AustraliaPoint Perpendicular-35.09150.80New South WalesPoint Perpendicular Lightstation (modern)
Point Perpendicular Lighthouse (historical)
AustraliaPoint Stephens-32.75152.20New South WalesPoint Stephens Lighthouse
AustraliaPort Cloates LighthouseWestern AustraliaSee Point Cloates
AustraliaPort Darwin-12.50130.81Northern Territory
AustraliaPort Denison-20.03148.25Queensland

AustraliaPort Denison LightQueenslandSee North Head Island
AustraliaPort PhilipVictoriaSee Port Phillip Bay
AustraliaPort Phillip Bay-38.06144.85Victoria
AustraliaPort Stephens LighthouseNew South WalesSee Point Stephens
AustraliaPrince of Wales Channel-10.50142.23Queensland

AustraliaQueen IslandWestern AustraliaSee King Island (1)
AustraliaReid RockTasmaniaSee Reid Rocks
AustraliaReid Rocks-40.24144.16Tasmania
AustraliaRestoration Rock-12.62143.46Queensland
AustraliaRoberts Island-16.11123.77Western Australia

AustraliaRock Cod Shoal-23.67151.61Queensland
AustraliaRoebuck Bay-18.09122.28Western Australia
AustraliaRottnest Island-32.01115.51Western Australia
AustraliaRottnest Island LighthouseWestern AustraliaSee Wadjemup Lighthouse
AustraliaRussell Island-17.23146.09Queensland

AustraliaSanders Point-16.11123.78Western Australia
AustraliaSandy Cape-24.70153.26Queensland
AustraliaSandy Cape Lighthouse-24.73153.21Queensland
AustraliaSandy Point (1)-16.90122.48Western Australia
AustraliaSandy Point (2)-18.24122.19Western Australia

AustraliaSeal Bay-40.13143.95Tasmania
AustraliaSeal Point-40.12143.97Tasmania
AustraliaSextant Rock-10.70142.55Queensland
AustraliaShadwell PeakQueenslandSee Shadwell Point
AustraliaShadwell Point-10.99142.75Queensland

AustraliaSharp Point-10.96142.72Queensland
AustraliaShoal Point-28.11114.17Western Australia
AustraliaSlate Islands-15.54124.40Western Australia
AustraliaSlate RockWestern AustraliaSee Bumpus Island
AustraliaSmoky Cape-30.92153.09New South WalesSmoky Cape Lighthouse

AustraliaSmoky LighthouseNew South WalesSee Smoky Cape
AustraliaSmoky PointNew South WalesSee Smoky Cape
AustraliaSouth Cape Bedford-15.28145.36Queensland
AustraliaSouth Direction Island-14.83145.52Queensland
AustraliaSouth East Twin Island-16.29123.09Western Australia

AustraliaSouth Head LightNew South WalesSee Clarence River Light
AustraliaSouth Head Lower LightNew South WalesSee Hornby Lighthouse
AustraliaSouth Hummock-40.47144.90Tasmania
AustraliaSouth Slate IslandWestern AustraliaSee South Wailgwin Island
AustraliaSouth Solitary Island-30.21153.27New South WalesSouth Solitary Lighthouse

AustraliaSouth Solitary LightNew South WalesSee South Solitary Island
AustraliaSouth Wailgwin Island-15.54124.40Western Australia
AustraliaSouth West Isle-39.52147.13Tasmania
AustraliaStanley Rocks-40.16143.99Tasmania

AustraliaStation Hill-17.92122.22Western Australia
AustraliaSteep Island-22.04150.45Queensland
AustraliaStephens PointNew South WalesSee Point Stephens
AustraliaStokes Point-40.16143.93Tasmania
AustraliaSugarloaf LightNew South WalesSee Sugarloaf Point

AustraliaSugarloaf Point-32.44152.54New South WalesSugarloaf Point Lighthouse
AustraliaSwan Island (1)-16.35123.05Western Australia
AustraliaSwan Island (2)-40.74148.11TasmaniaSwan Island Lighthouse
AustraliaSydney-33.87151.21New South Wales
AustraliaTacking Point-31.48152.94New South WalesTacking Point Lighthouse

AustraliaTalboys Rock-17.30122.05Western Australia
AustraliaTarrant Point-16.11123.68Western Australia
AustraliaTasman Island-43.24148.00TasmaniaTasman Island Lighthouse
AustraliaTasman LightTasmaniaSee Tasman Island
AustraliaThursday Island-10.58142.22Queensland

AustraliaTih Tih ReefQueenslandSee Waterwitch Reef
AustraliaTit Tit ReefQueenslandSee Waterwitch Reef
AustraliaTurtle IslandQueenslandSee Brewis Island
AustraliaUlfa Rock-10.76142.61Queensland

AustraliaV ReefQueenslandSee Viking Reef
AustraliaVictoria River-14.89129.50Northern Territory
AustraliaViking Reef-11.59143.01Queensland
AustraliaVine IslandWestern AustraliaSee Viney Island
AustraliaViney Island-16.01124.02Western Australia

AustraliaVlaming Head-21.80114.11Western AustraliaVlaming Head Lighthouse
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« Reply #7 on: November 09, 2015, 12:50:36 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
AustraliaWadjemup Lighthouse-32.01115.50Western Australia
AustraliaWailgwin Island-15.53124.40Western Australia
AustraliaWaterwitch Reef-13.15143.62Queensland
AustraliaWest Channel-38.21144.74Victoria
AustraliaWest Channel Pile Light-38.19144.76Victoria

AustraliaWest Hannibal IslandQueenslandSee Hannibal Island
AustraliaWest Wai-Weer Reef-10.57142.17Queensland
AustraliaWharton Reef-14.13144.00Queensland
AustraliaWhite Topped RocksWestern AustraliaSee Cow and Calf Rocks
AustraliaYamba LightNew South WalesSee Clarence River Light

AustraliaYarra River-37.85144.90Victoria
AustraliaYawajaba Island-15.94124.20Western Australia
AustraliaYork Island-10.68142.53Queensland
BangladeshBay of Bengal13.5487.67

BangladeshCox's Bazar21.4591.97Chittagong
BangladeshSouth Patches21.4791.63
BruneiAbana Rock5.08115.05
BruneiPelong Rocks5.08115.05
China10 Foot RockHubeiSee Ten Foot Rock

ChinaActaeon Shoal31.75121.14Shanghai Shi
ChinaActaeon Shoal Upper Buoy31.76121.09Jiangsu/Shanghai Shi
ChinaActaeon ShoalsShanghai ShiSee Actaeon Shoal
ChinaAlbion Point22.57114.44Guangdong
ChinaAlceste IslandShandong ShengSee Hailu Dao

ChinaAmherst IslandShanghai ShiSee Jigu Jiao
ChinaAmherst RockShanghai ShiSee Jigu Jiao
ChinaAmoyFujianSee Xiamen
ChinaAnkingAnhui ShengSee Anqing
ChinaAnqing30.51117.05Anhui Sheng

ChinaAriadne IslandShanghai ShiSee Niupi Jiao
ChinaAriadne RockShanghai ShiSee Niupi Jiao
ChinaAshby IslandHubeiSee Tuan Zhou
ChinaBarker Island31.23118.04Anhui Sheng

ChinaBate Point31.98120.02Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaBeaver Island32.19119.91Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaBecher PointJiangxi ShengSee Point Becher
ChinaBeichangshan Dao37.98120.71Shandong Sheng
ChinaBeidingxing Dao30.76122.39Zhejiang Sheng

ChinaBeihai21.48109.10Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu
ChinaBell IslandFujianSee Long Yu
ChinaBethune Point32.23119.24Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaBiao Jiao23.24116.81GuangdongBiao Jiao Light
ChinaBig Tree Beacon32.06120.43Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaBlockhouse IslandShanghai ShiSee Changxing Dao
ChinaBouncer Island30.56114.61Hubei
ChinaBreaker Point22.94116.50GuangdongBreaker Point Light
ChinaBrine Bend29.68112.93Hunan
ChinaBrothers IslandsFujianSee Xiongdi Yu

ChinaBuckminster Island30.98117.76Anhui Sheng
ChinaCaiyu Liedao23.79117.68Fujian
ChinaCantonGuangdongSee Guangzhou
ChinaCape of Good HopeGuangdongSee Biao Jiao

ChinaCentaur Bank31.72121.15Shanghai ShiCentaur Upper Buoy
Centaur Lower Buoy
ChinaCentaur Upper Buoy31.73121.13Jiangsu/Shanghai Shi
ChinaChang Sang ChauJiangsu ShengSee Jiangxin Zhou
ChinaChang Sang ChouJiangsu ShengSee Jiangxin Zhou
ChinaChang Shan ChannelShandong ShengSee Changshan Shuidao

ChinaChang Shan IslandShandong ShengSee Beichangshan Dao
ChinaChang-ShaHunanSee Changsha
ChinaChang-Shang IslandShandong ShengSee Nanchangshan Dao
ChinaChanghwang KiangJiangsu ShengSee Zhanghuanggang

ChinaChangshan ChannelShandong ShengSee Changshan Shuidao
ChinaChangshan Shuidao38.03120.67Shandong Sheng
ChinaChangshang IslandShandong ShengSee Nanchangshan Dao
ChinaChangxing Dao31.40121.69Shanghai Shi
ChinaChao-pei TsuiShandong ShengSee Zhaobei Zui

ChinaChapel IslandFukienSee Dongding Dao
ChinaChapel Island LighthouseFukienSee Dongding Dao
ChinaChe-lang PointGuangdongSee Zhelang Jiao
ChinaChefooShandong ShengSee Xiangyang
ChinaChefoo BayShandong ShengSee Zhifu Wan

ChinaChefoo BluffShandong ShengSee Zhifu Dao
ChinaChelang PointGuangdongSee Zhelang Jiao
ChinaChelang RockGuangdongSee Zhelang Yan
ChinaChen LinHunanSee Chenglingji
ChinaChenglinHunanSee Chenglingji

ChinaChengshan Jiao37.39122.70Shandong Sheng
ChinaChi-KiangHubeiSee Zhicheng
ChinaChiang-kouHubeiSee Jiangkou
ChinaChiang-Nan DockShanghai ShiSee Jiangnan Shipyard

ChinaChichauAnhui ShengSee Chizhou
ChinaChien-LiHubeiSee Jianli
ChinaChifooShandong ShengSee Xiangyang
ChinaChifoo BayShandong ShengSee Zhifu Wan
ChinaChifouShandong ShengSee Xiangyang

ChinaChifou BayShandong ShengSee Zhifu Wan
ChinaChifuShandong ShengSee Xiangyang
ChinaChifu BayShandong ShengSee Zhifu Wan
ChinaChikiangHubeiSee Zhijiang
ChinaChilang LightGuangdongSee Zhelang Yan

ChinaChilang PointGuangdongSee Zhelang Jiao
ChinaChilang RockGuangdongSee Zhelang Yan
ChinaChin LinHunanSee Chenglingji
ChinaChin Lin SeinHunanSee Chenglingji
ChinaChin-kiangJiangsu ShengSee Zhenjiang

ChinaChin-shan TsuiHebeiSee Jinshan Zui
ChinaChing Dong CrossingHunanSee Chenglingji
ChinaChing LingHunanSee Chenglingji
ChinaChing Wong KongJiangsu ShengSee Zhanghuanggang
ChinaChing-Wang-taoHebeiSee Qinhuangdao

ChinaChinkiangJiangsu ShengSee Zhenjiang
ChinaChinkinJiangsu ShengSee Zhenjiang
ChinaChizhou30.66117.48Anhui Sheng
ChinaChong Ming IslandShanghai ShiSee Chongming Dao
ChinaChongming Dao31.62121.55Shanghai Shi

ChinaChristmas Island30.40116.91Anhui Sheng
ChinaChu Dao37.57122.08Shandong Sheng
ChinaChuang King KauAnhui ShengSee Hen Point
ChinaChudao IslandShandong ShengSee Chu Dao
ChinaCock's HeadHubeiSee Ki-tau

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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaCollinson Island30.33115.10Hubei
ChinaCollison IslandHubeiSee Collinson Island
ChinaCooper BankJiangsu ShengSee Kai Sha
ChinaCooper IslandJiangsu ShengSee Kai Sha
ChinaDaheishan Dao37.97120.61Shandong Sheng

ChinaDahekou32.25119.05Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaDairen WanLiaoningSee Dalian Wan
ChinaDaji Shan30.81122.17Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaDalian BayLiaoningSee Dalian Wan

ChinaDalian Wan38.95121.75Liaoning
ChinaDalny BayLiaoningSee Dalian Wan
ChinaDalny WanLiaoningSee Dalian Wan
ChinaDangan Liedao22.03114.20Guangdong
ChinaDangtuAnhui ShengSee Gushu

ChinaDanzi Dao37.57121.48Shandong Sheng
ChinaDarienLiaoningSee Dalian
ChinaDasanshan Dao38.87121.83Liaoning
ChinaDashan DaoLiaoningSee Dasanshan Dao
ChinaDatong30.81117.75Anhui Sheng

ChinaDatongzhenAnhui ShengSee Datong
ChinaDazhushan Dao38.03120.94Shandong Sheng
ChinaDearborne Island31.43118.33Anhui Sheng
ChinaDeer IslandJiangsu ShengSee Shiye Zhou

ChinaDengzhou37.81120.76Shandong Sheng
ChinaDezhou Dao23.33116.76Guangdong
ChinaDi Jiao37.82120.91Shandong Sheng
ChinaDinghai30.02122.11Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaDongding Dao24.16118.23FukienChapel Island Lighthouse

ChinaDongliu30.22116.92Anhui Sheng
ChinaDongliuzhenAnhui ShengSee Dongliu
ChinaDongquan Dao25.96119.98Fukien
ChinaDongwangsha31.47121.83Shanghai ShiShaweishan Island Light

ChinaDouble IslandShandong ShengSee Douluan Dao
ChinaDouluan Dao37.58121.55Shandong Sheng
ChinaDove BuoyShanghai ShiSee Doves Nest
ChinaDove Island30.06116.65Anhui Sheng

ChinaDove Point30.06116.72Anhui Sheng
ChinaDove's NestShanghai ShiSee Doves Nest
ChinaDoves Nest31.74121.17Shanghai Shi
ChinaDrinkwater PointShanghai ShiSee Dongwangsha
ChinaDuck IslandJiangsu ShengSee Zimu Zhou

ChinaEagle Island30.44116.91Anhui Sheng
ChinaEast Dog IslandFukienSee Dongquan Dao
ChinaEast Pillar31.50118.36Anhui Sheng
ChinaElgar IslandZhejiang ShengSee Xiasanxing Dao
ChinaElliot IslandZhejiang ShengSee Beidingxing Dao

ChinaEspiegle Rock32.21119.68Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaEspiegle RocksJiangsu ShengSee Espiegle Rock
ChinaEvans IslandShandong ShengSee Kongtong Dao
ChinaFairway Bell Buoy31.10122.11Shanghai Shi
ChinaFairway BuoyShanghai ShiSee Fairway Bell Buoy

ChinaFalse Island30.02116.68Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaFanchi Point29.48112.95Hubei
ChinaFinger Rock37.57121.51Shandong Sheng
ChinaFitzroy Island30.74117.49Anhui Sheng
ChinaFoochowFujianSee Fuzhou

ChinaFouzhouFujianSee Fuzhou
ChinaFrench CoveShandong ShengSee Trench Cove
ChinaFriends Island31.48118.33Anhui Sheng
ChinaFuchauFujianSee Fuzhou

ChinaGaoshan Dao38.14120.64Shandong Sheng
ChinaGaoshan IslandShandong ShengSee Gaoshan Dao
ChinaGap RockGuangdongSee Wenwei Zhou
ChinaGood Hope CapeGuangdongSee Biao Jiao
ChinaGrant Point30.37111.66Hubei

ChinaGrass Island30.07116.67Anhui Sheng
ChinaGravener Island30.57114.88Hubei
ChinaGreat Bamboo IslandShandong ShengSee Dazhushan Dao
ChinaGros Island31.78118.45Anhui Sheng

ChinaGuankinAnhui ShengSee Anqing
ChinaGulang Yu24.45118.06Fujian
ChinaGushu31.56118.48Anhui Sheng
ChinaGutzlaff IslandZhejiang ShengSee Daji Shan

ChinaHailu Dao37.45122.67Shandong Sheng
ChinaHaines BankAnhui ShengSee Shansi Bank
ChinaHaines Point31.27118.19Anhui Sheng
ChinaHang-she-ki BluffAnhui ShengSee Red Sand Bluff
ChinaHankauHubeiSee Hankou

ChinaHankowHubeiSee Hankou
ChinaHau-Chin-KwangHubeiSee Qijiadun
ChinaHau-Chin-Kwang Point30.10114.06Hubei
ChinaHavoc Rocks29.99115.37Hubei

ChinaHawki IslandShandong ShengSee Houji Dao
ChinaHea Shan Shan31.92118.61Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaHeasanchan BluffJiangsu ShengSee Hea Shan Shan
ChinaHeasanchan PointJiangsu ShengSee Hea Shan Shan
ChinaHeasanshan BluffJiangsu ShengSee Hea Shan Shan

ChinaHee Shan IslandZhejiang ShengSee Yushan Liedao
ChinaHeishanZhejiang ShengSee Yushan Liedao
ChinaHeishan ChuntaoZhejiang ShengSee Yushan Liedao
ChinaHeishan IslandsZhejiang ShengSee Yushan Liedao
ChinaHen Point30.61117.24Anhui Sheng

ChinaHo Sang ChouJiangsu ShengSee Jiangxin Zhou
ChinaHohiHubeiSee Hohia
ChinaHoi HauHainanSee Haikou
ChinaHoiaHubeiSee Hohia

ChinaHong Kong Reach29.74112.79Hunan
ChinaHorse Shoe BendAnhui ShengSee Horseshoe Bend
ChinaHorseshoe Bend31.14117.81Anhui Sheng
ChinaHou Kin Kow29.81112.65Hubei

ChinaHou-Chu-Hsia ShanZhejiang ShengSee Xiaogui Shan
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaHouji Dao38.06120.64Shandong Sheng
ChinaHoves CreekHubeiSee Qishui He
ChinaHow ChowHubeiSee Yaokou
ChinaHowki IslandShandong ShengSee Houji Dao
ChinaHsiakwan Island32.09118.73Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaHsiangshanJiangsu ShengSee Zhenjiang
ChinaHsienfeng RockHunanSee Mopan-Shih Rock
ChinaHsienfeng RocksHunanSee Mopan-Shih Rock
ChinaHuangpu Jiang31.39121.51Shanghai Shi

ChinaHuangshicun30.40116.94Anhui Sheng
ChinaHuaniao Shan30.85122.68Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaHuaniao Shan LightZhejiang ShengSee North Saddle Island Light
ChinaHuaniaoshanZhejiang ShengSee Huaniao Shan

ChinaHuaniaoshan LightZhejiang ShengSee North Saddle Island Light
ChinaHudu He30.29112.13Hubei
ChinaHujiaHubeiSee Hohia
ChinaHukauJiangxi ShengSee Shuangzhong
ChinaHukouJiangxi ShengSee Shuangzhong

ChinaHung-Hwa-KauHubeiSee Honghuatao
ChinaHung-Wha-TaouHubeiSee Honghuatao
ChinaHunter Island29.84115.74Hubei
ChinaHuquang Channel30.57114.61Hubei
ChinaHwang Shik KangHubeiSee Huangshigang

ChinaHwang-ChauHubeiSee Huanggang
ChinaHwang-shik-kangHubeiSee Huangshigang
ChinaHwangangHubeiSee Huanggang
ChinaHwangshikiAnhui ShengSee Huangshicun
ChinaHwangshiki BluffAnhui ShengSee Red Sand Bluff

ChinaIchangHubeiSee Yichang
ChinaIsland Head37.92120.76Shandong Sheng
ChinaItuHubeiSee Yidu
ChinaItu HienHubeiSee Yidu
ChinaItu Rocks30.35111.51Hubei

ChinaJau KowHubeiSee Yaokou
ChinaJeffrey IslandAnhui ShengSee Jeffry Island
ChinaJeffry Island30.94117.78Anhui Sheng
ChinaJiajiang River32.31119.70Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaJiang-Nan DockShanghai ShiSee Jiangnan Shipyard

ChinaJianglingHubeiSee Hohia
ChinaJiangnan DockShanghai ShiSee Jiangnan Shipyard
ChinaJiangnan Shipyard31.20121.48Shanghai Shi

ChinaJiangxin Zhou32.21119.58Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaJiangyin31.91120.26Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaJiangyin Forts31.94120.28Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaJigu Jiao31.20122.36Shanghai Shi

ChinaJimina IslandShandong ShengSee Jiming Dao
ChinaJiming Dao37.45122.48Shandong Sheng
ChinaJingseeHubeiSee Xindi
ChinaJinshan Zui39.82119.53Hebei

ChinaJiujiang29.70116.00Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaJiushan Liedao29.44122.19Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaJiuzhou Gang22.24113.59Guangdong
ChinaJiuzhou PortGuangdongSee Jiuzhou Gang
ChinaJocelyn Island30.50117.20Anhui Sheng

ChinaJones Island31.57118.43Anhui Sheng
ChinaK'ung-t'ung TaoShandong ShengSee Kongtong Dao
ChinaKai Sha32.05120.59Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaKang Yin FortsJiangsu ShengSee Jiangyin Forts
ChinaKao Shan IslandShandong ShengSee Gaoshan Dao

ChinaKe-TauHubeiSee Ki-tau
ChinaKeashan PointJiangsu ShengSee Kinshan Point
ChinaKentucky IslandShandong ShengSee Danzi Dao
ChinaKi SuGuangdongSee Jiuzhou Gang

ChinaKiang Loong Rock30.62117.22Anhui Sheng
ChinaKiang Loong WreckAnhui ShengSee Hen Point
ChinaKiang YingJiangsu ShengSee Jiangyin
ChinaKiang-kauHubeiSee Jiangkou
ChinaKiang-Nan DockShanghai ShiSee Jiangnan Shipyard

ChinaKiangkowHubeiSee Jiangkou
ChinaKiangyinJiangsu ShengSee Jiangyin
ChinaKiangyin FortsJiangsu ShengSee Jiangyin Forts
ChinaKichauHubeiSee Qizhou
ChinaKichau Light30.04115.33Hubei

ChinaKienliHubeiSee Jianli
ChinaKin FinHubeiSee Jianli
ChinaKin-KowHubeiSee Jinkou
ChinaKing-KauHubeiSee Jinkou
ChinaKinleeHubeiSee Jianli

ChinaKinlee TransitHunanSee Hong Kong Reach
ChinaKinshan Point32.06120.63Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaKinshan TsuiHebeiSee Jinshan Zui
ChinaKintuan LightShanghai ShiSee Kiu T'oan Light
ChinaKiu KiangJiangxi ShengSee Jiujiang

ChinaKiu T'oan Light31.26121.74Shanghai Shi
ChinaKiu-kiangJiangxi ShengSee Jiujiang
ChinaKiukiangJiangxi ShengSee Jiujiang
ChinaKiushan PointJiangsu ShengSee Kinshan Point
ChinaKiushan TaoFujianSee Niushan Dao

ChinaKiutuan LightShanghai ShiSee Kiu T'oan Light
ChinaKnob PointShandong ShengSee Yutai Zui
ChinaKongmoonGuangdongSee Jiangmen
ChinaKongtong Dao37.56121.51Shandong Sheng
ChinaKongtong Dao Light37.56121.52Shandong Sheng

ChinaKu-ChiHubeiSee Kuchi
ChinaKu-lang YuFujianSee Gulang Yu
ChinaKue Shan IslandsZhejiang ShengSee Jiushan Liedao
ChinaKueshan IslandZhejiang ShengSee Jiushan Liedao

ChinaKuishanJiangsu ShengSee Kai Sha
ChinaKuishan PointJiangsu ShengSee Kai Sha
ChinaKulangseu IslandFujianSee Gulang Yu
ChinaKung Tung Tao LightShandong ShengSee Kongtong Dao Light
ChinaKungtun TaoShandong ShengSee Kongtong Dao

ChinaKushan PointJiangsu ShengSee Kai Sha
ChinaKwang Ying29.85112.59Hubei
ChinaKwangchowGuangdongSee Guangzhou
ChinaLamma LightGuangdongSee Nanpeng Dao
ChinaLamock IslandGuangdongSee Nanpeng Dao

ChinaLao-t'ieh ShanLiaoningSee Laotie Shan
ChinaLaotie Shan38.74121.18Liaoning
ChinaLaotieshan Xijiao38.73121.13LiaoningLaotieshan Xijiao Light
ChinaLatitude and Longitude Island30.01113.91Hubei
ChinaLau Chow TauHubeiSee Yaokou

ChinaLay Island29.76116.16Jiangxi Sheng
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaLee Island31.59118.45Anhui Sheng
ChinaLee Rocks30.21115.10Hubei
ChinaLema IslandsGuangdongSee Dangan Liedao
ChinaLiaotishanLiaoningSee Laotie Shan
ChinaLiau ti ShanLiaoningSee Laotie Shan

ChinaLiau ti Shan LightLiaoningSee Laotieshan Xijiao
ChinaLin-yuHebeiSee Shanhaiguan
ChinaLion Fort31.41121.49Shanghai Shi
ChinaLittle OrphanAnhui ShengSee Xiaogu Shan
ChinaLoka IslandZhejiang ShengSee Luojia Shan

ChinaLoka Island LightZhejiang ShengSee Luojia Shan
ChinaLone Tree HillJiangsu ShengSee Tong Shan
ChinaLong Yu23.56117.42Fujian
ChinaLongdong Zui37.70121.15Shandong Sheng

ChinaLow Island (1)30.71117.44Anhui Sheng
ChinaLow Island (2)30.37116.93Anhui Sheng
ChinaLow Point (1)29.94115.40Hubei
ChinaLow Point (2)Shandong ShengSee Di Jiao
ChinaLow Point (3)29.65112.94Hubei

ChinaLu-chiangAnhui ShengSee Lugang
ChinaLu-lang HsuFujianSee Gulang Yu
ChinaLugang31.27118.34Anhui Sheng
ChinaLuikikowHubeiSee Hou Kin Kow
ChinaLujlangsuFujianSee Gulang Yu

ChinaLungkowHubeiSee Longkou
ChinaLuojia Shan29.97122.44Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaLushun Gang38.79121.24Liaoning
ChinaMa-Ta-ChiHubeiSee Mashi

ChinaMay Queen Island31.73118.44Anhui Sheng
ChinaMei KengAnhui ShengSee Meigeng

ChinaMei-Tau-ChuiHubeiSee Mei-Tan-Chui
ChinaMeigeng30.77117.63Anhui Sheng
ChinaMeitau ChuiHubeiSee Mei-Tan-Chui
ChinaMian Tau ChannelShandong ShengSee Miaodao Haixia
ChinaMian Tau StraitsShandong ShengSee Miaodao Haixia

ChinaMiaodao Haixia37.87120.75Shandong Sheng
ChinaMid Ground Upper Buoy31.43121.55Shanghai Shi
ChinaMiddle Island Buoy31.48121.66Shanghai Shi
ChinaMiddle Point37.54121.43Shandong Sheng
ChinaMin River EntranceFujianSee Minjiang Kou

ChinaMinjiang Kou26.08119.75Fujian
ChinaMoluo Shi37.63121.36Shandong Sheng
ChinaMopan-Shih Rock29.59113.26Hunan
ChinaMorris PointJiangsu ShengSee Morrison Point
ChinaMorrison Point32.24119.08Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaMoundShandong ShengSee The Mound
ChinaMoye Dao36.91122.52Shandong Sheng
ChinaMu'er Zhou29.89116.49Anhui ShengNE Crossing Light
ChinaMud Fort32.19118.88Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaMukenAnhui ShengSee Meigeng

ChinaNamki IslandZhejiang ShengSee Nanji Dao
ChinaNan-Chi ShanZhejiang ShengSee Nanji Dao
ChinaNan-KangJiangxi ShengSee Nankang
ChinaNanchang28.68115.85Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaNanchangshan Dao37.92120.74Shandong Sheng

ChinaNangang Shuidao (1)Shanghai ShiSee Nangangzhi Hangdao
ChinaNangang Shuidao (2)Shanghai ShiSee Nangangzhi Hangdao
ChinaNangangzhi Hangdao31.28121.78Shanghai Shi
ChinaNanji Dao27.47121.07Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaNanji ShanZhejiang ShengSee Nanji Dao

ChinaNanjing32.06118.78Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaNankanJiangxi ShengSee Nankang
ChinaNankang29.45116.04Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaNanki ShanZhejiang ShengSee Nanji Dao
ChinaNankingJiangsu ShengSee Nanjing

ChinaNanking Point32.11118.74Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaNanpeng Dao23.26117.28GuangdongNanpeng Dao Light
ChinaNantong32.03120.87Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaNE CrossingJiangxi ShengSee Point Otter
ChinaNew Island30.76117.47Anhui Sheng

ChinaNgankingAnhui ShengSee Anqing
ChinaNingbo29.88121.55Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaNingpoZhejiang ShengSee Ningbo
ChinaNiupi Jiao31.17122.22Shanghai Shi
ChinaNiushan Dao25.44119.94FujianTurnabout Island Lighthouse

ChinaNorth Saddle IslandZhejiang ShengSee Huaniao Shan
ChinaNorth Saddle Island Light30.86122.67Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaNortheast CrossingJiangxi ShengSee Point Otter
ChinaNortheast PromontoryShandong ShengSee Chengshan Jiao
ChinaNorthwest PointShandong ShengSee Xibei Jiao

ChinaNorthwest RockShandong ShengSee Moluo Shi
ChinaOliphant Island29.80116.17Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaOliphant Point29.78116.24Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaOsborn Island31.09117.92Anhui Sheng
ChinaOsborne IslandAnhui ShengSee Osborn Island

ChinaOtter Island29.76116.22Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaOuter Island37.53122.18Shandong Sheng
ChinaPae-ChoHubeiSee Paizhou
ChinaPaechuHubeiSee Paizhou
ChinaPagoda Anchorage26.00119.43Fujian

ChinaPai-YangHubeiSee Baiyang
ChinaPakhoiGuangxi Zhuangzu ZizhiquSee Beihai
ChinaPanski PagodaAnhui ShengSee Pant-sky Rock
ChinaPanski RockAnhui ShengSee Pant-sky Rock

ChinaPant-sky Rock31.14118.00Anhui Sheng
ChinaPao Ta Chow29.91113.60Hubei
ChinaPedro Blanco RockGuangdongSee Zhenyantou
ChinaPedro RockGuangdongSee Zhenyantou
ChinaPei-haiGuangxi Zhuangzu ZizhiquSee Beihai

ChinaPerkins Point31.01117.78Anhui Sheng
ChinaPheasant IslandJiangsu ShengSee Xinsheng Zhou
ChinaPi Sin ChauJiangsu ShengSee Shiye Zhou
ChinaPi-Sin-ChauJiangsu ShengSee Shiye Zhou
ChinaPigeon Island30.02116.61Anhui Sheng

ChinaPih Sin ChauJiangsu ShengSee Shiye Zhou
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
« Reply #11 on: November 09, 2015, 12:52:02 pm »
CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaPih-YangHubeiSee Baiyang
ChinaPitman King IslandJiangsu ShengSee Pitmanking Island
ChinaPitmanking Island31.95120.73Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaPlover Point31.77120.94Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaPoint Becher29.79116.25Jiangxi Sheng

ChinaPoint Otter29.77116.22Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaPoole Island30.35115.09Hubei
ChinaPorpoise Bluff30.56114.65Hubei
ChinaPort ArthurLiaoningSee Lushun Gang
ChinaPort Arthur (town)LiaoningSee Lushun

ChinaPottinger IslandJiangsu ShengSee Beaver Island
ChinaPukou32.11118.71Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaPukowJiangsu ShengSee Pukou
ChinaQing Zhou22.41114.67Guangdong

ChinaQishui He30.08115.33Hubei
ChinaQuail Island30.05116.61Anhui Sheng
ChinaRed Sand Bluff30.40116.93Anhui Sheng

ChinaRees IslandsFujianSee Caiyu Liedao
ChinaRocky Point (1)31.88118.57Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaRocky Point (2)HebeiSee Jinshan Zui
ChinaRose Island32.30119.73Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaRosina Rock31.79118.47Anhui Sheng

ChinaRotetsu SanLiaoningSee Laotie Shan
ChinaRover IslandAnhui ShengSee Eagle Island
ChinaRuined Fort Hill LightHubeiSee Kichau Light
ChinaSaddle IslandZhejiang ShengSee Huaniao Shan
ChinaSaddle Island LightZhejiang ShengSee North Saddle Island Light

ChinaSaddle's LightZhejiang ShengSee North Saddle Island Light
ChinaSaint John IslandGuangdongSee Shangchuan Dao
ChinaSaint Johns IslandGuangdongSee Shangchuan Dao
ChinaSalamis Bar29.70112.62Hubei
ChinaSam ShuiGuangdongSee Sanshui

ChinaSang-Pai ChuHubeiSee Shangbeizhou
ChinaSang-Pai-ChuHubeiSee Shangbeizhou
ChinaSanjiang KouJiangsu ShengSee Jiajiang River
ChinaSankauAnhui ShengSee Xiangkou
ChinaSankou YaoAnhui ShengSee Xiangkou

ChinaSanshantao IslandLiaoningSee Dasanshan Dao
ChinaSE Spit Buoy31.60121.31Jiangsu/Shanghai Shi
ChinaSentry Rock37.59121.43Shandong Sheng
ChinaSha Lia Tien LightHebeiSee Caofeidian

ChinaSha-lei-t'ien TaoHebeiSee Caofeidian
ChinaSha-lui-tien IslandHebeiSee Caofeidian
ChinaSha-szeHubeiSee Shashi
ChinaSha-Yu-HoJiangsu ShengSee Shatou He
ChinaShakoHubeiSee Shakou

ChinaShako VillageHubeiSee Shakou
ChinaShaleitian DaoHebeiSee Caofeidian
ChinaShaluitien TaoHebeiSee Caofeidian
ChinaShameenGuangdongSee Shamian

ChinaShamienGuangdongSee Shamian
ChinaShaminGuangdongSee Shamian
ChinaShan-hai-kuanHebeiSee Shanhaiguan
ChinaShan-hai-kwanHebeiSee Shanhaiguan

ChinaShang-Chai-WanHubeiSee Shangchewan
ChinaShangchuan Dao21.71112.79Guangdong
ChinaShangchuan IslandGuangdongSee Shangchuan Dao

ChinaShanghai31.22121.46Shanghai Shi
ChinaShanhaikwanHebeiSee Shanhaiguan
ChinaShansi Bank31.27118.22Anhui Sheng
ChinaShansi BeaconAnhui ShengSee Shansi Bank

ChinaShantung CapeShandong ShengSee Chengshan Jiao
ChinaShantung PromontoryShandong ShengSee Chengshan Jiao
ChinaShantung Promontory Light37.39122.70Shandong Sheng

ChinaShasiHubeiSee Shashi
ChinaShatou He32.26119.52Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaShaweishan Island (1)Shanghai ShiSee Chongming Dao
ChinaShaweishan Island (2)Shanghai ShiSee Sheshan Dao
ChinaShaweishan Island LightShanghai ShiSee Dongwangsha

ChinaShaweishan LightShanghai ShiSee Dongwangsha
ChinaShazeHubeiSee Shashi
ChinaShazheHubeiSee Shashi
ChinaSheshan Dao31.42122.24Shanghai Shi
ChinaShi Hui YaoHubeiSee Lee Rocks

ChinaShi-hui-yaoHubeiSee Lee Rocks
ChinaShi-shauHubeiSee Xiulin
ChinaShip Point37.91120.72Shandong Sheng
ChinaShishouHubeiSee Xiulin
ChinaShitaoutszeHubeiSee Shitaozi

ChinaShiye Zhou32.22119.31Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaShiyezhen IslandJiangsu ShengSee Shiye Zhou
ChinaShu Tao IslandShandong ShengSee Chu Dao
ChinaShuangzhong29.74116.22Jiangxi Sheng

ChinaSiang-YinHunanSee Wenxing
ChinaSin Ho KauHubeiSee Sinho-Kow
ChinaSing TiHubeiSee Xindi
ChinaSing Ti ReachHubeiSee Singti Reach
ChinaSingle IslandGuangdongSee Qing Zhou

ChinaSingtiHubeiSee Xindi
ChinaSingti Reach29.85113.57Hubei
ChinaSinnimu CreekJiangsu ShengSee Jiajiang River
ChinaSkipper Point29.75112.40Hubei

ChinaSloping ClumpShanghai ShiSee Sloping Clump Fort
ChinaSloping Clump Fort31.45121.43Shanghai Shi
ChinaSloping PointShandong ShengSee Longdong Zui
ChinaSnipe Island (1)29.99116.60Anhui Sheng
ChinaSnipe Island (2)Anhui ShengSee Mu'er Zhou

ChinaSouth ChannelShanghai ShiSee Nangangzhi Hangdao
ChinaSouth Channel of Yang Tse RiverShanghai ShiSee Nangangzhi Hangdao
ChinaSouth Channel of Yangtze RiverShanghai ShiSee Nangangzhi Hangdao
ChinaSoutheast PromontoryShandong ShengSee Moye Dao
ChinaSplit Hill29.90115.42Hubei

ChinaSqueeze Island30.47114.82Hubei
ChinaSteep IslandZhejiang ShengSee Xiaogui Shan
ChinaStick-up Rock37.58121.47Shandong Sheng
ChinaStickup RockShandong ShengSee Stick-up Rock
ChinaStorm IslandHubeiSee Tuh-ke-Chow

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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaSugarloaf IslandGuangdongSee Dezhou Dao
ChinaSunday Island29.77112.38Hubei
ChinaSwatowGuangdongSee Shantou
ChinaSz-hui-youHubeiSee Lee Rocks
ChinaT'ang-KuTianjin ShiSee Tanggu

ChinaTa Ho KauJiangsu ShengSee Dahekou
ChinaTa Sha Island32.24119.46Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaTa-hi-Shan IslandShandong ShengSee Daheishan Dao
ChinaTa-Ho-Kau (1)Jiangsu ShengSee Dahekou
ChinaTa-Ho-Kau (2)30.35111.92Hubei

ChinaTai Chau IslandZhejiang ShengSee Taizhou Liedao
ChinaTai PingAnhui ShengSee Gushu
ChinaTai Ping FuAnhui ShengSee Gushu
ChinaTai-Ping-KauHubeiSee Hudu He
ChinaTaichen IslandsZhejiang ShengSee Taizhou Liedao

ChinaTaichow IslandsZhejiang ShengSee Taizhou Liedao
ChinaTaiping CanalHubeiSee Hudu He
ChinaTaiping ChauHubeiSee Hudu He
ChinaTaiping KoucunHubeiSee Hudu He
ChinaTaishingJiangsu ShengSee Taixing

ChinaTaishing StationJiangsu ShengSee Taixing
ChinaTaixing32.17120.01Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaTaizhou Liedao28.46121.89Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaTak HingGuangdongSee Decheng
ChinaTakuTianjin ShiSee Tanggu

ChinaTaku Lightship38.95117.87Tianjin Shi
ChinaTang-Shang IslandShandong ShengSee Nanchangshan Dao
ChinaTanggu39.02117.65Tianjin Shi
ChinaTasha IslandJiangsu ShengSee Ta Sha Island
ChinaTatungAnhui ShengSee Datong

ChinaTatung Island30.82117.73Anhui Sheng
ChinaTatung Pagoda30.84117.74Anhui Sheng
ChinaTemple Hill37.78120.74Shandong Sheng
ChinaTemple Hill Bend29.83112.49Hubei
ChinaTen Foot Rock30.22115.15Hubei

ChinaTeng-Chow-FuShandong ShengSee Dengzhou
ChinaThe Mound37.57121.47Shandong Sheng
ChinaThe Pillars31.50118.36Anhui Sheng
ChinaTheodolite Point32.14118.77Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaThompson Island30.81117.72Anhui Sheng

ChinaThree Chimney Bluff23.39117.12Guangdong
ChinaThree Peak PointShandong ShengSee Three Peaked Point
ChinaThree Peaked Point37.45122.27Shandong Sheng
ChinaTianjin39.14117.18Tianjin Shi
ChinaTianshenggang32.04120.76Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaTiau-HienHubeiSee Tiaoxiankou
ChinaTiau-hien-kauHubeiSee Tiaoxiankou
ChinaTiauhienkauHubeiSee Tiaoxiankou
ChinaTiauhienkowHubeiSee Tiaoxiankou

ChinaTienshienJiangsu ShengSee Tianshenggang
ChinaTientsinTianjin ShiSee Tianjin
ChinaTing HaiZhejiang ShengSee Dinghai
ChinaTong Shan32.16119.13Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaTonglingAnhui ShengSee Wusong (2)

ChinaTongling ChiAnhui ShengSee Wusong (2)
ChinaTongting IslandZhejiang ShengSee Waiyang'an Dao
ChinaTongzhou Sha31.97120.78Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaTower PointShandong ShengSee Yantaishan Zui
ChinaTrench Cove37.42122.29Shandong Sheng

ChinaTseng-L'engFujianSee Zengkeng
ChinaTsing SenFujianSee Zengkeng
ChinaTsung-ming IslandShanghai ShiSee Chongming Dao
ChinaTsungming IslandShanghai ShiSee Chongming Dao
ChinaTu-Ki-ChauHubeiSee Tuh-ke-Chow

ChinaTuan Zhou30.21113.88Hubei
ChinaTuming Point29.89113.62Hubei
ChinaTunchowJiangsu ShengSee Nantong
ChinaTung ang IslandGuangdongSee Tuoning Liedao

ChinaTung Kuen IslandFukienSee Dongquan Dao
ChinaTung LiuAnhui ShengSee Dongliu
ChinaTung-KuTianjin ShiSee Tanggu
ChinaTung-liuAnhui ShengSee Dongliu
ChinaTung-ting HaoHubeiSee Douhudi

ChinaTungchowJiangsu ShengSee Nantong
ChinaTungliuAnhui ShengSee Dongliu
ChinaTungliu IslandAnhui ShengSee Yudai Zhou
ChinaTungsha Banks31.20121.97Shanghai Shi
ChinaTungsha Lightvessel31.17122.02Shanghai Shi

ChinaTungting HsuHubeiSee Douhudi
ChinaTungting TaoHubeiSee Douhudi
ChinaTungtseHubeiSee Dongshi
ChinaTuninang IslandGuangdongSee Tuoning Liedao
ChinaTuoning Liedao22.45114.64Guangdong

ChinaTurnabout IslandFujianSee Niushan Dao
ChinaTurnabout Island LighthouseFujianSee Niushan Dao
ChinaTwo Fathom Creek30.95117.78Anhui Sheng
ChinaVine Point (1)Jiangsu ShengSee Vine Point Shoal
ChinaVine Point (2)31.91120.91Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaVine Point Shoal31.97120.80Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaWade Island31.61118.43Anhui Sheng
ChinaWaiyang'an Dao29.87122.59Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaWei Hai WeiShandong ShengSee Weihai

ChinaWei-hai-weiShandong ShengSee Weihai
ChinaWeihai37.51122.11Shandong Sheng
ChinaWeihaiweiShandong ShengSee Weihai
ChinaWenwei Zhou21.81113.94GuangdongGap Rock Light
ChinaWenwei Zhou LightGuangdongSee Wenwei Zhou

ChinaWest PillarAnhui ShengSee Xiliang Shan
ChinaWhang-poo RiverShanghai ShiSee Huangpu Jiang
ChinaWhite Beacon30.87117.72Anhui Sheng
ChinaWilles IslandHubeiSee Wills Island

ChinaWillis IslandHubeiSee Wills Island
ChinaWills Island30.61114.85Hubei
ChinaWom MoonGuangdongSee Jiangmen
ChinaWong Shi KongHubeiSee Huangshigang
ChinaWong-Shi-KongHubeiSee Huangshigang

ChinaWongshik KongHubeiSee Huangshigang
ChinaWongshik-KongHubeiSee Huangshigang
ChinaWoo SungShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)
ChinaWoo-sungShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)
ChinaWoochingJiangxi ShengSee Wucheng

ChinaWoosungShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)
ChinaWoosung RiverShanghai ShiSee Wusong Kou
ChinaWu Chi YangAnhui ShengSee Lugang
ChinaWu HuAnhui ShengSee Wuhu
ChinaWu Pa Kau30.77117.65Anhui Sheng

ChinaWu-ChowGuangxi Zhuangzu ZizhiquSee Wuzhou
ChinaWu-HuAnhui ShengSee Wuhu
ChinaWu-sungShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
ChinaWuchauGuangxi Zhuangzu ZizhiquSee Wuzhou
ChinaWucheng29.18116.00Jiangxi Sheng
ChinaWuhu31.34118.37Anhui Sheng
ChinaWusong (1)31.38121.49Shanghai Shi

ChinaWusong (2)30.95117.78Anhui Sheng
ChinaWusong Kou31.39121.51Shanghai Shi
ChinaWusong Kou LightShanghai ShiSee Wusong Light
ChinaWusong Light31.38121.50Shanghai Shi
ChinaWusong RiverShanghai ShiSee Wusong Kou

ChinaWusuehHubeiSee Wuxue
ChinaWusungShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)
ChinaWusung RiverShanghai ShiSee Wusong Kou
ChinaWusungchenShanghai ShiSee Wusong (1)

ChinaWuzhou23.48111.32Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu
ChinaWylie PointJiangsu ShengSee Wyllie Point
ChinaWyllie Point31.98118.66Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaXiangkou30.07116.78Anhui Sheng

ChinaXiangyang37.53121.39Shandong Sheng
ChinaXiangyinHunanSee Wenxing
ChinaXiaogu Shan29.93116.55Anhui Sheng
ChinaXiaogui Shan30.21122.59Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaXiasanxing Dao30.44122.53Zhejiang Sheng

ChinaXibei Jiao37.63121.35Shandong Sheng
ChinaXiliang Shan31.50118.34Anhui Sheng
ChinaXinsheng Zhou31.81118.51Jiangsu Sheng
ChinaXiongdi Yu23.54117.68Fujian

ChinaXmas IslandAnhui ShengSee Christmas Island
ChinaYantaishan Zui37.55121.40Shandong Sheng
ChinaYellow Sea36.00124.00

ChinaYo ChauHunanSee Yueyang
ChinaYo-ChauHunanSee Yueyang
ChinaYochauHunanSee Yueyang

ChinaYong Jiang29.97121.73Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaYouchouHunanSee Yueyang
ChinaYouchowHunanSee Yueyang
ChinaYudai Zhou30.21116.88Anhui Sheng

ChinaYung RiverZhejiang ShengSee Yong Jiang
ChinaYushan Liedao28.87122.24Zhejiang Sheng
ChinaYutai Zui37.52121.45Shandong Sheng
ChinaZhanghuanggang32.11120.49Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaZhaobei Zui37.46122.24Shandong Sheng
ChinaZhelang Jiao22.65115.57Guangdong
ChinaZhelang Yan22.65115.57GuangdongZhelang Yan Light
ChinaZhenjiang32.21119.46Jiangsu Sheng

ChinaZhifuShandong ShengSee Xiangyang
ChinaZhifu Dao37.61121.38Shandong Sheng
ChinaZhifu Dongjiao37.60121.43Shandong Sheng
ChinaZhifu Wan37.57121.41Shandong Sheng

ChinaZimu Zhou31.91118.57Jiangsu Sheng
East TimorDili-8.56125.57Dili
French PolynesiaArchipelago de MandanaSee Marquesas Islands
French PolynesiaBaie Hanaiapa-9.71-139.02

French PolynesiaDomenica IslandSee Hiva Oa
French PolynesiaFatou-houkouSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaFatu Hiva-10.48-138.64
French PolynesiaFatu Huku-9.44-138.92
French PolynesiaFatu HutuSee Fatu Huku

French PolynesiaFeto HougoSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaFetougou IslandSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaFetu-hukuSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaFetugu IslandSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaHana IapaSee Baie Hanaiapa

French PolynesiaHanaiapa BaySee Baie Hanaiapa
French PolynesiaHanamate-9.81-139.00
French PolynesiaHiva Oa-9.75-139.00
French PolynesiaHood IslandSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaHood's IslandSee Fatu Huku

French PolynesiaIle Fatu HukuSee Fatu Huku
French PolynesiaIle MotaneSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaMagdalena IslandSee Fatu Hiva
French PolynesiaMarquesas Islands-9.32-139.61
French PolynesiaMoho TaneSee Mohotani

French PolynesiaMoho TaniSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaMohotani-9.98-138.83
French PolynesiaMolopuSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaMotaneSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaO NiteioSee Mohotani

French PolynesiaOhivaoaSee Hiva Oa
French PolynesiaOhivihuaSee Hiva Oa
French PolynesiaOnecteava IslandSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaSan Pedro IslandSee Mohotani
French PolynesiaSan Pedro's IslandSee Mohotani

French PolynesiaTahuata-9.94-139.09
French PolynesiaUa Huka-8.90-139.55
French PolynesiaUahugaSee Ua Huka
French PolynesiaVaitahuSee Tahuata
French PolynesiaWaitahooSee Tahuata

French PolynesiaWaitahouSee Tahuata
GuamApra Harbor13.45144.66Piti
GuamFort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad13.30144.66Umatac
GuamFort Santo Angel13.30144.66Umatac
GuamGalvez Banks13.07144.45

GuamGuam HarborPitiSee Apra Harbor
GuamGuam Island13.43144.75
GuamOrote Point13.45144.62Santa RitaOrote Point Light
GuamPort ApiaPitiSee Apra Harbor
GuamPort ApraPitiSee Apra Harbor

GuamPort San Luis D'ApraPitiSee Apra Harbor
GuamSan Louis D'ApriaPitiSee Apra Harbor
GuamSan Luis d'ApraPitiSee Apra Harbor
GuamUmata HarborUmatacSee Umatac Bay
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Re: China Station, Japan, Pacific and Indian Ocean -- Reference
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CountryName  (+link)          Lat            Long            SubdivisionNotes
GuamUmatac Bay13.30144.66Umatac
Guam/Northern Mariana IslandsLadrones IslandsSee Mariana Islands
Guam/Northern Mariana IslandsMariana Islands17.79145.90
Guam/Northern Mariana IslandsThe MarianasSee Mariana Islands
Hong KongA Chau22.44114.22

Hong KongBate HeadSee Tuen Tsui
Hong KongBeaufort Island22.19114.25
Hong KongBush Reef22.45114.26
Hong KongCape Collinson22.26114.26Cape Collinson Lighthouse
Hong KongCape D'Aguilar22.21114.26

Hong KongCastle RockSee Lo Chau Pak Pai
Hong KongCenter IslandSee A Chau
Hong KongCentre IslandSee A Chau
Hong KongChe Lei Pai22.46114.29
Hong KongCheonking HillSee Stanley Mound

Hong KongChiu-lung Wan22.31114.20
Hong KongCoffin IslandSee Shek Kwu Chau
Hong KongCollinson LightSee Cape Collinson
Hong KongDeep Water BaySee Sham Shui Wan
Hong KongDeepwater BaySee Sham Shui Wan

Hong KongFat Tong Chau22.28114.27
Hong KongGau Tau IslandSee Shek Ngau Chau
Hong KongGreen Island (1)22.28114.11Green Island Light
Hong KongGreen Island (2)See Shek Kwu Chau
Hong KongHebe Haven22.36114.26

Hong KongHoi Ha Wan22.47114.33
Hong KongHong Kong22.29114.16
Hong KongJones CoveSee Hoi Ha Wan
Hong KongJunk Bay22.29114.26
Hong KongJunk IslandSee Fat Tong Chau

Hong KongKaulung PointSee Kowloon Point
Hong KongKellett Island22.28114.18
Hong KongKnob ReefSee Che Lei Pai
Hong KongKowloonSee Kowloon Bay (town)
Hong KongKowloon BaySee Chiu-lung Wan

Hong KongKowloon Bay (town)22.33114.21
Hong KongKowloon Dry Dock22.32114.20
Hong KongKowloon Point22.29114.17
Hong KongLamma Island22.21114.12
Hong KongLei Yue Mun22.28114.24

Hong KongLei Yue Mun Marine ChannelSee Lei Yue Mun
Hong KongLiyumenSee Lei Yue Mun
Hong KongLo Chau Pak Pai22.18114.24
Hong KongLong Harbour22.45114.35
Hong KongLye MunSee Lei Yue Mun

Hong KongLyemun PassageSee Lei Yue Mun
Hong KongLymun PassSee Lei Yue Mun
Hong KongMan of War Anchorage22.29114.17
Hong KongMan-of-War anchorageSee Kellett Island
Hong KongMirs Bay22.53114.39

Hong KongPeng Chau IslandIslandsSee Tung Ping Chau Island
Hong KongPeng Chau RoadsSee Ping Chau Hoi
Hong KongPing Chau Hoi22.55114.44
Hong KongPo Lo Tsui22.22114.10
Hong KongPo Toi22.17114.26

Hong KongPo Toi Island Lighthouse22.16114.26
Hong KongPoi Toi Island LighthouseSee Po Toi Island Lighthouse
Hong KongPort Island22.50114.36
Hong KongPort Shelter22.35114.29
Hong KongQueens Pier22.28114.16Hong Kong Island 1912 Map

Hong KongSan Chu KokSee Sham Shui Kok
Hong KongSha Tin Hoi22.41114.22
Hong KongSham Shui Kok22.23114.17
Hong KongSham Shui Wan22.24114.18
Hong KongShek Kwu Chau22.20113.99

Hong KongShek Ngau Chau22.47114.43
Hong KongSlope IslandSee Tit Cham Chau
Hong KongStanley Mound22.23114.21
Hong KongTai Po22.45114.17Tai Po
Hong KongTai Tam Bay22.22114.23Southern

Hong KongTai Tam Harbour22.24114.23
Hong KongTaipoTai PoSee Tai Po
Hong KongTaitam BaySouthernSee Tai Tam Bay
Hong KongTaitam Head22.20114.22
Hong KongTaitam-tukSee Tai Tam Harbour

Hong KongTaki Hill22.29114.28
Hong KongTathong Channel22.24114.27
Hong KongTide CoveSee Sha Tin Hoi
Hong KongTit Cham Chau22.26114.28
Hong KongTolo Channel22.47114.30

Hong KongTsim Sha TsuiSee Tsimshatsui Point
Hong KongTsimshatsui Point22.29114.18
Hong KongTsing ChauSee Green Island (1)
Hong KongTuen Tsui22.44114.40
Hong KongTung Ping Chau Island22.54114.43Islands

Hong KongWaglan IslandSee Wang Lang Island
Hong KongWaglan Island LighthouseSee Wang Lang Island
Hong KongWan Chau KokSee Wang Chau Kok
Hong KongWang Chau Kok22.33114.38
Hong KongWang Lang Island22.18114.30Wang Lang Island Lighthouse

Hong KongWest Lamma Channel22.22114.07
Hong KongWest PointSee Po Lo Tsui
Hong KongWhite HeadSee Wu Kwai Sha Tsui
Hong KongWivern Hill22.20114.22
Hong KongWu Kwai Sha Tsui22.44114.24

IndiaBabu Ghat22.8388.36West Bengal
IndiaBay of Bengal13.5487.67
IndiaBombayMaharashtraSee Mumbai
IndiaCalcuttaWest BengalSee Kolkata
IndiaChennai13.0980.28Tamil Nadu

IndiaGarden Reach22.5488.31West Bengal
IndiaKolkata22.5688.36West Bengal
IndiaMadrasTamil NaduSee Chennai
IndiaPondicherriPondicherrySee Puducherry
IndiaPondicherryPondicherrySee Puducherry

IndonesiaBataviaJakarta RayaSee Jakarta
IndonesiaCockatoo IslandLampungSee Pulau Krakatau
IndonesiaJakarta-6.21106.85Jakarta Raya

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