Author Topic: Greenland Patrol: Aklak - Where was this ship?  (Read 42 times)


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Greenland Patrol: Aklak - Where was this ship?
« on: July 26, 2017, 10:31:26 pm »
For this set of records we need very simple information for a first pass.

Tracking Arctic journeys:
We need to know which log books contain journeys to the Arctic, in the Arctic, or from the Arctic.
Kevin has suggested that we consider anything beyond 55 N as being in the Arctic. However, it appears that 45 N may be a better choice for the Atlantic; please use that for now.

Our long-range goal is to map the edge of the Arctic ice both in the Atlantic and in the Pacific.
Our short-range goal is to locate the useful log books so that we can go back for more details.

Details to report:
1) The year, the months when your ship was on a journey to the Arctic, in the Arctic, or on its way home from the Arctic, and whether it was in the Atlantic or Pacific.
2) If your log has a page specifying the journeys or you found a list elsewhere, please report that finding.
3) There is no need to record the presence or absence of ice.
4) Examples: Cold War Group: Staten Island - Where was this ship? and Cold War Group: Eastwind - Where was this ship?

Just put a note in the topic to let people know what dates you are working on ;)

Start Date    End Date     NARA URL                                     Contributor     Status
09/01/194209/30/1942 A
02/01/194302/28/1943 A
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Re: Greenland Patrol: Aklak - Where was this ship?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2017, 09:10:35 pm »
The data on the file heading does not necessarily reflect the pages within.
Sep - Greenland, Denmark Strait

Jan - no pages in file
Feb - Kunquait Bay, Ivigtut, Kononot Bay, the end of the month the pages have no location or position recorded at head of page.
Mar - No pages in file
Apr - Boston, Portland

I'll leave it to you to notify the the relevant people.