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Posting Links and Images (A Guide)
« on: November 09, 2010, 02:46:02 pm »

To link to a page in the logbooks:

Right click the open image of the page, then select:

  • Copy Image Location if you are using Firefox
  • Properties and copy the URL next to Address if you are using Internet Explorer
  • Copy image URL if you are using Chrome

Users of Microsoft Edge should select Copy (not Copy Image).

Mac users

  • (Ctrl+click) Copy Image Address if you are using Safari
  • (Ctrl+click) Copy Image Location if you are using Firefox

(Please note: copying the URL in the address bar of log pages will not supply the correct link.
You need to copy the image address, as described above.)

Paste what you have copied into your post.
Pasting only the URL will provide a link to the image (preferable); putting the URL inside [img][/img] tags will display the image.
The short cut for displaying images is the first icon (the Mona Lisa) on the left of the the middle row of icons above the posting box.
To use the short cut, highlight your URL, then click the icon. The [img][/img] tags will appear at either end of your URL, which is now ready to post.

You can check any links or images before posting by clicking the Preview button.

Shortening your link:

To make your link look like this rather than this:
type 'this', for example, and highlight it.
Click the Insert Hyperlink icon, second from the left on the middle row of icons above the posting box,
and the [url][/url] tags will appear around it.
In [url], insert = (no spaces) and paste your copied URL.
The whole thing should look like this:
[url=]this[/url] which produces this.
Of course, you can choose any word or words for your link using this method.

To post sections of log pages or other pictures:

Several Windows versions offer the Snipping Tool.
Search for it in Windows 10 via the Start Menu, in Windows 8 via the Start Screen, or in Windows 7 via the Start Menu.
The Snipping Tool allows you to select the area you want from a screen and save it.
For snips saved in online albums you will need to get the forum link code.

If you don't have the Snipping Tool it's slightly trickier. Follow these steps:

When the picture you want to copy is on screen:
  • Take a screen grab by pressing the Print Scrn button usually top right of the keyboard. This copies the screen shot to the clipboard.
  • Paste the screen shot into an imaging program (Paint, Photoshop, anything like that) and crop just the bit you want and resize as needed.
  • Save this picture to your hard disc.
Now there are two options:
Please note: the first option is currently unavailable.
  • Add the picture as an attachment to your post (the option is under Attachments and other options below the posting box).
    The maximum size for single attachments is 128 KB.

  • Upload your image to an online album such as those offered by Imgur, TinyPic or ImageShack and then link to it from there, using the forum link option.
For Mac users: to grab the whole screen, press Cmd-Shift-3
To select which area of the screen to grab, press Cmd-Shift-4, then select the rectangle you want to grab.
The image will be created on the desktop and you can use an imaging program to crop, etc.

For Linux/Compiz users: select the area you want from a screen and save it with Superkey+left mouse button.

To link to a Topic or post within a Topic on the forum:

Right-click the name of the Topic or post that you want to link to.
From the list that opens, select:

Copy Link Location -- Firefox
Copy link address -- Chrome
Copy Shortcut -- Internet Explorer

Paste the copied URL in your post.
Use the Preview button if you want to check to see whether your link goes to the right place.

Sharing images from Facebook

To allow everyone to see your images, make sure to choose Public when you set the access level.

The default setting is Friends; click the Friends button with the down arrow.

Select Public. Then Post.

You can change the setting after posting by clicking the Friends symbol, beside the posting date, at the top of your post and choosing another level.
Alternatively, click the Edit button on the comment panel next to your image.

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